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 My collection

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Dume Dutch Bag

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 2:35 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

To go along with Birlic's great idea (and to be able to easily find my own topics back) Here's my collection of lad-frustration:

Work in Progress
  • Let it go…. Sven the military G-guy (click)
    (with Coffinsurfer, Birlic, Mr.Mystery and srichards)
    Vcamera x44 Safari Akura-Kamba-Yauri Safari Akure-Seme-Bohicon
  • Raisin writes a book and gets ink (fake and real) (click)
    Vcamera x11 Tattoo
  • Daniboy: How to crumble a cookie (click) (and the massbait)
    (with Oscarpiles, Hallstaff, Anakbabi, Mr.Mystery, Purple, Bearcat, Sparky, Palmergeddon, GreyAmadeus, Yastreb, Waluigiwah, Lord, Partyworm)
    Vcamera x3
  • Papa don't preach (click)
    Vcamera x7

Finished baits
  • Musa, adventures of a traveling moron (click)
    With Birlic, Mr.Mystery, Yastreb and Lakeside
    Vcamera x5 Safari x4 Brikama-Dakar / Brikama-Karang 2x / Brikama - Basse
  • How Cherno failed to find love (click)
    With Birlic
    Vcamera x3 Safari x4 Banjul-Dakar / Banjul-Karang 2x / Banjul-Basse
  • Parttime poet, turns hairdresser, turns sergeant (click)
    Vcamera x1
  • Military man living in a supermarket (click)
  • When skanks collide (click)
    annoying Kevin the Idiot together with OscarPiles
  • The most disturbing lad ever applying for the haunted house (click)
    Vcamera x4
  • 10 official invitations and 2 personality questionnaires (click)
  • A few tributes (click) and (click)

Just because it’s memorable and reminds me of why we’re doing what we do (click)

Closed lad accounts x256 Vcamera x74 Safari x10 Tattoo Mortar Whip Jack Boot Flying Monkey Mc Fry

My Collection of lad frustration

"I never taught you to be evil. But carry on" - Oscarpiles
"I have been stuck here in a terrorist land they all lie to me. I don't have the package and I don't have money to get back home" Sven
"You put money in the parcel now am suffering you are not helping" Sven
"you can art well.. Cuuning and smart..." - "You put me through this with all the bastard you called your client" Daniboy
"Yes I am your good lad" Raisin
"I'm bucking you right now. I'm done with this bulls hit. I'll report you to the FBI if you still keep talking to me." Tyler

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Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 6:11 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Superb! Very Happy

Trafalgar Square 2013
Safari X5, Lagos - Accra- Cotonou- Ndjamena- Abeche(with SH) Isaac
Safari Accra- Douala(i only have one thing to say to you, go Fuck yourself and have a nice day Ok)
Safari London to Edinburgh(with DD)Sterck
Safari The Road to West Darfur (with Dr Mike)
Safari X2 Accra- Douala- Mundemba (Why do you put me in pain)
Safari Ireland to Sweden- Zion
Safari Nigeria- Chad (with Dr Mike and Agda)
Safari X2 Liberia- Ivory Coast, (with IG)
Safari X3 Nigeria to Chad- Steve & Tony(T**T team)
Safari X3 Belgium-Sweden-Denmark- Congo(with Dr Mike and Dane)
(Safari Safari Safari) X2 Operation Gold 2011
Safari X23 Random safaris (You are a bastard beast)Akmal
Golden Pith Rame Head 2013

Scambaiting Tools!
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