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 Military Man living in a supermarket => voice recording

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Dume Dutch Bag

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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 11:26 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This idiot is.... well... a true idiot.
Lost his wife to cancer, is a US soldier in Bagdad Iraq, which is in the central european time zone in his belief.
A few mentions of having a job with great financial benefits and draining the accounts of my ex husband dry and he is in love.

Emmy: I don't like cheaters
Lad: It's very bad to cheat though
it doesn't show love and respect
Emmy: so if you'll ever try something like that to me i'll chop your dick off
Lad: smiles the dick is yours to chop but not by me cheating coz I don't do such

Now that's a challenge I accepted.

Of course he must fill out my premarital form. He did google an address, but forgot to leave out the part where that address belongs to a supermarket. I don't think it would be wise to point this out. But as you can see on the rest of the form, he fucked up royally and has to do it again. He's acting to much Alpha male. There really needs to be some castrating done quickly here.

After he send me the files:

Lad: I took a whole lot of risk but you are worth it
Emmy: Why did it take a lot of risk? Is the scanner in danger of exploding?
Lad: no baby
but we are strictly not permitted to make or receive information
but I had to explain to my General that I would bear consequences of any harm because I’m sure there won’t be

No consequences..... Laughing


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Elite Baiter

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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 11:35 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Dick chopped..... Shocked Sounds like the lad needs his dolla chopped too. Laughing

edit to ad-Never educate a lad or correct their 'errors'.



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Dume Dutch Bag

Joined: 06 Apr 2018
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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 12:10 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

the dolla will be chopped eventually, but right now I keep him on his toes in such a manner that he has no chance to build up to the money-asking point.

I don't correct errors. He also told me his wife died of cancer, in the form he says he was never married. Laughing Won't point out his lie, but will let him explain the relationship he had with the mother of his child

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My Collection of lad frustration

"I never taught you to be evil. But carry on" - Oscarpiles
"You are diabolically evil...." - Sparky905
"It really sucks to be a scamming lad around Linoline." Conny L. Gus
"You put money in the parcel now am suffering you are not helping" Sven
"You put me through this with all the bastard you called your client" Daniboy
"I know you wanna bring me to Netherlands so you will suck my blood and eat my flesh" - Calimero
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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 12:42 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I recall the US Army General who supplied an address that turned out to be a waste disposal site.

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

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Dume Dutch Bag

Joined: 06 Apr 2018
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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 1:36 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Emmy's reply:
( I might need to consider shorter forms. It takes quite some time to review and comment on them)

Hey Sweets,
I took some time off this afternoon to look at your forms. There are actually quite some things that will need clarification.
I hope you can take the time to look at it and correct the issues so I can present it to my pastor and get the whole marriage thing in motion.

Love Emmy

page 1:
What makes you say your healt is good. Why not very good, what is the problem?
you were diagnosed with migraine, what did they do to solve the problem?
You have been engaged and have a kid, why did you not marry his mother?

page 2:
how many days a month? You must fill out a number here
Tell more about the work you do in military, how long do you do it, what are your tasks, how long will you keep working there
The feelings about our marriage. Half of it I could not read due to bad handwriting, can you fill it out more clear please?

page 3:
2. you need to write things you DON'T like about me
5. Write the exact date, this is also important to remember for celebrations
6. Not? Why do you say that? You proposed, I accepted, is that not an engagement?
7. How do you know this?
9. I did not cheat and that was not the question. You have to write why you think more and more people are getting a divorce.
10. Not for now. This insinuates that you will become jealous of certain things. Explain it please

page 4:
11. and what are things you need to do to achieve that?
12. what major, which college?
13. Good, but how shoud tasks be devided?
14. Physical means about health
15. But you will be? This answer is evasive
17. So I won't be allowed to have any time for myself?
19. Elaborate. Who are divorced in your family and why?
20. What's your plan then?

page 5:
23. The man of course... Why would you say that? And when have I ever said I'm a feminist?
28. Elaborate on the signs, what are they?
30. Why not? I am a Christian. Why else would I consult my pastor to get things arranged for our marriage?
31. Strange answer
32. We've already established that I am Christian. Here you should write how we will grow in faith together. What are you planning to do to accomplish spiritual growth?
33. Really?
34. Too vague

page 6:
36. That's not an answer. The question is how much you think your partner should be able to spend on personal things.
37. How often is that? Weekly, montly, bi-annually?
38. I like that answer
41. THINK AGAIN!! I am the one working in finance, why would you think I let you handle it all when I'm the one with experience?
42. I have no idea what you are saying here
43. What kind of insurance programme?

page 7:
You made flow-charts. These are not drawings. You should draw a picture of your goals, a picture of your vision of a happy family. Use colors if you can.

page 8:
That's just sweet. Thank you

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My Collection of lad frustration

"I never taught you to be evil. But carry on" - Oscarpiles
"You are diabolically evil...." - Sparky905
"It really sucks to be a scamming lad around Linoline." Conny L. Gus
"You put money in the parcel now am suffering you are not helping" Sven
"You put me through this with all the bastard you called your client" Daniboy
"I know you wanna bring me to Netherlands so you will suck my blood and eat my flesh" - Calimero
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Dume Dutch Bag

Joined: 06 Apr 2018
Posts: 4454
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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 9:37 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

After I have sent the feedback on the form.

Emmy: I have send you back the feedback on the forms a few minutes ago
Lad: Ok baby
Honey please at what time do you think you would be free so we can talk ?
Emmy: Don't know.I'm at work now, but I wrote everything to you.
My pastor is a very strict man. I really want for you to make a good first impression
Lad: Ok baby thanks
but I would want us to talk when you are free
before I can take permission to be off duties in filling the form again
Emmy: Ok, what do you need to talk about?
Surely you don't work 24 hours a day time should not be an issue
Ok, then I go back to work
Lad: Sorry was attending to a superior
I end my duties by 10pm and resume by 8am
and the time here in Baghdad is 07:02pm (note that he moved a timezone closer to bagdad today)
what’s yours ?
Emmy: 17:08 now
I work for at least another hour, I try to be online later
Lad: Ok
I would check you up in 2hours
Emmy: I'll try to be online then, but might be a little later
Lad: Okay then
(later) Home already?
Emmy: Yes, I'm home now
Lad: Free to talk ?
Emmy: Yes
Lad: Ok you said there was something you want us to talk about before taking the file to your pastor
Emmy: Yes, and I have all written it in my email. Have you read it?
Lad: yes I have baby
just a lil bit concerned though
Emmy: concerned, why?
Lad: I was wondering why you so need the pastor to decide our love fate ?
Emmy: I don't need my pastor to know that I love you
I do need my pastor to get the wedding gears in motion
Lad: Why not let’s grow up in love and when we meet in person we go to him together
I really do love you and not some paper work
I went through hell to making sure I find time to do some other duties apart from my already designated duties from my superiors
Emmy: I'm so glad you did this for me, it's really important for me
my ex husband refused to do this and I went through with the wedding anyway and look where that led me
Lad: Ok now you also complained about my writings not being good ... lol
Emmy: abused... cheated on.... don't want to do that again. My pastor warned me against it the first time. I listen this time
Lad: can you just ask me all of the questions while I answer you and you fill them up
I don't complain honey, I just want you to make a good impression, that's all
Emmy: no, I can't do that, it's your job
Lad: to save time and less stress for me please
Emmy: I fill out my own form
Lad: ok baby
Emmy: and you fill out yours
Lad: then you would have to give me some time to do another
Emmy: you send it to me, I give it to my pastor and he will give us his blessing
Lad: of course honey
well I am not your ex and I don’t intend being him I protect and stick with what I love forever
Emmy: Forever?
Lad: well about my migraines it wasn’t all that a serious one just a headache I got from a shoot out with rebels and I am fine now
yes I promise on my honour
I would love and stick forever baby
Emmy: no matter what happens? You promise to stay with me?
Lad: yes I do baby
Emmy: but now you say you've lied on the form. You can't do that. You make yourself untrustworthy in that way
Lad: so long as we keep our flaws as secret between us so our friends don’t mock us I would surely stay and protect you forever
how did I lie on the form ?
I haven’t said a lie to you and I don’t intent to
I should be open to my wife no matter what
Emmy: you said in the form you have migraine and now you say you had just normal headache. Why lie about something small like that.
If you lie about small things, how can there be trust on impotent matters?
Lad: baby I thought the better way you could understand it was if I use the word “migraine”
Emmy: headache is a very understandable word
migraine is hell
Lad: but obviously it was just a headache that weighed me down though
Emmy: don't make jokes about it
Lad: ok love
Emmy: you try getting the flood of the red sea every month and go through migraines, with the puking and the hormonsters
Lad: ask me anything at this moment I would tell you with all honesty
Emmy: What is your exact location?
Lad: Baghdad camp in Iraq baby
Emmy: coördinates? (it was worth a shot to make him look it up)
I want to look at the map and know where you are
to feel closer

Lad: Ok look at it baby
Emmy: I think I found it
Lad: and of cause this is my last mission before I retire and be with my family
Emmy: I know, I can't wait
Lad: same here
Emmy: Ok, you would answer anything right?
Lad: yes baby
Emmy: what is your biggest secret... something you haven't told anybody yet
Lad: well I don’t keep secrets from my late woman but the only secret I kept was not telling my mother about my late woman’s cancer that later killed her after 3years of given birth to Lucas
Emmy: Why didn't you tell your mother?
Lad: because she would wanna talk me out of not allowing her into my home as my wife and I love her so much and was ready to secure her happiness
Emmy: she didn't want you to get married?
Lad: she would not want me to get married to someone with a cancer
Emmy: that's crazy. She was your sons mother
Now I'm worried
Lad: It was before she gave birth
when we were still dating
you don’t need to be worried because you are 100percent safe with me
Emmy: yeah, I'm not worried about you
Lad: then don’t worry about no one else
Emmy: but I had a monster-in-law already. Glad to be rid of her. Don't want another one
Lad: or is there something you would wanna tell me ?
Emmy: was hoping for a nice mother in law
Lad: My mother is so nice although she’s old now
Emmy: That's old
Lad: you would love her more baby
she cares about the happiness of others
Emmy: didn't look like that
Lad: lol... honey, I was only avoiding to let her know of the cancer that was why I kept it away from her nothing more
do you have any health issues?
Emmy: No. Just migraines, but there are shots for that. they make you nice and high
Lad: now I see why you are so skeptical about the word “migraine “
well my love I am here to stay for better for best
Emmy: ok, I wanna know something else
Lad: what else
Emmy: when reading the forms you come across as a very dominant man. Are you?
Lad: not really dominant baby I just like taking responsibilities as the man
Emmy: there's a big difference between taking responsibilities and being a bully
Lad:before I make decisions I always have a discussion with my you
I am never a bully
I hate bullies
Emmy: "I am the head of the family" "I handle the money" that's condescending
Lad: ok
how much do you earn from what you do?
Emmy: more than enough
I have a lot of savings
Lad: I asked for the figure baby but it’s fine if you don’t wanna say
I earn $8,200 in 3weeks
Emmy: that's a lot
I earn a little less, but have bonusses when I sign new clients
Lad: and our money is being payed directly to B.O.A Bank Of America
so here we are we are cashless so we don’t get to buy golds and some other Muslims valuables back to the state
Emmy: So you save a lot too
Lad: I feel as the man I should pay the bills and take good care of my wife and son
Emmy: Then your son would have everything his heart desires when we get married
Lad: yes baby I have save more than enough since I can’t access it from here
you both will have all you desire when we get married
Emmy: I just did the conversion from GBP to US dollars, I get just short of 4000$ a month, plus the bonusses
Lad: cool too you know
Emmy: But when you retire, your income stops right?
What will you be doing then?
Lad: I would start getting retirement pension of $3,000 monthly
well depending on where we choose to base either the U.S or U.K
then we put heads together to know what I should invest in
Emmy: That's not bad either
I can help you with investments, I have a co-worker specialized in that
Lad: Good then
we are all good to go Sire !!!
Emmy: haha
no worries there
You want to get married in church right?
Lad: definitely baby
Emmy: good
Lad: but honey moon in Dubai please
Emmy: dubai? Why?
Lad: I just wanna visit there and also replace your wedding rings with the best of diamonds
Emmy: I don't have wedding rings anymore. Threw them in the ocean
there's one happy fish sporting a huge rock right now
Lad: then make it my pleasure to put the best around your finger
Emmy: don't need diamonds. I need a trustworthy man
Lad: honey you have that already
you can trust me with all of you life just as I have decided to trust you with Mine and Lucas
Emmy: so when will you write the forms
seems like you have time now

Lad: I have time to text but I would need permission again to print out, fill and resend
it wouldn’t be all that easy this time
but I would try
Emmy: then you should've done it right the first time
it's not that hard, mine are already approved
Lad: I haven’t done such before so it was new to me
I might end up making some other mistakes again
Emmy: just do the best you can
Lad: alright honey
Emmy: and try not to make mistakes, because they might not give you permission for a third time
do you have more pictures of yourself?
Lad: so anymore question?
Emmy: ^^^^^
Lad: Smiles
Emmy: smiles?
I asked you if you have more pictures of yourself
Lad: Do you have anything or secrets or whatever you would wanna share ?
Ok I didn’t see that
yes I have on my mail I would get that for you prolly tomorrow
Emmy: I've told you all the bad stuff already, don't wanna dig that up again if you don't mind
Lad: cool. I like to see more of you
we were given an iPad 1 to totally restrict us from information but I would get you the ones I saved already on my mail
Emmy: I know you can't make pictures now. That's no problem. old ones are good as well
maybe you and your son together. I'd like to see him
Lad: No problems honey I think I have one with him
I would send them to you tomorrow
I just feel like to keep talking to you
it gives me so much joy
Emmy: ok
Lad: So what are you up to?
What’s for dinner ?
Emmy: I was actually hoping to go eat something.
Lad: Alone or with company ?
Emmy: I came home from work to talk to you, didn't have time to eat yet
I'm having dinner with Filet today
Lad: Ok please go eat something baby
Emmy: but he's a bit boring
Lad: Lol
a co-worker ?
Emmy: no my fish, he'll be watching
Lad: You go about with fish?
Emmy: what do you mean?

Lad: You said Filet is your fish right ?
Emmy: yes
Lad: And you carry the fish about ?
Don’t you like puppies
Emmy: lol no he chokes if i do that
Lad: jealous fish I guess
Emmy: I hate dogs, they make a mess
(sent a picture of a random goldfish)
Lad: Awwww so beautiful
Emmy: no, he's like a piranha, killed all his mates
Lad: Really
Emmy: yeah, don't let your son come too close, he'll lose fingers
Lad: He is our son, so maybe you would teach him all of that
Emmy: Don't know much yet about raising kids
Lad: there’s no much deals about kids just love and care for them that’s all
Emmy: I'm going to have dinner now. I'm starving
Lad: Ok baby
eat for two
Emmy: no way
Lad: I wish I can eat whenever I want
Emmy: you want me fat?
Lad: lol. I love you this way
send me a full pics of you
Emmy: ok, wait
(some time later)
nope. gonna have to wait for that, I don't like the pictures I have on my computer now, will have to look for others tomorrow
Lad: Lol
Pay back I guess
Emmy: indeed
Lad: hahahahaha
hurry to eat something baby
and always be fine for me
Emmy: okay. I'll talk to you later

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I feel as the man I should pay the bills

Very Happy

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Dume Dutch Bag

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Our military man is back
He was silent for a while, so we chatted a few times on hangouts, but I kept forgetting to log on there, so poked him through email saying I couldn’t use hangouts anymore. No response, until earlier this month he reappeared.

June 2nd
Michael: Baby
I begged my heart out to be on here and talk to you
Me: whoa, you were up early. I was out last night with friends, didn't wake up until the end of the morning. But it's so good to hear from you. How are you?

Silent for a long time again, until Saturday june 16th
Michael: I’m fine baby
it’s been a while I heard from you
how have you been and how is work?
Mine has been tedious but I thank God
Me: I'm so happy to hear from you.
I have sent you emails but got no response and I cant log into hangouts for some reason
Ive been so worried
Michael: I know you would have been worried
it hasn’t been easy for me too
how have you been ?
Me: I'm okay, much better now I have heard from you again
Michael: Baby I miss you
I wasn’t really concentrating not hearing from you
Me: I miss you too, so happy to hear from you. Please tell me what happened?
Michael: Restrictions baby and some few shoot outs we had
the days are hard here baby
and I would need you more than ever this periods
Me: I can't imagine what it's like, but I am glad you are ok. How are your friends?

Michael: My colleagues are good baby
how are you dealing with your clients ?
Me: I'm glad to hear they are good too. The clients are okay, some are a bit annoying, when they don't know what they want, but I'm satisfied with the results. Sold some policies and been rewarded for it, so I can't complain all that much.
How are you today?

Michael: I’m very good my love
just having some little challenges
Me: I can only imagine how hard life is over there
How is your son doing?
Michael: He is fine
baby, I would love you to help me out with some care package
And there’s the reason he came back…
Me: What do you mean?
Michael: Care package is some kinda of food and beverages order ....
it’s getting intense here and we don’t sit together at cafe for meal time every one gets to cater for themselves
so we don lose track when we get invaded by the enemies
so therefore we all don’t gather together here anymore all we do is find some spare time for ourselves individually and eat or cool off
now I’m scared already
it hasn’t been as rough as this but these Muslims are beast
Me: Those are things your commander should take care off. Never heard of privates having to take care of their own food
What kind of weird army guys are you working with?
Michael: Previously they give us all we wanted to feed
like I said it is rough here now and they don’t want the enemies to take us unaware and kill us all because we were not on guard
but I trust the God I serve not to die but survive
I only need an assistance
from you my love
thats all
But it’s okay if you don’t wanna assist me though
Me: I'm worried about you and don't really understand this.
I'm finished at work for the day, have to go home now
Let me think and pray about this, we'll talk about it later
Love you
Michael: Ok love
love you more

Me: Okay, here is what you should do
Go to your commander and demand he take care of it. If not press charges because of violation of human rights
I can't send you a care package, because food will spoil on the way there, but I'll care for you when you're finally here
Michael: Don’t need to tell me what to do here baby
you are a civilian and I am in the military
you can’t do it fine
it comes through military cargo plane and doesn’t get spoilt thanks
because it’s not perishable food
but anyways thanks for your care
and no one is violating our right we are happy they are cautious of our well being to stay safe
Me: Sounds like you're a bit angry. Why? I'm just trying to help you think of a solution, but since you say its taken care off, I'm happy about that

Silent again, so I gave him a poke on tuesday
Me: Why are you not talking to me anymore?
Michael: I am my dear
only surprised the woman I love wouldn’t even wanna do me a favor I asked
if I was in the state I could actually give you as much and anything you want
well I only asked because you are the only one I feel I could open up and ask anything from
because I would do anything for you to
Me: I love you and want to help but you acting like a caveman and belittling me, can't say I really appreciate that. And you told me it's taken care of, so there's nothing left for me to do. Besides, you don't even give me the exact location of where you are, how do you expect me to send anything at all?
Now lets please drop this subject, because obviously it only causes us to argue and I don't like that
Michael: Smiles
love I never said it’s been taking care of
I said it’s fine if you don’t wanna help me
I’m in Baghdad Iraq
you can’t send here except it goes through America
in our cargo office baby
I love you and I don’t wanna argue trust me
I just need some help here till I’m back by November
Me: I don't understand
It's all a bit confusing to be honest
Michael: Baby what is it that you don’t understand so I can explain better my love
I need your assistance at the moment
Me: The planes leave from usa, anythig i will sent will be spoiled before it gets there
And still its weird that you need to take care of your own food. No government will allow that for their soldiers
Michael: This is not a government food it is your own personal diet food
food is being provided in camp and besides I’m not asking you to get the food
all you need do is to fund it while I would get it here
that’s all
you don’t need to buy any food
just help me pay for it and I will get exactly what I want
I can’t access my account from here else I wouldn’t bother you
Me: But you asked for a care package, you asked me to send you things and now you say something different
Michael: What I meant is fund the care package
of course you can’t get me food and send as a civilian it needs to go through our cargo before it can be allowed in here
so just help me fund it and it would be sent to me
Me: but you did tell me the other day that I should send you food and that it wouldn't spoil because of the cargo
it doesn't make sense
And you tell me food is being provided in the camp. so I really don't see the problem
Michael: Why all these questions or complications
are you helping me or not baby ?
its a matter of yes or no
Me: It's just a matter of explaining dear
[/color]Michael: Okay
I wanna purchase a care package that would last me till I leave here by November
in the care package is beverages and some other preservative kinda food
so I need your assistance to funding it
so I can be on a better diet
Me: Food is being provided in the camp, you told me earlier
Michael: because here in Baghdad is so rough and they don’t want all soldiers seen together in one spot so as not to be taken unawares by the enemies
Me: I have never heard of such a thing as care packages
Michael: you are not in the military my love
We were advised to contact loved ones for assistance
so the best person I could talk to is you my love
Me: I know I'm not in the military, but I'm not stupid either, don't be so patronising
Michael: no one called you stupid
Me: It was implied
Michael: I just told you what I want
Me: Ok
Michael: But it’s fine if you want me to pay you back when I’m in
I would gladly do
Me: It's not about that, it's just that you kept telling me different things
Michael: I don’t understand how do you mean different things
Me: And you have made me a promise that you didn't fulfill yet, but you do expect me to do something for you now
Michael: What have I told before
and what promise is that baby ?
Me: That I should send you food and it wont spoil and all that is what you told me
Michael: Honey it means fund my food
which is same as care package
Me: You promised me to fill out the pre marital form again, weeks ago. My pastor is waiting for it. He has gotten mine a long time ago and doesn't understand why you won't keep this simple promise
Nope, buying and sending food is not the same as funding a package
Michael: I filled at first when I was disposed
now baby the battle in intense
Me: Yes, but you promised to fill it again with the adjustments i told you about
Michael: I will when everywhere is calm
Me: And write so I could actually read it

Michael: for sure I will
Me: Ok
Thank you
I'll wait for that
Michael: Good
so would you help me with my request?
Me: Sure
Michael: God bless
let me get a detail from my General and I will get back to you
Me: Ok
Michael: it’s $970 only
Me: What? Thats a whole lot
Michael: yes dear till November
Me: What are you buying? Caviar?
Michael: smiles
well that’s both for the package and delivery
Me: I see. Still it's a lot
Michael: I know love
just help me out with it
I can always refund
Me: I know.
Michael: thanks
I would get back to you with the details my love
Me: Ok
Can you send them to my email?
Michael: ok then
Me: I have a new address, my ex was harassing me on the other so I don't use it anymore <wasn’t but I don’t like Hotmail so switched, but the evil ex might play a part later>
Michael: Harassing you about what ?
Me: It's <snip>
Michael: He shouldn’t make me deal with him
and I mean it
Me: Nothing for you to worry about, just empty threats about the money I took when I left him
Michael: you took his money ?
How ?
Me: By being very smart
As revenge for his cheating and abusing me
Michael: Honey!!!!
Me: I think I've told you about this before
Michael: You didn’t say anything about taking money
Me: Must've forgot. Doesn't matter anyway
Michael: okay baby
Me: But he's not happy, and that's why he's being an annoying dickhead
Michael: honey no man would be happy losing you
you are beautiful in and out
Me: Ahw, thank you dear. Better make sure you never cheat on me. If that happens I might try diy neutering
Michael: Well I am a man with one woman
there’s no benefit in cheating
Me: Good. I'm glad. I don't share
Michael: awesome
well I have you to myself
and you have me same
do me as you want
Me: Lucky me
Michael: No baby I’m lucky
to have you
Me: You're sweet
Michael: Honey I would be back let me get it
i must not been seen operating my device
Me: Ok I'll wait for your email

Michael: I’m back love
I have sent to your mail honey
use either western union or moneygram
Me: I don't know about those
But you've not sent me an address, only a name, city, state
No account number, nothing
Michael: You will send through western union or moneygram
that’s all the details you need baby
Me: never heard of moneygram or western union
what is that?
Michael: Lol ... it’s a money transfer to any country
and it reflects in 10mins
just google search the nearest office to you and you will see where it is
Me: ok.... how does it work?
Michael: you go there fill in the details and the amount you are sending them they forward it immediately
So when are you likely to send so I can report back ?
Me: after you've fulfilled your promise love
Michael: Jesus !!!
Me: don't swear
it's not nice
Michael: baby I don’t know when the battle will be calm
I need to be feeding before then
this frontline is intense baby
I have promised I will do it trust me
please I need this package
I beg you in the name of God we serve
Me: yes I know, but you told me food is being provided by the camp, and this is for a different diet. I guess it can wait a few days. The faster you sent me a form that I can read with the suggested adjustments I will see what I can do
and now you beg me in the name of a god in who's name you were just cursing. What kind of christian are you?
Michael: Honey we ain’t bargaining
No we're not
Me: I'm glad you're aware of that
Michael: I never cursed I exclaimed in Jesus name that I believed in
I need this package to feed well
Me: Then you know what to do
Michael: the cafeteria is closed for now here
all men are left to sort themselves through their loved ones
Me: ok
Michael: please baby
I would do the form filling when this is over
I cross my heart
Me: you told me an hour ago the camp is providing food. I think you're just making up excuses to get away from the promise you made me
Michael: baby I am not getting away from any promise
I will fulfill my promise
Me: ok, then there is no problem now is there?
Michael: but till after this battle
Me: ok
Michael: the only problem is that I need this package soon enough
Me: I know
Michael: just help me out
Me: I will
Michael: I don’t wanna be malnourished
please do this for me
Me: I told you I will
Michael: When baby ?
I need to give my General feedback
Me: After you've filled out the form again
Michael: Guess you want me starved
I am telling you about something I need in space of a day or two and you are talking about form I will fill after the battle I don’t know when those bastards would give up ?
I seeeee
Me: I don't know either, but you promised you would do it weeks ago, and you simply didn't fulfill your promise. You've had weeks of time to do it already
And if I wouldn't have mentioned it now, I don't think you would ever do it

I think he might come back again

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This is hilarious! 'the man of course' - a response I did not expect! Also only 10% of income to the church, I don't think the forums resident pastors will be happy with this!
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This lad keeps disappearing when there's no money in sight.... but he keeps coming back.
So, where were we....

JUN 21ST, 5:55AM

Michael: How would I get married to you if I don’t do it ???
You know I will definitely do it only for time
Which I don’t have now
Me: Ok, I'm patient dear
Much later
Michael: You are patient
but I’m in need
don’t be selfish
Me: I'm not selfish. Don't be such a bully. You promised weeks ago
Michael: Forget about my promise and do what is left for you to do
in due time I will fulfill my promise
after all it’s something I wanna do too
Me: So that's it... You simply refuse to do this for us but expect me to jump and ask how high if you want something
Thought you were nothing like my ex, but it looks like I misjudged
Michael: I didn’t refuse I only haven’t gotten opportunities to do that
and definitely I will
Me: Then create opportunities
Michael: but you are being selfish here
Me: No
I'm not
Michael: how will I create opportunities when we are in frontline
what do you really understand about peacekeep
Me: I guess I don't. But I do understand about promises
Michael: And please don’t compare me with your ex
I haven’t break no promises I only haven’t gotten chance to fulfill
Me: You won't starve, thr camp provides food, you need the package for caviar, guess it's no problem to wait a few days for that
Michael: which definitely I will
cause the fight won’t last forever
you know what ?
Me: If you're done arguing the fight is over right now
Michael: If you don’t wanna do it because of form then it’s fine
casualties everywhere here and all you care about is a form than my life
I have seen and know how much you care
by being selfish
Me: Just stop whining. You won't starve, you told me, you just want to fight, that's fine, but I've got a job to do now
Michael: Enjoy your job
Me: Thank you

June 26
Me: honey, where are you? Why are you just ignoring me?

Wednesday july 4th he decided it was time to come back again
Michael: Honey i can never ignore you
I love you so much and want you as my wife
I can’t get my mind off you
Me: Wow, you're back
How are you?
Michael: I’m fine and you?
Me: Really happy to speak with you again
Michael: My pleasure honey
Me: What's going on over there?
Michael: for now it’s calm here baby
what are you up to ?
Me: I'm at the office for another hour, then a company dinner
Michael: Wow
how I would love to eat with you
Me: Yes, I'd like that too. Partners are invited... Maybe next time you can come
Michael: Awwww
I have missed talking to you
I just can’t wait to have you around my arms
Me: Me neither... How long will it be?
Michael: till November baby
Me: That's too long....
Michael: Just barely 4months honey
and I am retiring for good
for you and my son’s sake
Me: I'm very glad about that
But still 4 months is long
Michael: I know baby
but patience is a virtue
and afterwards we have ourselves together forever
Me: Haha, i know. I'm not very good at patience
Michael: Smiles
honey that’s why I am retiring immediately I’m back to have a sweet home and life with you
Me: I know that. I'm really looking forward to it
How is your son doing?
Michael: Our son !!!
Nanny says he’s doing great only can’t wait to be with me
Me: Sorry, can't get used to having a son yet, wil have to remember to call him mine as well
Did you tell him about me?
Michael: Yes baby
I told you he was happy when I told him I have got a mother for him
he loves you already and wants a mother care and love
Me: I'm glad. Was a bit worried about that to be honest
Michael: smiles
you would love him too baby
he is smart and handsome
Me: Is it weird for me to be worried? Not all kids like their father having a partner
I'm sure I'll love him. Kids are amazing
Michael: I understand
Me: Sorry, I have to go, my next client just came in

Thursday evening
Michael: Honey check your mail I just surprised you
please I went through hell to get that done
if there’s any mistake it would only be rectified when I’m in
I love you so much
Me: I've recieved it. It was quite a surprise, thank you so much. I'll read it when I'm less tired, I need to have my full attention for that.
Michael: Ok baby
love you
Me: how was your day?
Michael: Joyous
Me: wanna tell me about it?
Michael: for the fact I begged my ass out for them to allow me refill
yes baby joyous because I finally filled the form
Me: I'm very happy you did that
Michael: Hope you can now from your heart send the funds for the care package?
Me: I need to read the form first
Tomorrow morning I don't have to go to the office. I will read it then
Michael: Smiles
my love still wanna read a form before helping her man
my filling the form alone would have triggered you to do what I asked to
Me: honey, it's evening, Can't transfer any money right now anyway
Michael: I know it’s evening my love I was only expecting you to say “OKAY” you would send the money first thing in the morning
while I get the cargo agent details you would send to
Me: ok, I will
Michael: Awwwwwww
you are a darling
Me: just email me the details ok?
Michael: Ok love
Me: thank you
Michael: it would be through moneygram or western union whichever is closer to you
I should be saying thank you Not you baby
Me: haha, I mean thank you for emailing it. it's more convenient, can find it more easily tomorrow

<lengthy discussion on how moneygram / western union works. I really had no clue, it took him quite some time to find agencies…. ‘why a travel agency? Do they book a ticket to send the money on a plane?.... a post office? You want me to just put it in an envelope?’>
Michael:I should be cuddling you at this moment
and kissing your neck
Me: yes, that would be lovely
Michael: Perhaps we sit outside watching the moon and the beauties of the sky
I would sing some sweet melodious song to your hearing and afterwards tell you how much I love you
Me: really? You sing? what songs?
I'd love to hear it
Michael: I love blues and gospel
well we would do karaoke a lot
I love adventures
I love gospels as well
Me: I'd love to hear you sing
can you record some for me?
Michael: I wish I could
but this device doesn’t do such
Me: that's too bad. I'll have to wait then
Michael: well just do your countdown till November baby and I would sing lullabies everything for you
you don’t know how much you mean to me
if only you can imagine the joy in my heart as I’m texting you
lullabies every night for you *
Me: I'm looking forward to it. you have no idea
Michael: I can’t wait either
Me: everytime I don't hear from you for a while I'm so sad and worried, and now I'm so happy again
Michael: baby don’t be sad it just the nature of my job
I never ever wanna see you sad I would alway do all within me to make you happy
Me: I know, but it's only normal that I worry about you
Michael: Yes baby I understand
I also think and worry about you too
but I know in due time we would worry no more
Me: why worry about me? I'm not in a dangerous place
Michael: I worry about you because you are so beautiful and lots of men would want you
I only want you in my paradise alone
where we dance in a dark candle room with soft music
Me: you're so romantic
but no need to worry about other men, I don't want them
Michael: Awwwwwn
I trust you my love
Me: I'm glad about that
Michael: You are the best thing that has ever happened to me
I think I can now sleep with you in my thought and in my heart
Me: Yes, I feel the same about you
Michael: I would love you even in heaven you will still be my wife
Me: haha, of course. it'll be forever
Michael: Yes baby I concur
I would let you rest a bit now so I can sleep too and get ready for tomorrow’s duties
just know this one thing for sure ... that you are my life
Me: that's ok. you need to be well rested so you are alert
Michael: and I love my life
invariably I love you endlessly
Me: Love you so much too
Michael: Kisses,hugs and lovely sex to you my world

Michael: Good morning honey pie
Me: good morning dear
Michael: How was your night?
Me: It was very good thank you
yours too?
Michael: Had one of my best nights
having you in my thoughts
Me: oh, really, I'm happy to hear that.
Michael: Honey
have you gone there already ?
Me: yes I have. I'm at the office now and it's busy, I'll text you later
Michael: Ok love let me know when you less busy
because you are to send me the slip they gave to you after sending the cash
Me: Oh, I don't have that here now, it's in my car. I will email it to you this evening ok?
Michael: Ok love
Me: how are you?
Michael: always cool hearing from you
Me: yeah, I love to hear from you too
Michael: did you encounter any issues while sending?
Me: not at all dear
Michael: Was it easy for you to understand?
Me: you've explained it all, and it worked easily
Michael: Ok love
Smart baby
Me: haha, thank you
Michael: Ok get to work
we talk in the evening
Me: Yes it's busy here. I'll talk to you in the evening

[/color]Michael: Is my baby still at work ?
Me: No I'm not anymore
I'm watching my friends kid this evening, had to feed him and get him in bed first
Much later
Michael: Haven’t gotten the payment slip baby
I need to submit it so as for them to confirm the transfer
Me: I scanned it for you before I left work
<receipt.pdf> (big broken pdf file)
Michael: It didn’t show on this device honey
Me: what do you mean?
Michael: just snap and send on here or email
Me: I'l send it again
<receipt.pdf> again
Michael: Snap it baby please
snap and send
this device is inferior
Me: oh, didn't know you have old computers. Can't you open pdf files?
Michael: Lol
no baby just snap and send I can view that way
Me: ok. I'll check my bag
Michael: ok I’m waiting love
Seen it?
Me: wait
Michael: Ok love
Me: sorry dear, can't find it, it must still be on the scanning machine at the office
Michael: Honey send the pdf into my mail
let me check
Me: I've sent it
Michael: good
Honey what you sent is no file
nothing is on it
Me: what do you mean? It's the receipt I scanned
Michael: You sent a blank pdf to me
Me: let me check
Michael: Just say the truth you didn’t send the money
Me: the document don't work here either
Michael: I asked and you said it was in your car now it’s in your printer
Me: I did send the money this morning. I told you
yes, I got it out of my car before I left, went back in to scan it and then left the office again
Michael: it is supposed to be a payment slip and not a document
it’s something you snap and send and not scan
Me: I know it is a payment slip. That one is still in the scanner at my office
Michael: how is the slip like ?
Me: I could make a picture, but my camera sometimes give me problems, so decided to scan it, because taht is more clearer
it's a piece of paper dear
Michael: What’s on the paper ?
Me: it said moneygram on top. my info, the reciever info, the amount and all that of course
Michael: Ok then
get it tomorrow morning
Me: honey?
Michael: it’s okay
Me: tomorrow is saturday
Michael: was wondering because of the blank pdf
yes I know its Saturday
Me: guess the scanner had some problems. I didn't check the document before I left, because I was late, my friends were waiting for me
saturday and sunday the office is closed, so I will get it monday morning
Michael: You want me to wait till Monday morning?
Am I your priority or your friends are ?
Me: what do you mean?
You are my priority, I just sent you almost a thousand dollars
Michael: honey I appreciate but haven’t seen the slips for confirmation
you should be care free with it
and Of cause you should have sent it immediately after sending the money
and of cause you could be a bit more understanding
that’s why I told you it takes only 10mins to reflect at its destination
Me: how dare you say my friends are more important
I can't leave a 6 year old kid alone in his bed
and I can't access the office in the weekend, becauseit's closed
Michael: I’m sorry
it’s fine baby
Me: I'm going to sleep
Michael: Ok love

Michael:Hey baby
how are you?
Me: I'm ok. You too?
Michael: I’m good baby
have you submitted the form ?
Me: Yes I have dear. I was very happy with what I read and forwarded it to my pastor
Michael: Good
Where would you like the wedding ?
Me: Here in UK. There are beautiful gardens, but don't know how nice they will be in November
Michael: Well look out for a better place
and we get a wedding planner if needed
Me: sounds good
any wishes about location that I should keep in mind?
Michael: Just surprise me with a good place
I would be coming with 4 of my colleagues
Me: no family?
Michael: Of coz my sister and her husband
with my aunt
I have my plans too
Me: ok, tell me about them please
Michael: it’s a surprise baby I and my friends have a surprise for you
so chill while it unfolds
Me: oh really. I'm curious
can't wait
Michael: November is by the corner
Me: seems so far away
Michael: Just in a blink of an eye we would be in November
you can’t imagine how much I can’t wait to leave here especially
Me: I can imagine, but I guess it's worse for you
Michael: Yes baby
how was your day ?
Me: it was ok
helped out my neighbor today. she's old, her daughter is on vacation
Michael: Awesome
that’s my baby
Me: how was your day?
Michael: with a heart of gold
My day was okay too only felt a bit sad not having that money today
Me: I can imagine. I'm sorry for the trouble
Michael: You don’t have to be sorry baby
by Monday morning it should be settled I guess
Me: I'm sure about that. The receipt is in the scanning machine, so I'll make sure you get it monday morning
Michael: Okay love
what are you up to ?
Me: right now, just relaxing, watching some tv, will go to bed early today
what about you?
Michael: I’m in bed already
because I would go to church tomorrow
me too
Me: but not in bed yet
Michael: Okay baby
just keep praying for my safety
Me: I always do dear
Michael: God bless you always
Me: and you too
Michael: I would go to bed now
so you can go as well
I love you endlessly
Me: ok, guess you need your rest
hope to see you again in my dreams
Michael: awwwwwww, I would always wanna be In your dreams
Me: you are there a lot

Michael: Happy Sunday honey
Me: You too dear
Michael: How are you ?
Me: I'm ok. Was having dinner with my friend
How are you today?
Michael: I’m good love only missing you
Me: Yes, me too
what's going on there today?
Michael: Had some couple of friends around
but presently alone
ready for bed
Me: what did you guys do?
Michael: Drink some liquor and talk about home
Me: I've been meeting friends too today, I told them about you and asked my best friend if she wanted to help me plan our wedding
Michael: What was her reply ?
You there?
Me: Yes I'm here
she agreed to help me
Michael: Wow! Nice
we are progressing
Me: Yes we are
makes me very happy
Michael: I’m happier
Me: So I was thinking I'll take care of the location, and you can pick the music and let me know, because you can do that from there
Michael: honey anything you like for the wedding get them all planned I will take care of the bills
I wanna have a wedding to be remembered
I wanna show you city how much an American can love
and how much I love you
Me: ahw, that is so sweet
butt the bills aren't the problem. I want it to be our wedding, not only mine, so I was hoping you could pick the music
Michael: You are sweet and deserves the best
Me: other things might be a bit difficult from over there
Michael: honey I wanna honour you with the choice and plan of the wedding just allow me spoil you as much as I can
you are my tender queen
Me: so it's evrything I wish?
Michael: and would be treated as such
yes love anything you wish and anywhere you want it
Me: ok.
it's my wish that you pick out the music
Michael: smiles
what kinda music do you like ?
Me: haha, don't want to make it that easy for you mister. it's your pick
Michael: What if I pick gospel my best genre of music?
That's very good of course. just tell me what songs you would lie
Me: email me a list
Michael: Well don’t worry about that I will in my free time listen to good and romantic music for our wedding and I will let you know as time proceed
Me: ok, thank you. don't wait to long. I'll have to find a band that will be able to play it
and for us november might seem long, but for a wedding it's a short time to prepare
Michael: Yes baby I know
the wedding should be last Saturday of November
because I should be in before 17th
then I go home pick our son and also get my family and friends ready
Me: ok, I'll try to arrange for that
Michael: I’m certain it would be awesome
honey I would want us to get your gown and my suit in Italy
Me: Yes I'm sure of that
why italy?
Michael: I heard from my Italian soldier that they have the best of attires
I want us glowing
Me: at least they have the best pizzas
Michael: let’s just use it as a pre-honeymoon
Me: arent you going to wear your uniform at the wedding?
Michael: Yes I will but I want some wears too from Italy
and of course the rings their too if not for time I would have said the ring in Dubai
Me: ok. we'll arrange for italy
Michael: good
Me: any specific city?
Michael: Paris!!!!
Me: really?
Michael: Yes love
Me: ok. paris it will be
Michael: awesome
you are so sweet
Me: only for you
Michael: awwwwww
Me: dear, it's late, I need to go to bed
Michael: Ok love
Me: hope you have a good night
Michael: please don’t forget the slip first thing when you get to work
Me: I won't forget
Michael: I would definitely have a good night with you in my heart
when are you going to office ... what time ?
Me: tomorrow I'll be there at 9
Michael: Ok baby
sweet dreams
Me: you too

Michael: Good morning love
Me: Wow. You're on the clock today
Good morning
Michael: Yes baby I am
to ensure you keep to timing too Of sending the slip so I can forward to them
Me: I have been looking for it. It's not in the scanner
I can't find it anywhere, I am going to ask my assistant if she has seen it
Michael: Honey this ain’t cool at all
you said you kept it there and if it’s not there anymore what you need do is go back to where you sent the money from and tell them you misplaced the slips
and they would give you another slips
Me: I know it's not cool. Give me a minute please
I need to find my assistant
Michael: Ok you have a minute then
call her on the phone or something
I sincerely had to endure the starvation till today hoping it would be done this morning
Me: you're funny. You told me earlier that the camp provides food, you need the care package for extra's. So I think you're a bit overreacting on the starving part
Michael: Have you seen it ?
Me: please don't be angry
She put it in the shredder when she found it friday. to prevent it from ending up in the wrong hands
Michael: So what next ?
Me: you tell me
Michael: Go back to where you sent it and demand for another slip that you misplaced the one they gave you previously
Me: I hope they will do that
Michael: your secretary is dumb she should have called you
Me: I know, believe me, I've let her know that
Michael: if they don’t you will have to send another
Me: so you mean that this money will be lost and I have to send again?
Michael: that’s why you need to go to where you sent and demand for another slip
Me: Ok
Michael: or you deduct the money from your dumb ass secretary’s salary
and send again
Me: well... I'm not her boss, so I can't do that
Michael: baby you know how important this thing is
Me: but she will definitely hear from this when it's time for her annual review
I know that
Michael: her story ain’t matured at all
Me: do you think I like it that I lost almost a thousand dollars?
Michael: honey it’s not lost just go there and tell them the day you sent and they will give you another one
or you please send another
I just don’t wanna blame you or your secretary but just act fast now
Me: but you are blaming us
Michael: Honey just please go back there and rectify it
Me: Ok, I will
Michael: good
and snap it this time
Me: I have to find time to go there. I work till 6, they close at 5
Michael: That’s why I said you should just go now
Me: yes, I think my boss would really appreciate that. I have appointments with clients

Later that day
Michael: Hello honey
what’s up?
Me: hi dear
i'm still at work, it's very busy, since I've started an hour later today
Michael: So what are you insinuating?
Me: what do you mean? Why are you talking like this?

Monday evening
Michael: Baby I have hoped to getting that slip today
Am I gonna get disappointed again today ?
Me: I know. I will go there tomorrow during my lunch break. I had to skip that today because I started an hour later and a client was having a situation that needed to be handled immediately
So i didn't even have a lunch break today
Michael: Ok
tomorrow then
Me: Yes, tomorrow
I'm so sorry
Michael: It’s alright
Me: Thanks
Michael: Welcome

Tuesday afternoon
Michael: Have you gone to the moneygram outlet ?
Me: yes I've been there
Michael: So did you get it ?
Me: I got my money back and they told me never to go back there
Michael: Who said never to go back there ?
And why?
Me: because they were being difficult and I got angry, so they didn't want to help me anymore
And I just wanted to get the money to you dammit
so now what?
Michael: You should have gone to another store
When they did that to you
you should have texted me so I tell you what to do
Me: yeah, well, moneygram is not an option anymore
and how could I have texted you when you're hardly ever online?
Michael: So what means do you wanna use?
Me: for texting you? Just facebook messenger, but you have to be around more for that
Michael: I mean what means do you wanna use to send the money
Me: You tell me
Michael: use another outlet or western union money transfer
Can you send into an account ?
Me: what account?
Michael: I hate arguing about just a thousand box
Me: ok, then stop arguing about it
Michael: Should I get an account ?
Me: why are you being so angry...
Michael: I need it why not just open your mind and send it
This money ain’t nothing to me if I had access to my account
Me: well please go be pissed off at some cactus over there wouldya
I'm doing the best I can and all you want is being angry with me
I have work to do
Michael: I’m sorry
but the sending process has lingered
and it’s not cool
this doesn’t take time at all
Are you talking to me or not ?
Me: no i'm not
you pissed me off and now I have work to do
Michael: And I just said I’m sorry
I feel being toiled with over this money
that’s why I got pissed
I wouldn’t make you demand as much as I’m doing now before I do stuff for you
we should look out for each other
cause we are one
Much Later
Me: I am looking out for you, but all you do is get angry and I don't understand why
Michael: Because I keep hearing different new stories all just because of this money
Me: What different stories, I'm trying my best to get it to you. Not my fault that I never heard of moneygram before
Michael: Honey so what means do you think would be better for you ?
If you need a bank account I have it already
so which is okay for you?
Me: that might work
Michael: You transfer from you account then
Me: yes, that might be best
can you email me the details, so I can easily find it when I go to the bank?
Michael: When do are you going to the bank ?
<(reported) bank account>
Me: I'll go there tomorrow
but please email this to me so I can find it when I go there
(and make a chop easier)
Michael: Ok let me do that now
Me: ok, thank you
how was your day?
Michael: I just sent it now
my day was rough but I thank God
What time are you going to the bank I need to let them know my wife is sending in the money
Me: Lunch break, so it'll be around 1pm
I received it
Michael: Ok then
send and snap the receipt so I can forward to them
Me: I will do that
Michael: Thanks
Me: you're welcom
Michael: Let’s just get this done with
Me: That is what I have been trying the whole time dear
Michael: Sorry for misunderstanding you
Me: did you think I delayed things on purpose?

Michael: That was what I thought honey
Me: why would you think that of me?
Michael: Because of the delays
but I’m sorry
Me: but I explained everything to you
Michael: It’s cool baby
Me: I just don't understand. I thought you trusted me
Michael: Baby I do
you secretary got me thinking
but that’s by the way
Me: she's stupid and won't be around much longer. I'll make sure of that
Michael: You don’t have to stop her from working baby
it’s fine
maybe it was only a mistake
Me: yeah, but a very stupid one
Michael: everyone does mistake sometimes
that's true
Me: ok. I'll let it go
Michael: thanks
I’m in talks with my account officer to give me my account logins so I can give to you
Me: she can keep her job for now
what account logins do you mean?
Michael: My bank account
so you can easily transfer from there to get things in place till I come in
Me: you mean so I can log into your bank account?
Michael: yes (oh please do, but somehow I think he won’t)
Me: is that even legal?
Michael: youbare my wife
so it is legal
Me: we're not married yet
Michael: in as much as I am giving you the details
I love and trust you that’s all that matters to me
and definitely we would be married
Me: Ok, thank you for your trust
Michael: Welcome always my wife
Me: can't wait for it to be real
Michael: Can’t wait either
love you with all my heart
Me: love you very much too

Michael: Good morning to you sweetie
Me: good morning dear
Michael: Honey are you at the bank already ?
And how is you day going ?
Me: My day is going well thank you. I'm ready to leave in a few minutes
Michael: Ok love
let me know when you done
Me: I have all the info you've sent in the email on my phone with me so it should be fine now
Michael: send the pics on here and through mail too
Me: I'll be gone for an hour
Michael: ok love
take your time
Love you
Me: Thank you. I'll let you know when I'm back
love you too

Me: I'm back, couldn't do the transfer
they need more info
he forgot to send the address of the mule, hoped to get it out of him
please email these to me so I can go back again tomorrow
Michael: Ok love
<new account>
Let me still send to your mail
I have sent it baby
Me: that's not complete, the address of the account holder is also needed
I'm sorry if this is difficult
but why did you use another this time?
Michael: The other one doesn’t have those details
so she gave me another name
Address account holder : <snipped and reported>
Me: ok, thank you
Michael: What are you up to?
Me: still at work, no time to chat now, sorry
Michael: Ok baby

Me: Can you please email this complete info? Makes it easier to find tomorrow
Michael:I have already sent the address to your mail too (he didn’t, but I’ve prepared an email supposedly sent from his address around that time… It’s finally time for some chopping)
Me: ok
thank you

He’s going to be very happy later today
(I can add the new forms later if anyone is interested. He did improve his handwriting)

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My Collection of lad frustration

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"You are diabolically evil...." - Sparky905
"It really sucks to be a scamming lad around Linoline." Conny L. Gus
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"You put me through this with all the bastard you called your client" Daniboy
"I know you wanna bring me to Netherlands so you will suck my blood and eat my flesh" - Calimero
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Michael: Hey honey
haven’t heard from you
How are you and what’s happening?
Me: I have emailed you, wait, let me send it again
Hope you received it now
Michael: I haven’t honey
Me: <lads email>
this is your email address right?
Michael: Honey send screenshot
that’s the only way I can prove to them that the money was from my wife
Me: did you receive the email?

I have transferred the money to the account that you've sent me. It was an online transfer, so I didn't get a slip, but it should arrive in 3 business days, that's what the bank told me. So I think that will be Tuesday. Monday if we're lucky.

Love Emma

with underneath the mail with the first mule, then a reply with a second mule without the address, then a reply with a made up account by me with an address, looking like it is sent from his address (The account holder name is Vivian Ward… Pretty Woman) He didn’t pick up at first the different account. So nice when he noticed. Laughing

Michael: All I received was a text and not a slip
they can’t give me the package if I don’t show prove
Me: that's stupid. In the description I mentioned that it's for you
Michael: It’s either through slip or screenshot of the transaction
Me: I've sent it to the account you gave me. you should contact them after the weekend
I did the online transfer at the bank's computer, I don't have a screenshot or a slip
Michael: Honey it doesn’t work that way u can’t just tell someone superior that you have sent some money without prove
Me: and you will not need that with a bank transfer anyway.
your name is in the description. it's as clear as that. if they can read they'll know
Michael: honey they would definitely give you receipt
all banks does that
Me: not banks here
Michael: I’m afraid we have lost the money
that account is used by many for care package and you want me to tell them my wife sent money without prove
Me: Of course the money is not lost
your name is in the description, you have an ID of some kind, they should know it's you
Just ask Vivian
I have to go back to work now, sorry
Michael: Who is Vivian you want me to ask?
Much later
Me: the account holder

Early Friday morning
Michael: Jesus Christ
whose name did you send the money to ?
Can I see the details you sent to ?
I never sent you any Vivian as an account holder

And an email:
Honey I didn’t send you Vivian details go and call back the money ... Im suspecting that this mail has been hacked go and call back the money

I really need to understand what’s going on

Very late Friday evening
Me: honey, I've been away all day, and I just saw your email. What is wrong?

Michael: The name you sent to wasn’t the name I gave you
you have to go and get back your money
that’s what’s wrong
Me: I don't understand. You emailed me the details. Why did you give me the wrong account?
Michael: That name wasn’t part of what I emailed to you
guess my email was hacked
but I have fixed it up
Just go to the bank and stop the transaction
the name I gave you was Anthony
I wonder where Vivian came from
Me: I have no idea where that came from. Obviously from you. How did you fix it?
I told you, my bank is closed on Saturday and sunday. Won't be able to go before monday
Did you think about the music for our wedding and can you please make a list so I can start looking for a band
Michael: Haven’t thought about the list for now
then go early in the morning on Monday
it’s needs to be called back and I’m not happy I haven’t gotten this package since
Me: What do you think about me? Because you have trouble securing your email I have now lost almost a thousand dollars
How did you fix the problem?
Michael: I had to change my password
it is not about me having trouble securing my email
check all the mails I sent to you you would see it’s Anthony basically
that alone would have made you know it’s Anthony that you are supposed to send to
thank God I always send you details both on FB and mail
check both and you see it’s Anthony
Me: Yes, but I asked you to send me the address and this is the one that I received
I even asked you why it was a different person and you told me because you couldn't provide that information from the other person
Michael: I wonder how you go to receive that one when you could see about 5 messages bearing Anthony details
I couldn’t provide the information of Sylvia June
then I provided Anthony complete details
Me: I told you that I use my email when I'm at the bank so i don't have to scroll through a long chat to find it
And this is what you've sent me there
How was I supposed to know this was not the right one?
Michael: Baby you should have asked me since you saw about 3 details to know which you wanna send to
in all of these now just tell me what you want us to do about it ?
Me: Why should I ask you about the account that you've sent me
Michael: I told you the best and easiest way of sending which is moneygram or Western union but you chose bank which would delay and without prove of payment
Me: I trust you that you send me the right information
You were the one that suggested a bank account
Not me
I just did as you told me every time
So you should find out who this vivian is and who the hell hacked your email and why
Michael: Maybe it was hacked from the process of me sending that form cause maybe my login was still in that system
I don’t have to find out about Vivian cause I don’t know her
like I have said baby call back the money on Monday that’s all
Me: How can it be hacked from sending a form?
And if that's the case, one of the others on the base should have done this and you need to find out who
I guess the first to receive a package now will be your number one suspect
Michael: So what happens to me ?
Me: What do you mean?
Michael: How do I get the package ?
Me: As I told you, find the one that hacked your account and ask him I'll gl to my bank on monday
Michael: Good just go to your bank
thats our only option
Me: I will do that on monday honey

Golden Pig x5 Closed lad accounts x1204 Vcamera x155 Safari x30 Tattoo x4 Sand Timer x3 Sand TimerSand Timer x1 The Church of the Old Gods x2 Mortar Whip Jack Boot Flying Monkey Mc Fry 🍆 Santa 🍰

My Collection of lad frustration

"I never taught you to be evil. But carry on" - Oscarpiles
"You are diabolically evil...." - Sparky905
"It really sucks to be a scamming lad around Linoline." Conny L. Gus
"You put money in the parcel now am suffering you are not helping" Sven
"You put me through this with all the bastard you called your client" Daniboy
"I know you wanna bring me to Netherlands so you will suck my blood and eat my flesh" - Calimero
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Michael: How are you my love ?
Me: I'm a bit worried about the hacking thing. Did you find out who did it already?

Michael: No baby I didn’t
but I have change the password and it’s fine now
Me: I really hope you are right about that
Michael: Hello baby
Me: hi
Michael: you haven’t given me reply
Me: you weren't online
Michael: Ok
Me: I went to the bank today
but the money is already picked up so you should ask around at the camp I guess
Michael: Well you need to lend me another cause I don’t know where that one went to
Me: why do I need to solve this? YOU are hacked. not me
Michael: Do you really care about my well being ? Well if you may know you should solve it because you are my wife to be and I could do anything for you if you were in need like I am now
Me: That's just a stupid question. I'm running around for more than a week now to get the money to you and all you do is complain and get angry
Did you find out who hacked you and who got the money?
Michael: How can I find out who hacked me or got the money ?
When we have lots of soldiers from all around the globe
you Running around for more than a week you said and you haven’t for once showed me a prove of any money you sent ? How am I sure it was even sent
Me: I don't know. Start with the ones that have been using the same computer, likely the one right after you. With regulations so strict there has to be a list
Yes it was sent. It's out of my account, I don't have it anymore
Michael: honey we have only 2 computers and printers in the whole of this camp
Me: Now did you make that list of music for our wedding yet? I really need to go contact some band
Michael: please stop telling me to look for the hacker or look for Vivian
Me: Why?
Michael: People are much here and it’s impossible to get anybody who did that
I really don’t want us to be arguing over just a thousand baby
Me: So you really think it's ok for someone to steal that money and instead of making a bit of an effort and find the one who did it, you make me solve it all
Ok, then stop arguing
I don't want to ruin my day
Michael: baby I have stopped arguing
Me: Thank you
Michael: all I said was for my baby to lend me another one
before you said I should go look for the hacker
Me: Now you're arguing again
Stop it
Michael: So how do I get the care package?
Me: Find the one who stole the money
Michael: That’s not possible
Me: Ok
What about the music list?
Michael: And the major reason it’s not possible is because you didn’t give me a receipt or slip I could take to the general and report
I haven’t but I will take my time to get some few lists
Me: There is no receipt or slip with a bank transfer
Just forward the emails to your general
When are you making the list?
Michael: I guess you are a civilian who don’t understand hierarchy of ranks and military ethics
there is no bank on earth that doesn’t give receipt or slip of payment
But no problem I understand how much you don’t like giving out your money
I am getting my account manager to get me my bank logins so you can always help me do transfer from my account so I don’t have to disturb you anymore
Me: I think you don't understand about online transfers because you have your head up your ass right now and being a complete douchecanoe to me. So don't act like I am ignorant or stupid. It's insulting what you are implying right now
Michael: I love and can do anything for you that’s why I feel you could do same too
Me: And what makes you think I don't?
I did everything you told me. And now you need to do something simple, track the hacker and make a list of music, and you refuse
Michael: I see no reason if you car got stolen and why I can’t replace it ... I will do all that would make you happy
Like I said stop talking about tracking any hacker it is impossible
making a list that I would do
Me: My car has insurance. They will replace it. That's not the point. They will only replace it after investigation, because that is the way these things work
Michael: I have always do all you ask to making sure our union goes well and happy
so making a list won’t be difficult I would think carefully and make the list
Me: Thank you
Michael: I guess during investigation you give them paper work of the car or is it email u give to them ?
Me: So see this as an insurance. It will be replaced after investigation. You didn't even try yet
Michael: My love if you had paid with slip or receipt given to you it would have been easier
Me: I told you many times with an online transfer there is no slip
Michael: then there should be screenshots
which you didn’t
Me: You have the address and account of this vivian, that should be enough to track down te person responsible
Michael: I am in camp and can’t track anyone from here
my hands are tied on this tracking thing
Me: Ok
Michael: baby forget about tracking anybody or anything and focus on the way forward
Me: I will
Going to prepare for work now. I'm late already
Michael: ok baby
have a blissful day
lots of love from here
Me: Thanks love.

Much later
Michael: Happy birthday to you love
Me: thank you dear
Michael: you didn’t tell me it was today ?
Me: I know. thought you knew
Michael: And who is that man wanting you to send your nude ? (beware, making the lullaby-lad jealous, works like a charm Laughing)
Me: haha.... oh him
Michael: Yeah him
Me: nothing going on there dear
just some banter
Michael: ok if you say so
Me: yes, trust me on that, we're just joking
Michael: I do trust you
Me: thank you
Michael: you are welcome baby

Michael: Hello baby
how are you?
Me: I'm ok. You too?
Michael: I’m fine honey
Me: what are you doing today?
Michael: Duty as usual and then try to enlist the music
Me: That's great. I"m really looking forward to your list
Michael: Sure baby
Me: looks like you're a bit angry
what's wrong?
Michael: Smiles
I’m not my love
only for what I need at the moment
Me: oh, ok, looked like you were a bit annoyed
Michael: No my love
what are you up to ?
Me: Ok, I"m glad
I'm at the office now
Michael: No client yet?
Me: not right now, last one just left, another will be in soon
Michael: Ok baby
Me: Did I mention that I'm out of the country for three weeks, starting saturday?
Michael: no
where to?
Me: first home for a week
Michael: Home where exactly?
then to spain, rented a villa there for two weeks with friends
Me: home in the Netherlands
visiting family
Michael: Honey you give friends more time than you give to me
Me: thats ridiculous
you are hardly ever online, do you expect me to sit on my ass all day waiting for you to send me a message?
I need to live my life while waiting for you to come here. After that we can do everything together
Michael: now you will be away for 3weeks happily and I would be here not even with the care package that would make me happy too
Me: I know
I'll miss you a lot
Michael: why not send me message so I see them and reply when I’m on messenger too
does that mean we won’t be texting each other for this 3weeks ?
Me: I can see when you're online, what's the use of texting when you're not online. sometimes you don't show for days or weeks
And, no I won't be able to text for 3 weeks
Michael: Can you just do me a Favour of getting the care package please
Me: Of course. I told you I would
Michael: Then how will you this time baby?
Me: you tell me
but first you need to find out who stole the money, because I don't want to risk losing 1000,- again
Michael: Honey please get an iTunes card of $1000 then I will send the code to them as a means of payment
Me: sorry, have a new client coming in now
Michael: you are not sending to anyone now you are buying an iTunes card instead
and that I will forward to them while they credit it into their bitcoin and then they can send my package across

Me: Itunes card? What am I? 15 years old? Be serious please
Michael: Lol
so how serious do you want me to be baby?
Me: Very serious
Can't you give me the contact details of the office in the US and I'll sort it out with them. Makes it so much easier.
Michael: A civilian can’t contact my love ... it’s military affairs that’s why I always ask you for prove/slip of payment to give to them myself
but that’s by the way
how was your day today ?
Me: That's just weird. Of course I can contact the us government, just give me a name and phonenumber, emailaddress, anything
Michael: Honey instructions given to us was give a payment address to your spouse and get the prove of payment that’s all
you have you line of job while I also have ethics of duty here too
Me: True, but it's just strange. That office is in USA, so there must be a way to contact them.
Anyway.. My day was fine. stressful with a lot of things to finish this week
how was your day?
Michael: My day was awesome having you always in my heart
I can’t do less without you in my head
Me: that's so sweet of you.
Michael: What are you up to?
Are you there ?
Me: Yes I"m here, didn't hear your message come in. I have music playing
Michael: You driving?
Me: no, I'm home
don't text while driving.. I take that very seriously
Michael: Honey, I got a good news today Hun (And here the story took a surprising turn)
Me: really? What's that?
Michael: My funds that has been dormant for years has been released today ...
Me: wow, that's good news
Michael: Bank called me and they also sent me an email stating that my account has been released .
I will be coming to you soon
Me: Really? When?
Michael: And I think it’s high time for me to retire ...
Early next month ... I have been craving to have you in my arms honey.
Me: oh wow, that's soon
I won't even be home then
Michael: That means I will have to start paying my employees
Where would you be honey ??
Me: how many employees do you have?
Michael: I will text you in a Minute honey .... Am so hungry
Me: please don't go
Michael: 18*
Me: I'm so happy to talk to you now
Michael: Awwwww.. That’s so sweet and I can’t wait to have you In my arms
Me: me neither
tell me about your day please, what have you been doing?
Michael: It’s has been boring day , I wish you are here with me
But am happy now that I will be seeing you next month
Me: yes, me too, very happy
but how was it boring? I thought there was always something to do around there
Michael: Same ish everyday hun ... it’s get boring sometimes
Have you eaten ?
Me: of course I have
Michael: Do you know that am a good cook ..
Am a good chief
Me: I like that. what is your best dish?
Michael: Italian and you?
And do you like Italian coffee?
Me: I love italian
and coffee
Michael: That’s Beautiful Hun... The network courage is a bit bad in here..
What you doing ?
Me: I was looking at wedding venues online, but didn't find the perfect one yet
Michael: Oh Really ? That’s good Hun ... I will hold you so tight when I see you at the airport and kiss your soft lips
Me: I'm really looking forward to that. I'll kiss you like nobody is watching
Michael: I will kiss you so bad and also grab your nice ass ... you look so beautiful and I can’t stop looking at your pictures ..
I love you so much, I want to grow old with you .
Me: oh, thank you
I don't ever want to be without you dear
Michael: And now I want to cry .... I love you with all my life
We are rich now Hun ... we don’t have to worry anymore Hun ....
Me: Thats wonderful, but I wasn't worried about that
Michael: Yeah right ,I trust you with everything that I have honey ..
Me: where are you now dear? (supermarket, army, constructionsite? Looked like he changed his script with the released funds talk)

Michael: You got everything that am looking for in a woman and God blessed the day I met you ..... I love you Hun
Me: love you too
Michael: Am in the camp at the moment Hun
What’s your plan for tomorrow?
Me: same as other days. work all day. a lot to do this week
Michael: Oh ok , I will be paying my employees tomorrow
Me: you never told me before you had employees
Michael: I thought you knew Hun
Me: no, you never told me
Michael: I was a building contractor before venturing into military...

Emma: Why didn't you tell me about this before? I had no idea
Michael: Well maybe cause you never asked my love
Me: That's a bit of a strange thing to say. You told me you are in the army, how was I supposed to know that you run a business besides that?
But anyway, it doesn't matter, I know now
Michael: Sorry about that .. I didn’t think it’s necessary because I did it in the past .

Michael: Here is the list: artist Christina Perri...A thousand years
Shanie Twain: From this moment on
Lionel Rickie:Endless love..
Richious brothers: Unchained melody
Jasmine Rae: when I found you
Miannani: When God made you
Seal: kiss from a Rose
Ed Sheehan: perfect
Lionel Richie:::still
Lionel Richie....truly
Artist celina Dion.....power of love

How are you honey ?
Me: Thank you so much. Celine dion has to go, I really don't like that, but the rest is good. We'll need some more than that. Thought you mentioned gospels as well?
Michael: Yes love
you add the rest
it’s our wedding
Me: no honey, that was your job. I'm doing everything else already
Michael: and should be colorful
How are you?
Me: I'm ok, you too?
Michael: I’m fine baby
I kept on dreaming about our wedding
and how beautifully you would walk down the aisle
Me: I'm really looking forward to it
Michael: When are you traveling baby?
do you still want it to be in november? If you want it earlier we might better go to las vegas
Me: I"m traveling tomorrow
Michael: Hmmm I think Las Vegas is cool too but do you have any venue in mind already ?
Me: didn't find the perfect place yet. That's why I ask, because if you want it earlier that can be a problem. Most places are booked far in advance
Michael: Baby if it’s tomorrow you are traveling you are supposed to send for that care package today you know
Me: did you already find out who hacked your account?
Michael: well I am planning on surprising you by getting a retirement leave before November
What did I tell you before about finding the hacker ?
Me: you told me about the funds that will be released and that you would be able to leave in august
you didn't tell me anything about the hacker
Michael: I said don’t talk about the hacker thing cause finding the person is impossible
Me: you didn't even try?
Michael: so you see I’m coming in sooner than expected to come be with you forever
no I didn’t cause it’s futile
Me: ok, so you will be here in august?
Michael: If all things work out as planned yes my love
Me: that's amazing!
Michael: you are more amazing
Me: you'll have to email me the details of when you'll be here, because I don't know if I can be online while I"m away
Michael: Honey can you please in you tight schedule take care of the care package today... please
Me: But why? you will be here by the time it will arrive
it's less than a month
Michael: It take 2days to arrive
it come through military air cargo
Me: they teleport these things nowadays?
Michael: through military air cargo
so please do only this I ask
Me: ok. I'll have to talk to my boss, because the schedule for today is packed
I have to consign a lot of things to coworkers today, have final meetings and all that
Michael: I know it’s packed that’s why I said please in your tight schedules take out time to do it
Me: I'll try my best dear
Michael: all you need do this time is simple
Me: promise, but then I will have to stop chatting right now and get to wrk
Michael: just get ITunes card 10pcs of $100 scratch the back and snap all 10
that’s all
Me: haha, I told you I'm not a teenager, not going to get Itunes cards
I'll transfer the money
Michael: Honey I don’t want you to transfer my love
so we don’t do mistakes
Me: ok, then I won't
have to work now dear
Michael: the card would be transfer into bit coin then would be used as payment
it’s very simple and easiest way so we don’t get complications again
Why not just assure me so I tell my General while I wait for you baby
(because this is so much more frustrating for you)

Much later
Emma: you told me you didn't want a transfer, and my lunchbreak is over now, so there's nothing I can do today. But you will be home in a few weeks anyway
Michael: Yes Hun
how are you today?
Are you there Hun ...
Am I have trying to pay out my employees but am having IP problem
Me: Yes I'm here, but it's a busy day, can't chat all the time, sorry
I'm sorry to hear you have problem paying out your employees
Michael: Yeah ... are you still busy and I do trust you Hun
Are you using a laptop or your smart phone Hun ..
Me: laptop now, why?
Michael: Can you trust you Hun ..
Me: of course you can trust me
Michael: Ok Hun .. I want you to help me do it because my ip locating is not allowing me
Me: ok, don't know much about that kinda thing
Michael: I will have to send you my banking details so You can do it for me ... tell me when you are less busy Hun
Me: what do you need me to do dear?
Michael: To pay my employees..
Me: so you will give me their account numbers and the login information for your account?
or am I misunderstanding you now?
Michael: Yes Hun ... Because I trust you Hun
With everything that I have
Me: ok, and I can do that online, from anywhere or do I need to go to a bank for that?
Michael: You can do it online Hun ... I will direct you Hun
Michael: Are you free to do it now ?
Me: right now is too busy, if I can do it online, I'll do it this evening if that's ok
I think it will be best if you email me the accounts and login information
Michael: Tell me when you are free Hun so I can direct you Hun
Me: Of course you can direct me, but I think it will make it easier if you send me the details beforehand, so I have everything available
or just type an email with the directions
Michael: It’s easy Hun ... I will direct you Hun
Me: I trust you
Michael: <fake bank site> (reported)
That’s the bank .. It’s a private bank , I registered with them when I was in Dubai ..
Me: ok, thank you
Me: I will help you this evening. Can you please email me a list of the accounts and amounts I need to transfer for you?
Michael: Ok Hun .... Tell me when you are free Hun ...
<login details>
I will direct you Hun ..

Michael: What you doing ?
I'm home now
didn't receive your email yet
where are you?
It's getting late

Michael: Hun are you there
Can you get on your laptop now
Me: yes, waiting for 2 hours now
Michael: So I can put you through ... I was trying to settle down and I had to take shower
Wish you are here so could shower together
But am coming pretty soon.
Me: hmm that would be nice
Michael: I can’t wait
Are you on your laptop now
Me: yes
Michael: Ok
Log in on <fake bank site>
Then click on Internet banking
Me: ok
Michael: Click on Login to internet banking
<login information>
Me: and after that?
Michael: Have you logged in? (f*ck no, but I’m not telling you that)
Me: tell me what to do please
Michael: Have you logged in into the account Hun
Am asking
Me: I'm waiting for you to give me the details of what to do dear
Michael: Type in <lads loginname> on the user ID
Then type in <password>
Me: I know how logins work dear.
Michael: As the password
Me: you seem to forget I work in finance and do things like this all day
Michael: Oh sorry
Am trying to help
Me: haha, that's ok, just give me a list of the accounts and amount that has to be paid and I'll do it
Michael: Ok Hun ...
Am trying to type out the details
Me: ok, I'll wait. I asked you this afternoon to do it. I could've been done with the whole transfers already. Why didn't you just email it to me earlier?
<piggie 1>
$180,000 00
Tell me if it’s requires a transfer code
Me: ok, just give me the complete list please, so I can do them all at one time, it'll be much easier, If I need any more information I will let you know ok?
Michael: I owes him that Hun... He helped me with the money when I first started the building project ..
Will pay the employees tomorrow
Me: That's really great of him
so I only have to make one transfer and he will pay the other employees?
I thougt I needed to pay the employees for you
Michael: Yes Hun ... I will give you the employees details tomorrow (lets try for more bacon today)
Am still waiting to confirm there account details Hun.. I don’t want to send money to a wrong Person
Me: Ok, then I'll wait for them. But you do know that I am leaving tomorrow right? I don't have much time, so you have to send them to me early if possible
Michael: Ok Hun .. I will send it early Hun..
Me: Thanks love
Michael: Did you eat?
Me: do you know how many transfers I need to make? I want to make sure I have enough time
Michael: Just 2 transfers Hun
Me: oh, ok. I thought it would be more than that. So it's not a very big company?
Michael: Yes not very good Hun
Big I meant.
What you doing ?
Me: preparing for travel
Michael: Have you sent the money yet Hun .
Me: was waiting for the other accounts dear
Michael: You don’t have to wait Hun
Me: told you, it's more efficient to do them all at once.
Michael: Send the money to the account I just sent you Hun
Me: will save me time, i have a lot to do before I go
Michael: He needs the money today ....
Me: ok, then send the other accounts now and I'll do them all today
Michael: Am waiting to confirm if they will ask for a transfer code
I don’t want to sleep off
And I also need to confirm there bank account
Me: when do you think you have it?
Michael: Will send it to you once it’s confirmed
Me: ok, then it'll be tomorrow, because I'll be going to bed soon
Michael: What will be tomorrow?
Am telling you to send to the account I just sent you
Me: I know dear
Michael: Ok love
Am waiting because he’s also waiting
Me: okay
Michael: And what’s You doing ??

This morning
Michael: Are you there ?
Emma: Yes, I'm here
Michael: How was your night ?
Me: It was ok
Yours too?
Michael: Did you do what I asked you to do for me ?
Why don’t you listen to me ?
Me: Honey, I told you I'm waiting for the other accounts so I can do them all at once
Saves time
I explained this to you
Michael: You don’t have to send to others
They will wait
Do like I said
Me: You do realise that I'm gone for three weeks after today and won't be able to help you then?
And stop being a bully. You're not my commander
Michael: They will wait...
Am not your commander but I am your husband
Me: Yes and that doesn't give you the right to command me
Michael: That’s a price to that .... meaning am always looking out for you
Am not commanding you
Me: But ill wait till later today. I have time early in the evening. Just send me the information before then and I'll handle it for you
Michael: I told you that the man has been waiting since yesterday and he needed the money because he’s son is sick..
Me: You didn't tell me that
Michael: The send the info I sent you
Leave the employees
They will wait
Me: So you have to hurry with getting the other info to me then
Michael: I told you that he has been waiting and you said ok
You need to start listening to me ...
Am not your man .....
Me: You need to stop commanding me right now
Michael: Don’t bother for the other account
Send to the info I sent you
Me: I told you what I'm waiting for
You're just being difficult
Michael: I told you yesterday that you don’t have to wait any more
Send to the info I sent you
Me: And I told you I will make all the transfers at once
Michael: I haven’t confirmed their account yet.. so send to the account info I sent
You don’t have to wait any more
Me: So I wait until you have confirmed it
Michael: You are being stubborn
Me: If you need it to be done today you should hurry with it
Michael: You don’t bother
Me: Thanx hun. You are so flexible today
Michael: Send to the account I sent you
Me: And you keep repeating the same thing like there's something wrong with my eyes
Michael: You don’t have to bother about the employees
Me: Do you need me to say again what I'm waiting for or do you listen now?
Michael: I said .... don’t bother about the other account
Can’t you read ??
Me: I said. I'll transfer to all at the same time
Can you read?
Michael: Send to the account I sent you
Me: I said. I'll transfer to all at the same time
Michael: And I said don’t bother about the others
Send to the account I sent you
That is more important
Me: You're repeating yourself
Michael: Good
Me: Its insulting
Michael: Meaning there’s no other account for now
<account number 1 again>
Send to this
Me: Then I'll wait i told you
I have time today
And this is the last time I'm saying it
Michael: Wait for what??
Me: If you need me to transfer anything, you make sure i have all three accounts today
Michael: I said they employees haven’t provided the account yet
Me: It's rude to have the others waiting for another three weeks and I won't let you do that
Michael: You should Send to the account I gave you .
Me: You said you were just waiting for a sort code or something
Michael: Am not waiting for any code
Me: Good, then whats the delay?
Michael: I said make the transfer so the man can pay for he’s sons surgery bill
Me: All i see is blah blah blah, not the information you need to send me
And i don't have time for this game anymore today
I have to pack
Michael: Emma .... I gave you my bank login
Me: Yes, thank you for that hun
Michael: And i asked You if you can be able to help me make a transfer because am having A problem with my ip
Me: And we agreed that I would make three transfers at the same time, today
Michael: And you said would ..
I told you that they haven’t provided the account yet
Me: So the only thing you need to do is provide the other two accounts and we're all set
Michael: That might take up to a week to confirm there account
Me: That's abig problem then
Michael: You will have to listen
Me: Don't they know their own account? What kind of retarded people are you hiring?
No, you need to listen. I told you what I'm waiting for and if you want me to do it today, you cooperate.
Michael: I don’t want to send the money to a wrong person ...
Me: Right now I'm going to take a shower and have some breakfast. I have other things to do today than argue with you
Michael: Don’t bother helping ...
You are being stubborn and I hate what you are doing right now ....
Listen to me for once
Me: Haha. The pot calling the kettle black
You know what to do. I'll wait
Michael: Don’t bother... You are being stubborn.... I regretted asking you
I don’t know I can get the man he’s funds Because he’s sick is at the hospital
<piggie 2>
<piggie 3>
That’s the other account
Me: Thanks love. How much do i need to send them?
Michael: 200k each
Me: Wow, that's a lot, you must be pretty loaded if you can afford that
And 180k to the first account?
Shall I send 1000 to that account for the care package as well?
Michael: Yes
Me: Ok. I have to eat something first, then I'll get my laptop
Michael: Ok Cool

Later (after all piggies were reported)
Me: honey, what problem did you have with the website?
Michael: Because its can’t allow me to make the transfer due to my ip location
Me: ok, but you can load the website?
Michael: Yes but it’s won’t allow me to transfer
Are you on it ??
Me: I'm trying now for half an hour already
Michael: Ok Cool
Me: It keeps loading
I tried in different browsers, but it won't load the site, so I have no way to log in
Michael: Oh Cool .. go to online banking section to login
Emma: I'll send you a screenshot, wait a moment
Fortunately the site shows some kind of loading sign right before actually appearing, so I made a quick screenshot of that (cropped off all personal stuff ofcourse)
Michael: Ok Cool Hun
Me: It's like this for half an hour. Do you know what's wrong?
Michael: I don’t know... You should try another browser
Or try using your phone
Me: I tried different browsers already. I have internet explorer, chrome and firefox. All the same result
I'll try my phone
wait a moment please
Michael: Ok Hun
Me: Same problem on my phone
Michael: What is it saying ??
Me: the same as the screenshot I've sent you, it just won't get past that loading image
I don't understand
Michael: I think you should restart your phone
It’s showing up in here <screenshot>
Me: That is not what I get to see.
I'll restart my laptop
(not, I’ll just let you wait 10 minutes)
be right back
Michael: Ok Cool Hun
Me: Still the same...

Michael: You can try it using another computer or a different device
Me: I don't have others than my laptop and phone
Michael: Do you know any Internet cafe ?
Me: I really don't have time for that today dear. I need to pack my bags and get everything ready for the flight
Michael: Ok Hun ... am also want to solve this ish as well
Me: I know, I really want to help, but I don't know how right now.
I can go by my neighbor later today and see if it works there
Michael: Your phone and your laptop are the ones delaying this ... you should try Internet cafe on your way out
Me: I think it's best if you contact the bank to see what's wrong
I don't even know an internet cafe in Liverpool honey, but my neighbor has a computer, I'll try that
Michael: Good... I opened the bank account in Dubai and they can’t do anything if am not there ... I contacted them yesterday.
Me: I'm sorry to hear that. I'll try with my neighbor in the afternoon and I'll let you know.
Michael: Ok Hun

much later (and from this point he had to wait long times for my response a few times. I could almost feel his frustration)
Michael: Honey it’s noon already at your place
we need to get this done what’s delaying you?
Me: Preparation for travel of course. I told you about this
I've just been at my neighbor, but it doesn't word on her computer as well. I don't understand. Did you contact the bank?
Michael: How are you login that it doesn’t work on your devices ?
Why do you care so much about your traveling than on how you and I can be together?
Or communicate?
I just told you I am doing all I can to ensure I’m back before November so we can settle down together at once and all you care about is your trip more than my coming home ?
Me: How can you even say that. That's so cruel. I don't know what is wrong with the website but everywhere it just gives me that loading sign and keeps giving me that. What you sent me earlier, I don't see that. So please call the bank to find out and I can try again in the evening before i leave
Michael: Where did you click that you can’t get it right?
Me: I couldn't click anywhere, it just showed that circle thing i showed you
Michael: Refresh your device honey and try it again
Me: I can load the homepage but can’t login
Michael]if yours could open to the homepage then it would be accessible by you
I just wonder why it’s not working with your device
(because I’m not even trying? Laughing )
Me: I have no idea honey, I tried everything, reboot, different browsers. What does the bank say?

Michael: Asking if you have a good I.P
but I couldn’t reply because I wasn’t sure your I.P is active
I am keeping the people especially the sick Boy’s Father waiting
and now he needs the money most
Me: I know
Michael: So what do you advise my love ?
Me: IP is active, or else internet don't work is all I know
I have no idea, ask the bank
Michael: It’s working on my phone
But why it’s ain’t working on ur phone
Me: You tell me
Michael: I sent you this ......
<screenshot of the site>
Me: I know, i don't see that when i go to the website
Sorry have to catch my bus, will be back online later
Michael: <link again>
Click on it .
<link again>
copy this link I sent and paste on your browser it would work honey

Much later
Emma: I tried, but it's still the same
Asked him an hour later where he was and that I really wanted to resolve this for him, but he didn’t show, so he got a final message that Emma was leaving to the airport.

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Hell, I was so frustrated reading that I wanted to log in for you. He must be tearing his scamming hair out. And now he has to wait 3 whole weeks. Sad innit Very Happy

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Laughing I wasn't really in the mood for a virus or spyware or things like that. No idea what would be behind that login, but I'm suspecting it wasn't anything good, so I never attempted.

And he deserves all the frustration I give him and more. This *sshole keeps playing on emotions trying to give victims a guilt trip. Mad

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My Collection of lad frustration

"I never taught you to be evil. But carry on" - Oscarpiles
"You are diabolically evil...." - Sparky905
"It really sucks to be a scamming lad around Linoline." Conny L. Gus
"You put money in the parcel now am suffering you are not helping" Sven
"You put me through this with all the bastard you called your client" Daniboy
"I know you wanna bring me to Netherlands so you will suck my blood and eat my flesh" - Calimero
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By now the lad is so far off script that he even keeps confusing me... but he has potential.

july 22nd
Lad: Maybe you can try it when you get to your destination... Have a safe trip Hun .... I love you so much Hun

Me: I told you I couldn't
I'm home now
Lad: Good
how are you?
Me: I'm ok. you too?
Lad: How was your trip ?
I miss you Emma and everything has been the same since you left
Me: The trip was ok. I missed you a lot
Lad: I miss you more ..
I hope it’s wasn’t stressful ?
Me: your messages were giving me stress. You were only arguing with me. Why?
Lad: Because I wanted you help me before you leave because am really stuck in here
And why can’t you listen to me
We should try it again
Me: That's not a reason to send me angry emails you know
Lad: I was stressed Hun
But am sorry if you felt that way .
Me: I tried a lot of times to help you before I left. Even the last evening, but you refused to come online to help me. There was nothing else I could do
Lad: I understand Hun ... I was stressed and worried
Well we should try it again
<link to the bank website>
Me: I will not try again
Lad: Ok Hun
Me: You need to show me first that you can behave properly
Lad: Meaning ?
Meaning I haven’t been behaving properly... that’s an insult Hun
Me: you've acted like a toddler these past few weeks
that's insulting
Lad: Emma I was stressed .. You know my situation ma’am
Me: I know. But that's not a reason to go arguing with me while I'm out of the country and you knew there was nothing I could do.
And I do like you calling me ma'am. It's highly appreciated
Lad: And I said that am sorry
Should I go in my knees?
Me: would be a good start
can you make a picture of that?
Lad: I wish I could ...
Dunno who can take a picture of that
Am seriously stressed
Try the bank again Hun
Me: I'm sure you can find somebody
Lad: That’s not the case right now
I need to get my shit together
Me: I know
but if you need me to help you, you'll need to apologize in a proper fashion
Lad: I was in a deep shit and the employees need there funds
Tell me if you can’t
I said , Am stressed
Me: I know
I can help you
Lad: Help me . I also broke at the moment
These the only way I can pay my bills
Am also broke at the moment I meant .
You are the only one I can trust .
Me: you need to apologize properly first
Lad: I said am sorry .. if you can’t help me don’t bother
Me: I can help you
And I want to
But I need to know that I can trust you learn from your mistakes
Lad: Am not using a smart .. they took my phone because I haven’t paid for my hotel bills .
And that’s an insult to me
Me: what hotel bills?
Lad: I left the camp
I was planning to come to you this month because I thought You would’ve sent the money to the employees and some to me so I can book my flight
It’s time for me to retired and start a life with You Emma , because I love you so much
Me: thank you love. So where are you now?
Lad: Iraq Hun
Me: I know that
I'm not stupid
Lad: Am in the hotel at the moment
Me: what hotel? Where in iraq?
pause for lad googling
Lad: Shanashel Palace hotel
Me: ok
there must be somebody there with a phone who can make a picture of you apologizing
it's fancy enough
Lad: I can’t do that at the moment
They took my smart phone
Meaning I can text with this phone
Me: what phone do you use now?
Lad: My old Samsung phone and the camera ain’t working
Am really tired of explaining
Me: ok
well, then I think you can just record a voice message apology for me. That will have to do
Lad: Honey sincerely from the depth of my heart I am sorry
I was only missing you and thinking
I will try and do that for you with someone’s phone
Me: Thank you honey, I'll wait for you to do that
It really means a lot to me
Lad: I can’t ask anyone for such ... and remember I haven’t paid of my hotel bills
Me: Just try
Remember it's really important for me. I need to know I can trust you
Lad: Will do my best Emma
Am not happy
Will do
Me: thanks love
I'll help you out with the bills after you did this for me
Lad: Hun .. I remember appreciate it but it’s isn’t about money right now .... I need to look for
Someone who will allow me to make use of he’s phone


Michael's apology

Lad: Are you there Hun..
Me: I'll listen to it this evening, I"m at the office now
Lad: Ok love .... I had to record that with someone’s phone
Me: That's very sweet of you to do

I don't think this Lad really sounds like he's from Texas..... sounds a bit african to me.... I never got this far with a lad that pretended to be american yet, so I'm thinking about what to do next.. I'd like to blow his cover, but I'm not exactly sure how to do it yet... but if he could have someone record his voice... he must be able to let someone film him....
I didn't really expect him to do the audio recording. Asked for a video, wanted to play down to the formal apology form, but this is much better.

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"I never taught you to be evil. But carry on" - Oscarpiles
"You are diabolically evil...." - Sparky905
"It really sucks to be a scamming lad around Linoline." Conny L. Gus
"You put money in the parcel now am suffering you are not helping" Sven
"You put me through this with all the bastard you called your client" Daniboy
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Monday evening

Lad: You there honey ?
Me: yes I'm here
Lad: Guess my apology is accepted now I need to clear this bills
Me: Yes it is. I really appreciate it
But I have a question love
Lad: What love
Me: can you tell me where you are from?
Lad: Mexico and Katy Texas
Me: you're born in mexico?
Lad: yes
spent 17year in Mexico
before moving to my father’s
Me: Not to be insulting dear, but you don't sound either american or mexican
Lad: well that’s where I’m from maybe from the phone I used
probably when I am in you would hear how I talk better
Me: really? so you used some voice morph program or what?
Lad: I can’t wait to leave here
no baby I didn’t use any program
maybe that was how the phone made me sound
why all these ?
Me: well, i know how americans sound, I know how mexicans sound. there's nothing wrong with the sound quality yet you sound totally different
so i was just wondering
Lad: Honey I have told you so stop wondering
I risked my life leaving the camp to be with you
Me: I really loved to hear you. I want to hear you more
Lad: and now I just need to pay off and book my ticket to your nearest airport then I can have access to my account
Me: yes, there's an airport close to me. but don't you want to see your son first?
Lad: well you would hear me when I pay for my bills and l can get my phones
I would see my son but not empty handed
I need to get some cash off my account and get him some gifts for his patience too
Honey talk to me
Me: I'm here. and I understand, but I really think you are more important to him than a gift dont you think?
Lad: So what do you suggest I do, he is obviously your son too?
Me: Go to him first, then come here together?
Lad: Cool then help me with the bills as promised by you
Me: I will honey, Already working on it
Lad: Sweetie how are you working on it ?
I need to get off here before they embarrass your husband
Me: I know
I sent an email to the Shanashel Palace hotel asking for your bill so I can pay it
Lad: How would you do such without letting me know ?
Do you think I was gonna give them my details and get killed ?
Me: huh? how would you get killed?
Lad: Why don’t you do things your husband want ?
I am a US soldier and you wanna exposed me ?
Me: when you stay in a hotel you give them some basic information about yourself. At least your name... so this is the easiest way
Lad: What if I get kidnapped or rebelled
Me: You're not a soldier anymore, you quit, you told me
Lad: my quitting would involve me going to the base to sign off
that’s how it works ?
Baby I really don’t wanna yell but don’t you think you pushing me ?
Me: yeah, well, like you told me before, I'm not in the army, so how would I know
Lad: Why am I your husband if you don’t trust me or listen to me ?
Well don’t send no more mails
Me: I listen to you. I do as you say, everything, and I promised to help you pay the bills, so I did
Lad: I have been here for about 9days today and per night is $420
So total it and I would give you a personnel name to send to and it would be brought here to pay
Me: That's almost 4000
Lad: yes baby
I guess I'll have to see what I can arrange with them then
Me: I'll clear some funds tomorrow
Lad: don’t arrange nothing with them
Me: uhm.. honey.... they are the ones that need the payment
I need to arrange it with them
Lad: I would give you a details to send to and I will receive it to clear myself
just send to the details and give me a slip this time
Me: but you couldn't send or receive money while you're in iraq. you told me that
Lad: honey I am out of the camp now and this colleague of mine would get it through to me
stop stressing me on this issue
I wanna take the cash to them and clear myself
Me: what colleague of you?
Lad: I don’t need no stories
Me: one that's still in the camp?
Lad: no he is not in the camp
Me: where is he then?
Lad: he is in America and can get it through our cargo
am I gonna get through hell from these people and my wife is also trying to put me through some difficulties ?
Me: the cargo to the camp that you left?
Lad: What’s the big deal sending to whom I instruct you to so as to clear myself
the camp is not very far I can go to the cargo and get the cash
are you helping me or not ?
what's the big deal if your loving wife just wants to take this burden off your back and arrange this for you?
Me: What the actual fuck are you making such a big deal about?
I'm helping you here
Lad: Don’t worry about any burden I will get it paid just send to whom I want you to
I have always done everything your own way now do this for me and if you want I pay you back I’m double
so why making me talk much ?
Me: I don't need you to pay me back double dear. that's not what this is about
Lad: So what is it about ?
Me: I just want to help you and every time you are being difficult
Lad: Honey the only way to help me is send the money to whom I want you to and I will get it here at our Cargo
that’s all
Me: so what?
Lad: Should I get the details ?
And when are you sending ?
Me: i'm waiting dear (Yes, I let him change my tactic, because getting mules information reported is a more important goal than bugging lads)
Lad: When are you sending so my days don’t keep counting ?
Cause tomorrow would be added if I don’t leave before 12pm
Me: I cant send if I don't know where
Lad: you would send into American bank account baby
when would you send so I tell him too ?
Me: banks are closed now dear
send it to my email. i'll go to the bank tomorrow during my lunch break
Lad: Hope you won’t be sending without slip
I need the slip for verification
Me: you'll need 3780 for the hotel?
Lad: ok
then you book a flight for me back to Texas
did you get what I said about the slip ?
Me: isn't it easier if you book the flight yourself?
Lad: Then you send the money at once
Me: isnt'that easier for us both?
Lad: Cool
I just check and it’s $992
Me: so tomorrow morning, email me the total and the account
Lad: just send me $5000 so I don’t get stranded baby
Me: ok
send the account to my email, then I'll have it ready and available when I go to the bank on my lunchbreak
Lad: honey promise me it would be sent and you give me a slip ?
Me: It only takes more time if I have to look for it in messenger when I'm at the bank
Lad: I understand
you haven’t answered baby
honey promise me it would be sent and you give me a slip ?
Me: I will send it tomorrow dear, I told you that.
Lad: Thanks love
<reported account>
Me: email it to me please
I can't scroll through a whole chat tomorrow, that takes too much time
Lad: Honey that’s it
I have also sent to your email
Me: I didn't receive it yet (Back to being annoying)
Lad: check again please
<account again>
Don’t send to another details baby send to this account you can see here and email
Me: I checked, it's not in my mailbox or in my spam. did you send it to the right email?
Lad: Yes honey I did twice
Or you tell me to send to you when you are going to the bank
Me: Ok, maybe that is best
Lad: just tell me the exact time and I will send to you on here again
Me: I still didn't get it
Lad: cause I wonder why you didn’t get it on your mail
Me: I don't know why
Lad: I have also send to the mail you said your ex used to disturb you
Me: ok, I'll check that one as well
Lad: or what time exactly is your lunch break?
Me: from 12:00 till 13:00
Lad: Ok cool
I got that
I will send you again during this time
Me: ok, thank you
Lad: I should be saying thank you love
Me: I know, but you're helping my getting the info to my mail and making it easier for me
Lad: have you seen it in your mail ?
Me: still nothing
Lad: It’s fine I will send here
during that time
Me: before please if possible
Lad: ok good love
So how was the trip ?
Me: it was good
Lad: guess you had fun
Me: yes I did
Lad: We would repeat the trip this time in Paris
Me: Yes I know. We will
Lad: seeing you in hot bikinis
Me: I'll wear that for you anytime you like
Lad: awwww
I would love that always
we would give Lucas a room not too close to ours
Me: hmm I don't think I'm going to walk around in bikini's the whole day, but I have some nice things for when we're alone
Lad: so he don’t get to hear sounds
Me: good idea
Lad: yes baby
I have missed some good loving
Me: me too dear. I'm waiting for you
Lad: can’t wait
Me: me neither
but it won't be long anymore now right?
Lad: Yes baby it won’t
you actually don’t know how happy I am at the moment that all this would be over already
Me: I know, I feel the same
Lad: At least you just came back from some trip
Me: That didn't make me miss you any less
Lad: Awww
stop getting me aroused already
Me: oh, ok, wasn't aware I was doing that
Lad: But I love it anyway
Me: ok i'm glad
Lad: What you up to ?
Me: not much love. just was just looking at your pictures and thinking about what our first meeting would be like
Lad: Well my lips on your whole body
until it stops where would get you so wet
Me: right now i would get wet if you were only looking at me with fire in your eyes
honey, I'm going to bed now... it's been an exhausting day and you put some ideas in my head, so I won't sleep for a while
I'll wait for your email tomorrow
Lad: Ok love
good night
and love you so much
Me: Love you too dear

Lad: Good morning Hun
Me: Hi dear
I got the email and I have a small moment of time right now, so I'm going over to the bank right now to take care of it
Lad: Ok my lover
I love you Hun
Me: Love you too dear
I'll contact you when I get back
Lad: Ok my lover ..
Please don’t forget to get me the slip my love

Lad: I got you mail saying you have transferred the money (after that he told me to send the slip and I responded with something like "wow, not even a thank you?")
well send a slip of confirmation so I can forward to the receiver
I am waiting honey
Me: I know
Lad: Ok Hun .. am waiting .... Have you eaten ?
Me: you're still rude you know
Lad: Emma please don’t insult me because I can’t reach my funds .....
Me: I'm not insulting you. you're insulting me with your behaviour
Lad: You should send me the slip if you sent the money , So I can forward it to them ..... the more I stay here , the more spend more money
Am not really in the mood for fight .... we can do thing when am with you
Me: I don't want to fight either.
Do I really need to spell it out for you?
Lad: Spell what out?
Me: you keep demanding things and never say thank you. That's rude. Is that how you raise your son?
And you promised to make a list of music for our wedding.... a longer one, with gospels... and you still didn't do it after all these weeks
Lad: Don’t get it wrong , Am not rude .. you are stubborn and that got me attracted to you (good to know)
Am in a mess right now .. I need to leave here
Am coming to you .. what wrong with you Hun ...
Why you making all this difficult for us ?
Me: Nothing wrong with me honey, I'm just making things very clear
Lad: It’s ok and I understand that but i need the slip of you send the money to the account I gave you because they want prove.
Me: I know
Lad: Ok Hun
Honey I’m waiting please
it’s already time to check out I need to let them know their money is coming in too
Me: I know
Lad: So what’s delaying my love
Me: I already told you
Lad: told me what baby?
Me: what I'm waiting for
Lad: And what is that you are waiting for my love ?
Me: ugh... I don't have time for this. You're not even paying attention to what I say
Lad: Baby talk to me
what did you say you are waiting for
I’m tensed here
Talk to me baby
I wonder why we must always argue over irrelevants
youbsaid you have sent it then send the slip
I could remember vividly well I was hammering on that
Should I take your silent to be that you didn’t send it ?
Me: I've sent it
Lad: Then send me the slip of payment
Me: again a demand. I'm getting tired of this dear
Lad: It not a demand and stop making it look like it
you are only trying to avoid the truth
You work in an accounting firm and documentation and proof helps you do your monthly accounting easily
so if you make a payment it is expected of you to have a slip or prove of payment
and that all I am asking
you haven’t really done anything for me without argument
I have filled our marital form
I have gathered some wedding song
all to show you the extent I could go for our love
and anytime I asked you to do something you would look for ways to erupt argument
so I argue when you demand ... NO
Me: I'm not making an argument honey
Lad: If not then send me the slip
and that’s all
Me: ...... and another demand
Lad: ok please send me the slip
is it a demand again?
Me: no honey, that's not a demand.
I appreciate it
Lad: Oh now I see .. honey I could actually pet you as my baby and that’s what I want
please stop making us argue it’s not the best for us
Me: but a thank you would be the polite thing to do after someone has sent you $5000
Lad: I would say that baby when I have seen a prove of payment
that’s ideal thing to do
Me: I have sent it to you honey
Lad: what have you sent to me baby?
Me: uhm.... honey... pay attention pleas
Lad: Ok love I am listening
Me: you asked for the slip
so what would it be that I have just sent you?
Lad: I haven’t seen a slip baby
where did you send it my love ?
Me: I've sent it to your email
Lad: Hold on let me check my sweetheart
Me: ok
Lad: Honey what you sent was a blank file (surprising, because this time I actually sent him a transfer form)
do you wanna do like you did the last time
Me: No I don't
something is wrong with your computer, I can open it without a problem
Lad: You know what please snap it through your phone and send here baby
Me: it's a digital file
Lad: Screenshot then and send on here
a slip should be a paper baby
or send me a debit alert screenshot from your bank
Me: you really don't understand
Lad: or statement of account on this transaction only
Me: and your demanding again
Lad: please
it’s not a demand I am just pleading
Me: an online transfer doesn't give a slip. By high exception they emailed me the digitial form
its a pdf file, you should have adobe or something else to view it
Lad: fine if they mailed you snap it’s from your system or screenshot my love it’s much easier
Me: just download adobe or another pdf program
Lad: are you sure u know I am restricted to a small phone
Me: there are apps for phones to view pdf files
Lad: i don’t need to download and adobe reader to see what you have sent it’s obviously blank
Me: you're the one with phone problems. I can open the file without a problem
Lad: please snap your system where they mailed you and send on here
Me: you're really insulting me here
Lad: if you can open it without a problem my love then please screenshot what you can open and send on here
Me: And I should just accept you insulting me?
Lad: I have never insulted you and I won’t
Me: you insult me bay saying I sent you a blank file, while it's not
Lad: we are both adults and it’s seems I’m getting played obviously
that’s a blank file you sent
ok send it here
or snap what you said you can easily view so I see it too
Me: oh just go hug a cactus. mister demanding caveman
Lad: all these time you are taking to argue or prolong this issues would have been used to do the simple needful my love
Me: still..... you don't ask... you demand, and insult.... you start to look like my ex
Lad: I wouldn’t use a word on you because I love you and don’t intend doing so ever so you can use all words on me
How else do you want me to ask
what word have I not used to ask
How do your clients cope with you for crying out loud ....
this is a very simple thing to do
Me: I live in the UK. manners, politeness and things like that are high values here. No client in his right mind would ever tell me to do something without adding a please or a thank you.
yet my husband.....
it's really disappointing
Lad: Well you haven’t done anything yet for your husband to warrant a thank you
Me: except send you $5000,-
Lad: with word of mouth without prove ?
Me: Just like earlier honey, you could've had me send you the file here if you would've only asked politely instead of demanding
Lad: There’s no way I can get the money if there’s no prove ... I won’t ask you for a screen shot if you don’t want to send it ...
Me: And I won't send you one if you don't ask for it politely
So it's up to you now
(And Emma logged off to go on lunchbreak)
Lad: Leave it if you don’t want to
Lad: Am tired of all this

Me: you're just being stubborn

much later
Lad: Only if you know the mess your husband is passing through here
again much later
Me: I know honey
I made you a screenshot of the form. But please next time you want me to do something, just remember to ask instead of demanding it. That really pisses me off

Today I was so annoying that at some point I wanted to slap myself.... but I don't yet want to lose this lad, so I took pity on him and send him the file.
His email seems to be hacked again and a few numbers in the account and codes are switched, he won't notice yet, because all the other info is the same.
Obviously in a day or two, the payment won't arrive, he'll panic, and I get an email from the shanshanel palace hotel that my dear lad isn't staying there

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He found out about my changing the numbers a bit too quick and he's not happy. Emma got an email from the hotel that he's not staying there. He brought up the excuse that he is there under another name because its not safe for him, because he left the military camp unauthorized. He doesn't want to tell Emma the name he uses in the hotel. We kept talking in circles, Emma even offered at one point to send a new phone to him, in the hotel (iphone x or samsung galaxy 9, she's not stingy) but he gave up. Anybody interested in the transcript?

I need a bit of advice. Is it ok for me to tell him that I don't believe he is in Iraq, because of all his secretiveness or is that considered educating him?

Golden Pig x5 Closed lad accounts x1204 Vcamera x155 Safari x30 Tattoo x4 Sand Timer x3 Sand TimerSand Timer x1 The Church of the Old Gods x2 Mortar Whip Jack Boot Flying Monkey Mc Fry 🍆 Santa 🍰

My Collection of lad frustration

"I never taught you to be evil. But carry on" - Oscarpiles
"You are diabolically evil...." - Sparky905
"It really sucks to be a scamming lad around Linoline." Conny L. Gus
"You put money in the parcel now am suffering you are not helping" Sven
"You put me through this with all the bastard you called your client" Daniboy
"I know you wanna bring me to Netherlands so you will suck my blood and eat my flesh" - Calimero
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