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 Self-humiliating Lad

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Dume Dutch Bag

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 1:44 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Had some contact with this lad earlier, but ignored him for almost a week. Left pieces of chat out because it was boring and irrelevant. Wednesday 23-5 he started harassing my character’s timeline after I posted a picture:
Lad: U are So Beautiful
U are treating my badly
Me: (bomb and explosion emoji)
Lad: Can’t u be ur brother keeper?
Bware’s churchgirl: Why wuld she want 2 kill her brother?
Lad: Who is saying of killing here <snipname>?
Bware’s churchgirl: <Lad> where does the words “brother keeper”come from? Genesis. Duh.

Meanwhile in private chat:
You are going to openly apologize for your bad behavior now or I will never speak to you again
Lad: U know I don't like hoting u, u are d one dat ignored me
Me: You didn't write an apology yet as a comment to my picture. You're embarrassing me in front of my friends and I will not speak with you
Me: I asked u of help u hanged me up
You asked me to save a soul. Only Jesus can do such
Lad: Saving a soul I mean is to u to help me on something (in the mean time he started talking on my timeline to bwares character)
Lad: Am sorry Honey
U know I love u so much ?
Me: Not good enough
you should apologize right underneath the insulting messages you posted

On the timeline:
Lad: Am sorry Honey
Bware’s churchgirl: This is why the Church shuld prepare ur husband 4 u. Men r cumplainers when they r 2 take care of there womens.
Lad: Wat is ur concern here
Bware’s churchgirl: <my name> is my friend and ur a big meanie 2 her
Lad: Ur from were?
Bware’s churchgirl: HIS bounty
Lad: Ur friend from were?
Lad: OK ma

In private chat
Lad: Am so sorry
It wount happen again
My love for u can never dei
Me: Thank you
How is your day?
Lad: Fine, but am not filling fine
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that

Lad started complaining about not having enough money, not having enough customers and wanted me to send money (not the first time he asked this). I gave him some lucrative business advises, which he didn’t appreciate all that much.

Lad: So am a fool ?
Me: I've never said that
your words
Lad: No problem
Me: why would you think that I would say that?
Lad: Do
Don't worry
U have provoked me dis afternoon but no problem
I save a living god
I serve a living god
Me: How did I provoke you? I'm just thinking about solutions for your problem, but if that's insulting, I'll go back to ignoring you
As you wish.
Lad: U are telling me to due something impossible here in my country
Me: You didn't tell me it is impossible. I'm not psychedelic you know
Lad: Am sharing my problems to u as my personal person, but u only putting it in a wrong ways to me
Me: So you ask me to help, then you say I do it wrong. Now that's rude
Lad: Somebody due help each other
Me: If you know it all so well you shouldn't ask someone to help you in the first place
Lad: Instead of u to tell me yes or no as ur one, u keep exchanging my ideas
Me: That's the idea of helping people right?
Lad: That was then, in dis modern world if u don't have money u are going no were
Me: Ok, so how can I help you then?

(it was time to collect a pig)
Later the lad needed some lessons in being polite:
Me: I'll go to my bank tomorrow ok?
Lad: Yeah my lovely
Me: Not even thank you That's harsh
Lad: I always bear's u in my mind for u are my one nd only
Me: That's sweet but still not a thank you honey
Lad: Am so happy with u ,thank u thank u thank so much
You're welcome
Thank u my lovely angel
I tell my mother about dis nd she was more than happy

Thursday, I wanted to try to get another trophy to win the contest.
Lad: Hello beauty angle
Me: Good morning
Lad: Hi
Hw are u today my love ?
Me: I'm ok. Busy at work
Lad: Ok
But u will still go there ?
Me: Of course. I promised. Ill go on my lunch break
Lad: OK my love
Me: Honey I need you to do one thing for me before I can send the money
A friend of mine warned me about some people on facebook being not who they say they are and I’m a bit worried now
I really need your confirmation before I can go to the bank, so can you please make a picture for me with you holding a sign with my name and bank account number? I have to be able to read it clearly, so write it in big, and also see your face.
Lad: Hw ?
Me: Can you do this for me?
Im almost leaving for the bank
Lad: Wat did u want me to wrote
Me: <text from the picture>
Lad: I should wrote it where ?
Me: On a piece of paper, so that i can read it clearly
And of course i need to see you and the message in the same picture
Don't wait too long please, my lunch break is not that long and i almost need to go


Thank you. Ill go now

(later, in the evening)
Lad: Dat thing u told me to rewrite and send back to u , I never understand it meaning
Me: It's my bank account number
and name ofcourse
I told you that didn't I?
Lad: OK I see 419 nd my mind was telling either am I now a 419
Me: I have no idea what you mean with that, but those numbers are the code of my bank. The other numbers stand for my account
Lad: Ok
Me: the letters stand for <first name, other first name> and the letters of the bank
is 419 your postal code or something?
Lad: No but here in my country when ever u here 419 u will be seen it as a cheater
Me: Oh really? I didn't know
Are you a cheater? My ex was a cheater and I don't like those
Lad: No am not , nd can never be
(left some more irrelevant chat out)

Lad: Hello
Hello beauty
Me: Hi. How are you today?
Lad: Fine but dere is problem now
Me: What is the problem honey?
Lad: Am in d bank now
They hold me dere
Me: Why?
Lad: Because I went dere for d money
Me: I thought you were explaining what the problem is
Lad: Yes
Me: why are they holding you there?
Lad: Dey ask me either is Western Union or money Grame
Me: No it's neither. I did a bank transfer, to your bank account remember?
Lad: Dey ask me of pine
Me: pine? What are you talking about?
Lad: Let me tuck to dem again
Me: what's going on honey?
Lad: They see know money
Me: Why did they hold you there?

Lad: Hello
Me: Hi, where have you been? I was worried


Me: Good evening honey
Lad: They Seized my phone
Me: Who did?
You worry me honey, what's going on?
Lad: Security in d bank
Me: Why?
Lad: Died says dat dey see no money nd I insisted
Me: I don't understand
Honey, what happened?
Lad: The accountant to me dat she See's know money nd I insisted on her then d security now been invited for me
Me: did you get angry with them?
Lad: Yes
I due
Me: And did they keep you there the whole weekend?
Lad: Yes
Days wat happened to me
Me: I'm so sorry to hear that.
Did they just keep your phone for 2 days or did you have to stay too?
Lad: They handed me over to police
Me: Oh no...
Lad: But why did u lie to me ?
Me: I didn't lie to you. Why would I do that?
Lad: Then wat happened ?
Me: I don't know. I transferred the money on thursday and told you it would arrive either friday or saturday
Maybe you were there too early?
Maybe I can help you. Do you have an arrest report?
Lad: I went dere on Friday
U mean ?
Me: The police, did they give you any papers after they held you there?
Lad: Yes
Me: can you show me?
Lad: Is in their full record book
Me: so they gave you no papers
Lad: They ask wat happened, I explained to dem
Me: do you have to go to court or did you get a penalty or something? I don't really understand what's going on
Lad: They say for d reason of harassing d accountant dat they will detained me or I have to bell my self
Me: did they give you release forms or something? bell papers maybe?
Lad: I told to detained me dat I have no money for bellout , so they detained me
Noting like dat
Me: That's too bad. I know a good attorney who is also specialized in international law, maybe he could've helped
Lad: I did not entered inside sell ,
They detained me because I did not bribe them
Me: Oh, now I understand. it was illegal what they did?
Lad: Dat is wat I see
Me: Maybe you should go back to the bank on monday and the money will be there. And try to stow the temper a bit
Lad: OK my love
I pray so
Me: I'm sure it will be there. I didn't hear from my bank about any problems
Lad: OK my love
But how much did transfer to me ?
Me: 300 like you asked
Lad: Is it 300 pounds or 300 dollar ?
Me: pounds of course
I don't have dollars
did you have to pay some kind of fine to the police before they released you?
Lad: Yes
Me: Maybe I can help you out with that
Lad: Ok
Me: But you'll need to send me some kind of slip they gave you after paying
Lad: Ok
Me: hi
Lad: I wanted to hear from u DAT why I corrected my phone from them, so now I have to go in
Lad: what do you mean?
Me: where are you?
Lad: Am still with them
Me: with who?
Lad: Am still in d station
Me: oh, I thought they released you already
Lad: Know they detained me for not given them money for d first time
Me: yes, but do they still hold you there or were you sent home earlier?
Lad: Am there dear
Me: you are still detained?
Lad: Yes of course
Me: oh, I thought they released you
then send me a picture of some papers with the fine you should pay so I can help
Lad: When ?
Try to understand me now
They wanted me to bribe them but I refused they now said for that reason that I will be detained , then I agreed with them
So dis is weekend as Monday I will know their reaction
Me: Okay, then you'll have to let me know tomorrow
Lad: Ok
Good night , nd have a nice dream
Me: thank you. hope you'll be ok
Lad: Pray nd pray for me too
Me: yes I will

Thursday evening
Lad: Hello
Good evening
Me: hi. What's going on?
Lad: U PUT noting to me
Me: what do you mean?
what happened the last days? I didn't hear anything from you, I was worried sick

Lad: sorry
I come from lions mouth
Me: what do you mean?
Lad: Is today dat I came out
Nd went to hospital for a medical checkup
Me: okay, why did they keep you so long?
Lad: I don't know
Me: so what happened?
<picture of another dude>
Me: that doesn't really tell me anything honey

Lad: This is my cursn ,he is d one I called for my rescue
Me: but what happened before that?
Lad: Like hw ?
Me: I didn't hear from you in days.
Lad: Didn't I told u DAT bank handed me over to police !
Me: did they release you? Do you need to go to court, did you need to pay a fine and is it all over? I don't understan what happened
yes, you told me, because you were angry with them
Lad: Court !
Is over
Me: you need to go to court or been there already?
Lad: Why court ??
Me: you say court
you're confusing me
Lad: U make me to be make to be insulted
In public
Me: how did I do that?
Lad: By failing me
Me: honey, I don't like it when you say that to me
I helped you, and wanted to help you this week, but you refused to let me know how I could do that
Lad: When I say wat !
Me: you sayin I failed you when I try to help you
Lad: U make me to be called a thief in public
Me: how did i do that?
Lad: By given me an assurance to go to bank nd ask of money when there is no money their
Me: I told you thursday that it should be there on friday or saturday. You go make a scene on friday while you should've waited another day
how can that be my fault?
Lad: I even go there today with d police nd we find no money
Me: that's strange
I have some time tomorrow, I'll go back to my bank to see what's wrong
Lad: OK is better
Me: so did you need to pay the police before they released you?
Lad: Am released
okay, good, I'm glad about that
Me: I will let you know tomorrow what my bank says
Lad: D bank customers service gives me a details
Me: okay, what did they give you?
show me
Lad: Let me know if it will be bright so I can snarp nd send to u
Me: yes, send it to me.
<picture of a paper with the already reported bank account>
Me: this is the information of your bank?
is this the same as the one you sent me last week?
Lad: this is my account details
Me: okay, I'll go tomorrow to see what's wrong
you need the payment in dollars?
Lad: I don't have choice any one of ur wish
Me: okay
Lad: I am taken my drugs
Me: why do you take drugs? They're bad for you
Lad: I mean malaria drug
Me: oh okay
Lad: I told u DAT am ill

Lad: Good morning
Me: good morning
I'll go to my bank during my lunch break, have some work to do now
Lad: OK
Me: I actually called them this morning, thought it would be quicker
The money is refunded to my account because there seems to be something wrong with your account
Lad: When ?
Me: the money was returned earlier this week, I called them this morning
Do you have another account I can try to send it to? I can go to my bank and send it on my lunch break
Lad: OK let me correct from somebody
Me: okay thank you
Lad: Hello
Me: hi
Lad: Please there is an idea I have now
Me: okay, tell me
what's the idea?
Lad: Dis is my cousin's account
<account info, reported>
If u got there just withdraw it nd pay
Please don't u my cousin own , u have to use my own
<his own account again>
Just submit it to ur banker
Me: I used your information already and my bank wasn't able to transfer the money due to some problem at your bank,
Lad: Not transfer u have to go there
I know that, I did that, but it didn't work remember I just told you about that
I can go to my bank on my lunchbreak, I need to leave soon
Lad: Den forget about it
Me: so you don't need the money anymore?
okay then
Lad: U are fake
Me: what are you talking about?
Lad: Which fuck u are a fake
Me: sure. then leave me the fuck alone and find another way to get your business started you ungrateful fool
Lad:U are d most
My god will pay you back
Me: no need, my bank gave me my money back, so I'm fine.
Lad: Which money ?
Me: the money i tried to send you, i got it back, because it couldn't be transferred to your account, but you seem to stupid to remember that
Lad: I entered inside sell because of ur fake promise
They took you because you couldn't wait another day like I told you to, but started to get angry with the bank employees. That is all your fault, not mine
Lad: Thanks for dat
Me: you're welcome
Lad: I don't believe wat I see from u

<lad posted a picture of my character on his timeline saying I’m a 419 scammer, I did the same with his picture, but also linked to his profile, so it’s on his timeline as well>

Me: believe what you want. but why call me a scammer? I didn't ask you for money did I?
Lad: U wasted d little one I have
Me: what do you mean?
Lad: I spent 6days at sell
Me: because you got angry, I didn't do that
Lad: After DAT I went to medical check up
Me: that doesn't have to do anything with this
Lad: Is u DAT pushed me to bank
Me: no, i told you the money should be there in 1 or 2 days, that would be friday or saturday. I never told you to go there the first day and get all angry there
I would've advised you to wait another day, but you didn't ask me
Lad: Then up till now did any thing showed up ?
Me: Yes, I told you this morning, the bank returned the money to my account because something is wrong with your account.
Lad: U are not a real Christian

meanwhile the conversation below the picture I posted of him, calling him a scammer:
Lad: But he looks Innocent
Me: I agree. So innocent behind bars (picture behind the fence posted)
Lad: U Put him there
Me: Your temper put you there
Lad: Temper of wat u formulated on
Me: I never told you to get angry, I told you to be patient, but you weren’t
Lad: On wat U formed?
Bware’s kickass character: <my name> that fuck <lad> took that picture of his ass behind a fucking fence. One of my companies manufactures those damn bars for prisons. Worldwide, the mandate is fucking ROUND bars for prisoner safety. No fucking guard wants to clean up brain leaking from a split skull that banged against square bars. That shit is too funny.
Lad: She put me there
Bware’s kickass character: <lad> she put your ass behind a fence? Fuck. Nobody puts baby’s fine ass in a corner bro.
Lad: OK my boss
Bware’s Churchgirl: LOL. He said he had no money and tried 2 steal $300 from <my name> Then he sent me a pic showing he had lots of money. <lad> is just a silly little liar!
Lad: Ur family does that
I see u are a prostitud
Bware’s Churchgirl: Wow! <lad> where is that paperwork from the police from when u tried to rub <my name> of her money?
Lad: Who dash her money
Bware’s kickass character: <lad> Hey cock breath, how about you shut the fuck up and quit whining like a little bitch? Can’t you fucking man up or is it too difficult with a goats dick in your ass?

And a day later he decided to humiliate himself some more by updating his cover picture:


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"It really sucks to be a scamming lad around Linoline." Conny L. Gus
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419Eater Admin

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:18 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Glad to help.


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Dume Dutch Bag

Joined: 06 Apr 2018
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Location: When life gives you melons you might be dyslectic

PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:26 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Thanks. Always having great fun when you join. Very Happy

Golden Pig x5 Closed lad accounts x1204 Vcamera x155 Safari x30 Tattoo x4 Sand Timer x3 Sand TimerSand Timer x1 The Church of the Old Gods x2 Mortar Whip Jack Boot Flying Monkey Mc Fry 🍆 Santa 🍰

My Collection of lad frustration

"I never taught you to be evil. But carry on" - Oscarpiles
"You are diabolically evil...." - Sparky905
"It really sucks to be a scamming lad around Linoline." Conny L. Gus
"You put money in the parcel now am suffering you are not helping" Sven
"You put me through this with all the bastard you called your client" Daniboy
"I know you wanna bring me to Netherlands so you will suck my blood and eat my flesh" - Calimero
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