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 Slapped and slapped and still comes back!?

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2007 9:26 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I was at the end of a bait (so I thought) so I threw out a few abusive insults just to see if I could get a death threat or something interesting. The lad, on more than one occasion, instructed me cease contact with him. Here are the last unanswered emails I sent:


Bank issue

I have wired $1,700 to the bank via Western Union and now they are refusing to open the account. Please advise.

Response please
I have sent the money. Why are you not responding? The bank sent a very rude response telling me not to contact them. I shall proceed to Western Union and cancel the transfer if no one responds.

Where is my money!
Cxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx,
Once again you have dropped the ball; screwed the pooch; blown the donkey; raped the goat. When are you going to get off of your dead asses and get this moving. I'm recalling the funds from Western Union tomorrow and you can go to hell.

You are a fraud
I'm recalling the funds. You are nothing but a little gay boy who should be wearing a dress.

Fairy Boy
Have sex with your goat. Your male goat, that is.
Jxxxxxxxx Oxxxxxxxx

I'm going to sue you!!!!!
You can't just ignore me! You owe me my money. I won the lotto and you owe. Now send me my money!
Jxxxxxxxx Oxxxxxxxxx

You are soooo small
Small Boi

Now, after the "small boi" remark I figured all was done until I got:

Please your money is still with the Bank when ever you are ready to claim the funds i will advice you send us the payment slip in which you use in making the payment, If you truely know that you have not made any payment please stop contacting me or you make payment with the above name: and get back to me with the payment slip thisthe only help i can render to you now, goodbye.

Moral of the story: Don't break character. Deep down the lads all want to believe you are going to give them money.

And if your thinking that isn't so far gone of a bait to recover, note my sig line from 12/6/06 from the same lad:

if you have no better things to do its better you hang your self, you bastard junkie

"It is possible that we are dealing an insane person"
"if you have no better things to do its better you hang your self, you bastard junkie"
"all we need from you sincerety , honesty and fear of the Lord. Since we know how to reach you in U.S."
"Do not let me die, this is all i have left." "I'm almost dead of expectation and promises" "my debts are pilling up daily"
"i now sleep in a nearby cafe just to be sure i respond to your mail right on time."
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