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 Back in the saddle again

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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 08 Nov 2006
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Location: No thanks, I've already got one.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2006 12:42 am Reply with quoteBack to top

So after 2 years absence, I am back at the 'Eater, after recently getting scam emails while selling (for real) a small inflatable boat for $650 through online classifieds. This is a "Bait in progress", and not yet completed, but I wanted to go ahead and start transcribing this one since I think it might go kind of long. Hints, tips, suggestions are welcome, of course.

This particular bait was the second of the scammers who contacted me. Straight script letter at first.


3rd character

I am an agent interested in immediate purchase of your item. After several considerations over the advert placed on the website, my client has really shown interest in it and would really want to issue the payment in form of Money order. Will you be accepting a Money order?.
The Money order that will be drawn by my client would include the cost for shipping this item to my client would be included on the same Money order payment .
We shall solely be responsible for the shipments of the item. Provide your CONTACT NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER if you are interested in selling so that I can have it forwarded to my client for immediate payment issuance.
Please contact me ASAP via email for further questions as regards this transaction. If you really show willingness in selling this item ASAP. Thank You and I am expecting your response ASAP.


R4chael M4xwell.

So the response, pushing the price up a bit, misspelling 'her' name, and hopefully I can play 2 lads (or more) against each other.

Ro4chael -

I have another buyer who is interested in the 'item' and who is also buying the 'motor' and he is willing to pay $950 + $100 for a total of $1050, however if your client is willing to pay me $1150 I will be greedy and gladly accepct your cleints cash money Thank you please respond soonest with your offer

No response for a day...

I have not heerd from you yet so I have someone else who is sending me $3900 even tho that is not 5000 I guess your client not want my item. Thank you

Thanks for the mail really appreciate it. The payment that will be drawn by my client will include the cost of the item and the cost of shipment on the payment that will be issued to you.
So you are not the person responsible for my commission.I will like to bring to your notice that the item will be paid for by my client and the item will be going to Netherland.
Should incase you are not aware i will also be taking care of shipment personally cause i have a shipper that help ship all my purchase, they are very capable.
I will want you to send me your full name and contact address and phone number so i can have it forwarded to my client so he can issue out the payment as soon a possible.
The certified check that will be issued out to you will have to clear at your bank before the item will be shipped and the excess fund sent to my shipper.
I will be arranging for the shipment, my shipper will come around and pick up the item as soon as the money order clears and you have send the excess on the payment to him via western unuion money transfer.
I will be giving you is information as soon as you confirm that the payment as cleared.. I await your quick response.....


Note the above sig (unaltered from original). Even Roachy is misspelling 'her' name now... Wink

Deer Ro4chwell -

Thanks you for returneing my email. Do you know a man name Sc0tt Hiltherf0rd at yahoo email address too? He is other man wanting to buy my item and says I should not talk to you that you are not to be dealt with and I shouldnt have any more contact with you. He wants to sends $3900 but I tell him you send $5000 and that is when he says these things about you. Pleese let me know ASAP who is the real persons who iss buying my boat from Thank yous -


This other character mentioned is the first scammer who contacted me, I wanted to play these two off of each other, but - He may have twigged, I haven't heard from him in 3 days (I may have slapped him too hard (if that's possible Wink) the other day). This morn I sent him an email saying that I sent $200 to his WU, but I did not include any other details or an MCTN, hoping that when he sees money has been sent, I'll get him back. If so, he's going to Scrooges to answer some questions - after I make him jump a bit first, and slap him good... Very Happy Anyway, back to Ro4chy...

I now understand you that is all becos I'm a lady that is why you guys are doing this to me.
I don't have a problem with that all I know life is full of second chances and what goes round come around too.
If you are not selling this stuff for me again kindly let me know and let me know how to get my payment back.

Oops! Need to reel 'her' back in I guess... But - Hey, I got 'her' off script, I think. Very Happy Wouldn't be surprised if this is 'her' variation on "the old take-away"... Wink

Dearest R4cheol - i am sorry but I think you don unnerstand this man he contacts me after you then says you are no good (?) and I ask you if you know him that he says this about you? I dontknow him, I know you first but why he has same yahoo email and you dont like ech other? Men must be nice to ladys is what my Momma teached me as a child so I am nice to you I sell you first if you want I jus dont know compooter email things and you have same email as him. I am just fisher man who makes lots of money from Japonese when I sell them eels to eat. they love them eels and pays me good for the eels. maybe I ask my friend who put the boat advertyisemnt on interweb what to do? he knows interwebs and computers. life is full of secondt chances my friend I agrees with you. you never sended any payments to me, PS I don think you have my adresse. what is this "CYA" thanks so much you have nice day and hugs and kisses to you beetiful ladie - J**

That worked, she responds with:

kindly send me your address ok.

hi R4chwell - my address is

J__ H_____, m/v "T'ain't Reel"
*3* marina Dr, #F35
G_____, __ **4*0
ph (20*) 9**-02** <- k7 number

i still dont knao who this man Scott is you dont know him? he said he sent money but he never did i packeged the boat in a big wooden box for shipments, what is your shippers name I need to know whens to meet them and i needs your addresses too for the box thank you nd have a mos wondermous day my friend J**

2 days go by, so I think this lad is either really busy, or twigged for some reason, so I send this:

now you not talk to me say so OK? I have udders to buy boat but were saving it for you but I kint wait no longer

Since things are slow right now, in the meanwhile, borrowing from the "abuse a lad" thread, I sent out the following email to a bunch of lads, including my current baitee's, from a new person, 'Mybut+ Bernz". I tried to make it look as if some lad got a password from one of his mugus and went crazy, emailing other lads who were working the same vic. Just trolling to see what would happen with it...Very Happy

About an hour later, this comes in:

How wasyour weekend J*?Mine was so bussy cus I got alot of chrisman goods to buy and send to some of my cliend in Netherland.
J* please let me understand you very well ok How much did youhave with younow for the boat?Have you receive any payment with you? If so kindlylet me know ok coz i want youto sendsome amount to my shipper in Netherland ok.
I really understand you now Mr. scott is one of my Shipper in europe ok.
Just get back to me if you receive any payment ok so i will tell you what to do about it ok.

Time for a slap, Roachy - you've been negligent, and your 'employee' has, too...

Derst Ro4chwel -

My weekend ver good so far lots of people comin thru my marina which puts *lots* of dollars in my pocket wich is good this be my busiesst time of the year when all this people pays every night to stay here.

I am sellin the boat for $650 and the engione for the boat for $300 more but noone has sent me ANY money and I am gettin fed up. $650 is not lotsa dollars for a boat which sells for $1100, and $300 iss a very fair price for motor, so I know my price of $1050 is ver good price.. Your fella Scott was supposed to sent me a check this passed week and it aint got here and he iss asking me to ***send him moneys*** now an d I told him I aint sending no money or no boat til I have a check in my hand I am not no FOOL.. You should fire this Scott fella if he workin for you cause he damned incompetent!

You aint sent me no check neither, Rachwell. Noone aint, noone is doin what they said except for ME and I am almost mad and will sell it to someone who WILL send me check or money order if I dont get payment soon.

Who is this "mybuttb3rnz" that email me today? Is he workin with you? He say Scott no good, that you give him job to deal with me, so I think maybe you fired Scott for being slack. He say he talk for you, but know I have email form you too. ?

So No I aint got no payments. I want to sell this her boat soon, if you wants it you best be telling me so and makin arraignment to pay me, OK?

I ios glad that you have got yor shoppin done for chrismud, I is too busy with the work to do any o that rite now. Kindest regars madame

As I was writing that, I think Roachy finally read her email from 'mybuttbernz' - 'she' seems a little pissy compared to the first email an hour earlier, eh? Very Happy

Hello J* ,
I just call your phone now it seems you're bussy jk ,please don't mail any muderfucker any more about this whole stuff just get back to me and let me know how much you have it you now ok.
I await your message ok.
R4chael Maxwell.

Hi Roachell -

Like I say in pervious letter Yes I is busiest time of year now, which is good becoz I make mos my money this time of year. That make me smile.

Nex time leave me a message if you call I am not often in office coz I am so busy right this time year and ma bee abel to call you back.

What is 'muderfuker'? Is that Nederland word?

So this is where we are now. This coming week I'll start making Ro4chy fill out some forms and other time wasting stuff, while I remind 'her' that I am not sending anything to anyone until I get a check or MO. I'm also hoping that the above mention of me making a lot of money right now will whet 'her' appetite and create some greed, for maximum effectiveness. We'll see, so far it is going good, and I like the 'muderfucker' line enough to throw it into my sig here. Smile

please don't mail any muderfucker any more about this whole stuff just get back to me and let me know how much you have it you now ok. - "RM"
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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 08 Nov 2006
Posts: 26
Location: No thanks, I've already got one.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2006 3:40 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

(double post due to slow wireless and editing)

please don't mail any muderfucker any more about this whole stuff just get back to me and let me know how much you have it you now ok. - "RM"

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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 08 Nov 2006
Posts: 26
Location: No thanks, I've already got one.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2006 3:42 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Haven't heard from The Roach, and a email to her came back account deleted. Guess that one is over with, unless the lad saved my addy elsewhere. BUT... first lad was true to his word and sent me a check. Very Happy How odd - sent from England - drawn on a Texas credit union. Very Happy

Still haven't heard from him, but if I lost him at least I cost him some time, and the postal $. And it's my first physical 'trophy', although I know it isn't much.

There was no return address, and no tracking # of any sort, just a check in a brown envelope. I'll post some pics in a bit.

please don't mail any muderfucker any more about this whole stuff just get back to me and let me know how much you have it you now ok. - "RM"
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