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 Poor Lad Panics a Little

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2006 6:49 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

After two months of driving him crazy, sends me a $56,000 check and gets no response from me for a week.

Please be advised that we sent out a payment to you through ( FEDERAL EXPRESS), PLEASE call the office for the courier service to make arrangment to pick up the check before it is returned.

The tracking number is ( xxx79465244), please make sure that you call "FEDEX" and follow up before the package is returned back to our subsidiary company.

Then a couple of days later...


Fedex even calls me on my K7. Unfortunetly, I have been shot and my wife kicked me out.


I am sorry, there have been some serious developments here. I was shot 2 times by the husband of my girfriend and I was hospitalized for 4 days. Since that time, my wife has not let me into my own home!

I am nearly fully recovered now and able to proceed with the transaction.

Awating your reply,

David X.

I guess the check gets returned and I don't hear from him for 3 weeks. Then I get this yesterday. He wants me to open a bank account.

Dear David,

Compliment of the day to you and your family, Regarding your last mail to me, i just got your mail today because i've been out of office for a vaction. Am very sorry for your illness and i pray you get better soonest.

Regarding our project, i have made all the necessary arangnment on how the funds will be transfered to you, but i want meant to understand that we will have to pay the sum of $500,000(five hundred thousand US dollas) which is for all the chagres we have to pay before the funds can be transfered, but i have discussed with a friend that i have this problem though i did not go into full details but i made this friend of mine know that i and a very close friend need some sort of financial assistance to conclude a pending project that we embarked on just before i left the states.

So he knows a Financial analyst who works with and in the U.S and i was opportuned to speak with this fellow who says he can credit your credit account so as to enable us offset the charges and once this has been done we will reach an understanding.

Basically what we need to effect this is for you to have an account in any of this banks, so please try and get back to me today to let me know if you have account in any of the banks.

I await your urgent mail response,

No mention of the mess with the check.

My response:

Dear :

Thank you for your email. It is good to hear from you. My apologies for the earlier incident with my girlfriend's husband. What a bloody mess. My wife still has not let me back in the house!

I was expecting your email. I received a communication from your friend last week. He was asking for a letter of acceptance to complete the transaction. Anyway, back to our business. tells me that you have moved on and been promoted to a new department. Congrats! We are nearly completed with the documentation and the funds are ready for transfer.

Of course, I would like to help you with your new business proposal, but I don't want to jeapodize the transaction with right now.

Please let me know your thoughts. I will let know that you have contacted me.

Kind regards,


Just a few minutes ago, I get back from lunch and get a nice surprise in my inbox:
Dear David,
Thanks for your mail,
Regarding your last mail to me, please my dear good friend i don't want you to contact any again i don't have any business with him and i don't know him from any where, please i beg of you stop any contact you have with, i don't want you to do anything that will jeapodize this transaction.
I don't want you to send any funds to any one in the name of any document, because am the one to let you know about all this as your attoney.
All i want you to do is to try your best and get an account in any of the banks that i gave you and get back to me asap.
Also please i don't like the way you are having problems with your wife, please your a nice person you don't need all this, try and do everything to see that you make a happy again, make her understand you have made a mistake and you are very sorry for all that you have done.
Please don't fail to do this tonight.
Also do don't contact .
I await your urgent mail,
Once again thanks and God bless,

I just love when the poor lads panic like that. It makes me smile. Very Happy

This one of my favorite modilities because of the initial reaction.

Oh don't be flagabasted with me I will feel the form tomorrow ok!
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