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 My first bait, it went pretty good I guess.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2006 11:03 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Thought I'd post my first scam bait, I did it a while ago but never got around to placing it here.

The initial email I received was the typical dead father killed by the government and deposited 12 million dollars in secuirty and finance compnay. The first email looked like it was cut and pasted, it used 2 different fonts and different size fonts.

I'll post the initial emails that were sent. I'll use italics for my emails and her responses. I skipped all the emails getting her to do various stuff, but I included her final few emails to me.

After receiving her initial email.


You'll have to try harder than that. this is by far the worst attempt
at a 419 scam I have ever seen. First of all you have 2 different
fonts in your email, second of all try to be little more creative with
how you approach someone. The dead father crap is getting old, be creative and thoughtful.

Tell you what, give it another go, send me a new email, and then we'll
do business.

I' Like Bukkakke

DEAR Ilike Bukkakke
thanlk you for your mail . i dot no the can of 2different forts you are tuiking abuot . and dot no the word scam or 419 can you tell me what you are tuiking abuot let me tell you . you are the cand of peple who run a way with peple money you are not good you are a bad person if i tranfar my money to you you will run with if you are 419

Oh Esther

I am most humbly and apoplectically sorrowful. For once more I have spoken, and the silence was broken. Forgive and forget, I lie beneath me in sorrow. For I can see you are honorable. Please, renew our friendship and detail me on what is needed from me to you to being this most atrocious and farcical transaction.

DEAR Ilike Bukkakke
thank you for your reply i want us to contact a layer who will help us for this transaction i am going to look for a layer . becuse this is my lite and my mother so i want us to mike agreement for this transation ok

i need your phone number

i need your fax number

i need your passport pic

your details


Ok, ok slow down a bit, first you need to reel me in a little further. Donít come out asking for my information flat out like you did. That just doesnít fly, itís like looking over the urinal to check out the guyís pecker next to you. You gotta be friendly, build up my confidence, trying to get me to go for this wild goose chase. Tell me you need some proof of my identity, and you will send yours as well if we are to trust one another. You should ask me about my family, make up some sob story about a sick sister, dying brother, or a sweet old momma in jail because the government killed poppa in front of her eyes. And also tell me some made up shit about how god is looking over this as well. Then bring up the need for my identity. Start hitting me up for my bank info, I got to make up that shit, donít I. Improvised documents, frivolous tasks for you. So why don't you send me you picture, and then I'll send you mine. You should build a friendship first then, and only then start to get me to give you my other information, ok?


thank you for your mail .i want you to konw that this besinees is for good and is god who give help and the help will come for some one like you i konw that then is god and god is god. are is your family i hope there are fine if so thank god .

please i need you help mother side that i choild side thank you to you for your respose that god is going to bless you in lite.

i am sending you my picture and i want you to send me your picture too .and i want your phone number fax and detail .your name and contry were from

i want us to contact a layer you can help us in this transation.i want you to keep my picture for save please me and my mother are in the refigee camp here we dot have water no good food please i want you to help so that we can come to you in your contry and invert the money and buy a good house then i want you to tell me are we can invert this money in your contry.

thank you and your family god blees you

waiting for your reply

esther kamara


"My ID"


And as the Bait progressed......

I saw your picture, and I was not aroused in any way that would cause me to become turgid enough to polish the pope. But I do feel your plight, and my mirth and if it is my help you need then it is my help you may receive. As one must do unto others as other must do unto them selves. Please provide me with a bit more detail on this transaction. I have included my driver's license for you to see that I am who I am, and that's all that I am. If you could send a draft or some documents, than we can proceed.


After getting my trophy, I got this email after sending her to the WU office.

Ilike Bukkakke

i went to the wester union and there told me that there is no money theme told me that i am a teif then i was arrested to the police sation i was there for three hurse then i told the police man that i want to call my lawyer the police man give me phone then i call the lawyer he side that he is comeing a huor later he came to the sation and ask me what is going on then i told him that you side that you have send the money then i went to the wester union office to culet the money theme told me that i am a teif then theme brote me to the sation he side that i who give me the tranfar of the wester union then i give me the fron then he went to the head of the police and he soke with him then the police man side that i shold go now.why why why bukkakke why why why swaloe why are you doing this to me .then me and the lawyer went to the wester union office there side that there is no money that no nobody send money that there is no money that if you send money that wear is the control number and qusetion that there is no money send. what do you want me to tell my ,mother if you dot want to help me tell me
thank you
esther kamara

A trophy

And this one

Ilike Bukkakke

you are a scam

and finally

Ilike Bukkakke i dont cere fuck you and your mother you are a bed man you are the one who kelled your wife and you duogter fuck your motheras

I think I got her mad.
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2006 11:49 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Sniff, sniff.
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Raoul Duke
419Eater is my life

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2006 12:14 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Great stuff, nice refugee camp she's in...internet cafe, and ladies fashions are all part of the service I see, but no water.... Crying or Very sad

"The walking sticks is a sign of prince hood. I am not blind."
".Take my word. I just got back from Luton Specialists Hospital. I shall return within the week for brain surgery. I am attaching my picture for your viewing. I unanimously contacted you because I want this money to be used as charity.
"I know little about cheese but you know here we do not put much emphasis on it..
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