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 [email protected] [email protected]@ - the saga continues...

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 20 Jul 2006
Posts: 13

PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 5:35 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

July 20


Let me introduce myself. I am Mr [email protected] [email protected]@ a former president of one of
the west African countries
Guinea Bissau .I was overthrown in a bloodless military coup in September 2003.
I will like to use this medium to solicit for your assistance so that I and my
family can be accepted into your country to start a new life.

I have read similar mails to this and comes to find out that there were meant
to con me and I will like you not to take this mail of mine as one of such
letters as I and my family really needs assistance.

We are presently in south Africa and not to the knowledge of the government
as that will bring the interest of the international community against the
country for taking me in and as a matter of fact, I wouldl like to assure you
that I will not be of security risk to you if you will allow me into
your country
as I have done nothing that demand me being tried by any judiciary system in the

I and my family of four which includes my wife and three children will be glady
if you give us this opportunity as you will have a lot to gain by so doing.

I have some physical cash amount of money in a security company, in one of
the security companies in the southern region of Africa which I will disclose
to you when I have conclude within my heart that you can be of help to me.
This is for security reasons.

Let not the reason you chose me and my family not be because of this
money at hand,
let it be of a thing you will be happy that you are doing. Once I confirm in me
that I and my family will be ok in
your country, I will then tell you how we can remit this fund into your country
before we can leave south Africa and travel down to your country.

Do let me know what type of business you think that fund can be channel into and
I will like you to know that you will be the fund manger when we come into your

This whole issue demand sincerity and if I sense any thing that is not
suppose to be, I will withdraw this whole thing and keep waiting till I get
one who can be honest and sincere to me I will want you to
maintain absolute confidentiality of this whole thing as you should have my
personality at heart.

I will waiting to read from you.And send your reply to
my direct fax number +27-82-534-xxxx)email address
([email protected])

Please make sure all this information about me are kept confidential.
I will give you the information of the money and how much I want to
transfer in your possession,together with the some (% ) I will offer you
upon your respond and capability of handling such transaction.
I will also give you the details on how we will get the transaction
done as soon as I received a positive respond from you.

Best Regards,
Yours truly,
Mr [email protected] [email protected]@


Hello Mr. [email protected]@,

I'm xxxxxx x xxxxxxx, Cheif Barrister & award winning lawyer at xxxxxx & Associates Law Offices in
Toronto Canada.

Your plight has touched my heart and I would like to be of assistance
to your family.

Please respond to me with further details.

Thanking you,

xxxxxx x xxxxxxx

July 21

My Dear xxxxxx,

Firstly, I am pleased to read your mail. I also thank you for you’re
understanding and further assuring you that (with God) we must laugh
together soon.

Actually, I would like to complete this business with you as my fund and
future investment will be safe and secured in your hand due to your

Kindly send me your private telephone and fax numbers, as I would like to
speak to you first, and also would like my own financial adviser speak
with you before we can commerce the deal.

Once again, thanks for your utmost concern.
My regards to your family.

N/B. I am sorry to write to you with this email address, but its my
private and to protect the confidentiality of this transaction. Send your
further correspondence to this email account.

I wait to hear from you.

His Excellency
[email protected] [email protected]@

Me: (being a jackass Twisted Evil )

July 21

[email protected],

Thanks for getting back to me promptly. First and foremost, please DO
NOT KEEP MENTIONING GOD IN THE EMAILS. I do not beleive in any Gods,
I only beleive in Science and Mankind. It is not any God who directs
life or the future, it is the ability and intelligence of Man and
Science that dictates the direction we go in. In the future, please
do not insult my intelligence by mentioning a God. Also, for the sake
of discussion, please indicate why you beleive in a God and which
God(s) you beleive in.

With that out of the way, on to business. By profession, I am a
cheif barrister and the CEO of xxxxxx & Associates Law Offices. My
office is located at 200 xxxxxxxx Street, Toronto 5th Floor - right
beside xxxxx Hall and adjacent to xxxxxxx Hall.

The complete address is - 200 xxxxxxxxx Street West 5th Floor,
Toronto ON xxx xxx. The fax number is 1-416-xxx-xxxx.

There is some information & documentation I would require from your
side as well, just to be safe from legality issues. Trust me, I've
been a high ranking lawyer for the last 7 years so I definately know
the loopholes.

Anyways, email me or fax me further information. In the meantime,
please provide me with the following for now:

-Full Name (Last, First, Middle)
-Phone & Fax numbers
-Mobile number
-Number of members in family
-Full name of members in family
-Age of members in family
-Full Mailing address (not a post office box)

This way, I can begin the documentation of legal paperwork from my
side in order to expedite the process.

Also, I have tried calling that number you have indicated in the email
and either you've made a typing error, or you think this is some kind
of joke giving me a wrong number that rings to a line that is
constantly busy. Provide me with a proper contact number (and the
other information I've requested above) if you are truly serious about
this transaction. I will not tolerate any foolishness.

Please don't delay - the longer you take to respond, the longer
it will take for us to complete this transaction.


xxx x. xxxxxxxx.

July 22

Dear xxxxxx,

I am not worried on the tone of your last message. Thanks for giving me
your full information despite you forgot to give me your private telephone
number/ mobile number. Please try to send it in your next correspondence,
as I would like to speak to you with my financial adviser, who is in the
right position to detail you more on the workability of the transaction.

My name is Mr. [email protected] [email protected]@
53 yrs old
My direct telephone number 0027-83-666-xxxx
My fax number 0027-825-xxxxx
My address is No.20 Sunset Close Vorna
Valley,Midrand Gauteng

We are five, my three kids and wife.

I want you to start making arrangement of traveling down here in the
Republic of South-Africa for the transaction. My financial adviser will
detail you more on the importance of your presence, but what I know most
is that we must sign an Investment Agreement face to face upon your

My telephone number is working. I wait to receive yours together with your
plans of coming here. I will call you with my financial adviser as soon as
I got your telephone number.

His Excellency
[email protected] [email protected]@



July 22

Hi [email protected],

Great to year from you and thanks for sending the requested information. I'll also need the following information:

All given names of your spouse and children as well as the age of each of them. Also if they are above the age of consent and are working, I will also require their employment information such as company name, their position and the length of time they have been working and the highest level of education completed - this also includes yourself as well.

I will immediately start the paperwork from my side and will advise you if I require anything else. I may require photographs of each member as well as a full family picture - but I will let you know once I start the paperwork.

My personal line is 206-202-xxxx - feel free to call it anytime. I apologize for not providing it earlier, I realize that I had only provided you our international fax number. Please note however, if you are to leave a message at the above phone number (if the office is closed or the line is busy) Please say the code "Chewy Chewy Chomp" before leaving the message, so I know that it's you.

I am currently in Seattle this weekend dealing with a lawsuit case for a client of ours and will be returning to the Toronto office on Monday. In any case, feel free to provide me further information via email - also please advise your financial advisor to send me the information via email, and copy my director of finance Frank xxxx at the following email address: [email protected].

I await your response and wish you an excellent weekend.


xxx x. xxxxxxx

July 24


I hope you are fine,

I went to my financial adviser this morning and notify him of your
messages,He informed me to give you his contact numbers.

His Name is Mr. xxxxx xxxxx
Email Address ( [email protected])
Telephone number 0027-783-xxxxxxx.

Please contact him as soon as possible.

He will start drafting the agreement which we will sign when you come.

Please tell me when your will travel down here for the transaction.

Mr. [email protected] [email protected]@


July 25

Hi Kaballa,

Thanks for the email. Is it possible for your Financial Advisor to email me with the requested information please. I will be in a series of meetings this afternoon and you know what happens when you have too many things going on at once.

If you can have xxxxx email me, I'd appreciate it so I can keep things on track as this week is a little hectic for me in dealing with clients.

Thanks again and awaiting your reply,


He doesn't reply all day so I'm worried about him:


July 25

Hi Kuballah,

I haven't received a response from you yet and it worries me. I hope all is well with you and pray that you are not in any trouble or run into any obstacles.

Please address my concern below at your earliest convenience and advise me.



"If you have given your flight schedule to them , you have dunged your grave already. Come back now or get yourself to be blamed. " - M4d4m R0$e 4L1m4..after I tell her that her senior bank official U$m4n Mwu4|24 |3e[[o is sending me a charter flight to BF.
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 20 Jul 2006
Posts: 13

PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 6:04 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Next day, his financial advisor emails me...

July 26

Dear xxxx ,

My name is xxxxxxx. I am the financial advisor to His
Excellency- [email protected] [email protected]@.

He requested me to write to you with details of how we can safely appoint
you as his beneficiary to the consignment (Fund) in safe deposit with
Stallion Security Group ltd, situate in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I was at the Security Company at 9.45AM South African time this morning to
find out the position of the fund, and I am happy to report to you that
everything is well as per the deposit agreement.

I therefore wish to inform you that you will be required to come to South
Africa on a three bank working days to enable us take delivery of the
fund and to a commercial bank for deposit and transfer to your account
over there.

Please revert to me with your availability schedule so I forward the step
by step way procedures to actualizing this business. Should you also need
further information to making up your mind, contact me by email or call me
directly on + 27 783 xxxx any time notwithstanding the time

Thank you,



July 26

Hello xxxxx,

Thanks for your email.

As for my availability, I would be available August 7, 8 & 9 (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) for a trip to South Africa. Where exactly in South Africa if I may ask?

Please prepare and send me the paperwork asap so I can complete it prior to taking the trip. I will need you to however, book accomodation for me, preferably in a 4-star hotel since I am not at all familiar with that area. Please advise me of the airport information as well.

Also, since this is a major step on my part, I'll need some reassurance from you as well. If you can provide me with a picture of you and Kumba holding up a sign that says "For xxxxx" in block letters with a pleasant scenic backdrop, I'd appreciate it.



The idiot sends me the following mail 3 times -

July 27

Dear xxxxxx,

Thank you for your prompt reply to my email.

To start with, the dates you choose to be available is well and okay with
us. I only need to commence arrangements and documentation today so as to
have everything ready prior to your arrival.

Consequent to the above, I will forward to you tomorrow, a draft agreement
between you and His Excellency. This is to enable you reconstruct it
legally with edit and proof-reading and additional clauses where you may
consider necessary before we produce the final copy to be signed when you
are here.

Please note that you will exit at Johannesburg International Airport.
Other matters you suggested as to photos and hold up of your name sign are
well understood and will be followed. His Excellency and me will hold a
meeting tonight to discuss this and other matters that may arise. Expect
those answers tomorrow. I also appointment at the Stallion Security Group
this afternoon. Details of the meeting will form part of our discussion
tonight and full details to you first thing tomorrow.

Also expect my call tomorrow 3pm our time to confirm if you received all
information we will be sending.

Thank you and bye for now.



July 27

Thanks for the update xxxxx.

I await your reply and the information.



July 28

Dear xxxxx,

We had a very good meeting yesterday and happy to report that we were also, able to conclude all preliminary arrangements towards your coming.

You may know that for His Excellency's security reasons, we are very careful in following this transaction. He has suffered so much in the hands of his oppositions back home so much that he is financially spent. I just assued him that between you and I, we will do our best to assist in any way that this transaction may necessitate.

The above point, brings me to my findings at the Security Company regarding an outstanding/ arrears amount of US$28,000.00 which has to be paid in cash 24 hours before delivery of the consignment.

We discuss on the above when we speak on phone at 3pm my time today.

Please receive and acknowledge receipt of the attached documents herewith.


(jpeg of Letter of Probate coming soon...)
(An agreement is also attached in word format)


July 28

Hi xxxx,

This is to confirm that I have received the "Letter of Probate" as well as the "Business Agreement".

I have a series of meetings to attend to today until 4pm EST, so I will then review the "Business Agreement" and will advise if I would like any modifications that we can agree to mutually.

Also, I have received your voice message - unfortunately due to the time differences between Africa and Canada I did not know that you had called. Please advise me of the time differences so I can advise you of the best possible time to call.

Also, have you progressed with the item I requested for verification (picture)? Please advise.

Anyways, I got to run to a meeting, I will respond/speak to you soon.



July 29

Dear xxxx,

Thank you for acknowledging the receipt of the documents and also confirming the receipt of my telephone message.

Please feel free to call me today at anytime. I am always available to speak. I expect your call today.

I am not in the office today but will first thing on Monday, scan and send you the photos as you requested.

Thank you.


"If you have given your flight schedule to them , you have dunged your grave already. Come back now or get yourself to be blamed. " - M4d4m R0$e 4L1m4..after I tell her that her senior bank official U$m4n Mwu4|24 |3e[[o is sending me a charter flight to BF.
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 20 Jul 2006
Posts: 13

PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 6:15 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I leave them hanging for a couple of days and then get this -

July 31

Dear xxxx,

I expected to hear from you by this morning. I also expected your call but to no avail. Please note that it is important we speak and to agree on your coming. The date is fast closing in and the time for constant touch particularly on phone.
I have suggested you call me anytime and you have not done so. Moreso, I need you to send back the reversed/amended agreement (if any) for final copy to be ready before your arrival here. Please call me today unfailingly.


I email both of them -


July 31


I apologize for the incommunicado - I have run into an emergency that I need to tend to.

I will try and keep you updated as much as I can.

I apologize for this unforseen obstacle.


Aug 1

Dear xxxx,

Like you are aware that arrangements from this side towards your coming are all concluded and in place. Is the date schedule you sent earlier still possible? Please advice.


Like a true arse, I put on my "out of office" alert:

Me: (..actually, gmail's auto-alert)

Aug 1

**Emergency Alert** from xxxx


I have unfortunately run into a tragic emergency and may not be able
to respond to you until Thursday August 3rd, 2006.

I apologize for this inconvenience.

If you need to reach me, please call either the office or my direct line:

Office: 1-206-202-xxxx
Cell: 1-206-xxxxxxx

I desperately need your wishes at this time. Again, sorry for the


Sweet mugu feels for me...

Aug 1

Dear xxxx,

I have just sent you a reply to your last mail after which this one came. I am very sorry for whatever that may have happened. God I know, will see you true no matter the situation.

I will reach you on your mobile later today.

Live in the outmost fare of miracles.


Oh my god, my sis jus passes away..another updated emergency alert...

Me: (good ol' gmail auto-reply)

Aug 7

**xxxxxx passes away** from xxxxxx


With deep regret I hereby inform you of the unfortunate passing of my
dear sister xxx in Durban, who worked as a missionary at the xxxxx Mission.

I will be away from the office making funeral arrangements and will be
out of the country for 2 weeks. I will have my blackberry with me so
please email me if there is any emergency.

If you would like to send condolences, please send them to:

xxxxxx Mission
8 Windsor Ave.
Westville, 3630

To my clients and correspondants I was engaged with prior to my sudden
departure, I will try and contact you this weekend prior to my flight
on Monday.

Again I apologize for any inconveniences and pray that my family and I
see through this with strength and courage.


xxxx & Associates Law Offices
Office: 1-206-202-xxx
Cell: 1-206-xxxx
[email protected]

Bloody mugu does not read about my sister's passing..

Aug 7

Dear xxxx,

I have expected your mail much longer. Last week, you promised to reach me back on thursday last week and uptil now, no word from you.

Recall that based on the availability dates of 7, 8, you gave me, I had gone ahead to agree on delivery and deposit dates at the ABSA Bank of South Africa

Revert to me on your current arrangements. I pray this time we go beyong Emergency alert which sets me worried.


A minor nudge is in order..thought of a slap, but wanted to 'keep it real'


Aug 7


It seems as though you don't realize the nature of this emergency nor did you take the time to read it. My sister has passed away, this is no joke. I am leaving for South Africa tomorrow and I plan to come see you as soon as the funeral procession is completed. Send me your visiting address immediately as I will not have much telephone availability and will be solely relying on my Blackberry PDA for communication.

I did not intend this delay to happen, however you as a human being should understand the consequences of a death in the family.

I'm awaiting for your visiting address and please reserve a conference room for August 11th at any business/conference accomodation.

We will then meet, greet and arrange to visit the bank in order to complete this transaction since I will be there in person. Also, I have not yet received the photograph that I had requested you.

Please reply me promptly.



"If you have given your flight schedule to them , you have dunged your grave already. Come back now or get yourself to be blamed. " - M4d4m R0$e 4L1m4..after I tell her that her senior bank official U$m4n Mwu4|24 |3e[[o is sending me a charter flight to BF.
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Baiting Guru

Joined: 15 May 2006
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Location: Floating up and down with happiness.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 11:55 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Looks like you got a live one there! But I think you need to make him do much more work than he is doing now, and you slack a bit. Demand pictures, question accomodations, ask them to pay and give you a receipt as proof. Always make them do way more work than you do. And slap them harder everytime you do not get what you want. Tell them that the lack of their co-operation and lack of any sympathy for you, that you're beginning to have doubts about them, and whether any money actually exists...etc. Before you agree to travel with 28,000 in cash, tell them they must fill out a "Homeland Security Form." available somewhere aroound pictures, forms, etc, no travel to Africa....

Tell them you need a vacation to deal with your sister's loss, but not to forget about you, you just are stressed and need a break, and you want them to work on sending all the stuff you're demanding while you are away. You've cancelled the Flight Schedule for now, and will reschedule when all their preparations are complete. Then drop them for a week, and look around this site for crazy good tips to do to them and how to do it, so you can screw 'em good.

It really looks like these guys are pushing you to go to Africa with as much cash as possible, so they can later rob you, and possibly kill you too.
Step slowly with these guys, and it would be a very good idea to get a Mentor on this site. Maybe you can get them arrested, or go on a long safari, eventually. These sound like very bad guys to me.

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