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 Axelle and her $8million

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Ella Cinder
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 10:01 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is my first more or less successful baiting attempt (I have also won an Australian lottery who has their European office in Nigeria, but I can hardly keep their attention, not to mention any fooling around..) So I just grabbed an inspiring letter from this forum and replied it. (letter included)

Dear ,

How are you today?
I dont know you and you dont know me but i believe to know
someone you never meet before start a day, by introduction,
My name is Axelle Mouke I'm 21 years old girl writing you from
Cote d'Ivoire, Africa.

Though I have not met with you before but I believe, one
has to risk confiding in succeed there is amount of Eight
Million Dollars( $8m ) which my late Father kept with a
Security company here in Cote d'Ivoire, Africa before his death.

Now, due to the political and my bad situation here I decided
to contact you to HELP me retrieve this money from Security
company so that we will invest the money in any profitable
investment in your country, you will also HELP me to come
over to your country to further my education as i am no
more schooling since the death of my parents.

We can invest the money in any business you know that can
give good return
I am honorably seeking your assistance to HELP me retrieve
this money i will be please to know what you will need as
your compasation for assisting me in this matter as soon
as everything is done and i come over to meet you in your

I will be waiting for your reply so i can give you more
details regarding this matter.
Please do not ignor my request from you help me the way
you can help your Daughter or your Sister.

Thank and God bless you.

Poor kid.. I really feel sorry for her..

Greetings Axelle,

How are You, dear? My name is Moris Moss, i'm a co-owner of an marketing company in UK. Our company gives a good money to charity every year and I myself personally have helped to find a good home several children from Africa, Middle East, India and Oceania. Your poor faith has thrilled me and I want to help You to get a normal life again.

8 million dollars is a large amount of money and You should act wisely with it. Just to let You know that I am well situated person by myself and I have the best intention to help You as a daughter and I do not demand any share of Your property. I promise You would be well accepted here while You get along with Your own life, child.

May God Bless You
Moris Moss
Sunnytech Inc.

Lucky for her that I am an old rich bastard and a charity freak Surprised The poor girl seems ready to receive my help sent sraight from heaven..

My Dear Moris,

How are you?

Thank for your reply and your willingness to assist an orphan child like me.
this money was deposited in the Security company by my later father , i want you to know that this money is not in the bank my late father put this money in a box and keep it at security company for safe keeping he did this for security reason , my late father told me about this money on his sick bed in the hospital that he keep this money in the security company and the security company dont know the content of the box , he register the box with the security company as a family valuable so that they will not know the real content of the box as money we shall lodge the money in the bank in you country after we retrieve the box that contain the money from security company.

I went to the security company to confirm from them if the box is still with them , they confirm to me that the box is still with them , i told them that my guardian also my partner which is you want to help me retrieve the box from their company they told me that there are 2 option in which the box can be release to you.

1. By you coming down here and we will go to the security company together to clear the box.
2. By diplomatic service which mean the security company will deliver the box to you in your country through their diplomatic service.

Now i will like to know which of the 2 option you would like us to use.

I have no father , no mother no brother nor sister, since the death of my parents thing where very difficult with me i was chase away from my parents house by my uncles just that i am a lady and seize all my father property the only thing i have now is this money in the security company , i live with my old school girl friend now with her help.

I want you to try your best and help me i want to continue my studies when i come over to your country.

I will like to forward full name,your address and your telphone / mobile number, in my next mail i shall send you the contact of the security company for you to contact them and ask them the requirements to release the box .

I will be waiting to hear from you,
Thanks and God bless you

Dear Axelle,

How are You feeling, blessed child? I am glad to announce that I have talked with my partner Richmond Avenal about Your situation and he has agreed with me, that our company should rise a funding from our private charity trust especially for tis case. As the funding comes from the company, not from my own pocket, a little paperwork should be done, to document this case properly and make Your arriving more comfortable as it addresses to our immigration laws.

I have attached a little form, that You have to fill in order for us to get Your details right. This is just the ordinary routine that is done by everyone that we help. It must be documented so that our company and and such people as You, don't have tax and visa problems. I asked my secretary to include a short IQ test so I can send Your details and appliance forms to a few best universities. You can choose Your specialty later in any of those who would accept You.

You have print the form in colour, fill it with a blue pen, scan it in colour and attach a clear at least 400x400px picture of your face when you send it back to me.

What refers to Your money. I would love to go to Cote d'Ivoire, collect You and Your, let us call it 'baggage' personally, but I'm a busy man, and I have a lot of meetings planned. My idea is that we do have to get You to Your new home this summer, You don't want to lose another year of education, right, my child?

If you have any money problems while You are still Cote d'Ivoire, just tell me the amount of money You need, describe for what purposes and give me Your bank account number. I'd be glad to help.

Looking forward to hearing from You
Moris Moss
(6MB tiff file attached. 11 page form copied&pasted from somekinda appliance form for immigration in USA or smthn and random tests.. an IQ test, Alcohol addiction test and Depression test..)

My Dear Moris,

How are you?

Thank very much for your mail and concern about this matter , i have heard what you said but i can't leave this money in the security company i want you to help me retrieve this money from the security company, i know you have made up your mind to asist me in this matter.

Regarding the for you sent to me to fill i am sending you all my information so that you will have it with you and do the neccesary things you will need them for .

1. Family Name : MOUKE

2. First (Given) Name : AXELLE

3. Birth Date (day/mo/yr) 21/ 06 / 1986

4. Country of Citizenship : IVORY COAST

5. Sex (male or female) FEMAL

6. Passport Number : 97LB41211

7. Passport date of expiration : 01/ 06 /2008

8. Country where you live: IVORY COAST

9. City where you were born : ABIDJAN

10. Address while staying in target country : 10 BP 11 RUE DE MARCORY ZONE 3 ABIDJAN

11. City where staying while in target country: IVORY COAST.

Regarding what you said about if i need any problem of money i should let you know , presently as you can see i am in need of money i told you how i am sufering down here things are difficult with me, i can send money to me with my name through WESTERN UNION so that i will collect it here in any of there agent.

I will like to have your contact number and also to proceed further to enable ypu contact the security company where the box containing the money was deposited by my late father.

I will be waiting to your mail.


Her grammar is even worse than mine.. and I'm not even trying to earn money with it! And she is lazy, lazy, lazy little girl. Sad She could open the tiff file (dunno if all 11 pages.. if yes - LAZY, if no.. why are you slowing this down, child?

Dear child,

I think you did not get me right. I sent You the form because it was necessary to get the charity money from the trust. If It was ok with just Your details, I'd ask for details, because I understand that this is not easy for You to be dependent on other pepole. While the form with Your photography attached does not lie on Mr. Avenals desk, my hands are tied. The charity goes hand in hand with bureaucracy and every penny must have a paper proof where has it gone.

Mr. Avenal insisted so I send You full set of tests that are usually needed, but I managed to melt his bureaucratic heart, so you do not have to fill all those tons of paper now, but it can be done by my secretary Jen using the interviewing method after You have arrived. I'd thought that would be a lot easier, because as I have understood, You have no alive relatives or experienced people to assist You in this complex process. So please do fill the forms and send them back to me. I'll send You a certain amount of money as soon as I get it from the trust. Then we can start organizing Your trip - buy You a plane ticket, travel documents, and by the time we have finished, Your 'baggage' would be already waiting for You here.

And another thing I realized. I am so focused on your travel that I tend to forget that You need my details to give to the security company. Please do forgive me. In fact, You are very unusual case. I have never been rescuing a young millionaire from poverty. Sounds a little weird, eh my child?

Ok. Enough with the joking. I'm getting silly when old, you know. Here are my details. I cannot give You my telephone number now. You see, by aging I have become almost deaf. I used to use a hearing aid for a few years but now sometimes despite i turn it on to maximum, I realize that there is a complete silence around me. Terrifying. The doctor said that maybe it can be reverted a bit with an operation and therapy, afterwards. The operation is next week. They would hospitalize me for 3 days. Just that You know, that I haven't left you child, I just would not be able to answer Your emails for those 3 days. If the operation will be successful and I can hear at least anything afterwards, I will call You myself, child, just give me Your number.

Looking forward to hearing from You
Moris Moss
123 Cavendon Road
London, UK

To be continued.. I hope

P.S. If anyone recognizes my pattern, sorry for my terribly wrong spelling of my name. I'm not English.

- The only ballless being that loves beer so deeply
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2007 2:44 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Poor Axelle. Thank goodness she has found a rich and kindly old gentleman such as yourself. My heart swells with gratitude at such charitable kindness. We could do with many more people such as you Ella Cinder. Laughing
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