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 Nadejda Popova, Balashov Russian Romance Scammer

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Stepan Fetchit
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 03, 2006 12:43 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Just for kicks, since they're so rare, (middle aged) I will answer the letter from this lady at Cupid bay. She 'likes' my profile, which has no picture, says 'leave me alone, I've found someone'!

[email protected]

Birthdate:August, 20, 1959
Address:Russia, Zip Cod: 174408,
City: Balashov,
Street: Stroiteley,
House: 14, Apartment: 1,
Surname: Popova, Name: Nadejda.



Location: Balashov Russian Federation
I am a: 46 year old woman
seeking: man between the ages of 46 and 60 for a long-term relationship
Height: 165 cm Drinker: no
Hair Color: blond Smoker: no
Eye Color: blue Education: college/university
Figure: athletic Marital Status: widowed
Fitness: regularly Have Children: yes, not living with me
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian Want Children: undecided
Religion: Christian/Protestant Languages:

I like:
Rest with friends on the nature!

I dislike:
I do not love rough men!

About me and who I would like to meet:
I have been
married at once and already for a long time ago, and I
feel that now there has come time to find unique and
last man in my life.


Here's her intro letter in the internal email system...

I put my ad to the agency cause I want to have serious
relationship. I have chosen you after searching a lot. I liked
you greatly so I decided to write you. I write through the
Internet agency that is why my letter will be a short one. I am
46. My name is Nadejda. I am young in my heart and know
how to make a man happy and make the house cozy and
comfortable. I have been married at once and already for a
long time ago, and I feel that now there has come time to find
unique and last man in my life. I have chosen you cause I liked
your the story you told about yourself. I think the true
love comes with time and what is really important in the
relationship is the trust and understanding. I hope you will
reply and I will send you my picture at once.
Please write straight to the address:
Nadejda Popova!

I'm not intending to go full out on the ladies, again, but a couple at a time will make life interesting!

I just emailed her a short 'gee I'm writing another lady but I'd like to know more about you in case it doesn't work out for us' letter,

Our Nadejda is pretty fast, and looks scammerish to me. Here's her first letter, which included a numbered photograph.


[email protected] to me
More options 4:18 am (4 hours ago)

Greetings XXX!
I am very glad, that you have answered on my letter. In this letter I
shall tell to you a little about myself and I'll apply my photo to it.
I have gone to Internet - agency to get acquainted with the man
for serious relations. I want to get acquainted with the guy from
other country because all men in Russia are rough, everyone drinks vodka,
and they don't respect women. People in agency gave to me names of a
site and a login where I could look many men. After long viewing, my
sight has stopped on you. I have read your profile and have understood,
that I should not search any more. You have liked to me very much.
I have chosen you because you are little older than me. I think, that men
in your age are more serious in a question of creation a family.
I want have strong and reliable family. I very much love children, I
have beautiful daughter she is 21 years old, I think, that children be
only with the favourite person. I hope very much, that you like my
photo. Well, I am 46 years old and I was born on August, 20, 1959.
I live in Russia, in the city under name Balashov. I studied English at
university. I freely speak and I write in English. I work as
children's tutor in children's garden. Though salary in Russia very
small, I earn enough money to contain myself and to live in full
prosperity. I live for a long time alone, approximately 10 years. My
husband has died in the Chechen Republic he was the militarian. My
daughter recently has married and now lives separately. I love my
parents. They live not far from me. My parents are on pension already.
But pensions are so small that my father works sometimes a watchman in
the car park. I have very much missed on family life and man. Probably
there has come time to correct all. What do you think? What do you do
in a three time? How you rest? Tell about your family. John, you
can talk about everything with me, only in this way we can learn each
other. I wait for your answer.

I'll play with this one a little. I may write one or two bland letters to her to see if she just cranks out script, then switch to sending her script back.
I'll see if I can get her to a money letter, and a passport scan.

Hello, dear XXXX!
I was happy to hear from you again. How are you? Hope everything is Ok.
I have huge desire to congratulate you with the Valentine's day and to
wish you huge love!!! In this letter I will try to tell you more about my
life style. I like music, reading, movies very much. I often meet with my
friends. Sometimes we go to the cinema or to the theatre. But sometimes I
prefer just to stay at home, to read an interesting book or just to watch TV.
I am fond of languages, I had a course of English in the University so I speak
it rather fluently. I like to visit a sports hall. I am engaged 2 times a week
on aerobics. I have nick name it Nadya. You too can me so to name. And do
you have any hobbies, what are your likes and dislikes? And more it is a
little about itself my growth of 165 centimeters, and weight 64 kilograms.
I very energetic person, with sense of humor. In depth I am very tenderness,
and sometime, I shall give all tenderness to my favoriteís person.
You know, I decided to use the service of the Internet because I have a
dream to create new family, or to find the person who will be always
with me. Unfortunately I was not able to find a man here
in Russia. They donít care about their women and I dream about a loving
and caring man. I would give him all my love and tenderness in return.
I do not have phone, but probably I shall call to you from a telephone
booth. Unfortunately I very much hurry and I shall tell about my city in
the following letter! Well, I will close here for now. Waiting impatiently
for your next letter. Have a good day.
ps. I cannot frequently write to you, I write through Internet -
cafe, I hope you will understand me.



Very uninspiring! I would expect a more mature woman to be at least 'interesting'! Tsk, Tsk, Nadya, are we moving in for the kill, already?
Hello dear XXXXX.
In this letter I'll tell you about my town and want to give you
presentations about our future relations. My city is in the Saratov
area, approximately in 600 kilometers from Moscow in a southern
direction, my area near to Kazakhstan. Our town is not very big,
but very comfortable. In our town there are 2 theatre, 5
movie-theatres, park, near with which I live, and like all usual
towns, in our town there are bars, cafes, shops. Our town is very
good, but there are not worthy men in my town. All russian men don't
respect women and consider that woman doesn't have any rights, and all
russian men, basically, are alcoholics. I have gone to Internet-agency
to get acquainted with you, because I know that you are quite other
man. The American men respect women. Am I right? Women it is anxious with search
of the husband from America because of mentality of the Russian men, I
do not speak, that all Russian men bad, but the majority can strike or
insult the woman, certainly, there are also good men, but all of them
married, and I do not want to break another's family!
I'm 46 years old and I consider that it is time for me to find the person
with which it is possible to live all the stayed life, create strong family.
I have been postponing money for a long time, and now I have enough to
arrive to you. I do not want to hurry events, but I consider that it is
necessary to meet each other in person to know well each other. If
you, as well as me, have intentions to find the true woman and create
family, let's get to know each other better, and if we decide, then
I'll arrive to you, and if we love each other, I'll stay with you. I
consider, that in relations no love is important, but trust and
understanding are important. Man have to be head of family, but he has
to consult with woman. I can completely take all homeworks in my
hands. I like to cook very much, I'll cook for you so tasty, that
you'll forget about McDonalds. My friends say, I AM THE BEST! I like
to cook Russian traditional food. Also I'll work to support our
budget. I hope that I do not scare you, asking these questions so
quickly. I am sure, that you are, XXXXX, that man, who I need, I
hope to your reciprocity.
Your Nadya!!!
ps. My second photo, has been made when to me there were 22 years
and I finished university, it is a pity to me, that we have not got
acquainted with you at that time!Smile

Is she taking a step back? Did the letters come out of sequence a bit?

Hello my dear XXXX!!!
Finally I have an opportunity to come to Internet-agency to talk with
you. I am very happy that I have you.I have told to my girlfriends
about you, they tell you hello. My parents are glad that finally I met
man and want to be with him. My parents tell you hello. Today it is cold,
in the street frosts and are not present the sun but I am happy and
nothing can spoil my mood, because I have you. I am very glad, that I
have an opportunity to communicate with you. I want to know about you as
much as possible. It makes me near to you. Dear XXXX, tell me please more
about yourself. What do you do in time of resting??? Where are you spend
your days off??? I like to have a rest more on the nature. In the summer I
and my friends go to campaigns, well you know tents, the open sky, a fireÖ
Itís a great pleasure, to walk on a green wood early in the morning, to breathe
fresh air, to listen to the birds singing. And if do it together with loving
person, it is probably indescribable feelings. I have spoken, we have very
beautiful places behind our city. There are a lot of fish in the river. It is
a pity, but I cannot frequently afford it, in summer I work also, and the free
days off are seldom. But if I and you, shall decide to meet to learn our
approaching to each other, I am ready to give up work, for happiness I am
ready on all. I shall be glad to visit you once, for holiday! Certainly, it is
early to speak about it, we should at first learn each other better. I love
sports meets. We, in Russia, have different kinds of sports, in Russia many are
fond of football, but for the last some years became very advanced hockey, it
seems to me, that he has risen on the whole step. I am right? I like to go to
theatre; it is very interesting to look for game of actors. I have not noticed
how time have gone and I need to go home. When I go to bed, I'll think of you
to see you in my sleep. Good bye, my love XXX!!!
PS. I wish to give you my address:
Russia, Zip Cod: 174408, City: Balashov, Street: Stroiteley,
House: 14, Apartment: 1, Surname: Popova, Name: Nadejda. You can write
the letter to me.
Your Nadya!

Here's the fresh PIX. are these supposed to be her parents?




Hi, my dear XXXX!!!
I got up early in the morning being in a high spirit!
I was thinking about you!!!
Cooking breakfast I imaged how I would do it for you!
Do you like to have breakfast in bed?
I saw a wonderful wedding when I went to work...
Fiancee was so beautifyl in her white dress...
You know I was even envy a little bit. I just imagined me on her
And I remembered again my dream of life - To find the present the man,
and to live him the rest of a life. I need man for which I could to
look after, love him, I am tired to be alone. It so is difficult, I
have understood that in a life the favourite person is necessary.
Every woman need man. I so do not have not enough romanticism. I for a
long time did not have sex, but I simply dream of it.
I imagine how we spend the evening together. Only you and me.
We have candles in our room everywhere. I look so beautiful
in my red dress with just washed hair. And you are a man of my
dream, you are so gorgeous! You look at me with the tenderness
and love. I took away your shirt and you my dress.
You touch my skin and I feel your warm hands around my body.
I will such a deep passion and love inside.
And we have a night of love only for us!!!
I told you my fantasies. Do you have any?
I read your letters, and they very much like me. You the good person,
and very much like me. Now I am very glad, that have written to you.
I'll wait for your answer. I love you!!!!
Forever your Nadya!!!!

My dear xxxxx!!!
How are you today? Hope everything is fine with you. As for me, I feel
good just a little bit sad that you are not with me.
You know, I got used to your letters so much, they are a part of me.
I was hurt but I was able to overcome this and for long time I have been
alone. I was just afraid to have any relations again. Men in Russia drink
much, smoke and get drugs. I know you are not such a kind, I believe and
trust you. You are my treasure!!!
Could you trust me, as we communicate only through the Internet?
You have never met me in the real life!
We have been corresponding for long time already and know much about
each other as far as we can get from the letters.
You are a wonderful person and the best what I have in my life. I think
about us all the time, about our meeting ( and I should say this excites
me so much!!!) In my fantasies we are together, one whole! And I am waiting
so much for the moment when these dreams come true!
I would like to ask you a very serious question. Could I?
What are you intentions about me? Would you like to meet with me?
Would you like me to come and visit you as a guest so we could get
to know each other better?
It will be fast at me on work holiday and I want to carry out him with
you! Besides I never travelled to other countries and would like to
see your country with her history, but certainly most of all I want to
see you!!! In Agency I have opportunity quickly to do the visa in your country!
Perhaps, you think that is too early but life gives us such a wonderful
chance to be happy and we should try not to miss it.
LIFE is TOO SHORT. And consequently it is necessary to be more
resolute in life...
Bye for now.




Hi, my dear XXXX!!
I am happy to hear from you. With each day you became a more close and
dear person for me. I hope we'll be together soon. And then the life
will be complete at last.
I have bad news. Today on my work my chief has told to me, that I should
abandon my work, he has dismissed me owing to instability and reduction of
the working personnel. I will not have not enough work with children, but
probably it is destiny so has disposed with me?
Probably we shall meet also our love will flash with new force and will take
place as in a fairy tale?
You know every day I dream about us. Sometimes I think I am getting crasy
as I feel you near. I feel your strong hands on my body and imagine how it
would be to make love with you. And after our passion nights, we would just
relax in our bed and enjoy each other doing nothing, just kissing. I want
to tell, I LOVE YOU!!! You became dear to me and my dream should be carried out!!!
You can tell, that it is too fast and it is not possible to fall in love
with the person, after several letters, and never having seen a lot him!!!
You will is accomplished are right!!! You should understand, I love you
such to which I now present you, such which you have described yourselves
in letters!!! And consequently I want an our meeting. You should understand,
that it is virtual love!!! And I want to check up feelings and it can show
all our first meeting!!!
I want us to be together so much, that trying to do something for us to see
each other at last. I want to tell you today, that I have made all documents
for getting foreign passport and to begin to make the visa.
It is possible for me to get a tourist visa for to come to you. I have to do
some paperwork and to pay some money for visa. I write you through the
tourist Internet-agency, which give a such opportunity. Agency works more
than 8 year and many girls went in your country with the help of this agency.
After my arrival to you, we'll get acquainted and if we decide we'll make
all documents to make fiance visa for me, whereupon I'll be able to stay with
you forever. While visa is being making, we shall communicate through e-mail,
it will allow me to learn more about your life.
Your Nadya

Hello my dear Jxxxxx!!!!
How are you today, hope everything is well. Today I saw you in my
sleep. I am very happy that I have you. And also I am happy because
soon we'll meet. This so romantic, here is already about month we
communicate with you via email, and quite soon we'll meet each other
face to face. I have such feeling, like I know you long ago, like I
come to you as to my bridegroom. I feel that I love you so much. I
hope, you'll love me the same, when I arrive to you!!!
My foreign passport is ready, but it will be remained in agency while
visa is being made. The visa will be ready aproximately in week, but
to get it, I'll need to go to embassy to Moscow. There I'll need to
pass the conversations, and embassy will decide to give me visa or not
to give. But don't worry, in agency I was said that I will not be
refused in visa. I'll have a the visa of the tourist, it will give me
right to remain in Canada for 30 days. I think, that this time will
suffice us to understand our feelings and to prolong time of action of
the visa! I am very glad that quite little time remain before our first
meeting!!! I worry, even it is little scare for me, after all I have never
travelled outside of Russia, In fact I should travel to you for thousand
kilometers! But I immediately becalm, when think that you'll meet me, and
I'll be under your protection. You will, after all, be able to meet me in
the airport? Tell me, in what airport I have to fly you to be able meet me?
I wait your answer. Well, it is time to go, but else I need to come to the
shop to buy the products for a dinner.
Good bye,
Your Nadya!!!!

Hello my sweetheart XXXXX!!!
I only now have an opportunity to write to you. I have been borrowed by
preparations of documents. Now I have some minutes to write to you. Today
it is wonderful winter and solar on the street, frost. I am very happy,
because little time remained when I'll be in your hugs. In agency I was
said that probably, to the beginning of the next week I'll go to Moscow to
embassy for conversation, whereupon I'll receive a visa and will buy tickets
for arrival to you. I am very happy. I didn't think, that the documents will
go so quickly. This is because agency works directly with Moscow embassy. When
I arrive to you, I'll be the happiest woman in the world, because I'll be near
my loved man. XXXXX, I am in love with you so much. You live in other country,
with other culture, but I feel that you are my soul mate, I have to be with you
till the end of our lives.
Had a wonderful dream of you last night whilst i slept. We were just walking
through a wonderful forest together, The leaves were just turning brown and
slowly falling to the ground, ther animals were flitting around getting their
winter fuel ready, and the sun was lazily waning. You reminded prince, near
to you the white horse and your sword constantly shins were touched, I was
delighted! You looked an absolute dream. It felt like we were back in the
middle ages, when there was no rushing here and there, no cars just our eyes
for each other and not a care in the world. Then my alarm went off and i had
to return to the real world! I'll give you all my tenderness, which was saved
in me so long time. My love, I have to go. I am fine, I have good mood everyday,
because I have you.
Tell me, how are you??? You miss me???
I hope everything is fine. I love you!!!!
Forever your Nadya.


I didn't ask for nude pictures, but did ask Nadya what she enjoyed in bed. I didn't know if this question would be ignored, or what.
This could be a stock answer, or some handwritten stuff inserted into the letter.
but I didn't see anything obscene!

Hello my Loved XXXXX!!!
First of all I want to tell you, that I love you so much. Every day I
live with thoughts about you, with dreams of our first date and our
future life. My parents tell you huge hello. I much talk with them
about you, my parents are very happy as me, that I'm in love with
you. I talked with my friends about you, they are very happy, too, they
even a little envy me. I talked with them about that, I leave them
forever and we'll not see each other for a long time, I'll miss them,
but, after all, we'll be able to talk via email. And someday, in many
years, you and me will have a travel to Russia you to be able get
acquainted with my parents, and I will introduce my friends to you.
What do you think of this???
Today I went in for aerobics and I understood, that I have to go in for
aerobics more often to be graceful for you always.
After aerobics I went to the agency and I was said there, that on Monday
I'll have to go to Moscow to receive the visa. So, it is little time before
our meeting, soon we'll be together!!!
I see dreams how we make love, we are on the big bed, and you kiss all
of my body, the I'll begin to do the massage to you with aromatic butter.
Then the massage slowly move over to to the ndearment with tongue, I begin
to lick your neck, bosom, then I take a lower, I begin to kiss your belly,
and then I take more lower, and I begin to fondle you with my mouth. I'll
fondle you until you reach orgasm.

(actually Nadya, I am a middle aged man. At this point I'll pat you on top of your head, thank you, and go to sleep!)

Then you take me with your strong hands
and begin to fondle me until your power is restored. Then you'll execute
your the most bold erotic fantasies and do with me all what you want until
you get orgasm again. I love you, with you I'll be able personify all my
erotic fantasies, you will be able to do all you dreamed of. I'll stop on it.
I love you, soon we'll be together.
Your Nadya!!!
ps. This autumn I was in Moscow and I was struck with this huge and beautiful

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Stepan Fetchit
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 12:14 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Done. Finished. The fat lady sang......



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PostPosted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 1:03 am Reply with quoteBack to top

You know she is in love. Read the hand written sign. Only a female Russian treasure would want to Pe with you.


FUCK YOU: [email protected]

big fool, suck your mother's ashole & never youwrites back because that will proves you the biggest fool in the whole world among the fools, little brain. i have branches all over the world and if i want you tomorrow i will gets u, bear this fucking advise in mind: Dr Christian Douglas

It is not meant for business and capitalist like you who are only after profit. So dear, since you are not a worker in His vine yard, please do not come up for this money as it is not meant for business. richardswilliams, minister
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Stepan Fetchit
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I guess I could write her just one more letter.....

"Dear Nadya,

My love, I also want to pee with you! It is so exciting to discover you enjoy 'golden showers' also! You are the woman of my dreams!
I will be a happy man, Nadya, and will shower you with my love, as well as other things.
Entering my 'golden years' with you at my side, (or squatting over me) will be wonderful!
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Damn this slut gets around.


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She is sending this kind of letters everywhere and also to me in Sweden.
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Stepan Fetchit
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That's it!! If she's flirting with scandinavians, I don't want to 'pe' with her!!
She's all yours, Swede!

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Hello I'm New here!

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No I will report her to CupidBay and she have two names at Cupidbay.
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There is another one to called Zoya!
[email protected]
\Documents and Settings\Chris\Desktop\for you my dear21.JPG

Hello my dear XXX!
it is me again and I want you to know that you can't imagine how happy I am.
I have a schedule of my can't imagine how much crazy Moscow is.
It is great fear to live here I think so!Our small town is more friendly .
well,about our business, I tasted my blood,such rule for foreign visitors wanting to visit your
country! Thanks God, I am in good health, all of my tests are all right,I only need some vitamins
I think it is the bad foods and long winters problem.I have to eat much more fruits and vegetables.
The doctor said! well,
Here is all info ,I do hope we will together in a few days! Info from agency!
Information for Novikowa Zoya

Travel company "Dream Land",
magager Valya Kislova .369068 Moscow,Kalskay street 32, office 70.

Consular gathering : = 125 US dollars.
Registration of papers : = 130 US dollars.
Cost of tickets : = 575 US dollars.

Scandinavian Airlines
SK 735 Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation
Terminal 2 15:45
Copenhagen (CPH), Copenhagen, Denmark
Terminal 3 16:20
Scandinavian Airlines
SK 1444 Copenhagen (CPH), Copenhagen, Denmark
Terminal 3 17:00
Landvetter (GOT), Gothenburg, Sweden 17:45

All Price: = 830.00 US dollars
Honey, I am so glad to see that I am almost near my goal,and our meeting wait for us.
I think I will call you from airport and I will wait for you there so long as you need,
I mean if you need any time to arrive in airport. it is not problem to wait there because
I know that it is the end of my trip and I have time to improve my condition(some arfume)after long jorney.
I want you to see me in good shape! I think everything will be all right.Rather I am sure everything will be all right!.
My Dear, they have told in travel office that I have to show tickets when
I will visit embassy after tomorrow before my flight.
People from embassy must be sure that I am not going to stay illegally in your country and I have tickets with
opening returning is very strong rule. I have some money but my flight from Amursk to Moscow
costed so much (about 400$) because so many kilometrs from there to Moscow. I didn't guess that tickets costs so much.
and I have to book tickets till in less than 2 days ,because of my interview. May be you could borrow some money?
I am sure I will be able to return it back in a few weeks after my arriving I will earn some money and at first
to return all money to you. in Agency they have told me that you may send it by Western Union.
It is pretty easy to use. The guy from the agency explained to me how their system works.
It is instant worldwide money transfer system. All you need is my name and my surname to send me the money.
Once you do this , I'll be able to pickup the money in any local Western Unuion office in Moscow.
We need to do it pretty fast, because we have no time till my intervew,if everything will be all
right I will be on this flight!
I have about 200 US dollars yet and I think I need about 375 US dollars from your side with all travel needs and
living here till my flight!If everything will be all right between us I can stay with you longer than three months,
maximum I can stay about 12 months forfirst time!
We should change only the date of my returning flight. Or I can return earlier if something is wrong!
Here is more info about Western Union. You find any local Western Union agent, go there and send money to my name.
Western Union will ask you for my full name and address in Moscow where I am staying at.
Once you give them all the info they will initiate the transfer. In just less than 10 minutes
I will be able to pick the money up at any Western Union agent here in moscow.

You will send me transfer info and MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)
I will get cash. So I will need your full name and your address + the control number of the transfer. (MTCN)
Kiss you many times ,I am tired today,you know it is hard enough to be in foreign city. So many different emotions .
Kiss you many times! Zoya! see you soon!

Ah, silly me. Nearly forgot to give you my full name info and my address.

My address here (the flat i am renting)
Country :Russia.
City :Moscow.
Address : koladina 32, flat #5
post code (zip) : 340012
Full Name: Novikowa Zoya !(right writting in English)

I am sorry to send so dry letter but it seems to me I am like any drunker
I have lost my mind and my head works so badly,see you tomorrow. I am
sorry to make so many problems for you I only hope that you will be not disappoined to meet me.

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@swede-don't you guys have plenty of women in Sweden without going for Russian babes? Laughing If only I could find a Swedish romance scammer; I'd go along with it only to convince myself it were true Smile

"Everything's a fucking travesty with you, man!"

Do you Yahoo? Not anymore you don't.
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Hi mine xxxx!!!
I have for you two news, one good, another bad, I shall start with
good. I was in embassy and have carried out conversation with the
official, during one hour, I could receive the visa and I want to tell
to you, that I very much experienced, and I was happy!!! Then I have
gone to the Airport and reserved tickets, for May, 8. Christer at
the airport of me the unpleasant surprise waited. It appears, for that
to get to you. I should have 1250 Dollars on hands for passage of the customs
terminal. This money are necessary for 30 days of an independent life.
In my documents it is not told, that I go to you, I go as the simple
tourist. Christer this obligatory rule and is impossible to avoid him. My
dear I have 250 Dollars. Therefore I need in 1000 Dollars. Christer I want to
explain all situation in detail. I have bought the ticket aboard the plane
itself. For me are necessary money for passage of customs house. Christer I
shall not spend this money. With this money I shall come to you and I shall
give them to you. Christer I ask your help. I ask you to give this gift for
us, in fact we so aspired to this! I did not want to ask yours the help, but
circumstances have turned against me and I can not without your help! Mine
Christer, I did not want to ask your help, I wanted to arrive independently
to you! I have already spent all my savings, the visa cost to me of 130 Dollars,
tickets have costed for me of 375 Dollars and as I already spoke you, I still
had 250 Dollars, but it is not enough of them! My dear at the airport there
was a branch of bank, I have asked them as you can help me. To me have told,
that the easiest way is the western union. Christer to me have told, that you
can transfer money for name and surname the country Russia. Christer I shall
wait for your letter. My dear I need in you. I ask you keep me posted has put.
I love you!!!
Yours Nadya.
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Now I'm almost positive Zoya is using the same script as Alla, whom I mentioned in the other thread. I still can't check - has been down for two days now.
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