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 Darya from Russia

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Mustapha Sorbum
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 6:55 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

EDIT: This is the same person as featured in THIS THREAD.

Shortly before Christmas, I was contacted by someone called Darya, who apparently found me in a "directory of acquaintances" online. I repeatedly asked for this "directory of acquaintances" and after about 5 attempts, was given a URL to a Russian website, which I translated online. It was just a website about a Russian city. That's all.


We exchanged emails and she sent me some pictures of herself - sadly I don't have these right now but I can dig them up if anyone wants to have a peek. From what I remember, one of them was of her wearing this really badly co-ordinated set of clothes, that made her look like traffic lights.

Anyway, after a short period of time, I began getting frustrated that she wasn't actually answering my questions or indeed responding to anything I said at all.

I suspected a bot of some form.

But no, it seems to actually be a real person. Just one that is obsessed with talking about herself and not actually discussing anything.

She had an obsession with romance and marriage, and would talk endlessly about her family and how she told her sister she had to go to the cybercafe to email me. She also said I am "the very welcome guest" in her house.

OK so this went on for a couple of months, me being dubious but wondering if she's genuine or not.

Around Valentines day, she pipes up with some mushy stuff. Here's some of this email (the dots indicate snipped bits):


I am glad to receive the letter from you to me today!!!
I only today have arrived with my relatives from Kazan. in the morning is very tired on road. For a long time went. First of all I run to the Internet of cafe to send you the letter and to read yours.
All sent the regards now to you. They have already understood that I have gone to the Internet of cafe to look the letter from you. It at once have told that I spoke you from them greetings.
She is my sister now constantly teases me that I am not yet married and that you so is far from me. I have answered her that our life just begins.
In fact it indeed.
It by the way in 2 days already will be the Valentine's day.
I so want that this day we were together. You gave me a card and flowers.
I want many many colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That all room stood in colors. I very much like lilies. You know such flowers?
How you are going to carry out the Valentine's day?
I think that this day I shall be in the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter. I want that we through letters were closer and did not feel a difference in distance. It so likely is pleasant to be now with you.
It at me comes to an end time in the Internet of cafe. Already absolutely hardly hardly. I want to write to you that I very strongly love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think of you and about our meeting all time.
I KISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Darya

By this point, I twigged that she is totally bonkers, since she's never actually seen me and I've never made any romantic gestures toward her. Just generally "I did this today, went here, ate some food" etc.

We continued to exchange emails - mine being pretty straightforward blog-style material, and hers being like some sort of deluded fairytale.

Eventually she started talking of moving house:


To us yesterday friends to my parents have suggested to get an apartment in St.-Petersburg. It is elderly pair is going to move from St.-Petersburg to the south in Sochi. they want to spend the old age with children which there live. Now they sell the apartment. To my parents with the big discount. We yesterday spoke with realtors and went to look an apartment.
Fine apartment. We have decided to sell a country house of my parents. It is cost of a house yesterday have estimated in 40000 $. Now it is necessary for us to collect 12000 more $. It we now go on all familiar. Simply if we shall buy this apartment now for 52000 $. It still at a discount almost 50 . We can sell at any time her for 110000 $. It so is good. We at once can solve all our financial problems.
We today go to good familiar to ask it 12000 $. Parents agree to take its money for week and in a week to give him already 20000 $. I think that it will be the fine offer. You agree?

That's nice for her. I don't really care about the intrinsic details, but thanks anyway.

But, a few days later, she has a dilemma:


Yesterday met with my good familiar. he has given us little bit sad news. At him now cannot help 12000 $.
I at all do not know that to him now to tell.
My parents now meet the friends that to us under the big interests gave this sum for a week. I think that it will be very good offer. Because if to turn out that in a week we shall give them 12000 $ + 8000 $ for the help. Who else will propose better? The truth?
We simply do not want to lose this apartment. Friends to my parents in two weeks leave on the south to children. They to us have told that if at us it to turn out nothing and we cannot collect the necessary sum that they will address to realtors. And these realtors only also wait when this apartment will get to them in hands at very much underestimated cost.
It is necessary to solve now much with it. Our country house buy on Friday.

Oh no!!! That's unfortunate. Ya know, if I had the spare cash... Well, there's no point in thinking about it because I can hardly support myself anyway (which is true.)

Around this time, I asked a few people if they thought it was a scam or not.

The concensus was: Yes, it is.

It's just a very very subtly put one. The girl has time on her hands, it seems - more than 3 months of it!

I Googled for the first part of her email address ("foryoumydear777") and found a blog on a website that's probably not suitable for work:

Clicky me for bloggy!

Accept the age validation and scroll down (or search for the above phrase once again.)

After reading this, and laughing at some of the other blog entries, I decided to try and get her to get me in touch with the guy. I also pointed out that I can't find my contact details on the site she said she found me on.

So here's what I said (notice the deliberate typos):



That is sad news about your friend unable to help you with the money.

Unfortunately I do not possesss enough money to be able to provide you
with anything that would make things easier for you.

I have been telling my friends about our acquaintenceship, as I am still
amazed that you found me on - one of my friends helped me
navigate the website (he is learning Russian) and we couldn't find my
contact information on that site at all.

Do you have a link to the page where you found me, so I may make
amendments to my details? I maybe do not wish to have further
acquaintances from that website (especially as I am not Russian! It would
be difficult for me to nuderstand!)

It is quite a coincidence - I was speaking to my friend Robin recently,
and we discussed other acquaintances, and I told him about you. But I had
no idea he was your husband!

Congratulations Smile He is a very lucky guy! I hope he will make you a happy
woman because you deserve all that you get.

Send to him my regards and please give him my email address (he still has
an old one which no longer works and I sadly did not keep his address.)

Also (this is important) please tell him that I need to speak to him about
his "alt blog".

If you can do this I will forever be in your bedt!

Another of my firends wishes to make acquaintance with you - I will give
him your e-mail contact if this is OK? His name is Richard T. Bisquit, but
his nickname is "Rich T". This is because he comes from a fairly wealthy

Maybe he can help you out too? His email is *******

Of course I still would like to know you, and let me know if you like my
friends. They are good people and mean well.

Please don't forget to give Robin my new email address - or if you can,
please send me his. I wish you both well Smile

After this, she replied with:


I shall wait the letter from you to me.
You always in my heart and in my soul.
You are necessary for me only!!!
Always yours Darya

Did she not get the message?

My response was a simple one-liner: "I replied to you, ya doofus!"

Maybe she didn't understand... I don't know. She hasn't been in touch with me since.

Who else has had her in their Inbox?

M. Sorbum

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 8:30 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

good job Silverblade Very Happy

Three months of wasted effort by her. Laughing

clapping clapping clapping

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Stepan Fetchit
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 8:32 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Not my beloved Marina Savinova, Olga Mihaseva, Tatyana555?




Is she cheating on me again? It can't be her fault. She must have amnesia, or something.
She's a good girl!!!

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Mustapha Sorbum
Wannabe Baiter

Joined: 20 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 9:38 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

She looks a little different, but strangely similar in one of those pics.

In that thread I referenced, she was in that pic where two women were next to each other. I think she's the one on the left...

M. Sorbum

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 9:51 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

She's kinda hot! I love the cocaine eyes!

I'm trying to get her to fill out the attached form. Have any of you guys tried having them fill out the visa form? I'm trying that on a few of the "ladies" right now. I figured because they want to be "here" so badly that it shouldn't be an issue.


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Mustapha Sorbum
Wannabe Baiter

Joined: 20 Apr 2006
Posts: 89
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 12:13 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Found the pictures!

Let's see if anyone else has any of these (hmm, like swapping cards!)

Fashion must not be her speciality.


Looking a bit evil here!

Very professional, Darya!

M. Sorbum

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