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 First Bait: The Pervert Goes For Broke

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 4:35 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Cast of Characters:

1. Robert Marlow: Rich, retired former businessman solo sailing the Asia Pacific in his beautiful sailboat "Gator"

2. Paul Barker: Black American real estate agent and friend of Robert.

3. The Pervert: Acquaintance of Pauls from his church and worker at WU in Seattle who sees an opportunity.

4. Rev. Hubert Schmidt: Friend of Robert who has church in Augsberg Germany.

5. Scammer: Helen Nana (real name unknown) ABIDJAN COTE'IVOIRE

This bait began with the classic letter from the scammer informing my character that she was deaf, dumb and 19 years of age. Her dead father left millions to her. Her uncles were hunting her down for the money. She needs immediate funds sent to her for her saftey and my assistance in getting her money out of the country and investing it in my country.

"Ms Helen Nana.
01 BP 3832 ABIDJAN 01
Dearest one,

It's my pleasure to contact you for a business venture which I intend
to establish in your country, Though I have not met with you before
but I believe one has to risk, confiding in someone to succeed
sometimes in life. I am a deaf girl of 19 years
old.........blablabla" I replied:

Ms. Nana;

Let me be straight with you..If you are 19 and single, beautiful and
with that kind of money, I will marry you and bring you to Singapore
where I live. I am 50, getting lonely now because I never married
and am looking for a young wife. But I will tell you this, I like
expensive things and my woman to be honest,open and submissive to me.
I am already a wealthy man, but not to the level that you are now,
but I am set in my ways...So, If you are interested in chatting with
me please answer my letter promply and include a photo of yourself.

p.s I am currently on my sailboat traveling from California to
Singapore. Right now I am about 1000 nautical miles from the
Philippines..I should arrive in Singapore within 8 days.

Arrow (I learned from this approach that I had limited myself to 19 and beautiful, so my chances of getting real photo's was not good..Self Slap. I decided to be very forward with my character because where I live in Asia it is not unusual for someone to come straight out and say, "I am looking for a wife" They will be pleased to introduce you to their many cousins)

Arrow He/she/it replied and included the first picture:

Dearest Robert,

My happiness for your email message. I understood your email with open heart. I would like to respond to your message immediately as this is a matter that needs urgent attention and I want you to always remember this fact because my life are in danger here in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire West Africa due to the enemies that poisoned my father as they are hunting for my life to kill me in other to tarnish my father's image and also to seat on this money that is why I am worried to transfer the money abroad.
I appreciate your readiness to assist me, I am a deaf girl 19 years and an orphans that needs your assistance to transfer my inheritance from Africa to your country to get a better life and permanent future.......etc..Helen Nana.
Arrow (script; the incoherent stuff was soon to follow when off script)


Arrow My Character Robert then received this:

Dearest Robert,

Greeting and best wishes to you this day. Please I will love to chat with you online but the problem is that I dont know when you will be ready for us to chat you know my condition of deafness mute. Dearest Robert, please can you send me your yahoo email to enable me add you to my yahoo messenger for me to know when you are online and we will chat together and know each other very well before we proceed with this transfer.

Arrow (Yahoo Messenger was not an option for me and wanting to get he/she/it off script as fast as possible) I replied:

Dearest Helen;

Your story has touched my heart in such a way that I have today
changed the course of my sailboat and I am now sailing at full
speed toward the African coastline. The weather is rough and the
wind is not in my favor, but I will not have such a lovely one as
yourself in danger another moment if I am able to prevent it! Do
not fear my sweet Helen, I have set a new course for Abidjan!! Do
you have a passport? If not it does not matter, you can slip aboard
at night and we will sail away and you will then be free. I have
many friends that can easily get you a passport when you are safe
in Singapore. I shall sail into the harbor there and pick you up
and take you away from the horrors of your life there. Do not
worry about money my dear, I have plenty of money and we can work
together to get yours after I arrive. I am a American citizen my
sweet Helen, but I have a second home in Singapore that I visit
regularly. I really enjoy sailing and spend much of my time aboard
my sailboat.
I will send a few pictures of the inside along with this letter,
so you can see how I live while at sea. Do you have any money now?
Maybe I could Western Union you some funds to help you until I
reach the Abidjan port. My sweet, I am alone at sea with only my
satellite laptop, my GPS system for guidance and an emergancy
coastguard radio in case there is a problem. I don't have any Yahoo
chatting things and have never used it. I guess I am just a little
old fashioned, but what I meant by chatting was to exchange e-mail
letters. I do have many friends that I keep in contact with in
America as well as Singapore, so it shouldn't be a problem to
contact one of them by e-mail and have some money sent to you by
Western Union if you would like. It will be at least 8 days before
I arrive at the coast of Africa and another 3 days to reach
Abidjan, so that gives us lots of time to get to know each other
better. Like I told you in my last letter, you know what I am
looking for, so I will be very straight with you and ask you the
Will you run away from there with me when I arrive and travel to
Singapore and become my wife? I am very lonely Helen and being on
this sailboat all alone makes a man think a lot. It is time to
settle down and stop chasing girls and give all that I have to one
woman. I think you are very beautiful,sexy lady and I would love
to have you at my side..Love is something that is earned, and I
know that we could easily find that in a short time. In closing, I
want you to send me a new picture every time you write me;
please don't disappoint me on this Helen like I
said in my last letter, I think a woman should be submissive toward their man. But in return a man should give everything that he can to his woman.
I am alone out here and your pictures would drive me forward
even faster..So no more talk about money for now, put a smile on
your face in knowing your prince is on his way!

All my heart Robert

Arrow (That worked very well, so now we are off script) He/she/it replies:

Dearest Robert.

Greting and best wishes to you this day. Dearest Robert please I am
in the village now, Since the death of my late father I ran out of
the house and went away to one village in the capital now for I've
been humiliated, harrassed, and frustrated by my immediate uncles in
their efforts to take over all my father's wealth that is why I run
out of the village, none of them know my way about for now until I
leave this country. Honey as I am in the village now am in short of
money, If you wish to send small money to me as you said you do for I
will be appericiated for that Robert God bless you abundantely.
Honey please send the money with my name HELEN NANA/// ABIDJANn COTE
Honey am waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.
God will always protect you in your journes all over the world for am
praying for you from now on. It seems like you are a God sent to me

Thanks and God bless.
Yours Lovely.
Helen Nana.

Arrow (To keep off script and to steer this into a different direction I sent a few photo's taken from and on a sailboat. It is interesting to note that he/she/it never once asked for a personal photo). I replied:

My Darling Helen;

Of course I will send you some money! I will contact a friend as
soon as I finish writing this to make the necessary arrangements my
lady. But for now I need to know that you are safe and not in any
danger. Please, oh please, find a safe place to hide from these
people that are harrassing you. Your money is safe for now in that
bank, so do not worry yourself over that. We will take care of
that after I arrive. For now let us only think of our life
together and keeping you safe and secure until I arrive. So no more
talk of your money in the bank for now, even if you can not get it,
I am a wealth man and you shall not suffer from lack of luxury.
I am, I must say saddened and disappointed and a bit confused that I
received no
picture from you. Your picture that I have so warms my heart when
I look at it. I am so alone out here Helen and look so forward to
getting your e-mails and the hope of another picture of your
loveliness. Please do not disappoint me again Helen as I am a man
that knows what he wants in life and will not be disrepected in my
I have a friend in America, his name is Paul. I will contact him
as soon as I recieve another e-mail from you and have
$15,000 sent to you via Western Union. I want you to take this money and flee quickly to the nicest hotel in your area that you can find and check in as Mrs. Robert Marlow. Please pour out your heart in your next e-mail to me. I want to know your deepest secrets, wants and needs. I can only imagine what your perfume must smell like on your body..mmmmmm. I need you here with me Helen, do not disappoint me
with an e-mail with no pictures..I need to see you my dear..I need
to know you..all of you...I will close now and write Paul, but will
only send it to him when I know that your love for me is real..That
your respect for me is real..That you are willing to please me.
Are you willing to be my wife? You have not answered my

p.s The wind stopped today for a while and I climbed the mast of
the ship to inspect the warning lights there..I took a picture from
up there with the digital camera..Really came out nice, so I
thought I would sent it to you...See the round thing at the back of
the boat? That is my satellite reciever antenna...Hugs,

Arrow (The firm approach worked and I received another photo, but back to a little partial script) He/she/it replied:

Dearest Robert,

Greeting and best wishes to you this days. My happiness to your
messages today. Dearest Robert I read and understand well all your
message, I am happy for the chance you gave me to express my feelings
to you and I pray that God will protect both of us and more to you
Honey please I don't want to remember what have passed away for how
my late father enemies assasinated him to take all his wealth for
they know that I am the only daugther. Dearest Robert, Since the
death of my late father I am having a lot of set backs most
expecially his brothers are looking for me since then to kill me but
they didn't know my whereabout, I am in a hinding place at a church
in one of the village in the capital city the village is very far
from the capital city township area itself, six good hours to reach
to the capital city township.
Honey I really need your help and assistance I dont know what to do
now, I want to come over and live with you for ever, Honey i have
really surfard in this country since my late father was killed.
Please Robert come to my aide I really need your present in this
country if it will be possible for you to come and meet me in the
hotel you will pay for me as you have promised me, God will really
reward you for your kindness and trust worty to someone whom you have
never meet or seen before. My situation as a deaf mute is the only
problem But I can not blam God for he have created me and will also
lead me to my future goals in this life, I hope my prayars have be
accepted by the Lord.
Dearest Robert, I appreciate you concern to me and I am trully happy
to tell you that as in this situation I have accepted all you have
proposed to me as your wife, if it will be the wish the God and i
ptay that it will be, Let it be for i promise to respect you and keep
the rule as a wife and kindness to my husband. Honey May almighty God
bless you abundaltely. Honey please what your friend say is good
because thair are imposters who are chetting people, you have to be
carefull to the kind of emails you recieve from people you dont know.
Honey please I have attached my picture to this messge, Honey please
my Identity card is with me I will get is scaned and send it to you
as soon as I reacieve the money you will send to me and live this
village to the capital city where I will pay for a nice hotel as you
told me to stay and wait for you, I will get my Identity card scanned
and send it to you immediately. Honey or let me check tomorrow if i
will see here in the village where to scan and send to you if i get
somewhere to scan it by tomorrow morning.
Dearest Robert I agree with you to send the $ 5000 dollars as you
have promised it is better that way because what your friend Paul
said I think Western Union is not accepting huge ammont like Paul
told you is good like that. Honey please for not making mistake in
sending the money to me please send it to HELEN NANA/// ABIDJAN COTE'
IVOIRE, to enable me pick the payment without any deley. Honey please
there is political crisis here in this country because the Western
union people in your country will think that you are sending the
money for surporting the war here in this country and baying of
armes, Honey please explain to Paul the reason for you sending the
money to me that you are sending it to your wife as you have said.
Honey please as soon as you send the money, please send the MTCN
number and sendars name to me and to enable me run down and pick the
payment here at the one Western Union Money Transfer. Honey I will
write you as soon as I pick the payment.
Honey, Please find the attached file for my picture. Honey please get
back to me as soon as possible you know my condition here in this
country is not good and also my condition as deaf mute I need your
urgent response to this message honey. May almighty God protect you
all your journey towards the water, not harm but always good as you
are a good man.

Thanks and God bless.
Yours Lovely.
Helen Nana.


Arrow (It was at this point I recieved another scammer e-mail with almost the exact same info as the one I was baiting. I decided to turn the tables a little and play stupid in case I was being tested and this also allowed entry of The Pervert. I forward the letter and the WU form to her with the following letter):

My Dearest Helen;

I received a very disturbing letter today (I have forwarded it to
you)..I am afraid that you may be in danger. Whoever sent this to me
knows everything about your situation! Maybe your e-mail has been
compromised!.Please be careful!..Robert

(I then a few hours later followed up with more frantic letter):

My Lovely Helen;

I am so worried! I have not heard from you! Are you ok?! Did you get
the forwarded letter I sent you? Are you in danger! God, I can't make
the sailboat go any faster. I pray that I hear from you soon. I
contacted Paul and have made arrangements for some money to be sent
to you to help you. He told me that he talked to the people at
Western Union and that I could only send less than $5000.00. I don't
undertstand this, but I hope that will be enough until I can send
more. Please Helen if you are safe let me know. Paul suggested to me
that I should maybe call the police there to assist if you are in
danger. I explained to him your situation and that maybe you were
just hiding like I suggested. Paul has a friend that works at the
Western Union office in Seattle (where he lives), but even so it
seems that Western Union has some strange rules now about sending
money to Africa. He also suggested to me that I get some
identification from you. I told him I already had a photo, but he
insists that is not enough. Paul is a very good friend Helen, so
please do not take this wrong, but can you please send me a scan of
some identification of yourself, like a passport or drivers license
or anything that shows proof that you are real. Paul told me that
his friend at Western Union said that there are many people that are
scammers in Africa. Please like I said don't take this wrong, but
Paul is very good friend and I should follow his advice. God, I hope
to hear from you soon! I am close to a very small island now (so
small can't even find it on my map)about 700 nautical miles from
African coastline. I need to drop anchor here for a while. Looks like
there is some kind of old stone fort built on its shoreside. Will
take a picure and send it to you when its not so dark. Please take
care my love..Robert

Arrow (Then I get my first Passport) He/she/it replies:

Dearest Robert,

Greeting and best wishes to you this day. Happiness to your message.
Dearest Robert I was just comming back from where I scanned my
passport and got your message like I told you yestarday. Honey I have
read and understand the content of your message very well but the
problem is that I dont have enough money to do all the pepar work you
sent to me it is too hard for me even to understand what they ask me
to do in the form. Honey I am happy for your kindness and sincere to
me since I contacted you for assistance. Honey I want you to know
that I am capable of doing anything you ask me to do as soon as we
meet together here in this country. Honey noting is going to happen
to you all your way journey to the water my prayars for you is
anwserd and God will continue to bless and protect you all the days
of your like.
Honey please Your friend Paul I hope you trust him right, I want you
to advise him to send the money to me to enable me live this village
and come over to the city where I will buy some cloths easly because
my old clothes are turned old now. I need to be there in the city by
tomorrow morning or evening to enable me pay for a nice hotel there
in the capital city and also go to the market and buy some cloths to
put on and also some needs which I have been stop using for long time
now, Honey I am happy to have you as my husband and the almighty God
know how he put this like that honey, I am counting on your advises
honey, Please I want you to call paul to send the money to me so that
I will move out from this village immediately. The form which he
send to me is very difficult for me to understand them very very
difficult, Honey you have to trust me because you are God sent to
me, I am relaying on you and will not do anything harm to you I
believe in you Honey, you are my only resort as God have made us
together forever to be husband and wife.

Honey please tell paul and scole him to send the money to me because
my life is in denger here now, I am in fear all this years back but
God tell me in my drams that it is ok and now I can see my surfarness
is comming to an end. Honey I am attaching my passport in this
message, Honey pls do not send this passport to anyone because it is
the only identity I have for now, I can not afford to loose them and
my photo because they are the only ones I took for a long time
now.Honey I don't know my late father brother's plan for me thay are
looking for me everywhere to kill and take all that my late father
left for me. It's a risk for me to take photo any how and send to
you, I will love to take the photo by myself when i get to the
capital city n the hotel for security reason and also security of my
life. Honey I dont know what to do now honey , my life is in denger
here in this country.Honey I am counting on you, you are a wonderful
person. Honey please when are you comming here to meet with me? Honey
in how many days? I want to see you face to face honey when are you
comming to meet me in the hotel you will pay for me, I am hungry to
see you face to face honey when when come to my aide, I am helpless.

Honey please call Paul and scole him to send the money to me that I
am your wife in africa, tell him to do what you said because I am
waiting for him to send the money to enable me move out from this
village to the capital city and pay for a nice hotel, Honey I will
send the name of the hotel to you and also the room number where I
will stay and wait for your comming to meet with me. Honey please I
am anxiously waiting to hear from you as soon as paul send the money
to me ok. I will get back to you as soon as i recieve the payment
here in this country. Honey please send the MTCN number and the
sendars name to enable me run down to Western union here and pick the
payment and live this village.

Honey please if it will be possible for you to forget paul and do the
payment by yourself Honey I think it will be better like that because
it's delaying me to recieve the money, I am surfering in this
country, my late father brother's a looking for me for a long time
now but by God help they will not locate where I am staying. Honey
the time here now is 10:00 am. Honey pls as soon as I recieve the
money I will write you ok. Honey please I have attched my passport to
this message, fine the attched file and view my passport for your

Thanks and may the almighty God continue to protect you all your
journey in the water amen.

Honey have a nice day.

Helen Nana.


Arrow Used Open Office and put FAKE across it, converted to .pdf and put here if you want to view it:

Arrow FORM TIME..LOL I start sending the Homeland Security forms.. About the same time Pauls friend the pervert who works for WU starts sending her a few e-mails asking for sexy pictures to let the money go. (did not work, he/she/it immediatly sent his letters to Robert) (another lesson learned)(she thinks it is Paul doing this so I shoot a letter off from him to smooth things over, of course I have the excuse that it could be that bunch that sent me that strange e-mail):


My name is Paul Barker I am a friend of Robert. Robert gave me
your e-mail address and asked me to write you about your concerns and
my feelings toward you. Ms. Nana, this is the first time that I have
ever written you and I surley would not ask you to do what Robert has
told me you said to him. I assure you Ms. Nana that I am a Christain
man, To God be the Glory, and am appalled by what Robert told me.

Robert told me some of your situation and I agreed to assist him in
getting some funds to you via WU. I sent Robert some forms for you
to fill out that are required by United States laws to be completed
before funds can be transfered to Africa. Please fill out these
forms and return them to me here at this e-mail address to make it
easier and faster to process your transfer. I assure you Ms. Nana
that those forms are very important.

I have divided your transfer into 3 payments and they will be sent to
the following recipient once the forms are returned completed.


You and Robert need to work out a Security Question and Answer and
inform me when you do.

The name of the Sender will be me:

Paul Barker

The payments will be made in three payments of:

Payment 1. $4999.00
Payment 2. $4999.00
Payment 3. $4786.00 (WU Transfer Fees Deducted)

Again Ms. Nana I am working very hard to get your funds to you, but
you must send the completed forms back to me before I can go any
farther. I am forwarding this letter to Robert as well so he will
have a complete understanding to date.

I am very happy for Robert and hope you and he have a wonderful life together.

Paul Barker III

Arrow (That seemed to work for a while, but he/she/it was still suspicious about Paul and constantly asked me to forget about him and she changes e-mail accounts):

My Sweetheart,

Greeting and best wishes to you, Honey I hope that you are ok today
while going to the sea, I hope there is no problem, Honey I have made
this clear to you about Paul and his other friend in the United
States. Honey I recieve stange email's from someone who I dont know
at all named Paul, I deleted his message as you told me to do. Please
Honey for God sake I am not touching this form again, The pastor here
in the church told me that the form are of no use that he don't know
this people am exchanging email wearther I know them or not but I
cleard him about you that you proposed to marry me and want to send
some money to me. Honey Please if you can here my word and forget
about Paul, Please Honey I dont want you to talk about this form
again for it's of no use. I am still wondering why you find it hard
to go by yourself and send the money to me, I am confuse in this
issue, Honey Please do not mention Paul or forms in our email forget
about them they dont want your prograse, I am telling you this
because I need your happiness.
Sweetheart, Please If you know that you really need me and my
progress, please honey send the money by yourself and get back to me
as you are now in singapore forget about Paul and do the western
union by yourself ok. Honey your money belong to you and not me, I
can not fulse you to send money to me because we know each other
through the internet and I cannot agree until I meet you face to
face, I am waiting for your comming honey. Sweetheart if you dont
want to send the money to me, Please come over to this country and
pick me up, I am hungray about you honey come to my aide and forget
about paul just come over, Honey please listing to my word and forget
those people they dont need your progress at all.
Honey Please i am changing this email account which I am using now
because of my life, I dont know what is happening honey think about
this and get back to me. I am a deaf and dumb mute, I am an orphan
and also in denger all together in my head and another form again
which is giving me too much or headache, I can not afford all this
only honey please come fast and meet me please honey and forget about
Paul. Honey forget about Paul and the form, If you have any money
with you there send it to me through singapor and i will pick the
money here forget about paul ok.

Thank and may almighty God contunue to bless you all the dfay of your
life aman.

Thanks and God bless.

Helen Nana.


Arrow (At this time I get a lot of crap about the forms): Time to slap:


This letter you sent me is clearly not from Paul! This is not his
e-mail address!
[email protected] Now I don't know what is going on but Paul
is working very hard to help me and he needs you to do your part as
well! Please send him the forms that he needs and make space so I can
send you the other two. I have no idea who this Paul Conner is, my
friends name is Paul Barker. This is very confusing to me sweetheart.
I am in the middle of the ocean I can no go myself to any Western
Union and send you money! I need help from a friend to do that.
Please do your part and do as my friend Paul asks..Always Robert

Arrow (They love to get slapped around..I recieved 3 pages of the Homeland Security form):He/she/it responds:

Dearest Robert,

Greeting and best wishes to you this day, i am happy that you have
clear me well in the case of paul, i will fill the form immediatly
and sent it to him as soon as possible, i will get back to you when i
send the form to him ok. Sweetheart Please have a nice day and keep
moving with your journey for God is always with you ok. i pray for

Yours Lovely.
Helen Nana.




Arrow (I guess the cost was adding up and he/she/it decided to quit me, but i was not done Twisted Evil

Dearest Robert,

Greeting and best wishes to you this day. Happiness to all your
message . Honey please if there is any way i have hoted your fellings
to me please forgive me and forget. Sweetheart, the form which Paul
send to me today is too much for me to print all of them out and
moreover I really don't understand all about this form of a thing.
Honey I can say that let us quit in this matter for I am tired of all
this forms which you have been sending to me.Honey truth to my
leaving God I can not fill or think of this form again. Let us forget
about this matter for the almighty God will give me someone who will
get me out from this condition and the money will be transferd to his
account.forget of this paul.

Arrow (The forms overwhelmed I guess, so I thought it was time to agree and change direction).


That is a good idea honey. I will contact Paul and get the funds returned to my account and find another way to get the funds to you. Write me back soon..Love Robert

Arrow (He/she/it writes me several times wondering why I just don't drop in at Singapore and send money from the closest WU myself. Never seemed to understand that I was on sailboat close to the African coast. I attempted to explain even by sending a map of Africa showing where I was, but even that never really sank in.)

This map will show you where I am at in my sailboat. Please look at
it. I am NOT in Singapore. I am 4 days from you so please hold
on...All my love..Robert

The Reply:

Sweetheart please drive slowly Rolling Eyes ok God is with you, Honey where are
you right now are you heading to africa continent or where honey, I
really need you honey I want to be with you honey you are the only
person I trusted since my late father died and no one else, Honey
please keep this matter a top secret between both of us ok, Please
honey don't discuss about me where someone is just have it in your
mind till you reach the abidjan port and come to the hotel you will
pay for me and we will meet together and go together to your country.
Honey please get back to me immediately you recive this message for i
ma waiting for your response as soon as possible. Honey I got the map
and dont understand where you are now.

sweetheart God is with you, do not fear for he has already blessed
you forever with a good wife for I know the family I come out from.

Honey take care of yourself.

Yours lovely
Helen Nana.


Arrow ( I now introduce the good Rev. Hubert Schmidt of Augsberg, Germany to her):

My Sweet Baby;

I also do not understand what is going on, but I think you made the
right decision to change your e-mail for security. If you are still
getting strange letters someone may have somehow hacked into your
account. I don't know how they could do that, but I have heard of
those things being done before. I am sending the map again. I hope
this one gives you a better understanding of where I am in the
ocean. I am almost to you sweetheart. I contacted a friend of mine
in Germany and told him about this situation and he told me he
could help me if I wanted him to. He is a minister of a church that
I used to attend when I lived there many years ago. I told him of
the problems you were having with the Homeland Security forms, he
told me in Germany that they do not have those forms. Those forms
he said are only for use in the United States. So I sent him a bank
wire for $25,000.00 and asked him to set up an account at the
Western Union for me. I sent extra money this time because I want
you to hire some bodyguards when you get to the hotel. Find a
security company and hire at least two men to guard over you until
I get there. You need to send him an e-mail telling him where you
want the money sent and all the details please. He told me he can
get it to you tomorrow. His name is Hubert Schmidt, he lives in
Augsberg Germany and his e-mail address is:
[email protected] Please honey write him soon and send
him your passport too. I sent the one you sent me to Paul and
deleted it from my e-mail and now for some reason Paul is not
writing me back. Maybe you were right about Paul. If so I am very
sad and angry with him. I just can not understand why he would want
to hurt me or you. Sweetheart, I read your letter many times, it
was very warm and sweet, thank you for all the kind words. I hope
my love that you can get your money tomorrow without any problems,
please contact Pastor Schmidt and give him the address and details
and your passport picture again. Write me as soon as you hear back
from him...All my love..Robert
p.s No I have never been married, so there is no other. So don't
worry baby I am all yours...mmwwwaaaa..hugs n kisses..Robert

Arrow (Hubert gets an immediate response and another copy of the same passport): Very Happy

Dearest Hurbert,

Greeting and best wishes to you this day, Dearest Hubert, Please I
hope you recived a call from my husband Robert Malow, I am his wife,
My name is Helen Nana, I am a deaf and dumb. My husband told me that
you will send some money to me that he have advice you on how the
money will be sent to me here in this country, I am in abidjan cote
d' ivoire now waiting for my husband to come and pick me up in some
days, Please Hubert he also told me to send my passport and
information where you will send the money to me, I know that you have
spoken with him in this regards.
Dearest Hubert, Please I want you to send the money with this
information, Please Hubert do not make mistakes in sending the money
ok, Please, If there is any mistake while you will be sending the
money to me, I can not pick the payment because here in this country
every information you will come to recieve money from western union
will be corectely done. Please do not make any mistakes ok. Dearest
Hubert, Please below is the information where you will send the money
to enable me recieve the payment at western union tomorrow as soon as


Dearest Hubert, I have attached my passport to this massage, Please
fine the attached file for the passport. Dearest Hubert, Please as
soon as you send the money to me, Please contact my husband and
inform him that you have done that ok. I thank you very much and I
pray that the almight God will protect you all day long aman. Please
Hubert as soon as you send the money please send the MTCN number and
sendars name corectely to me so that I will pick the payment at
western union here in this country. My regards to your family and
well wishars.

Thanks and God bless.
Have a nice day.
Helen Nana.

NB/ Please fine the attached file for my passport.

Arrow (Notice he/she/it is calling themself my wife now)
Twisted Evil (The good Rev.Schmidt has a suprise for her..WU He replies:

Good Day To You As Well Child!

Mrs. Marlow

I must say I was very surprised to hear that Robert was getting
married!! It has been many years since we have spoken and I was
very surprised to get his letter indeed! Maybe I could be so
forward as to ask if you and he would consider getting married in
my church here in Augsberg, Germany? We could make it a grand
wedding indeed!!

Robert told me of the troubles getting money transfered to you from
the United States. We here in Germany "do not" have any Homeland
Security forms,those are only for the United States. We only use
the normal standard Western Union forms. I have attached the
normal forms for you to fill out. Please return them as quickly as
possible so I can proccess this for you and Robert. I am sorry but
Western Union has told me that I will have to split the payment up
into 5 differant payments. I hope that does not cause a burden on
you. It was very nice meeting you in this e-mail Mrs. Marlow and I
am looking forward to meeting you in person someday.

I have recieved your passport and payment transfer information. I
will send you the details as soon as I recieve the required forms
from you and return them to the Western Union office.

Please fill out the enclosed forms and return as soon as possible.

Rev. Hubert Schmidt
Holy Christ Church
1419 Diandoc Road
Augsberg, Germany

Crying or Very sad (Well the Western Union Transafe forms were just to much and ole Robert recieved this):

Dearest Robert,

Greting and best wishes to you this day. Honey I have got another
forms from your freind Hubert again. Please Honey I can understand
now that you are not real you are just playing with me over the
internet upon the kind of situation in in to now, Honey, you would
have told me this in the first place and i will quit from this
surfaness of filling and returning form. I accept my pastors advise
and he have told me not to accept any form or money again that if you
want to come in person you do that (YEAH RIGHT AND GET MY THROAT SLIT), Honey or if you want to send
money to me NO formS just ask your friend to go to western union and
send with the information i sent to him Honey, while all this form, I
and the pastor cannot understand the use of forms at western union
and he have told me to quit from you and that is what am about to do,
Just to hear from you again.

Thanks and God bless you abundantely.

Yours Lovely.
Helen Nana.

Crying or Very sad Heard nothing else for a while now so I think its over. Whatever you guys do don't send lots of e-mails or large dll files Twisted Evil to these two addresses. The second one is brand new, lots of room for dll's that you are not going to send:

[email protected]
Arrow [email protected]

I'm sure I made lots of mistakes in this one, but I still call it a success, wasted a lot of he/she/its time, got a few form letters and made a few personal goals I set for myself (passport and off script fast)..Any advice from you Masters out there will sure be listened to...Had lots of fun..Gator

"where is circus clown,is that where you live?","i got Nissan Mustang 2005 model,really good car honey"Nick Smith [[email protected] Nigeria]
"Hey, i think am becoming stressed up with this transaction with you.....[Andrew Williams][email protected] (epilepsy anyone?) " The most fun a man can have.....With his clothes on."
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How can this be?!!!!!?

Her name is Annarita......but she has the same passport number as your babe!

Has she been seeing you behind my back?

I am crushed....the love of my life has betrayed me.

...and she told me she was saving herself for me....

Annarita's Passport
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