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 Ballsak's and Murdock's Adventure Part I

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 5:31 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Dear Dr.Richard,

Many thanks for your mail reply i do appreciate.
this is how i want you to help me. i want you to stand as my associate who will contact the company where i moved this deposit to for safety. Because when i moved the deposit, i told the company that the box contains family valuables, belonging to my associate and that my associate will be contacting them for release of the deposit.
So you will either travel down to the country where the deposit is secured for the release and after the release, you will take the money to a bank there open an account in your name lodge the money in for onward transfer to your account. If you can not go there, when you contact the company, you will request that the deposit be shiped to you by diplomatic means to your country. When the money is in your possession, you will send me money to make all my travel plans to your place.
In your place, the money will be invested and managed by you because at my age, i do think i will have the strenght to stand the stress of business. And we shall agree on what will be the percentage sharing of investment returns per annum.

Please i do not want you to disclose this transaction to any one even your closest friend. Because they can betray us . This deposit has been safe because of the privacy i have given to please let it remain between you and me . And the company does not know that the box contains money and must not know that.

if you understand all that i have explained and very sure that you will not betray me, nor disappear into the thin air when the money gets to your possession , do send me your complete name, address and contact phone number so that i will forward it to the company where the deposit is and also send you the deposit details to enable you contact the company as my associate. Please if there is anything you do not understand let me know and i will explain to you.

Thank you and God bless you
Yours sincerely
Ms Alice

I lost the original of hers and the one I sent to her so it starts out after I replied to her

Dear Ms Alice,

I was happy to hear from you. I would be honored to stand as your associate. I do know if I am able to travel down there at this moment. However, spring break will be coming up shortly here at the university. At that time I might be able to go, but I stress the word might. I will most likely contact the bank myself and have them send me the money. I will not disclose this information to anyone. However, my secretary will have to be involved a little because she handles the papers around here. Her name is Alotta Punta, but she will not know about the money.

I promise I will not disappear into thin air. I would like to see what you look like. This way I know I am dealing with a real person and my address is this:

Richard A. Ballsak
O'Brien University Department of Hungs.
2699 W. Sausage Ave.
(111) 991-1222

Yours Truly,
Dr. Richard A. Ballsak
O'Brien University

I messed up here because I said I might bring in my secretary, but later I forget that I had mentioned her before my other character Captain John Murdock comes along. By the way all addresses I use are not real along with the numbers Smile

Hello Barrister Usman Ibrahim,

How are you doing on this lovely day? My name is Richard Ballsak and Aisha told me to contact you about getting in contact with the company. E-mail me back soon as possible.

Dr. Richard A. Ballsak
O'Brien University

I sent this after e-mailing Aisha

Dear Dr Richard,
Many thanks for your mail. your words have made my mind and heart to be
calm and relaxed . because when my accounts were blocked and came back
to zero, i was troubled and i sufferred alot of high blood preasure , it
was by the grace of God that i survived and with the thought of this
money which i deposited very faraway from my country to africa .this is
why thie deposit has been safe till date because of how i deposited it.
Please i want you to promise me again, that you will not hurt me, i am
advanced in age and needed someone to lean on , promise me and i will
believe your word.
i also attach my photo. my health is very poor , i wish to be in your
place soonest for better medical treatment.
i want you to understand that the money is NOT IN A BANK. the money was
packed in trunk box . and was declared to contain family valuables
belonging to my associate. So the company where i secured the box does
not know that the real content of the box is money. And this is why the
deposit has been safe till now.
So this is what i want you to do, i want you to contact the company ,
introduce yourself as my associate and since you can not travel down to
the country right now, i want you to request that the ship the box to
your place by diplomatic means. so that when the box gets to you, i will
send you the lock code number to open the box , so that you will take
money from it and send to me to enable make all necessary arrangements
about coming to your place.

This is the contact of the company and the deposit details.
Lave Garde Securite SA
Abidjan cote d'ivoire
Tel:22522414459, 22507513182
Email: [email protected]
Mr.Domkard Akin ( director)

The deposit details are :
Name of depositor: Mrs Alice Lacson
Item deposited : A trunk box of family valuables.
date of deposit: 15-06-2003
deposit code Number:ALPSCBX109
Ref Number: vault/tpd125XX-03-00CIXX

Please remember that the box was declared as containing family valuables and not money, so the company must not know that the box contains money. Please let us keep this joy to ourselves because this is all i have to live with and if anything happens to it , it means suicide to me
i remain yours sincerely
Ms Alice

Even right now she still stresses DO NOT TELL THEM ITS MONEY. Not sure why exactly..I'm guessing to keep me believeing her like there is ANY reason to not believe her. She attached a pic to the e-mail, but I couldn't get it on here.

Dear Ms Alice,

How are you doing on this great day? I'm doing alright except for a slight problem with a rash that doesn't seem to go away. I don't want you to suffer alot of high blood pressure. I promise no harm will come to you Ms. Alice. Your picture makes you look so old and frail and I hope to take care of you the best I can. I actually might be able to travel down there and get it. Well my best friend and college slave said he would travel down there and pick it up if needed. His name is Captain John Murdock and his job is selling expensive objects like Fladuqent gold pieces. I attached a picture of the gold he has sold the other day. He is a very trustworth person. So if you want I can send him down there. I will contact the company. Hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Truly and Forever,
Dr. Richard Ballsak
O'Brien University

This where I bring in Captain John Murdock. An ancestor of the legendary Captain George Murdock...haha. John is in the gold business and e-mails Miss Aisha. However, I lost the two e-mails I have sent to her, but there should be more later...Smile. ALSO I did attach a picture of some gold John Murdock sells...rather good pic I have to add.

Mr.Domkard Akin (Director)
Lave Garde Securite SA
Tel:0022522426448 , 22507513182
15- 03 - 2006

Attn: Dr. Richard A. Ballsak.

I acknowledge receipt of your mail concerning the deposit made here by Mrs Alice Lacson . You are obliged to come down here for the release of the deposit . And in a case where you can not come the deposit will be shiped to your place . After you have fulfiled the necessary legal requirements for the release and shipment of the consignment.

We shall send you a detailed mail of the required release and shipment procedures .

But before we do that, we would want you to confirm to us the deposit security code number and the Reference number for verification to be sure you are the associate .

Yours in service

Mr.Domkard Akin

Mr Domkard finally e-mails me back with the usual crap.

Dear Dr.Richard,

Thank you for your mail. but please i want you to remember what i told you from the start that i want this issue to remain between you and me only .you know there is alot of money , your trusted could be moved by it and then he will plan evil against us . You said it is only secretary that you have told about this , why then did you tell your friend again.

its true that i needed help but please i also want whatever we have agreed to remain that way . Because i have also received mail from your friend offering to come and pick up the trunk box. But if you are very sure of him and that he can handle this, that he can travel down to africa where the deposit is and that he will not disappear into thin air when the money is his possession , then ask him to contact the company with the information that i have sent to you before and he will introduce himself as my associate who will be going for the release of the deposit.

And again , HE MUST NOT LET the company know that the box contains money. Please i want to hear your words before before you ask him to contact the company , i want you to give me your words.

Yours sincerely
Ms Alice

Looks like this scammer is smarter than the average mugu! This is also where I am getting her to think that John will be picking up the "trunk" Smile

Dear Ms Alice,

How are you doing today? I told my secretary only that I might be picking up a trunk box, but not what was inside. My friend is very trustworthy and would not ever break his word with me. I have known him since I was a child and we have been friends since. He doesn't know that there is money in the trunk box only we do so he couldn't tell the company anything about money. I told him it was personal items you wanted to keep in a safe place by your side. I told the company that he would be coming down and picking up the trunk box.

You have my word he will not disappear. I will swear my life to it that he will not disappear. I can guarentee he will not disappear or I will cut off my own balls thats how much I trust Captain Murdock. While he is taking care of that we can talk about what we could do once you got here. You are coming here after I get the money sent to you correct? Hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Truly,
Richard Ballsak

She now trusts the captain after this e-mail. I added in the cut off my own balls because if anyone notices that the scammers must overlook or pay no attention to some of the sentences..oh well.

This is the end to part I and currently I am working on a trophy....hehehe
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