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 love scam published involving Babatunde from Lagos

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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 05, 2006 2:57 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

first emails are the last in correspondence scroll down to read from the start, not that entertaining but it might show some of those new to the love scams how to bait them
I have gotten three photo trophies and one document from her so quite a successful bait and it might not be over yet. The photos are located in the follwing threads

thanks a million sir.

Frank <[email protected]> wrote: It's not my fault that you are too stupid to follow instructions, at least now I can see what you are really like. I wanted to help you but you didnt do as I ask, so go to hell yourself, i am sure thats where you will finish anyway

babatunde koshegbe <[email protected]> wrote: get somebody in your family to go nake for money.
if that is not good ,then go to hell with your money
God will make a way where there is no way for me.

Frank <[email protected]> wrote:
I got the photo but it is unacceptable because
I said naked, you are not naked.dont send me a photo again unless you are naked.
the photo is of very poor quality, it looks like an old newspaper I said to write my name on your body too but you did not do this so you are either quite stupid or you cant read good english, so if you want the money send me a NAKED GOOD QUALITY photo, my patience is wearing thin.
Do not disappoint me again or I i will find another Nigerian girl to visit.

babatunde koshegbe <[email protected]> wrote:
is it that i cant see get thepicture or that you are not redeeming your vows.
i really need to know.
i hope to hear from you ,you need not keep silence now that its pay time.

Frank <[email protected]> wrote:
I didnt understand that last email, I still have not received any photos, I will not be making any payment until I receive them.

babatunde koshegbe <[email protected]> wrote:
If men where God

Frank <[email protected]> wrote:
You should not be suprised as it is obvious that you live in a third world country where the system is very slow, why should I lie about this? Did I lie about the other photos? No I didn't I get the other photos, you only need to send it three or four times. Dont blame me for your slow system.

babatunde koshegbe <[email protected]> wrote:
i am not surprise about your old story of not seeing the picture
ive been expecting you to tell me that.
fine i will send it again once am back from the market as the system
is very slow and it very difficult to attach the picture again.
i will send it 20 times,
so i will see how you will now tell me you didnot see it again.
since its pay time you cockup your usual story,fine keep it up.
i wont be surprise at the end of everything if i didnot get anything from you.
bye and hope you will see this one when i send it again.

Frank <[email protected]> wrote: Babatunde,
Thanks for the email, however I never received the photo so please send it again. I dont know why I didnt receive it, are you sure you sent it properly?
I am waiting for the photo, maybe send it 2 or 3 times so I will be sure to get it. I am looking forward to seeing it, black and white is ok no problem
send it soon so i can send the money to you

babatunde koshegbe <[email protected]> wrote:
am sure the picture is more than okay
now that youve suceeded in geting me nude
wont you send me the money,like you said that if i can get you a better picture you will send in more money.
since you got the picture ,youve been silence.i dont expect you to tell me that you did not see the picture again oooooooo.
i thank you very much for this and its highly appreciated.
ive done more than i can ever think for you,realising the fact that i was
seeking your assistance and you made me do more than i ever think of doing just to
get assistance from you.
all you told me was that you are a man of your words and i took you for a believe
but see what becomes of me.
very unfair,this am too sure you know.
but you should have told me that you dont have any assistance to render to me
i would have understand you better than making me look like a fool.....
Frank,cross my heart am not happy with you.
i did the picture locally that was why it was black and white and people around me most not see
such a thing from me.
yet ,you still went ahead and let me down.
fine its okay by me
my God will make a way.
stay blessed in thy lord God.

Frank <[email protected]> wrote: Babatunde,
It was nice to hear from you, yes try and get the picture today, i want to see you as naked as possible. If you could write Frank on some part of your body instead of holding a sign i would very much appreciate this too.
I may even send you a little more money depending on the quality of the photo. Sorry for being so awkard with you, i know things are hard but I want things to be worth it, you never told me if you liked the photo I sent you.

babatunde koshegbe <[email protected]> wrote:
weve fimished the exercise and today is the first working day after the census .
i will try and get the picture later in the day and if i can get it sometime tommorrow i will send it.
i hope this will be the last thing you will ask me to provide because after this time out i will not send you anything kindly have this at the back of you mind.
i hope you are all ears

Frank <frankirela[email protected]> wrote: Dear Babatunde,
You said that you would send the results of the HIV test to me, so far you have not, I need a copy of the test scanned and sent, also I would appreciate a semi naked photo. This is to make sure that you are not suffering from any other disease. If I have to pay you money I want to get my money's worth. I hope you understand this.
Have a nice day

de koshegbe <[email protected]> wrote:
Dear Frank,
i am happy for all your concern over time .
youve really showed me what kind of person you are.
i hope you got my mail and the result i sent to you as did not send me a reply now that youve got all you wanted.
is this what you mean when you said you are a man of your words.
if there is anything you can do to assist me please kindly do so that i can secure a seat at the exams hall .ive done all you wanted of me why do you treat me like a fool.
the lord in his divine mercy will grant you salvation,healing you and provide all you wanted.
ive at my best for now.
hope to hear from you and if you like do not reply my mails
my God is not asleep.
Dear Frank,
Happy new year to you
i saw your mail
i was trying to put a point clear to you regarding the time frame but
dont want to show any intrest in my future all you wanted is picture
showing your name and been sexy.
is this all help connote?
if you are intrested in helping me kindly do and if not tell me off.
i can differenciate between dating you and helping me.
you are asking for too much if its all about helping me.
do you want me nude for you to help me ??????????
all you said was that once i send down the picture i will get the
but now you are having the picture and you cant keep to your promise
like you said ,you are a man of his words.
are you really a man of your words??????????

>From: Frank <[email protected]>
>To: BABATUNDE KOSHEGBE <[email protected]>
>Subject: Re: hope all is okay
>Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 09:25:29 -0800 (PST)
>Dear Babtunde,
> Thanks for your email, I looked at the photos and they are not
>acceptable as the sign is far too small and the clothes are not sexy.
>want to see you and I want a BIG sign in nice writing not some stupid
> Have a wonderful New Year
> Frank
>BABATUNDE KOSHEGBE <[email protected]> wrote:
>Dear Frank,
>How are you today,i want to know whats happening to you,are you
>far from home or is something the matter with you,kindly allow
>reply my mails,are you okay wherever you might be,are you safe?
>could somebody say something to me?
>i dont really understand whats going on anylonger?can it be that you
>or something?
>i sent you mails and up till date youve not reply any of my mails,is
>with you,i pray all is well with you.
>i just say i should send you a mail to know how you are doing and to
>you of your promise.
>we shall resume on the 8th of January 2006.kind keep this in mind and
>remember to pray as we enter a new year,God will do some new in your
>Jesus name i pray ..............Amen.
>thanks and look forward to hear from you soon.
>have a wonderful new year and dont drive and drink,i care.
>remain blessed in thy lord.

Dear Frank,
how are you today,you dont find time this days to mail me not until i
mail you,is this a sign that am fast becoming a pain in the neck or
i am very sorry if am just that,i only want to keep you posted that the
photographer didnot turnup today as today is friday most people leave
on time for prayer and most lectures are over on time,i will send the
picture to you on tuesday God willing,i will dress nicely to school on
monday as the school is geting set for the graduation ceremony which
up on wednesday and thursday next week.then we shall start our
please frank,dont keep me waiting immediately i send you the
keep your promises,i beg you in the name of God,i dont really have
to go for help,i look onto God for everything.
i keep my line open all day and you didnot even try one day and call
i hope you are really have good time out their.
i will mail you late in the day,i wont be available on monday as i want
attend the holy ghost congress which will commence on the 12th of this
month to 17th.
but i will only attend the start and the end cause of my studies and
its an
all night thing,one will start sleeping in class .
i keep you in the safe hands of God.
remain blessed.

>From: Frank <[email protected]>
>To: BABATUNDE KOSHEGBE <[email protected]>
>Subject: Re: frank on my picture
>Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 10:00:03 -0800 (PST)
>Dear Babatunde,
> I am fine thanks for your great concern, make sure you are holding
>sign with my name on it and some sexy clothes.
> Thanks,
> Frank
>BABATUNDE KOSHEGBE <[email protected]> wrote:
>Dear frank,
>how are you today ,hope all is okay with you.i only want to keep you
>that i will take the picture on friday and if am able to collect it i
>forward it to you.thanks for everything and most especially the stress
>Your in need
> >From: Frank
> >Subject: Re: frank on my picture
> >Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 07:14:26 -0800 (PST)
> >
> >Dear Miss,
> > Yes I told you before to take a photo but you must be holding a
> >with my name on it so that I know it is really you. Any photo you
> >without sending a sign I will not accept.
> > PS Please wear some better clothes, something attractive please.
> >
> >
> > Dear frank,
> >i got your mail,do you want me to take another picture holding
> >my hand where your name 'frank' will be writen on it .
> >is this an evidence or something esle.well, i will do just that but
> >things are the picture will be taken tommorrow or next depending on
> >go to school.and you will have to wait for about three to four days
> >pictue to be printed and now you still want me go begging for money
> >another picture.
> >i will still send you another picture maybe by tommorrow when i get
to my
> >friends office and that is if the boss is not around.
> >i will keep you posted immediately i get the picture ready
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > >From: Frank
> > >Subject: Re: time frame
> > >Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 05:07:36 -0800 (PST)
> > >
> > >Dear Miss
> > > I am afraid that the photos are unacceptable, you need to hold a
> > >with my name as these photos could have been taken from anywhere.
> > >is done properly you will receive the money you need for school.
if it
> > >not done then you will get nothing
> > > Frank
> > >
> > >
> > >Dear sir,
> > >
> > >
> > >i am very sorry if ive become a pain in the neck to you kindly
> > >me,its as a result of me not having
> > >eslewhere to face for assistance.i want to draw your attention to
> >fact
> > >that i have a limited time to the
> > >deadline of the payment of the school fee and the required fee for
> > >cursion and other money payable.
> > >i hope am not asking for too much, i want to believe that God
loves me
> >and
> > >cares, but I find it very difficult
> > >to believe that any longer ,I even find myself wondering if God
> > >exists. I look around at all the Christians
> > >who say that they help people who don't know how to ask for it,
> > >have not even noticed my pains.
> > >If God loved or cared for me, He'd at least help, wouldn't He? But
> >help
> > >has come! Why?
> > >God doesn't love me anylonger or what.Why won't God help
> >going
> > >to be hard for me,
> > >partly because I never really open up with people about my
> > >here I go.
> > >To me it always seems like God likes to torment me or omething.
> > >all hope in life. I've considered suicide,
> > >but reconsidered after seeing your response to assist, I have
asked God
> >to
> > >forgive me for my sins, I've asked Him to come
> > >into my heart and help me do the right thing, but it is always the
> >for
> > >me. I'll have one great day, then the next day
> > >I'll be back where I started, empty and depressed and most of all
> >confused.
> > >How do you get saved? What am I doing wrong to deserve this?
> > >I pray to the Lord everyday, I ask Him to forgive me for my sins
> > >but nothing ever seems to get better.
> > >
> > >My question is, why doesn't God help me? I've been unhappy for the
> >few
> > >years or so since i lost both parents,
> > >and I pray to Him to help me out but it seems like He doesn't help
> >did
> > >studied so hard to gain admission and after that i have
> > >to move from one door to another before i acn even eat,am a lady
> > >been introduced to many things that are not Godly,my good
> > >lord made way out of no way for me and here i am at the done of my
> > >another problem,(financial)why me lord,why???
> > >I feel so alone and just tired of life,I'm soo confused and lost.
> > >like I'm on a road on a moonless night, with no light whatsoever.
> > >I mean I have no clue where I'm coming from and where I'm going.
> > >like I'm just going in circles.
> > >i took all the time i could to tell you how bad am feeling.
> > >it is so bad that i think every little second of the day.
> > >kindly look into my case.
> > >i know my God will pay you back in a million fold.
> > >here i put my case to rest,my God will direct you regarding my
> > >have a wonderful service
> > >Yours in need
> > >Babatunde
> > >
> > > >From: Frank
> > > >Subject: Re: proverbial golden fleece
> > > >Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 03:50:22 -0800 (PST)
> > > >
> > > >Dear Miss,
> > > > I would like to help you wh at age are you? And do you have any
> >photos?
> > > >
> > > >
> > > >Dear frank,
> > > >i am happy to read from you,to start with am a female,i think
> > >out
> > > >is by you given me constaint calleds .
> > > >i dont have a passport for now so i dont really know how you
want me
> > >prove
> > > >you with intelligence or what you really mean by the word
> > > >here is my no.+234-805-624-1262.
> > > >kindly feel free to get to me anytime you feel like as am faced
> > > >financial problem i know somehow,someday God will send a helper
> > > >if you happen to be kindly look at my situation with all passion
> > > >needed.kindly help give my life a meaning.
> > > >God will do something very great in your life as you nurse the
> >intention
> > >of
> > > >helping me.
> > > >i dont really have much to say for now than to pray for you to
> >to
> > > >bring my dreams to reality.
> > > >i believe if am your sister ,you will love me educated with
> > > >background.
> > > >am doing my very best for now.
> > > >if the task in question are Godly task, its fine by me.
> > > >if its as a result of trying to know me better before you help
> > > >welcome and okay by me.
> > > >i look foeward to read and hear from you anytime you feel like.
> > > >have a wonderful time
> > > >yours in need
> > > >Babatunde.
> > > > >From: Frank
> > > > >Subject: Re: proverbial golden fleece Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005
> > > >-0800
> > > > >(PST)
> > > > >
> > > > >Dear Boy
> > > > > I would like to help, first you must undertake some tasks for
> > >help
> > > > >prove your intelligence.
> > > > > Yours
> > > > > Frank
> > > > >
> > > > >BABATUNDE KOSHEGBE wrote:
> > > > > Dear sir/madam,
> > > > >I am Babatunde Koshegbe,a student of university of lagos
> >with
> > > > >matriculation no.990102020.
> > > > >I am an orphan trying to look for proverbial golden fleece
> > > >other
> > > > >child,but i find it very difficult to achiev this objectives
as am
> > >faced
> > > > >with constraint.
> > > > >I am using this opportunity to seek your material,moral and
> > > > >support as i dont have elsewhere to look.
> > > > >I come to you in weakness,fear and much trembling ,i beg of
> >through
> > > >our
> > > > >lord,that you strive with me in whatever way you find suitable
> > >so
> > > > >that my life can be meaningful.
> > > > >As you nurse the intention to assist,my God will path ways for
> > > > >you,favour,honour and remember you for good.
> > > > >Due to the mails in send out for help i've recieved a lot of
> > > > >mostly
> > > > >from male asking my hand in relationship,some asking for my
body in
> > > > >exchange
> > > > >for money,some illustrate their feeling beautifully enough but
> > > > >seeking is just your assistance.
> > > > >We all need someone to lean on.
> > > > >kindly read ;1 timothy 6 v17-20,Phillippians 4 v 11-14.
> > > > >My good lord will meet with you at every point of your needs
as you
> > >send
> > > >in
> > > > >a helping hand.
> > > > >Fathers and Mothers ,kindly standup to this challenge and help
> > >secure
> > > >a
> > > > >future,help give my life a meaning,am living in abject
> > > > >kindly honour the desire for change
> > > > >N;B,
> > > > >If you are tourched and willing to assist ,kindly make all
> > > > >available to ;BABATUNDE KOSHEGBE.
> > > > >What could i have done differently without your support.
> > > > >Thank you and God bless you while i await your assistance.
> > > > >yours faithfully,
> > > > >phone;234-805-624-1262

the doctor said that i think so much that was why i was badly attack by sickness


what i suggest we do is since you want to go into importation of drugs are you sure it is a good business venture to invests the funds in ?

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