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 Our friend Kenny Famous

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 07 Mar 2006
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 7:39 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hey there, It may be a little long winded but it was pretty funny at the time, cant wait to tell him hes actually famous.

05 Dec 2005

hello am willing to get this item for one of my client and i will pay 650 for 2 of it.since u said u only got one i will be willing to pay u 400 USD for it including the shipping cost via bidpay money order once the payment is made u will get ur money immediately u can trust on this i have a valid account with bidpay not paypal so i will be glad on this i have a valid account with bidpay not paypal so i will be glad on this i have a valid account with bidpay not paypal so i will

Sun, 04 Dec 2005

Hi Kenny,
Wow - that is a fantastic offer and one I can't
refuse! My postal
address is 69 Lois Lane, Wolverhampton WV1 4BJ. If
you can send me
the delivery address then I'll get the phone as
soon as possible.
Thank you so very much

05 Dec 2005

hello Richard,
i will go and the payment now since i got ur full name and contact address to do as soon as the > payment is made u will get a confirmation letter from bidpay money order that ur payment has been made and approved and it will be send to ur > destination immediately .so i will want u to get > me notified once u get the confrimation approval from bidpay so that we can process with the transcation as fro m eto get u the shipping detail...ok so i will be expecting ur mail.......

Tue, 06 Dec 2005

Hello there,
I'm pleased to say I have sent the phone off to you. I am awaiting the reply from bidpay so I can collect my money but here is the
tracking number for you.
2311 4115 1819

I sent it via UPS as my nan recommended them before she went mad
and they'd shipped Rudolph here from Lapland so I trust them to deliver the phone safely to you. I have been told it will be with
you take the end of the day on Friday.

I have to go to the doctors now to have the bandage on my
stump changed.


06 Dec 2005

Hello again,
I've had a look at the slip and it was a T not a 2 at the beginning
of the number, so it is as follows
T311 4115 1819
The problem was that my nan was reading the number out to me as I
was typing and she's nearly blind in the one eye she's got left and
her false teeth make her whistle a bit. They've not been the shame
since she was hit in the mouth during bingo last week. I had no
idea it was such a violent game!


07 Dec 2005 19:17:04 +0000


I'm afraid that is the only reference number I have and I had to swop my scanner for a hit of smack last week. My nan's pension just isn't enough to keep me supplied with heroin so I have to make these sacrafices. I have been offered 40 for my other leg so that'll keep me in skag until the end of the week.

Regards, Rich

Wed, 07 Dec 2005

thanks very much for ur mail,i did track the package but it it
was claimed that One or more of the numbers you entered are not
valid UPS Tracking Numbers by UPS. pls i will want u to get me
avalid tracking from the slip u where giving to when u shipped
the item.Or i will be more glad if u can scan me a copy of the
recipt so that i can figure out the tracking # myself bcos i can
recognise it when i see should be some letter and digit no
only digit pls get back to me fast so that i can send the
valid tracking # to bidpay for the quick release of ur payment..ok
thank fro ur business..........

Thu, 08 Dec 2005

I am so confused right now. I don't know if it's the crack joint I had for breakfast or if it's because you are one person with two email addresses or two different people with their own addresses
both trying to buy my phone. What's going on? I feel I'm going mad. Please answer me - before I get the old rusty garden shears from the shed and slit my wrists to end this sorry misery.
Please be quick. I need answers


Fri, 09 Dec 2005

hello,how is ur body now.hope u are getiing better.i pray u do.u havent send me the tracking # yet.pls i need to get it to bidpay ok...........

Fri, 09 Dec 2005


I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I've been at the hospital with my nan. She's very sick because she was beaten up by Victor Meldrew at the bingo again. The doctor fear she may lose the little sight she has left in her eye. I feel so upset and would feel suicidal if I found out anything else bad has happened to me like being robbed.
I have a tracking number for you. The phone should be with you by now unless UPS have been bad but I guess you still need the number to release the money to me. I need the money desperately because it will pay for an operation to save my nans sight. I'm sure you have family that you love very much like I do so you know how important it is that I get the money to save my nan's sight. She has had a very tough life and I want to make her as happy as I can before she dies. She accidentally killed her son (who is my father) on my third birthday. She thought it would be funny id she tripped him over when he was carrying my birthday cake. Unfortunately, the candles set him on fire and he burned to death in front of me and a roomful of small children. I will never forget the smell of his burning hair. I forgave her a few years later after my mother tried to kill me but my nan saved me and lost her eye in the process. Mum's now locked up for life and has just got married to her girlfriend. We don't really talk anymore. More recently, my grandfather died on the same day I had the car crash that killed my reindeer and I lost my leg in. He choked whilst performing oral sex upon his mistress at the retirement home. He was 97. My nan thinks it was a stroke that killed him so don't tell her will you! It was a difficult time for her and I doubt she would've survived if it wasn't for her cocaine habit.

Look forward to hearing back from you very soon. Thank you for listening.


Fri, 09 Dec 2005
> hello dont be confuse am the same person mailing u.that homail is > my pribvate mail box.and this is meant for business i just > use the hotmail to contact u cos u are also aregister hotmail > user i hope u understand better am still > waiting for the valid tracking # ok.......
> thanks


09 December 2005 23:35:36

Subject : hello aunt join me on line now..

hello dear aunt Laurence,

am sorry that i can make it to chat with u and priness the item i fix with u.and a very sorry that i left u alone when chating yesterday.but i think u understand is due to the fast that my time was off surdenly.and i got no money to bye myself time to contineu browsing.i hope u understand .but i will be on line now till day break here so i want u to join me on line now .i wnat to discuss with u.u have been a wonderful angel to me.pls i will be waiting dont take long before u join me.and if u can make it.then we talk later tomorow at our usual time ok.i missed ur comapny today.......



10th Decmber

hello aunt laurence,

i have been waiting online to talk with u but u didnt aprear.pls i will want u to meet me on line the same time we do talk ok.and pls at least to be sure you got this mail.u can reply it ok.And how is my lovely friend richard hope he is fine.pls send me his phone number again and ur so that i can call u both.And i will be glad if u can call me # aswell



13th December


i ahven't heard from you for a couple of days and I was wondering if everyhting is ok. UPS tell me the phone has been delivered but bidpay haven't released the money yet. I really need that money as you know because of my poor poor nan. She said that if I didn't have the $400 for the operation by the end of tomoroow that she would kill herself and I really don't want you have the death of my nan oon your conscience so please release the money as soon as you can. I know you will come good for me because I know what a good person you are and because I know we are now very good friends and I trust you with my nan's life.
Please don't let me down as I love my nan very much and apart from great aunt laurence, I have no other family. My great aunt won't have me to live with her though because she doesn't believe I should take drugs. She is a good lady like that. My nan has very loose morals like myself which makes me love her so much.


Wed, 14 Dec 2005

hello richard,
Am very sorry for the late response,so how are u and ur nan now .i wasnt sure of who was laurence not until when i asked my nephew who do share my mail box with he told me he know u ,priness and laurence,so i get the point.for the package i have get it till now.i can even track it and verify if u truely shipped cos i send back the tracking # i gave as an example of UPS treacking #.pls are u trying to paly games with me.get me a valid tracking # to tender to bidpay for the release of ur payment.or i started having the feeling that u didnt shipped the package.
so kindly get back to me..............

16 December 2005 19:55:55

hello Laurence,
know i had hurt u and princess feeling for me but.i will be glad if u can understand that it due to the bad economy of the country.there was powerfailure when i weas cahti=ng with u last time and the PC when switch off.i was not happy with this at all.i was feeling bad in me in which i know that what what would have happen to u guys also.pls try to understand the suituation of thing.Frm for now onwrd i can make arrangement to caht with u excatly the time we do talk in a nice i wlol be expexting to caht with u everday once its 7:00 ur time and 8:00 my time ok....pls amke it a date .i will join u once it exactly then ok.i love u all dearly.and i will want to ask when are u plaining to come to my plce.pls let me know.u can reply thgis mail for me to be sure u got it ok...



25 February 2006 15:43:02

hello,i rreally missed u i have been sending mail but there havent been any reply.pls give me ur p hone number we need to talk .or u mail me ok or call me +2348065315253............i missed u


hello,thanks for caring,i hope u have help me in talking to princess that i

never meant to hurt her felling for not accepting the present she offered kindly join me now so that we can discuss better ok.


Thu, 08 Dec 2005

I am so confused right now. I don't know if it's the crack joint I had for breakfast or if it's because you are one person with two email addresses or two different people with their own addresses both trying to buy my phone.
What's going on? I feel I'm going mad. Please answer me - before I get the old rusty garden shears from the shed and slit my wrists to end this sorry misery.

Please be quick. I need answers


Sat, 10 Dec 2005

hello aunt laurence,

i have been waiting online to talk with u but u didnt aprear.pls i will want u to meet me on line the same time we do talk ok.and pls at least to be sure you got this mail.u can reply it ok.And how is my lovely friend richard hope he is fine.pls send me his phone number again and ur so that i can call u both.And i will be glad if u can call measwell



Thu, 15 Dec 2005

Hello Kenny, Just wanted to say you are dearly missed and hope you and your family are well, we are looking forward to seeing you.

Aunt Laurence

16th January

hello Aunt laurence,

i will want to ask again is that princess pics.i most confess she is very

pretty i hope she loves me.and i can wait seeing her and richard.pls when

will she be back form usa after her couse cos i will want to speak with her

base on tht course she is offering i am very much interseted in aviation.pls

maqke arrange so that i can see this my love ones am missing u

please mail me ok.......


Hello Aunt Lurence,

i realy missed u all including my daer princess,i will always be with u now

online i u process my coming our.we need to talkj i dont know if u can make

it online todayat our usualy time.anfd again i will want u to give me ur

yahoomesenger so that i can chat with u there if my msn world refuse to open

ok.i am missing u dearly.i realy want to u wth u all in untied kingdom

.so mail me and let me know how far u have gone about my coming


thanks for now talk to u latter in the night today.

i love u


Wed, 18 Jan

hello Richard,how are u doing,and aunt laurence.pls send me her phone # ok.i need to talk to her ok,my younhger one had a car accident during the xmas peroid that why i able to get in touch with u.i never shipped the phone .why?
.pls get back to me ok.

Wed, 18 Jan

It is good to hear from such a close friend. I too have had a very bad christmas. My nan killed herself while in hospital so I am now very upset and miss her very much. I did try to kill myself by taking lots of pills but I didnt realise they were my nan's incontinence tablets so I haven't been able to go for a wee for 6 weeks. I am very upset at the moment and have been struggling very much for money. I have had to go on the game like my nan was and I have taken over her business. The problem is most of her old clients are smelly old men so I don't like doing it but I need for pay for my smack habit somehow and I can't use my nan's pension anymore. I sold my nans flat for a bag of air so I now live in the lovely Jaguar car that Princess gave me. She is a lovely lady and I know that you too love her very much. I drive to see her every day and tell her I lover her very much. But we will never be together because I am so young. If I was 15 things may be different but I am very young and I know she wants to marry someone who will one day be King. I hope that if you marry her and become king you will rememe=ber me and maybe give me a castle that I can live in with my dead nan. I can't afford to bury her at the moment so I have to keep her in the boot of the car. She's happy there. I've taken her to loads of places. Sometimes we go to the shops. Drink sangria in the park, and then later when it gets dark, we go home. Just a perfect day. Feed animals in the zoo then later a movie and then home. O such a perfect day.

25 Jan 2006

hello whatz wrong i havent been hearing from u pls mail me this time ok.and send my aunt laurance phone # i ge to talk to her ok.

Sat, 25 Feb 2006

hello,i rreally missed u i have been sending mail but there havent been

any reply.pls give me ur p hone number we need to talk .or u mail me ok or

call me +2348065315253............i missed u

Sat, 25 Feb 2006

Hello Kenny,

It’s been along time since you've been in contact have you been ok? I was

flying across Nigeria last week and thought of you.

Princess has been missing you a lot, She has finished her flight course in

America and is returning to us. She's decided to start finding a partner

soon and commence the testing to find the right man to carry on the title

and hoping you will come and stay with us to see if you two would get on.

Richard has adopted twins now, he's decided he only wants to keep the one

so was wondering if you wanted one?

He miss's you a lot also, he was so pleased to have heard from you yesterday

he wet himself in excitement so I will be taking him to New York soon to buy

some new trousers. He talks about you every day to me on the phone and

wonders why you don’t return his emails. He uses a laptop that is in his

Jaguar to check them every hour and hopes one day you will be back.

I hope you do not leave us again, Its very traumatic for the entire family,

Im not sure we will be able to cope if you leave us again Kenny.

Yours truly

Aunt Lau

28th Feb

how are u doing today,i was online earlier,but u werent i will join u later i just want to inform vu that i have made my research on the traving process.if we want things to go easily there is two process in which i can use in coming over:by a student visa,or by an invitation visa{which will require a inviation letter}as i told u before.for the student visa u wuill have to help me applied for a good university in ur which after school fees payment has been made and cother necessary things has cbeen done.the school will send a visa to nigeria embassy that i will will be coming over to i will be grant an embassy to come over.
While the invitation will be that u will go and make an enquire in ure embassy that u want me come and vist u from i will be giving an invitation form to which a copy will be send to me a copy will be mail vout to vthe nigeria embassy vi will now have to go for an interview in which i will be grant a visa. after this i will now need a traving ticket to come over in which u promise to send me one.but before i go for interview in embassy i will need an international passpost.i can get in immegration office for $200.i think thatb is no problem since u promise to assist me in coming over to leave with u.i real want to be happy with u over pls let me know which of the two kind of visa u will want to apply for me.p[ls let me know ur opinon over this ok........
thanks very cmuch i love u..........

2nd march

hello aunty,
how are u today.hope u work up well.and howis me
appologies to her that am very sorry that i was unable to talk with her the
last time.u know i manage to broswe.pls help explain things to her so that
she can understand.tell her i love her so dear that i can wait to meet her sorry that i want able to join u online yesterday.i dont have
enough money in my pocket.pls i will want u to tell princess for me to mail
her more of her pix i will want to see that her pretty face in another pix
ok.And that i will be able to speak with her on friday nigth for the hours
of 8:00pm to 6:00am the next morning i will be having and overnight
browse so that we can get time to talk better about our bright
pls i will want both of u to make it a date tomorrow night.
And i will want to know if truely u have good plains for me ,if u
realy intend to assist me in studying in paris,where we are migrating to for
anew and better beginning.i really want to know ur intention and if u
willing to then get me convince with surprise and i will ever adore u.i
want believe more in u cos i have started trusting u.for u are avery kind
and generous person.mayGod help u in all ur doing(Amen).
expect to her from u soonest.

Hi Again,
Since u said i cannot get anaviation degree.i intend to study mechanical engineering or computer science cos i study science and technoly in school.I am a qualified science student.i dont know if u know of any good science course u would have love me to offer,but nevertheless.u can go make an enquire in any university of science and technology in i can fill form for get back to me with ur suggestion.if u realy want to make some change.

6th march

hello, how are you doing was it becos of want i said that made u not to
reply my mail again.i dont mean any harm.i just felt it will be better to be
sincere to each other. pls dont be offened if i hurt ur feeling.i still love
u.i have send u the pix .hope u saw it if u did get back to me with what u
feel about me and ur programs aswel.pls mail me back this time ok........

6th march

Hello Laura,
how are u again,i hope u saw the pic u asked me to send to u with sign.i send it serval times so that u can see.Since at first u didnt believe that i gave du my real pix.hope u how believe all i told u about my real data since u have been doubting me.and i would have love u to do the kindly mail me and let me know whats next ok.i love u

6th March

Thank you for the card, photos and emails, I will reply tomorrow when I have more time


6th march

hello thanks very much for ur mail,am glad that u love does item i send i.but i will want to ask very big question that have been bordering me alot.i dont know if i can realy trust in u.cos ts been my dream coming to live with someone as pretty as u are.pls i want to know if in ur mind u have something good for in if u are truely willing to assist me finiancialy.And if u realy love me as i did love u.pls mail me so that i can rest in mind that am with the right person.i love u for real.pls join me later tonight so that we can chat ok............
One Love.
i love U so Much Laura.


kennson says:

hello who is this

Lau says:

this is richards great aunt, who is this?

kennson says:

am kenny

kennson says:

pls where do u stay

Lau says:

why would you like to know dear?

kennson says:

are an american

kennson says:

i just start leaning how to browse and i want to make good friend

kennson says:

so i will love to know u better

kennson says:


Lau says:

I stay in a little village far from the farms of north west lland, it gets very cold here in the winter

kennson says:

ok where is that located is it in usa

kennson says:


Lau says:

no of course not my son, you need to go to school to learn geography to know and understand the values of where my home is

kennson says:


kennson says:

so what continent is it then

kennson says:


Lau says:

do you like cakes?

kennson says:

yes i do very well

Lau says:

I make lovely cakes, they have a jam and smack layer, especially for richard

kennson says:


kennson says:

u have not tell me what contineent u are from?

kennson says:


Lau says:

what is that my dear?

kennson says:

ur continent

kennson says:

chating room

kennson says:


Lau says:

really? i dont allow him to use them, hes in big trouble now

Lau says:

i dont want him speaking to strangers

kennson says:

am not longer a stranger to him

kennson says:

we great pals

Lau says:

i didnt realise, did you go on holiday with him aswell to see the american polish lephrechaun dance?

kennson says:

no i dont

kennson says:

we are just cahting pal

Lau says:

i see, why does he chat to you? have you met his fiancee?

kennson says:

not at all

Lau says:

really? her name is sky, she is very harsh towards men, very polital lady, youd best chat to her

kennson says:

am from africa

Lau says:

thats lovely, have you been to the north pole before? we are visiting there end of december if you would like to come for dinner

kennson says:

note pole

kennson says:

that cool

kennson says:

but i can afford the fee for tickect to get their

kennson says:

am not that poor nor rich

kennson says:

try to understand am an average africa child

Lau says:

we can pick you up on the way, bring your family wityh you, we can have a feast

ive just spoken to richard, he would love to have you and your family with us

Lau says:

we will come to collect you before travelling up north

kennson says:

so are u saying u will be coming to africa to pick me up

Lau says:

you need warm clothing

kennson says:

i will apreciate that alot

kennson says:

i will even whan to start living with u if u are that kind people

Lau says:

yes you should, we have a lovely big family, but they do have too many toys which we need to hand out all over the world soonish

kennson says:

yes am not that in love with toy

kennson says:

i love reading novels

Lau says:

jane austen?

kennson says:

is that ur name

kennson says:

pls can i sk u of a favour

Lau says:

of course my dear

kennson says:

do u love africans

Lau says:

we love all nationalities that are loyal and trustworthy to us

kennson says:

that nice

kennson says:

cos we are not to okay in my family

kennson says:

and i dont know if u dont mind

kennson says:


Lau says:

thats nice for you my dear, are you not happy?

kennson says:

yes not that happy

kennson says:

cos i pray for abetter future

kennson says:

i dont know if u can be of assitance and make my dreams comes true

Lau says:

are you true and faithfil to god?

kennson says:

yes i am

kennson says:

a pray all days for a savour of my

Lau says:

are you loyal and trustworthy to the people you know?

kennson says:

am a honest person every since i start feeling the breathe of air

kennson says:

i have been a good boy

kennson says:

since my birth

Lau says:


kennson says:

yes i am

Lau says:

never stolen, lied or sworn?

kennson says:

i am hopeful

kennson says:

and wont be entires with other peoples thing

kennson says:

cos i am contented with the little my parenty gave me

kennson says:

ever since child hood

Lau says:

what do you wish for child?

kennson says:

a happy living

kennson says:

and bright future

kennson says:


Lau says:

how do you have the means of making this happen for you?

kennson says:

to look up ahead and work hard

kennson says:

never make any thing discourage me

kennson says:


kennson says:

i will have to leave now

kennson says:

ok cos i have no much time

Lau says:

oh dear im so sorry to hear that

kennson says:

here is my # +2348065315253

kennson says:

ok that is it should i expect ur call

kennson says:

thaqnks very much for ur councel

Lau says:

yes that is fine, i will call you from richards 100tth phone on the 13th

kennson says:

so u are really an america

kennson says:

am i right

Lau says:

i need to go, i have had an accident, the floor is now wet

kennson says:


Lau says:

good night kenny

kennson says:


Session Start: 07 January 2006


kennson ([email protected])

[18:22:41] kennson: hello

[18:23:30] Lau: richard is missing you very much, we've all been


[18:24:05] kennson: i havent been fine

[18:24:07] kennson: i WAS SICK AND ADMIED

[18:24:28] Lau: admied?

[18:26:47] Lau: kenny?

[18:27:14] kennson: hello

[18:27:14] kennson: are u dere?

[18:27:22] Lau: hello

[18:27:50] Lau: what is admied

[18:28:26] Lau: why were u sick

[18:29:05] kennson: i had accident a day to xmas

[18:29:14] kennson: but am now ok

[18:29:18] kennson: healty

[18:30:59] Lau: did you get many presents?

[18:31:11] kennson: no

[18:31:46] kennson: only one from my uncle

[18:31:51] kennson: ok

[18:31:55] kennson: so what about priness

[18:32:41] Lau: she has gone to do a pilots course over in the us

[18:33:00] kennson: ok

[18:33:09] kennson: so whenj was that

[18:33:53] Lau: she flew out on tuesday, she comes online though still

so you can speak to her still

[18:35:15] kennson: ok

[18:35:28] kennson: avaition is anice couse

[18:35:43] kennson: that what i wish to study also

[18:35:50] Lau: thats nice

[18:36:13] Lau: u can speak with her about it, maybe do a course

aswell oneday

[18:39:20] kennson: i tough u wanted to come over to my place

[18:39:41] Lau: we did, but you didnt come back to speak to us

[18:40:05] kennson: yes

[18:40:13] kennson: it want any of my plains

[18:40:32] kennson: i was badly injured

[18:40:48] Lau: shame

[18:41:01] Lau: at least youre alive

[18:41:31] kennson: rthanks to god for that

[18:41:40] kennson: so whatr will be our plains now

[18:41:56] kennson: i mean my comiing over

[18:43:27] Lau: not sure, I am over in Thailand right now, going to

buy property over here etc, the family are in new Zealand

right now so i will need to go over there and arrange where

we will be living and then we can organise getting you


[18:44:17] kennson: hope u come back soon

[18:44:58] Lau: Ill just get you a ticket to come over then order a

taxi for you from the airport

[18:46:01] Lau: It shouldn’t take too long here, I want to buy some

holiday apartments in the south and an art gallery in

Bangkok then i shall return

[18:50:40] kennson: thanks am very greatful for that

[18:50:42] Lau: richard was saying he needs to speak with you

regarding a mobile phone

[18:51:19] kennson: ok

[18:51:30] kennson: so what about him

[18:51:34] kennson: ]where is he

[18:51:38] kennson: ?

[18:51:59] Lau: he is in new zealand also right now

[18:52:46] Lau: he was saying he needs to give you his new address

[18:53:56] kennson: k

[18:54:28] kennson: so can u give him my phone number to call me

[18:54:33] kennson: ok

[18:55:02] kennson: so i will also need a invitation letter to come


[18:55:03] Rich has been added to the conversation.

[18:55:13] Lau: an invitation?

[18:55:21] kennson: will u arrange fr that and send it also

[18:55:38] kennson: yes an invitation letter

[18:55:50] kennson: it will be requested for at the embassy

[18:59:41] kennson: i can come over with out it

[19:00:21] kennson: it will be included with the documents i will

submit to the embassy before i can be granted the visa

[19:00:26] kennson: to come

[19:00:48] Lau: we really missed you over Christmas

[19:01:33] kennson: Thatz why i said the i should be coming son

[19:01:53] Lau: most defiantly, you will be very welcome

[19:02:28] Lau: Richard just called me; he said to me will you email


[19:03:30] kennson: yes i will

[19:04:10] Lau: he has been grieving for his grandmother, my sister of

late and is in a fragile state, he apologises for not being

in contact sooner

[19:04:51] kennson: ok that no prob

[19:05:55] kennson: u should have a cam there

[19:06:59] Lau: afraid not i am sorry, i have a factory over here

which does have computers with webcams, the children im

buying to work there are going to teach me how to use it

[19:07:57] kennson: so when will u leave there

[19:08:43] Lau: when the property is arranged, the childdren are paid

for and my gold has been shipped to the family, shouldnt be


[19:09:42] kennson: so what arrrange will u start making over my

comming to start anew life with u

[19:10:36] Lau: I will simply order a servant to arrange getting you

safley accross

[19:11:32] kennson: so when will that begain

[19:12:20] kennson: have been missing u and i want to be with u?

[19:12:41] Lau: will you be marrying princess?

[19:13:04] kennson: why do u ask

[19:13:17] kennson: does she love me

[19:13:27] Lau: I think she does

[19:13:38] kennson: ok

[19:13:50] kennson: can u do me a favour

19:14:09] kennson: pls send me some few pic of her

[19:17:32] kennson: i love u

[19:17:43] kennson: so have u send thje pics


Session Start: 27 February 2006


kennson ([email protected])

[17:08:21] kennson: hello

[17:08:27] kennson: how are u dong aunt

[17:09:49] kennson: so how is richard and priness

[17:09:51] kennson: ?

[17:10:59] kennson: are u there

[17:11:59] kennson has left the conversation.

[17:12:49] kennson: pls talk to me

[17:13:03] kennson: dont u wanna talk

[17:13:25] Laura: sorry i am here

[17:13:59] kennson: ok

[17:15:00] kennson: priness is a very pretty girl

[17:15:05] kennson: i love her

[17:15:13] Laura: did you recieve princess's one? I am far too old to

be sending photos of myself

[17:15:21] Laura: she loves you too

[17:37:27] Laura: I need to charge the laptop up, i will be back soon

[17:37:31] Laura: Bye kenny

[17:37:31] kennson: ok


| Session Start: 27 February 2006 |

| Participants: ||

| kennson ([email protected]) |


[18:34:21] kennson: is that priness

[18:34:37] Miss Phil: kenny! kenny is it really you?

[18:34:56] kennson: yes long time

[18:35:05] kennson: i missed u alot

[18:35:15] kennson: it been lonely without u girl

[18:35:25] Miss Phil: oh kenny you made me blush

[18:35:44] Laura: kenny is sending us a photo of him princess

[18:35:50] Miss Phil: no that's alright

[18:35:57] kennson: i want very busy this days ok

[18:36:01] Miss Phil: oh my god really? im so excited!

[18:36:02] kennson: i will make it up to u i promise

[18:36:13] kennson: and me too

[18:36:27] Miss Phil: when can we see the photo

[18:36:45] kennson: u people arealy agift to me u gave my life a lift

[18:36:59] Laura: thats really nice

[18:36:59] kennson: i will send it now ok

[18:37:14] kennson: i love ur pix priness u are pretty enough

[18:37:16] Miss Phil: thats very sweet of you kenny, my life is better

for knowing you

[18:37:38] kennson: thanks

[18:37:41] Miss Phil: oh thank you kenny that means a lot

[18:37:46] kennson: so how was ur course

[18:37:57] kennson: hope it when on fine

[18:38:34] Miss Phil: yes it was quite difficult but fine

[18:39:02] Laura: Princess will be taking us on holiday soon, she will

be the pilot

[18:39:12] kennson: that the coure i also dreamt of

[18:39:23] kennson: i realy to aviation

[18:39:39] Miss Phil: maybe you should come fly with me

[18:39:41] kennson: ok nice aunt

[18:40:38] kennson: priness do u like blacks

[18:41:58] Miss Phil: yes i like anybody i have dated a black man

before i am not rascist

[18:42:10] kennson: ok i love u for that

[18:42:44] Miss Phil: love me gosh

[18:49:25] Miss Phil: its fate we were meant to meet so we will stay


[18:50:00] Miss Phil: you are a handsome chap

[18:51:44] kennson: i love u so much that i will want to be with u for

the rest of my life if aunt is approved of it

[18:52:13] Miss Phil: kenny thats a big thing to say i hope you mean


[18:52:22] kennson: yes i do

[18:52:29] Laura: I think that is lovely, of course we will need to

meet you and put you through a series of tests initially

[18:52:34] kennson: from the deepest part of my heart

[18:52:48] Miss Phil: i dont want my heart broken

[18:52:50] kennson: i meant every word i say this moment

[18:53:29] kennson: no

[18:53:32] kennson: i promise

[18:53:45] kennson: u wont belive that i scan ur pix and paste it in

my room

[18:53:57] kennson: cos i though i will never see cu again

[18:54:08] Miss Phil: oh kenny thats lovely

[18:54:09] kennson: or talk to u people

[18:54:22] kennson: aunt

[18:54:25] Laura: yes

[18:54:43] kennson: i love hert

[18:57:25] kennson: i only have 25min

[18:57:37] Miss Phil: no kenny you cant leave us

[18:57:57] Laura: we will be most upset, i dont like it when princess


[19:03:01] kennson: tell me more about what u love doing most

[19:03:02] kennson: ?

[19:03:25] kennson: i will want to surprise u alot when i come over

[19:03:57] Miss Phil: i hope to sing, and paint and exercise

[19:04:03] Miss Phil: i love to sing...

[19:04:12] kennson: i am good at drawing

[19:04:32] kennson: i know that and people around love what i draw

[19:04:48] kennson: u can do that paint when ci draw ok

[19:04:56] kennson: that will be fun honey

[19:05:10] Miss Phil: i could paint u

[19:05:24] Miss Phil: it would be very romantic

[19:05:26] kennson: and ci will draw u aswel

[19:05:34] Miss Phil: thank you

[19:05:49] kennson: i will draw ur pix i promise and scan it to u



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