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 Childish IM session, but a load of fun to do

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 11:42 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I'll post this separately to the actual bait because this was just a bit of fun I had tonight trying to embarrass the lad and slip in (ooer missus) as much innuendo as I could toward the end. Even if the bait falls flat I had a riot in this chat tonight. It starts off slow and picks up as it goes along Very Happy

LAD: Oh k i understand you sweety
ME: hey. how're you doing?
LAD: i`m kool
ME: good. how are things in spain?
LAD: Kool
ME: good. good. well i'm shattered. a 90 minute car journey for no reason than the bloody mindedness of someone never gets you in a good mood
LAD: who
ME: one of my new clients
LAD: well try to make things easy for them
LAD: it good to be good to them
ME: i would have if they hadn't made me drive there. still, i'll charge them my normal fee for the time i had to drive there and back, so there's another 100 on top of the 350 for the job. not bad for a day's work
ME: what do you charge for your outfits?
LAD: i don't charge much
ME: i charge a flat rate of 50 an hour for the work here
LAD: oh i charge 70
ME: an hour or for an outfit?
LAD: an hour
ME: and how long does an outfit take to make?
LAD: just 3 hours
ME: that's pretty quick then. do you charge during the consultation as well?
LAD: oh yes i do
ME: so your outfits would work out about say 280 each then?
ME: that sounds pretty reasonable.
LAD: yes thanks you
ME: not that i'd buy one of course. i take it you only do female clothes
LAD: Oh really
ME: am i wrong then?
LAD: yes
LAD: lol
ME: what kind of things do you make for men? maybe i could do with an image change and you could be the person to do it
LAD: i make T-shirt,shirt and Trousers
ME: ahh, now tee shirts i can associate with. i normally just wear black ones though
LAD: Oh really
LAD: well what`s your size
LAD: ?
ME: i'm a 42 chest and a 30 waist. my chest is slightly over what's normal because of my shoulders being so broad
LAD: ok
LAD: no problem when i get home i`ill look for your size and keep it for you
ME: i had a suit made once and the tailor told me i have a disproportionally large chest measurement
LAD: then when you come to me i`il give it to you
ME: i'd like that
LAD: haa lol
ME: i'm sure you know how it works for men though, how the chest is almost always a certain percentage more than the waist
LAD: haa yes i understand
ME: he said my percentage difference was 50% larger than normal
LAD: ok
ME: well now i've told you all i know about clothing. lol. does it work the same with women too? is there a percentage thing?
LAD: Yes is it
LAD: depends on breast
ME: i suppose it's a hip/rib thing with women
LAD: yes both
ME: actually there's 2 more things i know. your grip with both hands is the same as the size of your neck, so you can touch the middle finger and thumbs of both hands around your neck. and if you hold your arma out at length, that's almost exactly your height too

LAD: yes you are right
ME: well that's definately th extend of my knowledge. unless the fact your penis size is relative to your foot size is true
LAD: haa lol
LAD: you are great
ME: is it true? i'm sure you've measured men for their outfits
LAD: yes i`ve done that several times
ME: and is it? go on, you can tell me Wink
LAD: what you like to know
LAD: Smile
ME: is a man's penis size related to his shoe size? i've only got my own to go by so i can't say if it's true or not
LAD: penis
LAD: ?
ME: yes. do big feet mean a big penis?
LAD: anyway i don't deserve the question
ME: i'm sorry if i embarrased you. my curiosity got the better fo me
LAD: ok
ME: i'ma naturally inquisitive person
LAD: ok
ME: you come home tomorrow don't you?
LAD: Yes i`ill
ME: what time's your flight?
LAD: 6 pm here
ME: what's that our time?
LAD: that would be 9 :00 am at home
ME: and how long's the flight?
LAD: i`ill arrive home 7 pm our time
LAD: brb
ME: k

LAD: i`m back
ME: wb
LAD: thanks
ME: so looking forward to getting back home?
LAD: Yes ive got things packed
ME: passsport and ticket in a safe place?
LAD: Yes
ME: bottle of something spanish put in the suitcase?
LAD: all is safe
ME: good. i always worry about things like that. even when i go to the barbers i worry i may have misplaced my wallet
LAD: Oh yes you are right
LAD: it`s good to be sensitive
ME: how will the material get back now? are you booking it in ont he same plane or will they deliver later on?
LAD: Oh i`ill get it ship home by Fedex tomorrow before i leave
ME: right. i take it you ordered a lot in then to make the trip worthwhile
LAD: Yes it`s alot i order
ME: that's the good thing about my job. 10 grand's worth of computer equipment and you're set up
LAD: ok
LAD: so by 11 :00 am tomorow i`ill go call fedex to come get them home
ME: cool. then when you get home we can arrange a meeting
LAD: Yes offcourse
ME: should i bring a gift with me? bottle of wine maybe?
LAD: oh i`ill be very hapopy
ME: or are you more a jd fan?
LAD: yes
ME: jack and coke or on the rocks?
LAD: on the rocks
ME: i like mine straight. no coke, no ice
LAD: ok
ME: how about food?
LAD: you mean you want to bring up food ?
ME: no. i mean what do you like. i can take you out for a meal
LAD: oh anything
ME: you must have a favourite

ME: or am i taking you to a sub? lol
LAD: well you can take me out for meal
ME: anywhere in particular?
LAD: i like to hamburger
ME: that's not very special though is it? i was thinking a country
LAD: i like hamburger
LAD: ok
ME: any preference? there must be dozens of restaurants you've been wined and dined at
LAD: yes when you are here i`ill look for a nice one
ME: ok. no preferences though. i like chinese and indian myself. never too fussed on thai and i find italian bloats me
LAD: ok that`s great
ME: are there any good indian restaurants near you? or shall i cook you one of my specialities?
LAD: well it `ill be good if you cook it yourself
ME: ok then. i'll cook you one of my variations on indian cuisine

LAD: kool
LAD: i like vegetarian food
ME: that's fine. i can whip up a veggie balti with gobi aloo saag and bombay potato. all vegetarian. do you have red or white wine with veggie meals?

LAD: yes i do
LAD: are you a good cooker?
LAD: Smile
ME: i am yeah. i love to cook.
LAD: kool
LAD: i can't wait to tats
ME: though i like it spicy
LAD: taste your food
ME: i don't do many vegetarian dishes. usually they're part of the side dishes. are you veggie or vegan anyway?
LAD: veggie
ME: ok. so i don't have to be quite so careful with the ingredients. strict?
LAD: yes
ME: so no fish either then?
LAD: ha you must put fish
ME: so fish is ok? do you allow gelatin in your meals?
LAD: yes i do
ME: so you're not too strict then?
LAD: yes
ME: we're ok for jell-o after?
LAD: yes
ME: and soup for the starter? fish or vegetable?
LAD: Fish
ME: ok. clams?
LAD: ok
ME: bearded clam ok for you?
LAD: yes it`s okay
ME: so a starter of bearded clam then. i'll need to bring the most juicy ones from here with me
LAD: oh that`s great
ME: bearded clam soup that is. unless you want a plate of then on the side too?
LAD: yes
ME: a plate of bearded clam and a bearded clam chowder for a starter then?
LAD: oh yes
LAD: sweety you have been so good to me
LAD: i`m happy to talk to you on here
LAD: i hope to see you online before i go to fedex for the shipping of those materials
ME: i hope so too. shall i brunk my jello mound moulds with me?
LAD: yes do
LAD: it`s 10:17 pm here
LAD: i`ill have to bed now i`m feeling sleep by now
ME: ok. you can have a jello mound for dessert. would you like special cream on top of your mounds?
LAD: lol
LAD: i hope to see you tomorrow
LAD: yes i`ill
ME: ok. nn honey
LAD: so honey when i wake up tomorrow i`ill look for you on here so we can talk more on here
ME: i'll bring a bottle of wine and a pearl necklace with me to give to you. would you like me to lay a pearl necklace around your neck?
LAD: waooooo i can't wait
LAD: that`s very nice of you
ME: it'd be my pleasure. make me a deal though. remind me in an email i promised to lay a pearl necklace around your neck. that way i can see it and remember to go buy you one. deal?
ME: better do that now in case you forget in the morning with the rushing to get to the airport

LAD: oh i`ill
ME: ok. because that way you can hold me to it
LAD: so you want me to send you a messge to your e-mail
ME: yes
LAD: that you promise to put necklace on my neck
LAD: kool
ME: a pearl one yes

LAD: kool
LAD: i can't wait for you to put the necklace on my neck
ME: me neither.
LAD: i bet it `ill be nice
ME: it'll be special, just for you
LAD: oh
LAD: i`m so happy Christophe
ME: you make me happy too
LAD: ok
ME: have you sent me the email to remind me yet?
LAD: i got to do that now
ME: you know i am with letters. an email is always best. and i can't deny the fact i promised to lay a pearl necklace around your neck then. it'll be proof we can't deny
LAD: oh kool
ME: maybe i could buy you a ring too
LAD: wow i`m very happy if you do so
ME: maybe i could buy us matching ones
LAD: wow you sounds so great tonite
ME: i could give you one and then i could slip my pinkie in your ring too
LAD: oh i know what to do
LAD: i`ill buy one ring foir you too i promise ok
ME: ok. it's a deal Smile
LAD: yes
ME: you must be ready for bed now.
LAD: yes but let me send you the message
ME: yes. that's very important
ME: i can check it tomorrow thenand go to the shop and buy them for you
LAD: oh that`s kool
LAD: i promise to get you a ring ok
ME: and i hope this will be the first of many rings i buy you
LAD: yess
ME: we've become very close very quickly my dear. i can't wait to meet you in the flesh
LAD: Neither me too
LAD: i can't wait to hold you
ME: me neither
LAD: ok
LAD: i`ve sent the message now
LAD: ok
ME: i se it flashing up to let me know. i'll open it tomorrow though so it'll keep flashing at me in the morning
LAD: ok that`s great
LAD: ok
LAD: so christophe i`ill have to go now
ME: you made sure to remind me it was a pearl one now didnt you?
LAD: oh i didn't
LAD: i just mentioned Necklace in there
LAD: i hope you `ill remeber
LAD: huh
ME: whoops!!! listen sweetheart i'll forget by the morningit was a pearl one. can you resend it and make sure you say pearl? i know it's a pain, but i'm awful at remembering things first thing
LAD: ok
ME: i have to be out at 6am and if i don't see it it'll totally slip my mind
ME: i really am useless in the morning
LAD: haa lol
LAD: ok i`ill resend it now
ME: ok. thanks sweetie
LAD: ok i have done that
ME: that's great. now i won't forget. better go get to sleep then honey. nn. sleep well
ME: and i'll speak to you in the morning

LAD: ok kool
LAD: thanks for making my day fun and good
ME: and you for making my day so special
LAD: you don't make me feel Bored since i met you
LAD: oh great '
ME: look after yourself now. and i'll see you when you get back here
LAD: ok sweety
ME: nn xxxxx
LAD: i gotta go sleep now lol
ME: yes you do. now GO Wink
LAD: ok
LAD: i`m off here sweety
LAD: take care of yourself for me
ME: ok. you go now. speak to you soon
LAD: ok
LAD: >Very Happy<:-*Mad

And of course I got the email too

Subject: Sweety you promise to put PEARL Necklace on my Neck ......
To: ************
hello my sweety honey ,you do promise to buy me a PEARL Necklace and you `ill put it on my neck when you come to my house oh i`m looking forward to that i can't wait . and i do promise you too that i`ill get you a nice ring so i`ill put in your Finger ok .thanks ******** i like talking to you you make me keep falling for your words ok i can't wait to meet you ok take care and have a nice time i`m going to bed now ok

Mortar x56
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 7:20 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Nice to see the conversation in full mate...

I'll have a few more suggestions for ya next time Laughing

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