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 Nauseating love letter

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Gully Bull
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 3:10 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I am baiting a poor orphan called Justina. My baiter-character's surname is a well known type of breakfast cereal made of oats (very popular in Scotland, I believe) but apparently it's not known in Nigeria.

It amuses me that I am a woman in character as a man, and she is probably a man in character as a woman. If my stomach was any less strong, the following would make me puke...

Dear Luke Warm,
Are you missing me?just hope you do because I miss you terrible .am just a concerned lover.

Honey,you are wondering if I have fun at all,I had a very big laugh when I read that portion,Life without a little fun here and there will be so dull and miserable afterall nobody traverses this planet twice.Ours is a beautiful world so I live it to the fullest in my own way but with the fear of will find out when you get to know me better.

But now, here's why I can't be bothered with you Luke, dear...

Since this is our effective means of communication for now,let me give you hints of what my itinary look like for now.I am currently working on a project which I would be rounding off with by month end.My job is one that requires a lot of mental exercise,so I am a busy bee for now.hope you dont mind.

No, I'm grateful

Darling you sound so romantic and passionate,your romantic messages takes my breathe away and is making me restless to meet you soonest,keep it up I just love them.try and finalize with the security company !!!some body down here is burning up for your love.

Have some gasoline - burn a little faster darling...

Genuine love is like a fragile flower,it must be maintained and protected for it to survive.Love can perish when there is no time for romantic activity and when the two people in the relationship forgets how to talk to each other.The biggest disease today is not HIV but rather the feeling of being unwanted,uncared for and deserted by everybody,now that we have found and love each other/to keep the fire burning brightly,keep the two logs together near enough to keep each other warm,and far enough about a fingers breath--for breathing room.Good fire Good love--same rule applies.

And you are certainly one heck of a log, Justine

The formular for achieving a succesful relationship is simple.Treat all disasters as if they are trivaility,but never treat a trivaility as if it were a disaster,by admitting when you are wrong and shutting up when you are right keeps love brimming in a relationship.Honey ,I wish above all things that you are here with me in flesh and blood to confirm and prove your love.Guess I have to be content for now with your romantic messages,so keep the fire burning bright with them.Out of sight is not out of mind I am aching for your love.have a fun filled week.

But that's enough of that - back to the script, and a different font too...

Beloved Luke, I am just coming back from the security company premises and the Operational director summarized to me the extent they have gone with you and that the delay is from you.
. As I have to retrospect the aspects of delay from our transaction for the retrieval of this consigment fund. Main causes are of my financial position that I could not afford much money enough now to pay for the charges. Unless I have to ask inevitably for help from someone alse in my territory,though it might take a longer days.

I acknowledge that I owe you for both your enormous effort and money extended to during the onset transaction. Luke, according to Mr.Melford Okilo's last conversation to me today upon the receipt of your mail,he hinted me that he might have tried and found the way to manage the direct delivery to you. If he can do that I think variety problem/ delay can be solved by half. And I will not hesitate to meet him for any possible way with your cooperation.Luke, I am sitting on my knee to the ground and appeal you to find the way out and help carrying out this pending transaction at your earliest possible time.Pls help and find any positive options, so that our all sides can carry out this challenging task successfully and fruitfully to our both sides, and with out any risk of lost and damages incurred.

I know that you have been following my instructions from the onset of the transaction and it works for us, so I want you to compromise with me in this regard.This is as a result of my close discussions with the Operational Director Mr M3lf0rd 0k1l0 in early hours of today.

I appreciate your kind reply and look forwards to your effective option to be chosen.

Yours ever,


Thank you very much for the insult, at least i am not a crook like you. REMEMBER THE MONEY YOU LOST DUE TO GREED AND STUPIDITY.
Elizerbirth Hemans.
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