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 Problem: imbecile lawyer

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, 2004 8:55 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This mugu didn't want to pick me up at the airport!

Dear Amed,

I arrived in Amsterdam and I am really worried about things here. Your lawyer, Howard Woods, happened to be a true imbecile. I donít doubt that his father is a very clever and honest man, but the son is such a jackass you wonít believe.

Before I left Israel, I sent him a message trying to explain him how important was that he picked me up at the airport, and how he should wait for me there, safeguarding me from scammers and fraudsters. You wonít believe what he did: he slightly edited my own message to turn its meanings upside down, and then resent it to me.

I cannot trust such an imbecile. A lawyer can be everything but a dumb. Our matter is too important to be left in hands of a donkey.

Check yourself, this is my message to him:

Dear sir,

I am going to Amsterdam anyway.

May be there is a misunderstanding. When I told you that I am scared, I didnít mean I am physically scared. Mark Lewis and their men are not that kind of problem, I dealt with them so I can assure you this. But they are convincing as hell and they had the necessary information to persuade me. They were over there before anybody else came, they had my email address, name and photo. I am afraid of being scammed, not of being physically attacked. The kind of danger I want to avoid is not related to any personal attack.

And I donít want two trunk boxes arriving in my country full of you know what. That would be ridiculous! There are more civilized and secure ways to transfer money, I have already arranged that. I cannot believe you think that such a cargo wonít be inspected by our custom officers. They are worse than dogs, all the time looking for drugs, money laundering, explosives and terrorists.

I know you will pick me up at the airport. We will do this because Amed is my friend and your fatherís friend. And you will be my personal safeguard against any danger of fraud, not against physical aggressions (I will take care of such possibilities myself). No need to say that if you are not ready to do such a simple thing, I would not trust you anymore. Of course we will not conclude this transaction without having met each other in person.

I know you will understand and everything is going to be all right.

Sincerely yours,


This is what he ďrepliedĒ (actually, just an edition of my previous message):

I am just received your mail, first and foremost, i want to assure you that i am a man of his word and my word is my bond, i am also writing to inform you that your presence in Amsterdam is not required by the security company and as such Mr Amed has instructed them to either transfer the money into your account directly or ship the two trunk boxes to you in Jerusalem, as he does not want to lose his money to fraudsters because the fund are meant for charity organization. But since you stated in your last email to me that it would be ridiculous for the two trunk boxes to be shipped to you in your country, as the custom officers will inspect the boxes in your country and might confiscate the boxes. With this I quite agreed with you because you know your country better than I am.
May be you misunderstood my last mail to you, When I said that your presence is not require in Amsterdam, this does not mean that you are scared, I didít mean that you are physically scared of Mark Lewis and his men, I quite agreed with you that, this are not that kind of problem you can not dealt. Please be informed that the security company do not want your presence in their company as they are avoiding making payment to a wrong person different from the beneficiary they were ask to pay by Mr Amed. The kind of danger I am avoiding is not also related any attack from Mark Lewis and his fellow scammer.
Since you donít want two trunk boxes arriving in your country, the security have decided to wire the funds through their correspondent bank to your nominated bank account in Jerusalem. I cannot come down and pick you up at the airport. Because the security company do not need your presence in Amsterdam. I am doing this for you because Amed is my fatherís friend. And I am already safeguarding you against any danger of fraud, as directed by the Security Company and Amed. Please I am also forwarding this email message to amed for his own confirmation and perusal, so there is No need talking further in this regards, if you feel that you cannot follow my instruction as directed by the security company and also you do not trust me anymore in this transaction, I would advice that you stop contacting me for further correspondent in regards this transaction. We can conclude this transaction without having met each other in person based on trust and carrying out of directives.
I hope you will understand that the money is going to be transfer into your nominated bank account without any delay if you follow my instruction and meet up with the security company requirement.
Yours faithfully,
Barrister Howard Woods.

Please, my friend, urgent action is required. Try to get another lawyer soon.




I wish to inform you that I have not quit from this deal despite the fact that you are georging me wrongly. Macanthoney Williams.
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