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 Aimee's New Lover

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2005 2:39 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I found my mugu through a message board for victims of scams. With full permission of the scammed individual I stared toying with the mugu. But little did i know that my VERY FIRST scammer was related to this guy. She said that her scammer that looked like the one my website also went by this screenname myluv...4uisreal (just omit the ...) Apparently he ripped his pictures off this website:


Aimee's gotten crafty and more bold. See how she tries to blend herself into the world of the criminal...

[16:16] *** You have been successfully added to martins's contact list.
Session Close (martins): Mon Jul 11 16:16:16 2005

Session Start (aimee:martins): Thu Jul 14 07:32:13 2005
[07:32] aimee: hi
[07:32] martins: hello
[07:32] aimee: how are you
[07:33] martins: kool
[07:33] martins: can't remember u?
[07:33] aimee: why not?
[07:33] aimee: you IMed me about a month or two ago
[07:33] aimee: i saw your name pop up in my IM list
[07:33] aimee: lol can't really remember you either
[07:33] martins: what ur name?
[07:34] aimee: aimee
[07:34] martins: ok
[07:34] aimee: whats ur name
[07:35] martins: martins
[07:35] aimee: where do you live?
[07:36] aimee: i'm in baltimore MD
[07:36] martins: mn
[07:37] martins: moundsview
[07:37] aimee: i've never been there whats it like
[07:37] martins: in usa
[07:38] aimee: right
[07:38] aimee: what do you do for fun
[07:38] martins: play basketball,swim dance
[07:38] aimee: can i send u my pic
[07:39] martins: yes
[07:40] aimee: its taking awhile
[07:41] aimee: are you on dial up?
[07:41] martins: yes
[07:42] aimee: its reaalllly slow
[07:42] aimee: do you have a pic to share?
[07:43] martins: that my pics
[07:43] aimee: what
[07:43] martins: here in the chat box
[07:44] aimee: i can't see it Sad
[07:45] martins: click on the image box
[07:46] aimee: i can see me not u
[07:46] aimee: i'll brb ok
[07:47] martins: ok
[07:47] *** You have been disconnected. Thu Jul 14 07:47:22 2005.
Session Close (martins): Thu Jul 14 07:48:54 2005

Session Start (aimee:martins): Mon Jul 18 10:46:37 2005
[10:46] aimee: hello
[10:47] martins: hello
[10:47] martins: can i no u?
[10:47] aimee: yep
[10:47] aimee: i'm aimee
[10:48] aimee: i live in maryland
[10:48] martins: 4rm where?
[10:48] martins: ok
[10:48] martins: can i see ur pics?
[10:49] aimee: sure i'm sending to you
[10:49] martins: did u see my pics?
[10:49] aimee: yes
[10:50] martins: what about it?
[10:50] aimee: i'm sorry?
[10:51] martins: my pics is it fine?
[10:51] aimee: yes you are nice looking
[10:51] martins: ty
[10:51] aimee: what are you doing today?
[10:52] martins: nothing
[10:52] martins: u?
[10:52] aimee: its my day off
[10:52] aimee: plus i'm sick Sad
[10:53] martins: why?
[10:53] aimee: i don't know
[10:53] aimee: i might be pregnant again
[10:53] martins: sorry
[10:53] martins: did u see the doctor?
[10:54] aimee: not yet
[10:54] aimee: i lost my last baby
[10:54] martins: oh no
[10:55] martins: sorry
[10:55] aimee: its ok
[10:55] martins: what happen?
[10:55] aimee: i'm not sure...i was about a month or two along and then i started bledding
[10:56] martins: on
[10:56] martins: so u married?
[10:56] aimee: yes i am but not happily
[10:56] martins: ok
[10:56] aimee: it was an arranged marriage
[10:57] martins: oh sorry
[10:57] aimee: its ok i deal with it
[10:57] martins: so what ur intention now?
[10:58] aimee: what do you mean?
[10:58] martins: what do u wannqa do now?
[10:58] aimee: well i don't have a choice about the marriage but i have a choice about love
[10:59] martins: ok
[11:00] aimee: how about you?
[11:01] martins: well i told u i lost my family
[11:01] aimee: yes
[11:02] aimee: and
[11:03] aimee: hello?
[11:04] martins: yes
[11:04] aimee: you lost your family? i'm sorry
[11:05] martins: ty
[11:05] aimee: do you have a girlfriend?
[11:05] martins: no
[11:05] aimee: do you want one?
[11:05] martins: yes
[11:06] aimee: do you want me to be your girlfriend?
[11:06] martins: well
[11:06] martins: it denpend on u
[11:07] aimee: why on me?
[11:07] martins: it denpen on what u want?
[11:08] aimee: i want to love
[11:08] martins: yes u r free
[11:08] aimee: so can i love you?
[11:09] martins: yes u r free
[11:09] aimee: if i left my husband would you marry me?
[11:09] martins: yes
[11:10] martins: baby
[11:10] aimee: are you a christian?
[11:10] martins: yes
[11:10] martins: u?
[11:10] aimee: yes
[11:10] aimee: this is one of the reason i had to get married
[11:10] aimee: father bukach.e is looking for someone to take over the congregration
[11:12] martins: ok
[11:12] aimee: if i could find love with that then i would be complete
[11:17] martins: honey i do have to go now
[11:17] aimee: ok bye
[11:17] aimee: ttyl
[11:17] martins: bye
[11:18] martins: ok
[11:18] martins: bye
Session Close (martins): Mon Jul 18 11:18:09 2005

Session Start (aimee:martins): Tue Jul 19 08:30:37 2005
[08:30] aimee: hello sweet heart
[08:30] martins: how r u?
[08:31] aimee: i'm good
[08:37] martins: honey u there?
[08:37] aimee: i'm ehre
[08:37] aimee: here
[08:38] aimee: i have some sad news
[08:38] martins: honey can i buy u some flowers?
[08:38] aimee: sure!!!
[08:38] martins: gift basket?
[08:38] aimee: i love flowers
[08:38] martins: ok
[08:38] martins: but i will need ur home address to send it to u?
[08:39] aimee: ok 840 guilford avenue, baltimore maryland 21202 ((EDIT: This is an address for a Dunkin Donuts - lol))
[08:40] martins: ur name in full?
[08:40] aimee: Aimee Lou B
[08:41] aimee: my married name is Smith
[08:42] aimee: i love pink roses
[08:43] aimee: Smile u r so sweet to send me flowers
[08:43] martins: ty
[08:43] aimee: my parakeet peety died last night
[08:43] aimee: i'm very sad because he was a sweet bird
[08:44] martins: oh no
[08:44] martins: sorry
[08:45] aimee: thanks its very sad
[08:46] aimee: so what kind of flowers are you sending me?
[08:46] martins: roses and some gift basket
[08:46] martins: lol
[08:47] aimee: why do you want to send these to me?
[08:50] aimee: hello?
[08:54] aimee: send me an email ok [email protected]
[08:59] martins: hello u there?
[09:00] aimee: i am!
[09:00] aimee: where have you been?
[09:00] martins: i was reading some mails
[09:01] aimee: oh...send me an email Smile
[09:04] aimee: are you still busy?
[09:04] martins: brb
[09:07] martins: hello u there?
[09:07] aimee: i am
[09:08] martins: so what u saying?
[09:08] aimee: ?
[09:09] martins: u said some thing?
[09:11] aimee: i said send me an email
[09:11] aimee: [email protected]
[09:11] martins: ok
[09:15] aimee: :*
Session Close (martins): Tue Jul 19 09:20:38 2005

Session Start (aimee:martins): Wed Jul 20 07:56:35 2005
[07:56] martins: hello sweetie
[07:56] martins: honey u there?
[07:56] martins: <ding>
[07:56] aimee: hi
[07:57] aimee: how are you?
[07:57] martins: am cool
[07:57] martins: honey howu doin?
[07:58] aimee: i'm not doing very well
[07:58] aimee: father bukach.e passed away
[07:59] martins: oh no
[07:59] martins: sorry
[07:59] martins: when?
[07:59] aimee: yesterday
[07:59] aimee: i'm very sad today
[07:59] martins: sorry
[07:59] martins: ok
[08:00] aimee: Sad
[08:00] martins: so honey i need ur help?
[08:01] martins: <ding>
[08:02] aimee: yes
[08:03] aimee: why do you need my help?
[08:04] martins: the is my client that wanna send me my money but am not in the state can i direct them to u?
[08:04] aimee: where are you
[08:04] martins: am in nigeria
[08:04] martins: no
[08:04] martins: now
[08:05] aimee: why are you in nigeria?
[08:05] martins: 4 some business
[08:06] aimee: why do you want to send me money?
[08:07] martins: i just want u t ohelp me collect them
[08:07] martins: ok
[08:08] aimee: what happens when i get the money
[08:08] martins: u help me send it down to nigeria
[08:09] aimee: whats in it for me?
[08:10] aimee: and then where do i send it in nigeria?
[08:10] martins: i will send u ur own
[08:10] martins: ok
[08:10] martins: honey it ur love
[08:10] aimee: i think it is really insensitive for you to talk business with me after my father's passing
[08:12] martins: am sorry but i need the money very urgent ly
[08:20] martins: <ding>
[08:20] *** Auto-response sent to martins: I am currently idle.
Session Close (martins): Wed Jul 20 08:21:27 2005

Session Start (aimee:martins): Thu Jul 21 21:05:34 2005
[21:05] aimee: hi
[21:05] martins: hello
[21:05] martins: brb
[21:05] martins: ok
[21:06] aimee: i'm sorry if i was rude the other day, father bukach.e's passing has really hit me deeply
[21:06] martins: its ok
[21:06] martins: ]brb
[21:06] martins: ok
[21:11] martins: am back
[21:11] aimee: hi
[21:11] martins: hello sweetie
[21:11] martins: how r u?
[21:12] aimee: i'm ok
[21:12] aimee: hanging in there
[21:12] aimee: i never got your email
[21:12] martins: welli was busy
[21:12] martins: ok
[21:12] martins: am sorry i didn't mail u
[21:12] martins: ok
[21:16] aimee: why don't you talk to me
[21:17] martins: i am
[21:17] martins: baby
[21:17] aimee: no you aren't
[21:17] martins: honey what about what i told u to do 4 me?
[21:17] aimee: what was that?
[21:18] martins: about my money
[21:18] aimee: what money?
[21:20] martins: my money sending 4rm uk
[21:20] martins: by my client
[21:21] martins: <ding>
[21:22] aimee: oh hey
[21:22] aimee: whos in the UK
[21:22] martins: my client
[21:22] aimee: who is your client?
[21:22] martins: business partner
[21:23] aimee: ok go on
[21:24] martins: so can u help me in collecting money in money orders
[21:24] martins: ?
[21:27] aimee: yes i will help
[21:27] aimee: but you need to promise me one thing
[21:28] martins: what?
[21:28] martins: <ding>
[21:29] aimee: you will love me forever
[21:32] martins: yes baby
[21:32] martins: will u marry me
[21:32] martins: ????????????
[21:32] aimee: i can't divorce my husband
[21:33] aimee: however
[21:33] aimee: there is a way we could make this work
[21:33] aimee: wink wink
[21:33] martins: which way?
[21:34] aimee: you join us as our husband
[21:35] martins: how ?
[21:35] aimee: you would be our mate
[21:36] aimee: my husband is very good looking
[21:36] martins: huh?
[21:36] martins: hum
[21:36] aimee: you live with us
[21:36] aimee: as our lover
[21:36] martins: yes
[21:36] martins: and?
[21:37] aimee: we operate together
[21:37] aimee: i want to have a child but for some reason every baby i try to make with my husband cannot be born
[21:37] aimee: and i need strong sperm to make a baby.
[21:38] martins: ok
[21:38] martins: i have strong one
[21:38] martins: lol
[21:39] aimee: i'm very serious
[21:39] aimee: and we must call him pedro
[21:39] martins: yes i am too
[21:39] aimee: if it is a boy for father bukach.e
[21:39] aimee: and pedra if it is a girl
[21:39] aimee: can you agree?
[21:40] martins: yes i do
[21:40] aimee: middle name?
[21:40] aimee: should be Collins or Davis \
[21:40] martins: ok
[21:41] aimee: you are very handsom
[21:41] aimee: i think our babies will be beautiful
[21:41] martins: yes baby
[21:42] aimee: so what do i need to do about this money thing
[21:42] martins: ok
[21:43] martins: u wilthey will send u money orders and u will go to ur bank and cash the money and send it down to nigeria
[21:43] aimee: can i'll give you the address of our church
[21:43] martins: churh?
[21:43] martins: why?
[21:43] aimee: yes, i run a church office
[21:44] martins: why not ur home address?
[21:44] aimee: my husband will see it
[21:44] martins: ok
[21:44] martins: send it
[21:44] aimee: i don't want him to know what i'm doing ok
[21:44] martins: ok
[21:44] aimee: St. Bakers Church of B&W
[21:44] aimee: 200 St. Paul Place ((EDIT: This is the address for the Attorney General in Baltimore))
[21:45] aimee: Baltimore, MD 21202
[21:45] aimee: Attn: Box 4SC1A9M Aimee ((EDIT: see the secret code lol))
[21:45] martins: name in full
[21:45] aimee: AimeeLou Butz.holz
[21:46] aimee: Please be discreet ok
[21:46] aimee: use unmarked envelopes....manila No. 5
[21:46] martins: ok
[21:46] martins: ok
[21:46] aimee: this is very important ok
[21:46] aimee: because the way the mail is sorted
[21:47] martins: ok
[21:47] aimee: if my husband finds out he may kill me
[21:47] aimee: things have been very strained between us
[21:47] martins: ok
[21:47] aimee: and i don't love although i should
[21:47] martins: he won't
[21:47] martins: ok
[21:48] aimee: so what do i get out of this operation
[21:51] aimee: hello?
[21:51] martins: yes
[21:51] martins: i will send u ur share
[21:51] martins: ok
[21:51] aimee: how much? times are tough
[21:51] martins: after send everything to me
[21:51] martins: ok
[21:52] martins: $500
[21:52] aimee: you aren't doing anything illegal are you?
[21:52] martins: nope
[21:52] aimee: ok just making sure
[21:53] aimee: how much money are we going to be exchanging
[21:53] martins: i think they r sending $4500
[21:53] aimee: if the bucks get big I want 15% per US dollar
[21:55] aimee: are we clear?
[21:55] martins: ok
[21:55] aimee: when can i meet you in person
[21:56] martins: in two months time
[21:56] aimee: ok
[21:56] aimee: i want to go Tahiti
[21:56] aimee: ever been there?
[21:56] martins: nope
[21:56] aimee: lets take a cruise to Tahiti
[21:56] martins: i don't no there
[21:57] martins: ok
[21:57] aimee: its beautiful
[21:57] aimee: lush jungles and water falls
[21:57] aimee: you ever been on a cruise?
[21:57] martins: nope
[21:57] martins: u?
[21:58] aimee: yes
[21:58] aimee: i like the ocean
[21:58] martins: pk
[21:58] aimee: so anyways...
[21:58] aimee: i'll help you out if you help me out
[21:58] aimee: you do the money thing....let me get pregnant
[21:58] aimee: but i want you to help support me and the baby
[22:01] martins: yes i will i promise u
[22:01] martins: ok
[22:02] aimee: ok good
[22:02] aimee: so start sending the money ok
[22:03] martins: ok
[22:03] martins: it on money orders
[22:03] martins: ok
[22:03] martins: u no money oders
[22:03] aimee: ok...that is fine
[22:04] aimee: go head and send them
[22:04] aimee: i have a friend that works for the bank
[22:04] aimee: she'll work them in the back door
[22:04] martins: ok
[22:04] martins: ty
[22:05] aimee: so what are you doing right now?
[22:06] martins: well am talking to the client
[22:07] aimee: what does he think
[22:07] martins: he vsaid it will come to u next week
[22:07] martins: ok
[22:08] aimee: good
[22:08] aimee: can you tell me who the client is so i can know who i'm dealing with?
[22:09] martins: he is my business partner
[22:09] aimee: does he have a name?
[22:10] martins: yes
[22:11] martins: he is mr rowland
[22:11] aimee: can i chat with him too?
[22:12] martins: i don't trust him
[22:12] martins: he is going to collect u 4rm me
[22:12] martins: ok
[22:12] aimee: but he is a business partner
[22:12] aimee: you always trust your partner
[22:12] martins: yes i no
[22:12] martins: he like woman
[22:12] aimee: he does
[22:12] martins: yes
[22:13] aimee: what kind of woman
[22:14] aimee: <ding>
[22:14] martins: any woman
[22:17] martins: <ding>
[22:21] aimee: i need to go to sleep love
[22:21] martins: oh ok honey
[22:21] martins: bye
[22:22] aimee: i will talk to you later
[22:22] martins: sweet dreams
[22:22] martins: ok
[22:22] aimee: i'll be watching for the packages to arrive
[22:22] aimee: i need tracking numbers ok
[22:22] martins: ok
[22:22] aimee: bye
Session Close (martins): Thu Jul 21 22:22:38 2005

Session Start (aimee:martins): Fri Jul 22 20:42:44 2005
[20:42] martins: honey how r u today
[20:42] aimee: hi hon
[20:42] aimee: i'm ok
[20:43] aimee: i've been crying alot today
[20:43] martins: why?
[20:43] aimee: father bukach.e
[20:43] aimee: i saw his image today in my coffee cup
[20:44] aimee: i swear it was him watching me over my shoulder
[20:44] martins: oh no
[20:44] martins: honey i want u to take away that 4rm u mind
[20:44] martins: ok
[20:44] aimee: i will
[20:44] aimee: for you
[20:45] martins: ok
[20:45] martins: so what up with u?
[20:46] aimee: i'm ik
[20:46] aimee: ok
[20:46] aimee: how are you?
[20:46] aimee: have you thought some more about what i talk to you about last night?
[20:47] martins: can u remind me?
[20:47] aimee: lol
[20:48] aimee: we talked about you joining my husband and i
[20:48] martins: ok
[20:48] martins: yes
[20:48] aimee: will you?
[20:48] aimee: yes
[20:49] aimee: have you started sending the money orders yet?
[20:49] martins: nope
[20:49] aimee: hi
[20:49] martins: i will
[20:50] aimee: ok
[20:50] aimee: i thought alot of about you today
[20:50] martins: huh?
[20:50] aimee: i thought about you
[20:50] martins: ok
[20:50] aimee: i think i've really fallen in love with you
[20:50] martins: well i will be back home
[20:51] martins: ok
[20:51] aimee: i really want you to be in my life
[20:51] aimee: and i think you and i can make alot of money together
[20:51] aimee: i need to ask you a favor
[20:52] martins: ok
[20:52] aimee: i have the church funds that i need to keep in an offshore account
[20:52] aimee: not in the US....otherwise we get taxed on it
[20:53] martins: so what do u want me to do
[20:54] aimee: i need you to the keep the money for me
[20:55] martins: ok
[20:55] aimee: we get offerings once a week
[20:55] martins: u will send it to nigeria
[20:55] martins: how much is it
[20:55] aimee: and i need to store some of it out side of the US
[20:55] aimee: yes
[20:55] aimee: right now...about $50k
[20:56] martins: is it $50,000?
[20:56] aimee: yes
[20:57] martins: 50,000dallrs?
[20:57] aimee: i trust you to keep it safe
[20:57] aimee: yes
[20:57] martins: ok
[20:57] martins: do u wanna send it to nigeria
[20:58] aimee: yes
[20:58] martins: ok
[20:58] martins: when?
[20:59] aimee: i'll wait until i receive the first of the money orders
[20:59] aimee: and then i'll send it to you
[20:59] martins: nope
[20:59] aimee: i can wire the funds to you as i'm sending it to you.
[20:59] martins: honey why not send it tomorrow
[20:59] aimee: i can't tomorrow...i have to make it look legit
[20:59] martins: so i will go tothe bank and deposit it
[20:59] aimee: i need to wait for the MOs
[21:00] aimee: what i am doing is very illegal
[21:00] martins: but honey i can't say when the money orders r coming
[21:01] martins: <ding>
[21:01] aimee: i'm sorry
[21:01] aimee: but i have to do it this way
[21:02] martins: but honey u don't trust me again
[21:02] aimee: i do love ... i have to do it this way to avoid attention by my government
[21:03] martins: nope nothing is going to happen
[21:03] aimee: what do you mean?
[21:04] aimee: please don't punish me with silence
[21:04] aimee: i love you
[21:06] martins: yes i mean i wanna keep the money for u
[21:06] martins: am not stealing it
[21:06] martins: okay
[21:06] aimee: i know
[21:07] aimee: i have to move it out of the country to avoid the cops
[21:07] martins: cos i have my own money
[21:07] aimee: oh honey i' don't think you are stealing
[21:07] aimee: you need to think about my safety
[21:07] martins: then what do u take me 4?
[21:08] aimee: i think you are a wonder man who will make my life rich
[21:10] aimee: what kind of wedding ring do you want?
[21:10] martins: then when u no that why did u say u will wait 4 my money orders to arrive first
[21:11] aimee: its not about you baby...its my corrupt government
[21:11] aimee: if they catching me moving the money i will go into jail
[21:11] martins: so how r u going to do that?
[21:12] aimee: what i need to do is wait when you send the money orders
[21:12] aimee: Im' going to cash them...
[21:12] aimee: and wire the money back to you
[21:12] aimee: i'm going to do it for the amount of the money order
[21:12] aimee: that way the cops won't know that I'm moving US funds...
[21:13] aimee: its very complicated
[21:13] martins: well any how u say
[21:13] martins: ok
[21:13] aimee: if they get a red flag then i can tell them that i have money orders coming from nigeria as part of a business transaction...that totally will take the attention away from me.
[21:14] aimee: remember i'm doing something highly illegal in my country
[21:14] martins: ok
[21:14] martins: i understand u now
[21:14] martins: ok
[21:15] aimee: good
[21:15] aimee: but i don't want this to be strictly business
[21:15] aimee: i want you to impregnate me
[21:15] aimee: i want to have your babies
[21:15] martins: yes i will baby
[21:15] aimee: they need your model good looks and my smarts
[21:16] martins: when u get my money orders and wire the money to me
[21:16] aimee: Smile
[21:16] aimee: ok
[21:16] martins: i will send 4 u to come and meet me in nigeria
[21:16] aimee: i will include my funds with the money i am wireing back to you
[21:16] aimee: ok
[21:17] martins: what about that?
[21:17] aimee: i want to be with you
[21:17] aimee: i need to get away from my husband
[21:17] martins: ok
[21:17] aimee: this is very dangerous because he is a violent man
[21:17] martins: i will surely send 4 u?
[21:17] aimee: yes
[21:17] aimee: please
[21:17] aimee: i'm so unhappy
[21:18] martins: why u so unhappy
[21:19] aimee: my husband cannot satisfy me
[21:20] aimee: want to be satisfied
[21:21] aimee: do you satisfy your wife/?
[21:21] martins: yes
[21:21] martins: i will surly satisfy u
[21:22] aimee: how?
[21:22] aimee: tell me
[21:22] martins: geting u get pregant and anything thing u want 4rm me
[21:23] aimee: mmmmm
[21:23] aimee: i would like that from you
[21:24] martins: yes baby
[21:24] martins: that my baby
[21:26] aimee: so do you want to have a boy or girl first?
[21:26] martins: a boy
[21:26] martins: lol
[21:28] aimee: can we call him pedro
[21:29] aimee: i miss him so much
[21:29] martins: yes
[21:29] aimee: tell me about yourself
[21:31] aimee: sweetie?
[21:31] martins: ask me?
[21:31] martins: anything
[21:32] aimee: tell me about when you were 5 years old
[21:32] martins: can't remember
[21:32] aimee: did you have a family pet?
[21:33] martins: yes
[21:34] aimee: tell me about your family pet
[21:34] martins: well can't
[21:35] aimee: qhy?
[21:35] aimee: why?
[21:35] martins: cos i can remember
[21:35] martins: ask another one
[21:36] aimee: about about when you first found women attractive
[21:36] martins: when i was 20 years
[21:36] aimee: yes and tell me more
[21:38] martins: i was just going to thew college when i saw the girl she looks like an angel 4rm heaven
[21:38] martins: so i walk up to her and ask her out o be my girlfriend
[21:39] aimee: and what happened?
[21:40] martins: so she was mine then
[21:40] aimee: did you love her?
[21:40] martins: when grown up together and married ourselves
[21:41] martins: the we had a kid
[21:41] martins: and she died in a car aciident with my kid
[21:41] aimee: i'm sorry to hear that it is so sad
[21:41] aimee: what was her name?
[21:41] martins: ty
[21:41] martins: she shery
[21:42] aimee: what was your baby
[21:42] aimee: 's name?
[21:43] martins: he 's name was steve
[21:43] aimee: what did you do when you found out they were dead?
[21:44] martins: i was feeling bad then
[21:44] martins: honey plz i don't wanna talk about them any more
[21:45] aimee: ok i understand
[21:45] aimee: its just i'm sad right now and i need someone to understand me
[21:45] martins: it make me to be unhappy
[21:46] aimee: i know
[21:46] aimee: what is the happiest moment of your life?
[21:49] aimee: hello?
[21:50] martins: well the day am going to get married will be the happiest moment
[21:50] aimee: to me?
[21:50] martins: yes
[21:51] aimee: you are so hot
[21:51] aimee: did anyone ever tell you you should model?
[21:54] aimee: sweetie?
[21:54] martins: yes
[21:55] aimee: did you ever model?
[21:55] martins: nope
[21:55] aimee: oh ok....its just you are so handsome
[21:55] aimee: you should have professional pictures done
[21:56] martins: ty
[21:57] aimee: Smile you are welcome
[21:58] aimee: darry
[21:58] martins: ok
[21:58] aimee: do you really love me?
[21:58] martins: darry means
[21:58] aimee: you
[21:58] martins: yeah i do
[21:58] aimee: ok
[21:58] aimee: so do you want to go to Hawaii or Tahiti for our honeymoon?
[21:59] martins: any how u want it
[21:59] aimee: ok
[21:59] aimee: do you want to live in the US again?
[22:00] aimee: i'm helping my friend michael move here
[22:00] aimee: he is from nigeria
[22:01] martins: who is micheal?
[22:01] aimee: he is my friend
[22:01] aimee: i'm helping him move to the US
[22:02] aimee: i sent him $150 to get a passport
[22:02] martins: how?
[22:02] aimee: and i'm sending an invitation letter
[22:02] martins: when?
[22:02] aimee: the other day
[22:02] aimee: i had to send the money before my husband noticed it was gone
[22:02] martins: ok
[22:02] aimee: where are you in nigeria?
[22:03] martins: honey can i lend some money 4rm u?
[22:03] martins: lagos
[22:03] aimee: yes but i'll need to be careful sending it out
[22:04] martins: why?
[22:04] aimee: because they are watching
[22:04] martins: i just need 950dollars
[22:05] aimee: you can pick it up from John Aisabokhai
[22:05] martins: how?
[22:05] aimee: he lives at 113 palm avenue mushin, lagos nigeria ((EDIT: Address compliments of my scammer mike in my other thread Aimee Strikes Back))
[22:05] aimee: he is who i send my money to for michael
[22:06] martins: nope
[22:06] martins: i don't no him
[22:06] martins: ok
[22:06] aimee: he is a good friend and can be trusted
[22:07] aimee: john and michael are blood brothers
[22:07] aimee: he is an associate of u$m4n b3ll0
[22:07] aimee: do u know him?
[22:08] martins: nope
[22:08] martins: honey plz send me the money
[22:10] aimee: i will
[22:10] martins: when?
[22:10] aimee: how do i send it?
[22:10] martins: when u wanna send it
[22:11] aimee: when i get the first money order
[22:12] aimee: i can send a small amount of cash tho
[22:12] aimee: like i sent ot michael
[22:12] martins: send it tomorrow
[22:13] aimee: yes but where?
[22:13] martins: nigeria
[22:13] aimee: address?
[22:13] aimee: phone number?
[22:14] martins: send through western unionmoney transfer
[22:14] martins: ok
[22:14] aimee: to whom?
[22:15] martins: to ADEBAYO-ROTIMI
[22:15] martins: lagos
[22:15] martins: nigeria
[22:15] martins: 23401
[22:15] aimee: whats the street name?
[22:16] martins: never mind
[22:17] martins: send it through that
[22:17] aimee: ok
[22:17] aimee: what will be the secret phrase?
[22:17] martins: text question?
[22:17] aimee: yes
[22:18] martins: what ur favourite colour
[22:18] martins: yellow
[22:18] aimee: scarlet
[22:18] aimee: bright red
[22:18] aimee: scarlet knob
[22:18] aimee: how about that?
[22:19] martins: nope
[22:19] aimee: why?
[22:19] aimee: i want that to be our secret word
[22:20] martins: noooooooooo
[22:20] aimee: how come?
[22:26] aimee: hello?
[22:29] aimee: baby are you there?
[22:29] martins: nope
[22:29] aimee: what happened?
[22:29] martins: nothing
[22:29] martins: sleeping
[22:34] aimee: hello
[22:34] martins: busy
[22:34] aimee: ok honey i guess you are busy i will leave you alone
[22:36] aimee: good bye dearest one
Session Close (martins): Fri Jul 22 22:36:09 2005

Session Start (aimee:martins): Sun Jul 24 00:03:22 2005
[00:03] aimee: hello my darling
[00:06] aimee: baby have i made you mad at me?
[00:06] martins: yes
[00:07] aimee: what did i do?
[00:07] martins: send me the money now
[00:07] aimee: excuse me?
[00:08] aimee: don't make me say it
[00:08] martins: yes
[00:08] aimee: you want me to say it don't you
[00:08] martins: say wat?
[00:08] aimee: the kind of things you don't want to hear
[00:09] martins: say it
[00:09] martins: it a free word
[00:09] aimee: mugu
[00:10] aimee: M U G U
[00:10] aimee: do you know what that is?
[00:10] martins: maga
[00:10] martins: u be nigeria
[00:10] aimee: you fucking tried to scam my friend
[00:10] aimee: You took her goddamn money
[00:10] aimee: away from the baby she was trying to feed
[00:10] martins: since wey u don dey maga me
[00:11] martins: heheheh
[00:11] aimee: consider you BAITED
[00:11] aimee: and your entire conversation is going to be posted on the internet
[00:11] aimee: including your IP address
[00:11] aimee: as well as the model pics you ripped off a site
[00:11] martins: if u try am
[00:11] aimee: you are a pathetic excuse for a human being
[00:11] martins: i go post ur too
[00:12] aimee: but you won't like what they have to say about you
[00:12] martins: and u too
[00:13] aimee: i know how this whole thing works
[00:13] aimee: i've figured you out
[00:13] aimee: and now the authorities are heading for your internet cafe
[00:13] aimee: you have one way to redeem yourself
[00:14] martins: 8-x ((These symbols are supposed to be skulls))
[00:14] martins: 8-x
[00:14] martins: 8-x8-x8-x
[00:14] aimee: you see them?
[00:14] martins: 8-x
[00:14] martins: 8-x
[00:14] martins: 8-x
[00:15] martins: 8-x
[00:15] aimee: Nne gi na Nna gi na umunnegi nile nwukwa idiot. Nne gi bu akwunna. Nna gi na ara mkpuru amu. Amu jie gi. Agwo tupiakwa gi anya. Egbe burukwa umu gi. Ama nna gi chiekwa. Chineke kpokwa gi oku. Onye ohi, igaghi ahu ife oma na ndu gi. Ka m juo gi? Mugua obu Nne gi ka obu Nna gi? Olee i he ina ebere akwa, You bastard. Uchu gba kwa gi ,onye aji ike nsi,ihere adighi eme gi,otule di ka gi.
[00:15] martins: 8-x 8-x 8-x 8-x
[00:15] martins: 8-x
[00:15] martins: 8-x
[00:15] martins: 8-x 8-x
[00:15] *** martins has been ignored.
Session Close (martins): Sun Jul 24 00:15:33 2005

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I liked it!

I think you should of gone a bit slower with the guy..., made him go on safari, sleep with a hippo or summat lol AND got you husband involved somehow.

But all in all (and I am a newbie too) I thought it was good Very Happy
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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2005 11:59 am Reply with quoteBack to top

LOL -- This bait was short and sweet. I got stoned and decided to rip him a new asshole. My other one is 3 months plus.
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Scarlet knob?


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He came back for more!!!! So I get all jivey on him to throw him off.

Session Start (aimee:martins2003): Tue Jul 26 23:06:00 2005
[23:06] martins2003: <ding>
[23:06] *** Auto-response sent to martins2003: I am currently away from the computer.
[23:06] martins2003: maga
[23:06] martins2003: how far?
[23:07] martins2003: <ding>
[23:08] aimee: so
[23:08] aimee: did you miss me
[23:08] martins2003: nope
[23:08] aimee: sure you did
[23:08] aimee: you wanna go into business together?
[23:09] aimee: i've got some muthfuckas i wanna ice
[23:09] martins2003: where do u stay?
[23:09] aimee: next door
[23:09] aimee: liberia
[23:09] martins2003: u a male?
[23:09] aimee: i don't talk any of that pidgin shit
[23:09] aimee: i speak tha brotha language
[23:09] martins2003: its a lie
[23:10] aimee: *DELETED* what u frontin
[23:10] martins2003: what do u do online
[23:10] aimee: i hitcha some fucks like u
[23:10] aimee: i do em and set em free
[23:11] martins2003: plz
[23:11] martins2003: we need to talk
[23:11] martins2003: ok
[23:11] aimee: sez it
[23:12] martins2003: what?
[23:12] aimee: what do i need to hear from u
[23:13] aimee: don't be wastin my digits yo
[23:13] aimee: time is money
[23:13] aimee: and the money is good
[23:13] aimee: beootch
[23:14] martins2003: well i mean what kind of work u do here?
[23:15] aimee: i'm an investigator of crimes
[23:15] martins2003: what kind?
[23:16] aimee: international internet crimes
[23:16] martins2003: lol
[23:17] aimee: why you laff
[23:19] aimee: so speak
[23:19] aimee: what da fuck do u want
[23:19] martins2003: u yes i am getwhy u talk like this
[23:20] martins2003: why u talk like this
[23:20] martins2003: ?
[23:20] martins2003: i no where u live
[23:20] martins2003: ok
[23:20] aimee: u talk any way i fucking want
[23:20] aimee: i'm so scared
[23:21] aimee: 8-X
[23:22] aimee: do you pray for Shakala?
[23:23] martins2003: 8-x8-x8-x8-x
[23:23] martins2003: 8-x8-x8-x8-x
[23:24] martins2003: 8-x
[23:24] aimee: why do you send this
[23:24] martins2003: 8-x
[23:24] martins2003: u sent it first
[23:24] aimee: shakala me ti me sinia om be myo
[23:25] martins2003: what?
[23:25] aimee: it means shakala is cursing your generations
[23:25] aimee: so you should pray to shakala for your life
[23:27] aimee: dukati an shakala bi doooooooooooo
[23:28] aimee: come ping ping
[23:29] aimee: (eye)
[23:29] aimee: (!)
Session Close (martins2003): Tue Jul 26 23:29:26 2005
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