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 A lost soul.

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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 05 Feb 2004
Posts: 38
Location: Stateside,near motorcity

PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2004 5:27 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This is just a portion of my 2month long bait with Mary. I was ready to bail on her but, I started adding a new twist, and now she has my full attention again.

The Cast

Richard The young, Spoiled buisness mogul, owner of C.U.N.T. INT.(Continental United National Traders International)

Mary, the poor orphan looking for a way out

Penelope, the trusty secretary

MY STRANGER, The mean mysterious Guymen from Nigeria

supporting cast
Sarkodie Richards friend and Janitor, who happens to be from Ghana

I already ran her through all the hoops of getting pics with pinapples on her head and the " I need Teepeee for my bunghole sign" all with the promise of Laoptops and satalitphones. But then my My "friend" from Ghana advised me that this may be a trick, then it has just be a long road of nothing until we decided we would swap "Official" documents by post.

My mailings begin with our discussions to get the "deal" back on track, I have pretended to have a friend from Ghana "Sarkodie" who is warning me about a 419 scam. Mary said now that she will pay all of the expense, if I just assist her in the transfer of the funds, 100% risk free.
RICHARD wrote:

From: "Richard Hunter" <[email protected]> Add to Address Book
Subject: Re: I am sincere to you Rich.
To: "Bali nadis" <[email protected]>

Okay what particulars do you require, and I will give them to you.

And I also have a request, Why were the documents you sent to me, the reciept and the deposit, sent to me from another person????? If this buisness is confidential then how does this, so called Watcher group have access to your documents.

Please answer this question honestly without lies, so that I can help you. You are correct that I am a rich man, and that your small amount of money means nothing to me,

I was just trying to help you, But as Sarkodie has warned, I fear you may be trying to decieve me.

Richard Huntah

She sent me this bit of rambling as an explanation

MARY wrote:

My dear RIch,

Peace and love from God be with you and your love ones.

I hope you are okay but only disturbed by the whole issue due to friends advice. The oother time you told me you travel to Holland on business trip was you rub or your wealth??????????????. I think the answer was no.

In that way I am not afriad of loosing my fund because with the authentic documents like your passport , phone number etc I know I can locate you. Vice versa.

Now you are acussing me of caling you young price. I am not praising you but admiring you and your wisdom as a person that I know that cares for me. Only if you will be sincere to yourself no matter what I know you took interest in me and as a woman I am aware of it trhats why I call you young prince.What if I used the word DARLING???????.

Please my dear I am not after your money cause I have my own and God forbid me if I have intention of such. And as well did not blame you for being careful due to the nature of the world we are now, thats why I undergone all the test you gave me Which is more than enough to convince you. And finally you was the one that reveal yourself to me that you are rich.

For God's sake I have made myself clare to you and cannot be playing with God's name knowing quite well what its entails.

So if you want to continue send me your particulars I will take care of all the expences here to effect the transfer to your account and the truth will be exposed to clare my conscience.

Waiting for your final decision to know what next to do.

Bless you.



RICHARD wrote:
Dearest Mary,

A lot of what you say doesnt make any sense.

I hope you are not in any trouble.

Sarkodie from Ghana tells me that buisness centers are often filled with criminals who try to trick westerners out of thier money. So for goodness sakes be careful when you go there, who knows what could happen to you around such vile disgusting evil people.

Please be careful,

Richard Huntah

more rambling

MARY wrote:
My dear Rich,

Peace and love from God be with you and your love ones. I got your mail with thanks.

I appreciates your concerns. I am okay and careful and trust in God with Whom no weapon fasion against me will prosper. Thanks oncemore for your concerns.

Looking forward for the requirements to get the documents done to effect the transfer.

Bless you Rich.


Now I decided to get her hopes up again and spin the bait back up. I sart with propaganda. In the meantime Mary sent me a message that she thought someone was reading her mail(she thought correctly) so She decided to change her password

RICHARD wrote:

I am still concerned over the documents you sent me, because I recieved copies of them from a person via email, who said you tried to fool him. I believe you that your email has probubaly been compromised. I will send you the needed infrormation via post. Please give to me a mailing address where I can send the information required.

I would also like for you to send to me via Post. A copy of your passport to verify your information so that I can prepare you visa, and the bank documents you sent me previously(all information I will need to help you). I will be working in my European Branch office in Bristol, United Kingdom for the remainder of the month. But I will still be monitoring my email, so if you need anything just let me know.

Because I have lost faith in the email system all further documents will be sent via post.

Please send the requested information to my Bristol Office, in the United Kingdom, I will be arriving there on Saturday March 6th.

[A Secure address]

I look forward to recieving these documents for my examination once I get to the UK. I will have Penelope mail you my banking information and copies of my identification, once you give me an address.

Take care


Mary has a hard time following instructions.

MARY wrote:
My dear Rich,

Peace and love from God be with you. I got your mail and the content well understood.

The address is

REV.AUSTINE FRANCIS ( phone; +225 07057555)

Send what ever you want to send via DHL or FEDEX.

My dear inview to avoide further intrusion I am deciding to change my password now. I beleive it is eassier to communicate through internet and fax. You can give me another fax number to rich you in london.

I can fax those documents again including my passport and will also email it too.

I am waiting for your documents to effect the transfer. Tell me your opinion as regards what I said now .Thanks for your intrest and concerns. Have some nice trip.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Your's ever ,

Now that Richard is on his way to the UK I introduce my Secretary.

Dear Mrs Nadis,

Mister Richard Huntah asked me to write and confirm to you that his document(s) will be shipped by post on the next buisness day to:

REV.AUSTINE FRANCIS ( phone; +225 07057555)

Mister Huntah will be traveling to our Bristol office over the weekend, And he said he will get back with you on Monday or Tuesday.

In Your Service,

Penelope Albright
Executive Assistant to:
Richard Huntah
C.U.N.T. International

RICHARD wrote:

As I wrote, I prefer that your documents be sent by post. I cannot verify the authenticity of docs that are sent by fax. As a matter of fact it is impossible. Please send them to the address I previously gave you. I have to get packing, I am leaving tommorow morning.



Finaly Mary starts to ask for money again

MARY wrote:
My dear Rich,

How was your trip. ????? Hope you had a nice trip.

I will send it to you by DHL or SPEED POST. I receive mail from some one that says she is you secetary and that she will be sending your documents by dhl to the address I gave you. I am waiting for it to get arrange for the documents to effect the transfer.

Sorry I don't want to ask you for any money but know have no alternative.I will need 100.dollar from you to post the papers you are demanding. I have no access to money and my uncle said he will not give me money. Please kindly consinder my yesterday's option.

Bless you Rich,
Your ever,

Maybe she should talk to Steve Ebe. He seems to be able to ship to the Uk for only 21.50

Now things get strange Smile Mary gets an email from a stranger.(I'm going to protect his name because he is active in a bait with a smarter than average Mugu, and dont take any chances on ruining my bait)



she replies


Mary doesnt reply to penelope, probuably confused, so after a few days pass I add a new twist.

Dear Mrs. Nadis,

Have you heard from Mr. Huntah? The last correspondence, I had was, when he had had asked me to prepare a sum of money to send to you via DHL courrier. That was Saturday morning before his flight, no one in our office has heard from him since. We fear somthing may have gone wrong. I called his hotel and they said he never checked in. Please let me know if you have any word from him.

In Your Service,


Now I got her attention back.
to penelope
MARY wrote:
My dear,

Thanks for your mail to me this morning. I pray God to be with him where ever he may be and protect him from the evil one. Amen.

I last communicated with him on saturday when I got his amil and your mail where you wrote he have directed you to send his papers to me via DHL. And he also requested that I should post my document to him to his London post office box which I reply him to assist me pay the post bill.

Since saturday I sent email to him I have not get his reply. Myself I was wondering what is going on.

Please I am disturbed also as regards this news. Kindly keep me informed if you locate him.

I am still wating to hear from him.May peace and love from God be with him and protect him where ever he may be. Amen.

I suggest you go to the air line he used and check their manufest as that will help to trace his exact location.The only thing he told me is that he will be in his London branch for the rest of the month and will try his best to be communicating with me as usual thruogh mail.

Bless you and remember to keep me informed if you locate him.

Still waiting for his papers he said you will send to me.

Your's Sister in Christ,


I wait a few days then Penelope replies.

Mrs Nadis,

This news is very disturbing, I took on your recomendation and got the airline to verify the flight itenerary, Mr. Huntah did infact board a flight in Atlant, Georgia, USA and Arrived in Heathrow airport UK. His credit card also shows that her rented a mercedes at the rental station one hour after his flight landed. But he never arrived at his Hotel Saturday night, nor his apratment on Monday. The rental car was turned in at a rental station in Bristol UK late Tuesday. But the clerk cannot identify the driver.

The police will not get envolved because Mr Huntah is a wrold traveler and a grown man. They say he may just be on holiday somewhere. I will try and keep you informed. If you dont mind me asking, are you romantic with Mr. Huntah?



What could have happened to Richard? This blood of jesus thing is a bit odd.
again to penelope
MARY wrote:
My dear,

I was sick because of the breaking news you gave me and now taken treatment.

But i believe too well that he is okay and fine wherever he might be. I covered him with the blood of Jesus. To your question I love him but him I don’t know . Kindly keep me in formed as you promise. Bless you in Jesus name Amen.


I believe Mary is pretty confused or possibly catching on, who knows, she sent this to Richards box.

MARY wrote:

My dear Rich,

How are you and all your love ones???????.I hope it is well with you wherever you may be.I have not heard from you and have been under pressure because of you.

In short it seems I am in love thats why I have trusted you with all confidence but you lack that trust listening to your so call friends which I don't know how many the are.

Do you know this so called MY STRANGER [email protected] Is that your friend from Ghana???????. What is his interest in you.????. Well I don't need to interfer. The only thing is that he email me requesting to assist me that I should discontinue with you.
MY STARNGER" <[email protected]>
I kept it to myself till now your secetary or so is demanding from me your way about. Is it proper or do you told them you are coming for me without my knowledge???????????.

Infact I am confuse and sick over the whole set up.
Only God knows who and who is real and sincere. You see the kind of people you trust???????????. One who will be fighting against you on your back. Cause I don't know what gave him the got to email me nomatter that you gave him my email address in confidence.

Think, look ,consider and judge for yourself who among us is right and trustworthy.

May God whom I save protect you wherever you may be till I am opportune to see you face to faec one day .



Well I waited a day, and decided to bring back my stranger for some fun.


then later in the day another message from Penelope

Mrs. Nadis,
I just got off of the phone with a Man who called himself Mr. [MY STRANGER], He was very rude and threatening, he said that he is a buisness partner with Richard. I find this hard to believe because Richard is a very gentle man, and would not do buisness with such a rude and vile person. Did he ever speak to you about this person [MY STRANGER]. He is claiming that Richard owes him money, and that I better pay him, or he will punish Richard. He asked me to send him 1500 by Western Union to Victoria Island, Nigeria. What should I do. I fear this man may have caused probelms with Richard.
I am waitng for your advice.


Thats all I have as of today, not sure where to take this, any suggestions are welcome.

"Life's tough, it's tougher if you're stupid."

mo·dal·i·ties: The ceremonial forms, protocols, or conditions that surround formal agreements or negotiations.
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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 05 Feb 2004
Posts: 38
Location: Stateside,near motorcity

PostPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2004 3:45 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I cant believe this is still going with all of the nonsense I have spun into it.

I have spun the story of Richard Huntah, and decided to keep him alive, he is an international man of mystery, as Mary is now starting to believe. The STRANGER is also still out there.

BTW Mary resides in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

MY STRANGER 03/12 wrote:

did you spoil my deal?

and her reply Very Happy

MARY 03/13 wrote:


SUBJECT:Arréte de m' ecrire
Je ne sais pas de quoi tu parle donc arrête de m' arrete d'envoyer des message a mon cheri

Stop threaten my Rich secatary.

MARY 03/17 wrote:

Peace and love from God be with you. I have not heard from you for quite some few days now neither have your boss reply any of my mail.

What is happening??? Have you find out his way about ????,. Get intouch with nme so that I will know the development.

Your's in Christ,

Now I test her out with just pure craziness to see if she bites.

PENELOPE 03/18 wrote:
My friend Mary

No, we still have no word from Richard, but his Yacht the elephantitis is now also missing, along with his Lawyer and body guards Apollo and Abadisi. The man at the Marina said that the boat left early on the morning of 15 MARCH, and that Mister Hunter's Lawyer had filed a course to the Gulf of Guinea with the Harbor Master, I don't know where that is at, or why Richard would go there. Do you know what this is about?

We are still waiting on word from him, Now the police and Royal Navy will not get involved because they say Richard does not have to keep us informed of what is going on, because he is a grown man.

Another thing that worries me is that a very large sum of money was taken out of Richards account on the 15 March, someone withdrew 120,000 British pounds. All of this is not like Richard at all, and I am very worried about him. The Man John Holmes is still calling me asking where Richard is at and asking me to send him money. Do you think I should tell him the news about Richard's Yacht?

I have so much to tell you. I think we are the only ones who really care about Richard.

Your dear friend,


Mary if it is not to much trouble, could you send me a photograph so I know what you look like, I will also get a picture for you in exchange.

And of course she stays to the story line.

MARY 03/19 wrote:

My dear,

Thanks for your mail to me and your concerns. May the peace from God be with you and all over there.

Sorry to say I was warned not to tell you anything about our affires. But all thigns be equal he was the one that gave you my email address. I am sending you my picture but don't let him know anythign between me you except the one he let you know.

I can tell you he is a secret and interigent man. Don't listen to that niga and don't disclose anything to him to avoide misunderstanding between you and your bosss.

I know he is safe whereever he may be. Guine is not a bad place and I know they have diamond or whatever and he let me understood that he deals on precious stone.I am suspecting he went there on business.

Once more don't let her see my picture with you. I will be happy to see yours.

Waiting for your reply.

Your's in Christ,


I Think its time to bring up the Stranger Again Very Happy

PENELOPE 03/20 wrote:


Thank you so much for the photo, I have seen that picture in a frame in Richards office. I had wondered who that was. Richard does not like to share things with me, he is a very private man, as you know. I was also once involved with Richard "romantically" several years ago, but I broke it off with him because he does not want to marry or have children, he instead likes to live like a young playboy (Do you understand what I mean?)

I still have not heard from Richard, but one of our accountants, who is a friend of Richards said that Richard had been planning a trip to the West Coast of Africa for some time. He even had obtained several Visa's for entrance into some African Nations. I am still trying to reach him, If he contacts me I will be sure to let you know.

I am also sending you my picture. I think you are right and that we should keep are friendship a secret from Richard, because he sometimes gets upset, if I know of his lady friends. I think he is maybe jealous because I broke it off with him?

Your Friend,


NB, MY STRANGER left a fax for Richard, he said that if I do not send the money, that Richard will get a Joberg Necklace. And he said to tell the French B*tch to KEEP OFF. As you advised, I have not replied to his messages, but he does make me worry.

Mary, what is a Joberg Necklace???? And do you know of any French woman?? please answer me as soon as you can.

Mary always calm and collected.

MARY 03/22 wrote:

My dear,

Thanks for your lovely picture. May the peace and love from God be with you.

I was happy to hear from you and the opening up .Well there is no problem since we are telling each other the truth. I will open up to you next time. I only needed Rich to assit me transfer my fund which I inherited from my late father which he told me a friend adviceed him which make me to take so many picture to convince him I am real.

I will give you details in my next mail. But I beleive is this Nigeria guy advice him who he told me is from Ghana.

Is like I don't even trust him any more. Try you can still have him forever. For me I cannot get married without reising children. I am only interested in coming to America to establishe there. With my money I can buy a prince for husband.

Bless you till I hear from you.

Your's in Christ,

I dindt reply because I hadnt decided what to do yet.

MARY 03/27 wrote:
My dear;

Peace and love from God be with you. I have not heard from you since my last mail. Is all okay.,? What of Rich?.

Well for me I only came out today because their has been a lot of shooting and killings for the past four days here in this our warring country.

Reach me to know the situation of thigns. Bless you.

Yours in Christ.

And Todays Message Just To See How She Reacts.

PENELOPE 03/31 wrote:

Dearest Mary,

Richard left me a voicemail today, he said that he was visiting a friend in Abidjan, which he tells me is a city in the West African Nation of Cote d'Ivoire. Richard said he will be visiting with his friend for several days and then leaving for an unkown destination?

He is staying under a fake name at the Sofitel Abidjan Hotel, he would not tell me what name but gave me this mobile number for Emergency use only, It may be his friends phone. So please do not get me in trouble, 00228-9053465. Richard said he is keeping his Yacht the Elephantitis at Centre de Voile Abidjanaise, Which I believe is a local Yacht club.

I know you said you are from Africa, are you familiar with this city Abidjan? Or who Richard may be visiting, this is very unlike him.

Also Sarkodie has nothing to do with this he is just are Janitor here at the office building, he is from Ghana, and a good friend of Richards, Richards family rescued him and gave him work when he came to the United Kingdom as a refugee, but Sarkodie says he knows nothing about where Richard went.

I have not heard from the Man MY STRANGER do you think that is who he went to visit??

Let me know if you can think of anything,

Your sister


Will Mary go to the Yacht Club? Will she check out the Hotel? Will she call the MUGU BARISTER number I gave her.

I Hope so Laughing

"Life's tough, it's tougher if you're stupid."

mo·dal·i·ties: The ceremonial forms, protocols, or conditions that surround formal agreements or negotiations.
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