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 Seriously Confusing The Mugu

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 11:54 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I'm posing as a fairly thick recent Polish immigrant. This one's been going along nicely for about a month. Dr. Mpenza (the Mugu) offers Robert K. Keller (me) millions of dollars stashed away in a couple of trunk boxes. Thought I'd stick a few choice bits in here.

Dear My Friend, Dr. Mpenza,

I am happy getting the email of tonight from you, sir. Thanking you for telling me of this number and the signing of my name on the computer of email for not scanning but is broken by neighbor who is selling of the drugs in our yards for police coming at night. Here is totals of information:

Name of Beneficiary ROBERT K. KELLER
Address of Beneficiary 4 WHEEL DRIVE, BRYANT, AR, USA, 72280
Tel / fax / Email of Beneficiary 501-860-6110
Name of Beneficiary Bankers BANK OF THE OZARKS
Address of Beneficiary Bankers 5910 HIGHWAY 5 NORTH
Telex / Phone / fax of Beneficiary Bankers 501-653-7100
Account number of Beneficiary - 8702215
Account Name of Beneficiary SAVINGS/CHECKING ACCOUNT

Routing number / sort code 739958672 is number being on bottom of checking book checks and other number is being sort code? This is number that is only number left after two other numbers being on the checking book checks and is being 4475. Is this being sorting out number, Dr. Mpenza?

Is this all informations you are needing, Dr. Mpenza? I am wonder at what kind of doctor you are being, my friend. Please, I am having troubles in wart with foot glands walking trees of brain socket. They have swelling up on one side and the shrink of the other until I am falling down and neighbors are calling police for me being drinking lot of vodka but not and even not the drugs selling in neighborhood by evil drug seller naming of G-Dog who is selling these drugs to my little niece, Wrakslapzshski, who is only being 12 years olding. Why can doctor here not being of the pills that making pain stop, Dr. Mpenza? Please to telling me what pills to be taking for this pain of foot glands swelling on one side and making falling on steps and the broken hands?

Also, please, my friend, can you be understand when I say I am protect young niece, Wrakslapzshski, from drug selling mens include G-Dog, who is live in the house on my next door? He is bringing the drugs for them and they take but I have not for the pain in my foots. This is not from God, Dr. Mpenza, but I am thinking to be killing of G-Dog for selling drugs to Wrakslapzshski. Is going to prison in this possible for me, Dr. Mpenza? And what kind drugs are you saying I take for this feet?

I am being sorrow for asking all questions, but these are from needing bad friend like you, Dr. Mpenza who is smart man, brilliant, and being doctor for me. I thanking you, my friend Doctor.


Robert K. Keller

They're NEVER medical doctors!

Dear Keller,

I have recieved the application and everything is alright now so i will start work immediately.

My good friend please note that i am not a medical doctor but an engineering doctor so dont get confused but all i can do is to advise you to stick to your doctors advise and send your niece for councelling.I will continue to pray for you but have hope in God that you will get better.

I am commencing on the registration and as soon as i pay the registration fees, i wil secure the certificate and approve the payment which will take 5-7 banking day to arrive the beneficiary account and immediately make arrangements to meet with you.

Remain Blessed,

Dr Mpenza.

I come right out and ask him for pills.

Dear Mr. Mpenza,

Thanks you for it reply for my questions about drugging the feet. Do you have any goodness doctors with the pills when I am coming there? My daughter is feeling up the knobs in police to me for the pictures in paper and I am thinking God is sad for it, Mr. Mpenza? Please to letting me know about many of the pills you are having there and can you be sending some of it in large boxes to myself for taking the pain in the foot glands to other black hole? When are we having it, Mr. Mpenza? Can I be calling you Raymond now for our friends in the times of our sporzl?


Robert K. Keller

He's keen on getting back to the modalities.

Dear Keller,

I recieved your message and want to say that the law here do not allow the exportation of drugs and i repeat again that i am not a medical doctor and you can address me by my first name there is no problem with this.

Coming back to business i want to inform you of yhe progress report that i have secured the registration certificate after paying the fees and i have given approvals for payment and i have also make recommendation to the finance ministry for remittance.

Now, as the legal beneficiary of the money,the finance ministry will contact you with the remittance advice for the payment and as soon as you are contacted get back to me for instructions before entering into any correspondence with them as regard the remittance advice.

I continue to pray for your health so that you will be strong enough to carry out my investments because the money will be in the account any time from now.

Remain Blessed,

Dr Mpenza

Me, too!

Dear My Friend Raymond,

I am thanking you for much in the email you have sending me today. I am sorry thinking strong sporzl about your doctor schooling with no drugs. Is OK. Yes, please, I am ready for doing for the finance ministry looking all over my funding in the ground. Am I speaking with a black and white overmind painting, Raymond? Will the governments be funding of it for all sporzl? Please telling the men to please be emailing me about the fundings.


Robert K. Keller

- More to come

I AM MAN, MAN OF SCAM! <I>(With thanks to Chancery Layne and Luisa Estrada)</I>
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Mr. Rection
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 05, 2004 2:51 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Sweet Jeebus! You need to get out of my head. I just started one playing a polish immigrant earlier this week.

"[...]no one has entered into my box."
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