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 Mugu totally in love with Amanda. He is so far off script

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 1:15 am Reply with quoteBack to top

born_2_be_great: HI
amandahugankiss68: hi
born_2_be_great: ASL
amandahugankiss68: 36/f/Seattle
amandahugankiss68: your ASL
born_2_be_great: MALE
born_2_be_great: 49
born_2_be_great: NIGERIAN but based in NY
amandahugankiss68: cool
born_2_be_great: But my head office office is in Victoria Island Lagos
amandahugankiss68: ok
amandahugankiss68: what can I do for you?
born_2_be_great: what is your business?
amandahugankiss68: Investor
born_2_be_great: great
born_2_be_great: will you like to invest together with me in my company
amandahugankiss68: tell me more about your company
born_2_be_great: after doing a mutual business together?
born_2_be_great: i am an Importer and exporter
born_2_be_great: a general marchandise
amandahugankiss68: ok
amandahugankiss68: what do you import and export?
born_2_be_great: ELECTRONICS
born_2_be_great: GSM CELL PHONES
born_2_be_great: IBM AND DELL LAPTOPS
born_2_be_great: MONITORS
born_2_be_great: CPU
amandahugankiss68: and how do you want me to help you import that stuff?
born_2_be_great: good
amandahugankiss68: good?
amandahugankiss68: good what?
born_2_be_great: listen the most important thing in business is trust
born_2_be_great: love and understanding
born_2_be_great: are you single?
amandahugankiss68: right
amandahugankiss68: I have a girlfriend, Im a lesbian
amandahugankiss68: but I like men
born_2_be_great: will you like me if i come over to USA?
amandahugankiss68: you just told me youare in the USA
amandahugankiss68: lie #1
born_2_be_great: and i came back last weel Tuesday to nigeria
born_2_be_great: but will come over to USA again soon
born_2_be_great: by next month
amandahugankiss68: right, and you asked me if I want you to come to the USA, and you said your in New York. Do you know where New York is Bozo?
born_2_be_great: afer i might have cleard my goods from the sea port
amandahugankiss68: oh so your back in Nigera
amandahugankiss68: when are you going back to New York?
born_2_be_great: next Month
amandahugankiss68: I can meet you in New York
amandahugankiss68: or I can come to Nigera
born_2_be_great: can you come over to Nigeria?
amandahugankiss68: sure
amandahugankiss68: I have family in S Africa
born_2_be_great: when?
amandahugankiss68: no problem coming to Nigera
born_2_be_great: so that i will wait for you?
amandahugankiss68: I am looking for a husband
born_2_be_great: i am ready to marry you
born_2_be_great: do you have a cam?
born_2_be_great: or picture pls?
amandahugankiss68: I want to see your picture first
amandahugankiss68: do you have a cam that you can take your pic with a sign bearing my name?
born_2_be_great: thats ok
born_2_be_great: i will do that next week for you if you like
amandahugankiss68: I really want to see you now baby
amandahugankiss68: Did I mention that I own my own company and have lots of money?
born_2_be_great: that was why i told you that what we need is love and trust
amandahugankiss68: We can do both trading pics honey
born_2_be_great: cool
amandahugankiss68: so take a picture of yourself for me
born_2_be_great: I lost my HANDSET at the AIRPORT when i was coming back
amandahugankiss68: I want to invest in your company
amandahugankiss68: I will give you my picture baby
born_2_be_great: so can you assist me to get another one and send it to me through DHL i want to be using it to communicate with you till when you
born_2_be_great: the CELL PHONE them are selling here are not good once
amandahugankiss68: sue
amandahugankiss68: I sent you my picture, pic it up
born_2_be_great: i want you to assist me to get one from there and send it to me honey
born_2_be_great: can you send it to me at [email protected] or [email protected]
amandahugankiss68: you got it
amandahugankiss68: look at it
born_2_be_great: yes my sweetie
born_2_be_great: you look great
amandahugankiss68: see my picture?
amandahugankiss68: thank you
amandahugankiss68: do you like me baby?
born_2_be_great: do you have a camera to take another one and send to me now?
born_2_be_great: yes honey
born_2_be_great: i do
amandahugankiss68: no I dont Sad I only have a cam at work
born_2_be_great: @};[email protected]};- love u
born_2_be_great: my kisses for you
amandahugankiss68: mmmm Smile
born_2_be_great: ok
amandahugankiss68: lets see your pic
born_2_be_great: can you open your cam for me to see you pls
amandahugankiss68: I dont have one baby
born_2_be_great: yes i have promised to send my picture to you
amandahugankiss68: I will buy one this week
born_2_be_great: do you need it now?
born_2_be_great: but it will not have the sign you requested for
amandahugankiss68: I would like it honey bunny
amandahugankiss68: thats ok
born_2_be_great: because it is my old picture
amandahugankiss68: I can get that one as soon as you can
born_2_be_great: ok wait
born_2_be_great: ok
amandahugankiss68: ok hurry Mad
born_2_be_great: give me your e-mail address?
amandahugankiss68: [email protected]
amandahugankiss68: that didnt work
amandahugankiss68: try threw e-mail
born_2_be_great: give me your yahoo mail address
amandahugankiss68: is overfull, my hotmail address is empty
amandahugankiss68: [email protected]
born_2_be_great: check your mail box right now
born_2_be_great: i have send it ok
amandahugankiss68: to my hotmail account?
born_2_be_great: yes
amandahugankiss68: ok
born_2_be_great: did you get it?
amandahugankiss68: I did yes
born_2_be_great: good
born_2_be_great: how do you like it?
born_2_be_great: do you like me?
born_2_be_great: will you like me to marry you honey?
amandahugankiss68: looks great, your so handsom
born_2_be_great: because i will like us to marry when you come over to my country in a our traditional way of wedding in West Africa
born_2_be_great: thanks
amandahugankiss68: That would be so cool
amandahugankiss68: Would you include me in all your business dealings honey?
born_2_be_great: yes love
born_2_be_great: sure my love
born_2_be_great: definitely
born_2_be_great: I lost my HANDSET at the AIRPORT when i was coming back,so can you assist me to get another one and send it to me through DHL i want to be using it to communicate with you till when you,the CELL PHONE them are selling here are not good once,i want you to assist me to get one from there and send it to me honey
amandahugankiss68: ok I will baby
born_2_be_great: i need a Cell phone for our communications, it is very important to me, all the once them are selling here are not good once
amandahugankiss68: dont you have a landline?
born_2_be_great: can you assist me to send it through DHL next week and tell me what it cost you
born_2_be_great: yes i do
born_2_be_great: you know i just cam back last week so i need to put everything back online by next week\
amandahugankiss68: Doesnt matter the cost, I will send it to you for free baby
born_2_be_great: this is weekend
born_2_be_great: i will go and pay next week as the payment has been due for long and the cut it off
born_2_be_great: oh thats so nice of you honey
born_2_be_great: thanks a lot
amandahugankiss68: Anything for you baby
born_2_be_great: which model will you like to send to me?
amandahugankiss68: Nokia
amandahugankiss68: 3290
born_2_be_great: can you a get a NOKIA 3660 or Samsung V i660 PCS
born_2_be_great: ok
born_2_be_great: any one of your choice honey
amandahugankiss68: ok baby
born_2_be_great: God bless you
born_2_be_great: do you need my postal informations right now?
amandahugankiss68: So tell me more about your business
amandahugankiss68: I will yes
born_2_be_great: anything eletronics in africa here is a hot business and laptops and CPU and monitors
amandahugankiss68: oh yeah?
born_2_be_great: so if you will like to invest into it, we will make it more
amandahugankiss68: sure
amandahugankiss68: how much do you need?
born_2_be_great: the population in my country here are ok
born_2_be_great: and it is a movable business over here
born_2_be_great: i want us to run it together over here and expand the company more in a big way
amandahugankiss68: of course. I want the sameting
amandahugankiss68: how much money do you need
born_2_be_great: good
born_2_be_great: well it will cost me $150,000 Dollars to Expand the company and put things in good shape
amandahugankiss68: wow I dont have that much
amandahugankiss68: I only have $20,000 right now
born_2_be_great: thats ok
born_2_be_great: we will do it together
born_2_be_great: good
amandahugankiss68: ok
born_2_be_great: there is a new house i am buiding at the vitoria island
born_2_be_great: and i will be going there next tomorrow to see where the contractors stoped
born_2_be_great: i will like them to fisnish it before your arrival here in my country Nigeria
born_2_be_great: so that we will live comfortably in it
amandahugankiss68: ok
born_2_be_great: and be runing our business together
amandahugankiss68: that would be a dream
amandahugankiss68: Are you near Lagos?
born_2_be_great: for real my love
amandahugankiss68: for real my pet
born_2_be_great: i am in Lagos right now
born_2_be_great: yes
amandahugankiss68: can you get to the airport to meet me?
born_2_be_great: yes
born_2_be_great: Mutala Muhammed Ari-Port Nigeria Lagos State
amandahugankiss68: ok so first week in march
born_2_be_great: so when will you like to come over my love?
amandahugankiss68: first week in March
amandahugankiss68: how badly do you want me baby?
born_2_be_great: great
born_2_be_great: i want you to come over before then if possible honey
amandahugankiss68: I wish I could, but my company needs me this week, and I cant get away until the first week in March
born_2_be_great: thats ok
born_2_be_great: so what will you like me to do for you before your arrival here in my country
born_2_be_great: listen, I will like you to send your picture together with the HANDSET when sending it to me next week so that i will give it to the wedding card printers together with mine to print our wedding card
amandahugankiss68: nothing honey, just be at the airport when I get there
amandahugankiss68: great
born_2_be_great: after the wedding we will then travel back together to NY and after we will come back to base steady here in my country
amandahugankiss68: We will live in Lagos?
born_2_be_great: can you send it express through DHL ?
born_2_be_great: yes
amandahugankiss68: I hear its dangerous for a white girl in Lagos
amandahugankiss68: I use federal express
born_2_be_great: IKEJA or VICTORIA ISLAND
amandahugankiss68: unless you have an account with DHL
born_2_be_great: Never
born_2_be_great: Lagos is good honey
amandahugankiss68: LAgos is safe?
born_2_be_great: no problem
amandahugankiss68: ok I trust you baby
born_2_be_great: ok
born_2_be_great: yes love
born_2_be_great: trust me pls
amandahugankiss68: I do
amandahugankiss68: 100%
born_2_be_great: i will take you all round Lgoas
born_2_be_great: lagos
amandahugankiss68: great
born_2_be_great: to see it all
amandahugankiss68: I would love to take an African Safari threw Kenya
born_2_be_great: do you prefare UPS or DHL
born_2_be_great: which one
amandahugankiss68: DHL over UPS
amandahugankiss68: Will you take me to Kenya too for a Safari honey?
born_2_be_great: i will buy them and keep down for you, before your arrival, all i need you to do is measure yourself and put the paper in the package together with the HANDSET ok
born_2_be_great: i will take you to anywhere you like in Africa
amandahugankiss68: can you fill out the DHL papers and e-mail it to me? I can electronically send the document with my account number to DHL and you wont have to pay
born_2_be_great: them are all close to each other some are by car some are by Air
amandahugankiss68: What time is it in Lagos?
amandahugankiss68: its 5:47pm here in Seattle
born_2_be_great: just send it honey
born_2_be_great: they don't do it like that here in Nigeria
amandahugankiss68: Can I tell you a secret?
amandahugankiss68: I hope I can trust you
born_2_be_great: once you pay and send it to me over here
amandahugankiss68: ok
born_2_be_great: they will not charge me again when it arrived
born_2_be_great: tell me honey
amandahugankiss68: My brother in law runs a 419 in Lagos, and I want to do it too
amandahugankiss68: im serious hon I hear there is alot of money in it
born_2_be_great: what is 419?
amandahugankiss68: you know those guys who send out e-mails saying they 100 million in a trust and need an outsider to get it out
amandahugankiss68: he made $200,000 USD last year
born_2_be_great: in USA there?
amandahugankiss68: if your not into that, thats ok, we can forget that
amandahugankiss68: no he runs it in London UK and he has a guy in LAgos
amandahugankiss68: works for him
born_2_be_great: great
born_2_be_great: is he a nigerian?
amandahugankiss68: yes he is
amandahugankiss68: hes married to my sister
born_2_be_great: are you a nigerain?
amandahugankiss68: no l was born here in the USA
born_2_be_great: ok
born_2_be_great: thats good my love
born_2_be_great: if you will like to introduce me to him
amandahugankiss68: do you know what I am talking about with that business?
born_2_be_great: i think it will be more better for both us to work together
born_2_be_great: whatever you want me to do that will make you happy
born_2_be_great: i will do it honey
amandahugankiss68: Yes, me and you doing it together as well as running a legit business
born_2_be_great: i am a self made man
born_2_be_great: ok
amandahugankiss68: have you ever run one of those e-mail scams?
born_2_be_great: thats great
amandahugankiss68: I so want to get into it
born_2_be_great: i am very glad that God has giving me the type of lady i have been praying for in my whole life
born_2_be_great: i can't wait to see you honey
amandahugankiss68: me too baby
born_2_be_great: thats not a problem honey
born_2_be_great: whatever
born_2_be_great: we will do it together
born_2_be_great: i am ready
amandahugankiss68: but you never answered me about the e-mail scam business, do you know what I am talking about? have you ever run one?
amandahugankiss68: you can trust me honey
born_2_be_great: and we wil base in USA there because the Nigerian Government will find out
born_2_be_great: if we stay here in Nigeria to do it
amandahugankiss68: ok
born_2_be_great: maybe we will be runing it with importing goods
born_2_be_great: to cover up
amandahugankiss68: of course
amandahugankiss68: by brother in law is an import exporter to cover it up
born_2_be_great: ok
amandahugankiss68: have you ever done it before?
born_2_be_great: honey, thats not a problem
born_2_be_great: you will show me everything when you come over
amandahugankiss68: I will
born_2_be_great: will that be ok for you?
born_2_be_great: i am ready
amandahugankiss68: but have you ever done it before?
born_2_be_great: i haven't honey
amandahugankiss68: I want to know so you can teach me more about how to do it
born_2_be_great: but i am ready to follow up with you
amandahugankiss68: ok Smile
amandahugankiss68: I want to learn more about it
born_2_be_great: we will make an enquiry about it from those people that knows how to extract and send it
born_2_be_great: thats not a problem
amandahugankiss68: ok
born_2_be_great: i studied DESK-TOP publishing in school
born_2_be_great: and i operate computuer very well
amandahugankiss68: so you know about as much as I do about the e-mail scam thing
born_2_be_great: it is only to know more about the deal
born_2_be_great: thats all and i will teach you the remaining things honey
amandahugankiss68: I know desk top publishing
born_2_be_great: yes i did it together networking
born_2_be_great: in school
amandahugankiss68: but I need to learn how to run the scam, if you dont know how, I can ask my bother in law to teach us
born_2_be_great: so to do somethings like that will not be a problem
born_2_be_great: after you want me to be a complete man of my self to take care of you properly
born_2_be_great: thats not a big deal honey
amandahugankiss68: ok
born_2_be_great: thats ok
amandahugankiss68: cuz my brother in law will teach us if needed
born_2_be_great: the most important thing is communications
amandahugankiss68: so true
born_2_be_great: we will need it honey
amandahugankiss68: of course
born_2_be_great: your suggestion is agreeable with me ok
born_2_be_great: i love you
amandahugankiss68: awww thanks baby
amandahugankiss68: I want to learn more about you
born_2_be_great: please don't forget to send what i asked you to send together with the HANDSET
amandahugankiss68: learn about what you do
amandahugankiss68: I wont
amandahugankiss68: be right back ok, dont go away
born_2_be_great: I stay in Niagara Falls in NY and we deal with used and new Electronics
amandahugankiss68: back
amandahugankiss68: that sounds good to
amandahugankiss68: I've never been to Niagra Falls
born_2_be_great: ok
born_2_be_great: are you back?
amandahugankiss68: yes
amandahugankiss68: are you at home?
born_2_be_great: ok
born_2_be_great: yes i am at home right now
born_2_be_great: all alone
amandahugankiss68: what time is it there?
amandahugankiss68: awww Sad
born_2_be_great: i feel you my love
born_2_be_great: this is night here
born_2_be_great: 3:13AM Nigerian time
amandahugankiss68: wow arent you tired?
born_2_be_great: 6 hours ahead
amandahugankiss68: your 9 hours ahead of me
born_2_be_great: you kept me awake honey
amandahugankiss68: lol
born_2_be_great: after chating with you right now i will go to bed
amandahugankiss68: go to bed we can talk more tomorrow
born_2_be_great: that is why i needed the HANDSET very urgently
born_2_be_great: so that i will always call you anytime i want to chat with you
born_2_be_great: give me your private cell phone line
amandahugankiss68: my number is 206-337-0804
born_2_be_great: 1-206-337-0804
born_2_be_great: ?
amandahugankiss68: yes
born_2_be_great: ok
born_2_be_great: good
born_2_be_great: i send an e-mail to you right now
born_2_be_great: with my postal informations
amandahugankiss68: ok
born_2_be_great: your full name again pls
amandahugankiss68: Amanda Hugankiss
born_2_be_great: you know i lost it when my system got re-booted
amandahugankiss68: aww Sad
born_2_be_great: did you get the mail i sent to you?
amandahugankiss68: your picture? yes
born_2_be_great: no
born_2_be_great: another mail when you wasn't online
born_2_be_great: with my postal informations
amandahugankiss68: oh I havent looked
amandahugankiss68: hold on one sec
born_2_be_great: ok
amandahugankiss68: got it
amandahugankiss68: you need a cell phone, not a hand set right?
born_2_be_great: thats ok
amandahugankiss68: your real name is John?
born_2_be_great: my real name is John .E.Steemer
amandahugankiss68: so my name will be Amanda Steemer if we get married huh?
born_2_be_great: i will give you new line numbers next week ok
amandahugankiss68: ok
born_2_be_great: great
born_2_be_great: sure my sweetie
born_2_be_great: definitely
amandahugankiss68: where do you work in Nigera again?
born_2_be_great: i just came back honey
born_2_be_great: i am not working
amandahugankiss68: what company do you work for?
amandahugankiss68: oh
born_2_be_great: i think i have told you everything
amandahugankiss68: you never told me the name of the company you did work for
amandahugankiss68: in NEw York
born_2_be_great: i only based in NY to buy the goods and export to Nigeria from USA
amandahugankiss68: remember, we have to be totally honest with eachother if we are to get married
amandahugankiss68: did you work for yourself, or threw a company?
born_2_be_great: the name of the company J.VENTURES LTD
amandahugankiss68: ahh ok
born_2_be_great: yes
born_2_be_great: the company is mine
born_2_be_great: and i registered it
amandahugankiss68: oh ok great Smile
born_2_be_great: did you get me now
born_2_be_great: yes my love
amandahugankiss68: I need to know everything about your past and present if I am going to marry you
born_2_be_great: tell me what you want to know about me honey
amandahugankiss68: what kind of education you have, how you support yourself, all the usual stuff
amandahugankiss68: you know
amandahugankiss68: if your involved in scaming, I need to know so I can finance it and help you make alot more money doing it
born_2_be_great: after my secondary school i futhered my education in Lagos here
born_2_be_great: where i studied my certificate in D.T.P/NETWORKING
born_2_be_great: after that i got a job in Carldom Internation Company Nigeria Plc
amandahugankiss68: ok
born_2_be_great: i also worked as sellor
amandahugankiss68: doing what?
born_2_be_great: that was how i made my money to open my own campany and employed and travel to NY
born_2_be_great: works in ship
amandahugankiss68: cool
amandahugankiss68: and thats what your doing now to support yourself?
born_2_be_great: i worked as i cellor in ship travel from one country to another
born_2_be_great: my work now is to buy used and new eletronics in USA and export it to Nigeria here and once it arrived i will come over to clear it and get back
amandahugankiss68: I hear so often about how there is curuption from the police right up to the government is that true?
born_2_be_great: i run the business on my own
amandahugankiss68: sounds like you got your head on your shoulders
born_2_be_great: yes honey
amandahugankiss68: isnt Nigera the most curupt country in Africa?
born_2_be_great: that was what i told you intially before you said that your inlaw will cover up
born_2_be_great: it is their new constitution
born_2_be_great: yes it is
amandahugankiss68: curuption is the new constitution lol
amandahugankiss68: how come you never got involved in all the curuption?
born_2_be_great: that is why i want us to base in NEW York after our wedding
amandahugankiss68: must have been hard for you to make a legal living amongst all the curuption
born_2_be_great: i have never got involved in any of the curruption
amandahugankiss68: must have been hard to keep away
born_2_be_great: so do you preafare here or USA?
born_2_be_great: for both of us
amandahugankiss68: USA
amandahugankiss68: but I would like to live in Africa for awhile
born_2_be_great: ok
born_2_be_great: fine
amandahugankiss68: I guess you would want to live in the USA also to get away from all that curuption
born_2_be_great: sure my love
born_2_be_great: we can only be there on business and get back to USA
born_2_be_great: i think this will be better for us
amandahugankiss68: I agree
born_2_be_great: ok love
amandahugankiss68: Smile
amandahugankiss68: you really should get to bed honey
amandahugankiss68: its almost 4am
born_2_be_great: but it is a country you will invest $3,000 Dollars and make more than $5,000 Dollars after your business
amandahugankiss68: selling electronics?
born_2_be_great: yes
born_2_be_great: mostly LAPTOPS
born_2_be_great: CPU
born_2_be_great: DVD
amandahugankiss68: We will start a business venture that does just that
born_2_be_great: VCD PLYERS
born_2_be_great: MONITORS
born_2_be_great: OK
born_2_be_great: will you send the things tomorrow or when?
amandahugankiss68: I will by Monday
born_2_be_great: ok
amandahugankiss68: thats when I can get to the office and agrange everything
born_2_be_great: thats tomorrow
amandahugankiss68: arange rather
born_2_be_great: ok
amandahugankiss68: well for you, for me its stiull Saturday night Smile
born_2_be_great: yes honey
born_2_be_great: my kisses for you
born_2_be_great: i will be missing you right now
amandahugankiss68: me to baby
amandahugankiss68: have a good sleep honey
amandahugankiss68: xoxoxoxo
born_2_be_great: are you at home or where?
amandahugankiss68: home
born_2_be_great: is anybody with you in there?
amandahugankiss68: no
born_2_be_great: OK
amandahugankiss68: we are alone together
born_2_be_great: pls always take care of yourself for me
amandahugankiss68: oh I will, I promise
born_2_be_great: ok honey

Stay tuned for more.
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