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 mugu is "pleading for forgiveness"

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 7:27 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is the mugu that named me gamemaster and I just baited him from another email. He left me a message calling this hanky-panky games, so I wrote back that that made me cry. Below, he wrote back a winner.

am very angry and uspset at you. I want nothing more than to help you and also to finish the transaction. When I heard your message and you said I was playing "hanky-panky" games, I cried. I have never had anyone accuse me before. I told you that my boyfriend and I are rich, and we don't need to make this extra money but it would be nice.

I don't have to do this if you have changed your mind. If you still want to, then I will. I have already asked my attorney to make your letters. Please wait until Wednesday, he will have them finished.

Please, you upset me by saying what you did, I don't want to be treated like that. I am a nice person, and someday maybe we can meet in person and be friends.


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Dear Jane,

Good afternoon to you dear.Please i am so sorry' if up set you with my word, do forgive me .Meanwhile i rcieved your email where you ask me to call you and i just call you now and speak to your duigther right now and the person i spoke with told me that you are out for the moments Ok. Please try as much as possible to contact Dr Howard Sow, with the shipping charged by tomorrow , so that thy will proceed the shipment immediately because their are all saying to me and my sister they company is awaiting to my foreign partner to concloude the consignment shipment with thy company by paying the shipping to they accountant crdit controller department to proceed the shipment as soon as they confirm the payment of $6050 us dollars my dear.We are worried just because of our conditions and poor treatment we recieving in th refugee camp here, my dear sister please do not be angry with you OK , i am here pleading for forgiveness. I drop the sadly voice message to you cause , we have been calling to your telephone number all the time and all we recieved all the time is voice mail tone from your telephone number that's why i drop the message, hoping that you getback to me on mail as soon as you recieved the message from me. I am highly sorry for that, please forgive us my dear sister. Send us the letter of invitation , so that we will go merica embassy here and apply for our visa's by next week.I will call you again after sending to you this email OK.Moreover the soger finance, hs informed us that as soon as you help us to pay the shipping charge the consignment will be shipp to your care without delaying and that's all they charges to proceed the shipment therefore you do not have any other charges to pay as soon as you make the payment OK.

Greetings from my sister and nice talking with douighter dear, we love to meet you and your families with good faith soonest and we pray that the God in heaven will support us for everything we are doing together sister.Our most important that's worrying us is to secoure this total fund on a save ground, at lest you will assist us to invest the funds in to good business and fix us into good educational there in America ,once we arrive there to meet sister.

Cause here in refugee camp there's no good food for us and beside their are treating me and my sister bad because here is islamic country and we are christian, so because of that we refused to join them in their islam prayer, so because of that their hate us badly and my sister is crying everyday just because of our condition because we know that , if not for the death of our father and mother their will not see us here to treat us bad or to ask us to change our sourvation of warshpping sister.

Please try to understand the trouble we are facing here.i look forward to your reply soonet.

Your's truly Brother,
Turkin & Monica.
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