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 Bitcoin soldier begging to be baited

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PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2020 12:45 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I have a romance lad, who tried to play the pity game (my son is sick and I can't pay the surgery), which didn't really work. Nora thought blocked tearducts would be convenient, so the kid wouldnt'be able to cry. Win-win situation Smile (yes I know the symptoms are different, but as long as he didn't correct me, who am I to educate)
So last Saturday he tried another game. Maybe it's good to mention that the chat is spread out over multiple hours in the evening and I was having company of (way too much) rum, which is pretty much noticable as the chat progresses.

Matt: Do you invest?
Nora: what do you mean?
Matt: Like invest on bitcoin
Nora: why?
Matt: I wanted introducing you to a bitcoin investing platform that pays
Nora: tell me about it please
Matt: It's an online bitcoin investment platform,I just started trading with them 2 weeks ago and I've gotten more profits
Nora: oh that's great. how much?
Matt: I traded with just $70 because at first I thought it was a scam and to my surprise I gained $130
Nora: pretty good investment
Matt: Yeah it is
I'm trying to invest more
Nora: good point if you have the opportunity
Matt: I have the opportunity
Nora: good for you. Hope it turns out well for you
Matt: Yes dear
Wouldn't you want to invest
Just consider it as a side payment
Nora: I'm having my fingers stirring in a few pots already
Matt: Post about what?
Nora: investments you silly
Matt: This one is just a mere trade
Nora: of course
I'm well aware
that's what all investments are
Matt: You can start with just little and the company will complete it for you
Nora: And which company would that be
Matt: The company in charge of the investment
Nora: what's the name of the company?
Matt: website
Nora: never heard of them
Matt: Yeah they are new
Just check out the website
Nora: hmm I might tell my boss about them, probably some of our clients might be interested
Matt: Alright thanks dear
Nora: do you work for them? Is it your company?
Matt: No not at all
Just recommending
Nora: but you thanked me for reccomending them to my boss
It's ok if it's your comany, I don't care. I like smart guys who do business
Matt: You're promoting them dear
I like that
Nora: why?
Matt: I do smart business
Nora: tell me
Matt: BTC
Nora: so it is your business. I knew it. you're smart
Matt: Not actually mine
Nora: then what?
Matt: I'm just a smart trader
Nora: I aint buying that. common tell me
Matt: Just go through the website
And see if it ain't trying
Nora: ahw, don't ruin this now
tell me
allright don't
be boring
Matt: After finished registering with them, it's up to you to invest from little first or high but I chose little first and kept on stretching my invest till it got higher
Nora: right. well I need a contact from you. The email from your consultant there. we don't just send our clients to a website, that's not how we work
Matt: I don't have those... I was referred by a trusted client to me,he also invested and gained more profits too
Nora: allright, then therés nothing I can do. without a contact I can't refer clients
Matt: I'll get you the contacts soon
Nora: ok, thanks
I think many people will be happy with this
Matt: Yeah
Can you visit her Instagram page?
Or her Whatsapp Number?
Nora: who's instagram page?
Matt: The Lady in charge
Nora: can't you just give me an emailaddress like any normal human being business person
Matt: I'm coming hold on
Nora: okay okay don't get too excited allright
Matt: Just a sec
I'm trying to get her username from Instagram
Nora: thats not an emailaddress
Matt: OK I'll get that too
Nora: allright
Matt: <email>
Nora: ok, great, I'll send it to my boss, ask what he thinks. when my clients contact them I'll et them know to mention your name
Matt: Don't mention my name please, mention the websites name so more people will know about it
Nora: can't really do that. I'll have them mention your name, tha'ts beter
Matt: No please that's not how it's done, I'm serious mention hers please
Nora: ofocurse but if I mention her I havet o say you refered to the whole thing. you'll get commissioned and all and have more profits. that's how this things work
don't you know?
anyways goodnight and thanks for the great advice
Matt: I know
But I'm a soldier and we keep low profile
Nora: ofcouse bu tyou make commision on refferements
believe me that's how this works and you can pay your baby kids chirurgy
Matt: Yes I know
But just do mine please I beg of you

Free for all, do whatever you want with him. He's a real asshole, though I'm not sure if he's the one behind the emailaddress. It might as well be his oga / buddy / ...

ETA, I removed the website. He wanted me to go there way too much, so I didn't.

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