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 That is not fair.. oh no!

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 12:11 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is some great baiting. He must be so frustrated right now. I can't wait to see his reaction when he finds out about the website with his nude pictures and videos Laughing

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 1:02 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

A large bunch of lads has received today a very interesting message. Laughing Laughing Laughing


I'm sure Calimero will be pleased to answer the phone in the coming days. Laughing Laughing Laughing

Let the lads come to me!

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 1:35 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Any chance of the rest of us checking out this social trainwreck/website? Not that I really want to...but a good laugh on a friday night is never wrong Smile

Edit: if nothing else, a PM with the URL would make my day Smile - or not Smile

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 1:42 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Wednesday evening
Calimero: Hello
What are you doing now
Nora: Making dinner
Calimero: Okay
For who?
Are alright
Nora: Huh?
Calimero: Did you finish cooking
Nora: yes why
Calimero: Okay
Can we chat
Nora: Why the 🙄
Calimero: I was like if you are will to chat with me
why would I?
I know you have been hurt in the past and I have hurt you too
But I want you to know that we are made for each other despite all the quarrel will still talk that a very strong bond
Nora: but I can't marry a gay
Calimero: Now you want to start you fight again
Am not a gay what is wrong with your head I have told you
Am straight
If you keep saying that gay
I will say good bye because I believe that there is nothing I can do to change your heart
Nora: you have said that at least 4 times in the last day already
Calimero: Why will you not listen
What wrong with your head
Am not a GAY
Nora: sheesh would you calm down please
Calimero: I swear with the grave of my late father
I have never swear with such before I'm my life
If you use that GAY word on me again it over just call me history because I will look forward and never come back
Nora: Okay history
Calimero: You don't get don't you
I said if you use that word
I will be know to you like someone you mat in the past
You are always make me angry
Am completely sick and tired of your attitude
Nora: I believe i have special talents, but you were the one to say I should call you history
Calimero: Its this what your ex was going through
But you are very bitter in the heart and you keep bring back past to the present
Good wife don't do that
A good woman should learn how to make her man happy not sad
Nora: And a good man should not lie to a woman
Calimero: Yes you are right, but I explain what I did what I did
And you keep using them against me
That bad
Nora: so because you explained why you are a silly liar it suddenly is right
Calimero: If you really not sure about me any more after all that we have been through and you still want to remain in the past then tell me
Life is all about stage by stage
In 2017 I did not know you and I was living my life in 2018 I was full of happiness with my ex in 2019 life was good but since this 2020 January that you came it been fighting and misunderstanding
Nora: That's all because you decided to start lying and trying to steal from me
Calimero: All I get is been called a name that no one has ever called me just because I sent you a picture of me without no clothes
Nora did I steal
Definition of steal
Nora: taking what is not yours. You tried to do that
Calimero: Am sure you attend school
Then show me what I take
You can report to the police
Nora: You didn't succeed
Calimero: Then stop saying rubbish
Because I didn't take anything
And I did not see anything

Nora: So someone who robs a bank is innocent if he fails to get money?
Stop acting like an idiot
Calimero: You are the one that is actually been acting stupid
Because you sent an invisible gift
And I did not go to your company store house to steal , and you did not send anything so it all a scam
Stop trying to confused me
Nora: My company? What are you blabbering about?
Calimero: Fine today is a new day
Not read for argument
Nora: Then don't start
Thu 11:40 AM
Calimero: Do you wanna be my girl
Thu 12:51 PM
I forwarded the email from plog to him. He wasn't happy about it and sent me some angry emails about it
Nora: I just got a message. You didn't work things out to get the money for traveling, so you dont'even want to be with me
Calimero: How I thought you said you said you have check the internet
And you know the right amount
Nora: I have sent you 10000, you abnadoned it
I forwarded you the message
Calimero: Madam I did not see any money
If I have it by now am with you
Nora: No you idiot, you left it for that Mr Orawaka to take
Calimero: It all fake idiot
Don't start your insult now
I don't want it
Nora: In that case I don't want no gay fake boyfriend
Calimero: Then fuck off please
Stop texting me
You sent me a fake asshole parcel
Fuck off please
Am gonna block you
Nora: Yeah you said that before
Calimero: Go away please
Am not ready for your attitude
Nora: Then stop sending me your fucking messages
Calimero: You sent me a fake parcel
If you knew that you sent me a parcel why didn't you fight for it
You want me to keep deceiving me
Go away
I will not send you any message
I told you if you are not ready to fight for us I'm not going to pay more money to get the parcel back and be reminded of the failiure that is what you call a relationship
I did not tell you in the first place to send me parcel
A good wife have to sick her husband opinion
Before she take decision
I have done all I can the parcel is not made for me
If is not the will of God for us to be together , so fine by me
Am not kill myself anymore
You can find a man over there wish you all the best in life
Nora: Okay babe bye
Calimero: Take care
You think if you say good bye I will come start pleading taaaaa if you wanna go you are free
After all you where cheat on me
You where in England to fuck another man
I got lot of ladies pleading
To have me
So you can fucking go follow another stupid transgender
While I keep fucking my sweet pussy
My friend will be here my 4:45
So she will fuck me well
Nora: you still want to convince me that you are not gay and you are still talking to me while you said you didn't want to anymore
Calimero: And I will suck her pussy
Stupid fool you keep deceiving your stupid self
Fake asshole
You can't never do video call
The day you do video call you will die
Fake asshole
Come suck my dick
Nora: No thanks, I'm not a man
Calimero: You think 🤔 I don't know you are the one running the company
Fake asshole
Come suck my dick
You think I need a stupid transgender like you
You can't win my heart 💞 because my sweet baby girl got it already
I gave it to you but you throw it away because of your madness
As soon as I am done typing I will block you for good because all you stupid shit is over
You where busy Googling places in Nigeria
And you where using my head
You young brother was right about you fake ass
You ass is so fake
That you can't even trust yourself
Go away for good you silly bastard
Thu 3:17 PM
Calimero: Why are you send email
What is my business with your delivery company
Thu 8:19 PM
Calimero: My wife
My soulmate
The mother of kids
Thu 9:20 PM
Nora: Are you bipolar?
Thu 10:22 PM
Calimero: You are my wife
I will not let you go
Nora: Only a few hours ago I was a fake ass and a bastard
I feel the love
Calimero: You keep calling me gay and trigger my heart
You are my wife
Nora: No I'm not
Calimero: I love you
Nora: No you don't
Calimero: Yes I do, but you know am straight and you keep calling me gay just to hurt me
Not to hurt you
Why will you keep saying thing to hurt me
You don't even love me
Nora: Not anymore
you ruined that
Calimero: Know you hurt love me. So much and you know I do despite all I say that am blocking you , but I can not become I love you
I don't believe you anymore
Sweet heart open your heart
You keep closing it
Honey can we talk for a minutes
I want to tell you something
Remember that day we talk for a long time
Nora: So tell me
Calimero: You missed a call
Sweetheart call me
My love please 🙏 I want to talk to you
It all about voice
Nora: You can tell me anything right here without stressing me
Calimero: Sweet heart remember that day you said you will be calling me time to time to check on me
Nora: No
You asked I didn't promise to do it
and we're not in a relationship anymore
Calimero: Please na why my love
Do you want me to die
You have always be my first princess
Honey I have promise not to hurt you again
Have you found another man
Nora: No
What do you want from me?
Calimero: I want your love ❤️
Nora: you destroyed that
Calimero: All I need is your love ❤️
Please my Nora
I can build that with a solid block
Nora: I'm not too convinced
Calimero: Baby I love you so much
Honey let be happy again
Call me let me tell you how much I love you will really have to move forward
Calimero: You missed a call
My fiance
You know that I love you
Honey can you free your heart
Nora: I don't want to
Calimero: What are your major interest in life at the moment?
Do you have some in your heart at the moment?
Honey I don't want to be single man again, I have suffer a lot
Nora: You should've thought about that before you started lying to me
Calimero: I was just trying to protect me heart because I don't want any woman to break my heart
But I have come to realize that I truly love you
Nora: so you lie
funny way of building a relationship
Calimero: No in the first place I did nit lie
I did not lie
Honey I did not lie about my coming
Calimero: Okay I accept
You said fuck sake lol
Okay cool
Nora: At least I didn't call you a fucking gay
Calimero: I did not believe you in the first place
I thought you where fake and a scam
If you could remember
We where have some arguing
That you sent me a voice note
Nora: so?
Calimero: I still did not believe in you
Because I thought that you only wanna take advantage if me
And run away
Nora: so you actually betrayed me all this time
Calimero: Well I did not but I was scared of you
Nora: yes you did
if you didn't believe me and pretended you did then you were betraying me
Calimero: No my love
I did not betrayed you
I did not cheat on you
I have been myself
Do you have any plans of settling down soon
Honey What religion are you
We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly
Will you give me a chance at your heart to show you how much I appreciate you as a lady
With you I find happiness that knows no bounds
Nora: I will believe you when I see you standing in front of me here in the Netherlands and I'm not sending you money again
Calimero: Hello
Nora: hi there
Calimero: Love is kind. It does not envy. It does not boast. It is not proud..It is not rude. It is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered. It keeps no record of wrong doing. It does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth.
Nora: Ok mr preacherboy
Calimero: To be in love means being patient but to be patient we must sacrifice our time and everything and also trust ourself first.
Nora: is that freud or calimero speaking
Calimero: Am here
Love is like trust, when you find your special someone it is as if you're trusting them with your heart I love you so much honey Henry loves you some much
Trust is what you put in someone's hands. Faith is what you hold on to.
Nora: freud. Definitely freud
Calimero: Who is Freud
You missed a call
Who is Freud
Nora: not a clue but he usually isn't calling me late at night
Calimero: You missed a call
Then pick up
Nora: I'm not talking to freud, we're not on speaking terms
Calimero: So you have been chatting with different men that you are confused
Nora: what are you blabbering on about this time
Calimero: If you give me your heart, I'll make it a duty of mine to guard, protect, care and make it happy for the rest of my life.....I will take it as a sacred task and a dedication of my life to you.....please believe what I say because I write these words from my heart and what I feel in my soul
Nora: ladies and gentleboys please give the artist mr freud a standing ovulation because he's starting to read is wedding vowels without a marriage in the slightest sight
Calimero: Who is Freud?
Nora: je ne sais pas
Calimero: <voicemessage asking who is freud>
Nora: Do I hear a woman speaking in the background?
you have a date?
Calimero: No that my brother , don't skip the question? Who is Freud?
Nora: brother?
Does she always sound like a girl?
Calimero: Are you drunk? (actually I was)
Clinton is not she
I have give you my heart 💞 and you are doing this to me
I love you so much and we have both understand ourselves so much
Let life together have babies and stay with each other, lovely you is very important to me, I want to spend much time and give you my trust again
Nora: I don't need your trust
give my regards to your lovely girly brother okay
Calimero: goodnight
Am going to Benin very soon and I will give your picture to a old man to pray for you
His a strong man don't worry things will change
Nora: oooh is he handsome?
Calimero: He will do some prayers for you so your brain trigger will stop, because it really making you not to remember the good time
I can't afford to lose you
I will make sure I go to churches too and strong spiritual healing home so your illness will stop
And you will love me again
Nora: Maybe you can ask him to do some magic to make your brother less girly and you a little less gay okay, maybe that'll help, but you ddin't tell me if he's handsome because i'm not going to dat a not handsome guy understood mister?
Calimero: Haha you called me mister that the same world does company people use always
You write like them
Omg 🙊 why are you doing this
Stop pretending
You are the one behind all this
Nora: whahaha youre funny hunny
Calimero: 🤔
Nora: should I call you douchecanoe, is that a bit more better?
I'm sure they didn't call you that
but half the world says mister to people of the male sex, but if you don't like it I can cal you lady
Calimero: Chailll not good you have been the one running this
Nora: you have the tits to match, but I'm no lesbian so i'm sorry it'll never become something serious between us
Calimero: You have been the one controlling that company
Nora: ahw lady you've been overestimating me. All I've been controling is rum
can you dance?
Calimero: Am so disappointed 😞 why,
You called me with a white voice but you keep deceiving me oh why
Chaill really bad ⛔ that why you posted my picture because I did not pay you hundred dollars
You quickly asked do you like gold 🌟
Omg why me
Nora: lady I don't need your money okay, you threw away all my money and gifted it to the nice manager, maybe you should send him a nice message
Calimero: is it his birthday
Nora: oh tell your brothergirl to eat more chilly peppers cause it'll give him a manly voice, unless she's your date then tell her I'm felling very very sorry for her
Calimero: Omg so finally the truth has come out, you where the manager, I have always suspected you motive
You asked me to send a picture of me with no clothes and I did the company asked them thing
You are behind all this why
Am sorry for your life
Nora: I actually like my life lady
Is that Benin boy hot?
Calimero: Nora I will be find okay say what you wanna say
Am not ready to nag with you anymore
Nora: Thought you wanted to marry me
What happened
Calimero: You are pushing me away
You keep chatting with so many guys that you can not recognize me
You called a fraud
You said Mr fraud
Thanks for your insult, but I know that you will one day change and realize what you doing
Take care
Nora: Freud lady
Read the vowels
Calimero: You are a confused woman please go chat some one else
You are difficult to, play with
Chat with, smile with
Nora: Not nearly as nice as you
Calimero: You are difficult very difficult You are difficult to, play with
Chat with, smile with, you keep been aggressive and strange every day is fight, quarrel and insult
You really have to change


Nora: Ahw thank you
But for someone who doesn't want to argue you seem to do a whole lot of exactly that
Calimero: Today is a new day again let watch who will start the argument and disagreement
Nora: You're starting one already
Calimero: Let see how it goes it a challenge, and will shall know who start the insult first
Nora: I always win challenges
How is your girly brother doing today?
Calimero: I won
Nora: I just asked you a question
You win nothing yet
Calimero: What the meaning of girly brother
You are insulting someone to be she and also a he
Nora: I heard a girl and you said she's your brother
Calimero: Haha most you complain all the time?
I, my mom, and brother where busy talking before I send you that note
Nora: Not complaining
Calimero: Sweet heart 💞 😬
My love ❤️ of my life 😬
The only woman that has a key to my heart 💞
Nora the woman sent form heaven 😇 to come and take care of me
Please am waiting
Nora: Hope you're patient then
Calimero: Yes anything for my baby girl
Nora I ❤️ love you
More than love
Is there another name apart from love
This new relationship is a relationship that we last forever
It will be possible with, trust, love, commitment, care and peace
No more, hate, lies, misunderstanding, arguing, insult, fighting and rudeness
Nora: Okay good luck with that
Calimero: So are you gonna ride with me 😬
Please my first love ❤️
Nora: You're lying again. As a matter of fact the American lady you fucked so hard was before me
Calimero: Yes but now am starting a new life again
And I want just you
Baby carry me and go with you
Honey hold my hands
Nora: So I'm not your first
Calimero: Please
I want to hold your hand and stand in your front and tell you how much I have Miss you
Nora: ok, when do you arrive?
Calimero: I need to start saving don't worry I will definitely come it will only take a little while
I will stay working for a well house
Still waiting to get called
Nora: by who?
Calimero: The wearhouse manager
Nora: can you get a job there?
Calimero: Honey I got no choice then to get a job
Nora: You said you have a job
Another lie
You just can't stop yourself huh?
Calimero: So I can earn some more money
Wearhouse job pay good
I only wanna see your face and tell you what I feel about you
I promise to be by your side at any time when you are in problem,i will protect and always make sure that you have the best thing that you needs in this world .Support can come in many forms, someone lending a listening ear, someone going out of their way to help you, or something as simple as a phone call to cheer you up. Make sure your partner gives you support when you need it.Emma you really have to free your heart and let build a happy home 🏠 again Love is not always fireworks and shooting stars; sometimes it's a simple understanding and trust between two people

Then he blocked Nora. I believe he has been getting some calls because yesterday TheDevguy startend sending out some nice propaganda

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Never seen such an extreme masochist! Laughing

"I am truly not a happy fellow at the moment." - Mr.George
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