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 "Business With All Pleasure" - the bonus round

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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 28, 2019 1:34 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I published the bait Business With All Pleasure here in late 2017, just after it closed:

But it wasn't all over. Some chats on Hangouts were yet to come... The Lad is in italics.

28 September 2017

Good evening Mr Lawrence.
Good evening Mr Malcolm
How have you been doing?

I'm fine. How have you been faring?
Fine too, in God We Trust
Our help comet from the Lord that made heaven and Earth

Has He helped you much lately?
Have you come back to continue making fool of me like you did before?
What happened before was entirely down to you and your bad choices. That said, we did part with acrimony.
Then what did you want now ?

Just to find out what had happened to you. You were going through troubled times.
Yeah, but God is still in control
I've never understood why that's seen as a good thing.
What are that you are talking about?
Your comment "...but God is still in control". It seems like you think it's a good thing. I can't understand that logic.
That is left for you but for me I strongly believe in God who created the heaven and Earth
That's as may be. I still don't get the thinking behind what you said.
Anyhoo... have you found someone else to shift your gold?
Not yet
Do you want me to ask around? I have a few overseas contacts who might be better places to do that deal.
Just saying.
No I didn't need your contact okay
Go on talking what so ever you like to say okay

Well, that's a very mature and adult response. NOT.
What's to continue? You rudely spurned my offer of assistance.

A couple of months later...

1 January 2108

Happy new year?
As it happens, yes.
Welcome ?
How are you [Gmail name]

That's not my name. Mr Lawrence.
If you said so?

You know my name, Mr Lawrence. Or is there some superstition about using a man's name?
Never mind
That was a wasted effort. Sums up your life perfectly.
Okay for you my dear?

Lads hate the implication that they're gay, so it's time to play that card.

I'm not that kind, dude.
Dude Okay
Just as long as you know that.
Okay ?
Okay what?
Because I did not understand
Just as long as you know that.

I thought it was obvious.
Look, I know it's fashionable over there to assume that the West is decadent and degenerate, but you're wrong.
I'm not one of your kind, and never will be.
But have I eve said wrong words to you
You didn't think they were wrong, that's the point. You assumed that as a Westerner I'd be one of your kind, and you were wrong. As my Gunnery Sergeant would tell us; "Never assume!"
Okay now I understand
Do you? Do you really?
What's that for?
So what was that for?
Just wondering if that "thumbs up" had a particular meaning.
Well, given Ghana's status as the gay hub of Africa, I thought you might be giving me the old RU-1-2 signal.
I'm not into gey
And i don't know anything to say about that

You would say that, wouldn't you, now that you know I'm not? Like I said, you people seem to have a strong belief in Western degeneracy, which is really gorram hypocritical considering.
Ok if you said so for me i don.t know anything simple.
Hell, Accra's got more gays than San Francisco, and you can't say you don't know that.
you want me to give you gey
Hell, no! Last thing I'd want.
But at least you ain't in denial now.
I didn't know about Ghana's gay subculture back when you were trying to get me to buy gold, but I learned about it since, and how gays are using con tricks to fund the fight for gay rights. Others, of course, do something very much the same just to get to the West.
Ok what can i do now
Find a faggot who'll believe you.
The president want to sign gey in this country but we did not agree with him
I'm surprised you'd say, "we did not agree." You would have done, no question about that.
That is very bad game
Game? You lost me there.
i mean gey is a very bad game
Not good

Well, it ain't a game. It's what you are. You're in denial again. Sad!
You mean i am what
In denial, and it ain't a river in Egypt, dude.
Are you trying to say that i am into gey
It's obvious, on both counts.
I thought back over our phone calls, and read over your emails and the chat logs, and all the proof was there. Golf Alpha Yankee, no doubt.
for me all what you're saying i don't know

Denial is bad.
OK, that's better.
So how is your family doing today

So, what would have happened if I'd made it to Ghana? I can guess that it wouldn't have been pleasant for me. Ransom? Or some torture fest to vent your hatred for the "White man"?
You say "Ok" a lot. No idea what to say?
I only say what i have the idea
You have it. You just don't like to admit it.
Yes i don't need
It's not what you need, it's what you've got.
Why? Because you have it. It's what you are. The tragedy is that people are afraid of it.
It is all about choice

It ain't a choice. It's what you've got. I didn't choose to be straight; I am straight. You didn't choose to be gay; it's what you are.
You called me a gey
You are gay. It's as clear as day.
you are the one who is a gey because that has been in you
for making the comments that is what you are

I've been straight ever since I was old enough to fuck.
Your reaction is sadly typical. Deny and project.
Deny what you truly are, and project that on to someone else.
No wonder you were telling me how much you wanted to get out of Africa.
It's too bad for you that you never will.
Listing to me i don't have that time because you give me what i'm not
I ain't giving you anything. That’s the whole point.
Hold your money or anything you think you have
I don't ask. I won't tell.
I don't want to put your life at risk.
How can you put my life at risk
By telling on you.
How make me to understand
Do I always have to draw you a gorram picture?
I like to see
Well, I won't, largely because I'm terrible at drawing.
Make me to understand what you want
You don't do sarcasm much.
I have not understand yet
Then you never will. There isn't a big enough clue bat.
Can you send dose things in datiles through email
So I will see them good

Oh, forget it! You are fucking hopeless.
Fool you're fucking

You're fucking a fool? I believe that.
Fool yourself
Go fuck yourself.
Is that the best you can do?
Because you're the worst fool I have eve seen
You're the biggest faggot failure in history.

And that was finally that for Mr Samuel Lawrence.

Thanx for reading.

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

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