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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2019 11:36 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This is the third bait in what might be called my Romance/Beggar Trilogy. Unlike the earlier two baits, this doesn’t involve a fake soldier, but follows a similar arc.

The Scammer
Engine, “originally from Dallas.but lives and work in Liverpool London”

The Baiter
Camille White, photomodel and devotee of the Norse pantheon

Most of this bait was via Yahoo chat. My comments are in bold, as are any notable comments by the Lad.
Lad emails are in italics.

Get your motor running/head out on the highway…

4 July 2015
I know you might be wondering how i get to see your profile, well i will like to start by telling you how i get to know about it, i saw your profile on the platform of PEOPLE YOU MIGHT KNOW, hope i am not intruding, just signed in with Facebook and wished to make a friends all over the world.

I don't know what you mean by "the platform of PEOPLE YOU MIGHT KNOW". Is your name actually Egine?
Camille White

so glad you did reply, am so much happy reading and replying to your letter now and am sorry for my late response but before i introduce myself formerly which i believe is the right way to start a conversation, i sincerely wish to apologize for intruding into your privacy because we do not have mutual friends or have we met either but i saw your profile in the right hand corner of my profile in PEOPLE YOU MIGHT KNOW, then i don't know any other way i can communicate with you if not by writing you a short mail. Now i believe you might have accepted my apologies and i think is time for me to introduce myself.

Well, that's OK, go ahead and introduce yourself.

I am Engine originally from Dallas .but lives and work in Liverpool London, widowed. What else about me???, ok don't know much to tell you about me but feel free to ask me any time. Asking questions in the beginning of conversation always help in understanding each other. Your turn to tell me more about yourself.

I'm Camille (Cammy to my friends), born and raised in Sydney, single but going steady.
Back to you now, Engine

I was trying to search for my old school friend, then your name popped up and you were so beautiful so i decided to ask for your friendship.
I am sorry if I encroached into your privacy. Hope i have not done something wrong?

Of course you haven't done anything wrong.

how old are you? are you married

I'm 26, and I did say "single and going steady".
Actually you didn't say how old you are...

5 July 2015
seriously 26years or kidding me sorry i ask dear. can you date black?

Did I say something wrong? Or do you think I'm lying about my age?

i love the age dear can you answer me please

Yeah, well... you didn't tell me your age.
As for your question... wouldn't know; I've never tried.

i will tell you the truth my mind ask me too

You asked my age, and I told you, and you never told me your age (despite the hints), so... how old are you?

27 Years

am born 29 November 1988

OK... not wanting to pry too much, but how long since you were widowed?

what month date and year where you born?

OK, I shouldn't have asked, gotcha... 12 August 1988

told you the truth do you have skype or any means we can be fast to know ourselves

waoo i dont wanna lie to you my mind ask me not to lie to you i really dont know why

I didn't say anything about you lying! Where did you get that idea from?

Chat request received and accepted!
Cammy loves to chat.

5 July 2015

Lad: good evening
Lad: how are you
Cammy:‎ I'm fine.
Lad: am sorry i put you through all this
Lad: i need one favour from you
Cammy:‎ I'm here.
Lad: can we know ourselves
Lad: promise you gonna tell me nothing but the truth
Cammy:‎ Why would I lie to you, dewd?
Lad: smiles
Lad: okay
Lad: i want to be your friend
Lad: if possible your love one
Cammy:‎ That's not something I can make happen. No one can make love happen.
Lad: love grows right
Cammy:‎ It has its own rules.
Lad: what doy you do for a living
Cammy:‎ I'm a photomodel.
Lad: model?
Cammy:‎ What do you do for a crust?
Lad: am a nurse
Lad: but not working?
Lad: i dont have license here
Cammy:‎ I pose for pictures. Lingerie catalogues, publicity shots, and so on.
Lad: good
Lad: well am okay with the age
Lad: do you have a boy friend
Cammy:‎ Yes - he's my photographer.
Cammy:‎ You didn't have the qualifications to be a nurse?
Lad: what do you want in a man?
Lad: i have all
Lad: wish you have camera i can show you
Cammy:‎ What do you mean by "all"?
Lad: i mean i have all document
Lad: just feel free asking me question
Lad: i will tell you the truth
Cammy:‎ You have documents to prove that you're a man???
Lad: nurse
Lad: i was writing many things same time
Lad: now i write and answer one by one
Cammy:‎ "what do you want in a man?"
Lad: i ask you
Lad: not me
Lad: i said what type of man doyou want
Cammy:‎ What did your wife think about you? How did you meet?
Lad: am just 27 dear
Cammy:‎ How about you let me finish asking the question, huh?
Cammy:‎ And that wasn't the question.
Lad: ok cammy
Lad: ask
Lad: she needed a man that will understand her and always be there for her
Lad: have good affectiong and also cherish her
Cammy:‎ I asked about your wife. What was she like?
Lad: girl friend
Lad: she was good
Lad: thought death took her away
Cammy:‎ I'm sorry for your loss.
Lad: so you are in love right now
Cammy:‎ AJ is more my best fuck-buddy. He's quite a stud. I also have two girlfriends.
Lad: explain
Lad: hope my questions wont get you angry?
Cammy:‎ I'm bisexual.
Lad: jesus
Cammy:‎ Sorry, is something wrong?

Lads can get slightly hysterical when Cammy admits her orientation; not this one though.

Lad: well good you tell me truth
Lad: no
Lad: do you have facebook
Cammy:‎ No, it's a stupid thing, total waste of time.
Lad: hmmm
Lad: tell me about your God
Cammy:‎ Freyja is a Goddess.
Cammy:‎ Are you a Christian?
Lad: yes
Lad: those freyja have powers
Lad: how do you pray and seek power
Cammy:‎ Freyja is one of the Aesir - the Norse gods.‎ We hold to Odin, Freyja, Skadhi, and Tyr especially.
Lad: ok
Lad: ask odin if am real or lieing
Cammy:‎ Odin does not concern Himself with matters of the heart.
Lad: what those he concern him self with
Lad: sorry i ask too much dear
Lad: when i was small i only know odin to be a god of something marine and ack

There is a “Viking Conventicle” in Nigeria that worships the Norse deities in a somewhat quirky manner – honestly, the things you learn by baiting...

Cammy:‎ Huh? Marine and ack? Please explain!
Lad: i will reasearch about it
Lad: how many fuck buddy do you have?
Cammy:‎ I think it's about time I had the chair, TYVM!
Lad: am just sure odin is God
Lad: whats the meaning of tyvm
Cammy:‎ You can't work as a nurse, so what do you do?
Lad: cant i dont have document
Lad: am a foreginer
Lad: ask me question dear dont jump into conclusion
Cammy:‎ So why did you go to England if you weren't qualified?
Lad: camm
Lad: can you be patient and ask me one after the other
Lad: lets talk something else dont wanna remember the past
Lad: may e tomorrow i will scane result to you and you see
Lad: your self
Cammy:‎ FFS! What was wrong with those questions?
Lad: i was deceive by an agent
Lad: who did the visa
Lad: am an africa man
Cammy:‎ Oh dear.
Lad: hope you understand me now
Cammy:‎ African? You mean African-American, right?
Lad: no
Lad: africa
Cammy:‎ You said you'd come from Dallas!
Lad: now
Lad: i said i wanna tell you truth

Now this I wasn’t expecting.
Why did the Lad drop his cover so soon, and for no apparent reason?

Lad: truth
Lad: dallas was where i hadin mind going
Lad: my profile shows dallas
Cammy:‎ You lied to me.
Lad: noooo
Lad: never did i
Lad: read our emails
Lad: i told you i will never lie to you
Lad: if i wanted to lie i will not come to this extent
Lad: i will not come this far
Lad: i love the age
Cammy:‎ You make me swear to tell the truth and you fucking well told e a lie right at the start!!!!!!
Lad: i wanna be your friend
Lad: i never lie cammy
Lad: read well
Lad: am real here
Lad: understand me
Lad: we are mates here
Cammy:‎ "I am Engine originally from Dallas" - that's what you told me!
Lad: i dont want anything
Lad: okay
Cammy:‎ Anything to say now???
Lad: ask me now i will explain
Lad: yes
Lad: am i free to say
Cammy:‎ You'd better have a good reason for that!
Lad: if i tell you the truth you still care to chat me good
Cammy:‎ How can I be sure of you?
Lad: i wanted to use different picture and chat you
Lad: am 27years
Lad: when you told me your age all my mind set change
Lad: i now said i will be real to you
Lad: after i have sent you that
Lad: i now prayed an ask God to forgive me i told you and that was why i ask for your pictre
Lad: picture
Lad: so i decided and made up my mind to be real and never lie to you
Cammy:‎ What if I'd been younger? Or older? What would you have said then?
Lad: i made up my mind
Lad: some times in life is good tpo follow your heart
Lad: each and every one of us have flaws
Lad: remember i ask you if am black hope you are not angry
Cammy:‎ Lying in matters of love is UNACCEPTABLE!!!
Lad: even with your profeesion am still scared
Lad: because you are far better than me
Lad: but can forgive and be straight to me
Cammy:‎ There is no sin but there is betrayal.
Lad: we are knowning our selves dear
Lad: read and understand me well
Lad: i wann ask you something
Lad: now
Lad: be asking me questions one after the other
Cammy:‎ You've got chutzpah by the fucking truckload telling ME to be straight with YOU!!!
Lad: i will never lie to you
Lad: oo my goodnes
Cammy:‎ Too fucking late to pledge that!
Lad: ok
Cammy:‎ You don't like my language? You don't like the way I swear?
Lad: you wanna make me cry
Lad: can i say one thing
Cammy:‎ Crying is for babies.
Lad: noo
Lad: why i open up to you
Lad: i saw the pix and age
Lad: waoo i was like why will i hide feeling from her
Cammy:‎ You thought I'd be all sorry for you.
Lad: noo
Lad: i know you are strong and beleive in one thing
Lad: if you wanna leave me cos i told you the truth okay
Cammy:‎ I believe in lots of things. You lied to me and you expected me to forget and forgive.
Lad: you alone is worthy to say and answer that
Lad: if i dont wanna be close or have something doing with you will i send you my real imgae
Lad: image
Cammy:‎ What part of Africa?
Lad: think about that
Lad: mum ghana
Cammy:‎ Uh huh...
Lad: lets talk something else
Lad: do i let you go
Lad: cos of truth?
Cammy:‎ You seem to be saying that I should forgive you for lying because you told me the truth... But you could be lying about that!
Lad: no
Lad: never again
Lad: now you understand me
Cammy:‎ Do I?
Lad: yes
Lad: i wanted to be fake to you
Lad: but i change my mind
Lad: said i like her name and wanna be her friend
Cammy:‎ That is why Freyja tells us to be true to our lovers and friends... because one lie can shatter something beautiful. Without trust, there can be no love.
Lad: yes
Lad: i beleive
Lad: do you know am proud to be writting with you
Lad: i know i have sin against you
Lad: and am not worthy to be near you
Cammy:‎ Why are you proud?
Lad: but it will only take grace and love to come closer
Lad: you are a model amd just a no body to you
Lad: in class you are quality
Lad: in things of life you are more expose and in everything you are like a mentor to you
Lad: even am not able to date you
Lad: at least having you as a friend will gladden my heart
Cammy:‎ Let me ask you something. And I want the truth.
Lad: ok
Cammy:‎ Were you going to ask me for money?
Lad: with my face?
Cammy:‎ Direct answer please.
Lad: no
Lad: rather aking you to love me
Cammy:‎ Uh huh...
Lad: simple
Cammy:‎ Simple, rrrrright...
Lad: noo
Lad: please understand me first cammy
Cammy:‎ So you can come here and get to stay?
Lad: we have so many things to know about our selves
Lad: i was scared when i told you i am black remember
Lad: come where
Cammy:‎ You don't know where I am? What about my profile? What did that say?
Lad: sydney
Lad: cammy if you like whom you are talking to
Lad: for sure one day you will like to see him or her
Cammy:‎ What profile was that? Where did you find it?
Lad: relax and let me understand you
Lad: you are angry dear
Lad: people you may know
Cammy:‎ More information?
Lad: only
Lad: then i decide to email you
Cammy:‎ What site was it on?
Lad: and luckly for me i found out she is real and easy
Cammy:‎ WHAT SITE WAS IT ON?!?!?
Lad: people leaving 500km from you
Lad: i was on yahoo ask question and
Lad: search for names and cammille
Lad: listen i you input camile it gonna bring all peopl answering camie
Lad: u scrow and find if they are real or not
Cammy:‎ Why were you looking for that name?
Lad: just came to my heart
Lad: are you still doubting or suspecting me
Cammy:‎ Yes.
Lad: no
Lad: dont
Cammy:‎ Yes
Lad: is good to follow your heart
Lad: anything your heart tells you
Cammy:‎ I am following my heart.
Lad: ok
Cammy:‎ And my heart is stone for you.
Lad: waoo thats bad dear
Lad: cos i open up
Lad: then remove me if stone
Lad: bring me to camera and see me
Cammy:‎ What's the point?
Lad: you look into my eyez
Lad: cammy
Lad: i like you
Lad: i wannna be your friend
Lad: i wanna be close to you
Lad: please remove all that is your heart and allow us be close
Lad: i just believe one day i will see you
Cammy:‎ NO
Lad: ok
Lad: my sincerity killed me
Cammy:‎ Don't give me that shit. Your lies would have come out in the end.
Lad: you are right
Lad: thank yo
Lad: you
Lad: lies
Lad: can we talk or you end everything here
Cammy:‎ Talk if you want; Right now I'm very angry.
Lad: what pet name you like
Lad: forgive me never knew you wanted to make me your friend little by little
Cammy:‎ You don't have the right.
Lad: sugar
Lad: lipop
Lad: now my friend is angry what do i do
Cammy:‎ Don't ask me!
Lad: baby
Lad: i have seen who am looking for
Lad: what ever it gonna take to calm you down i will do it

Well, that was just confusing! Don't worry, there's a lot more to come, with more moments to treasure.

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

Joined: 04 Apr 2006
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7 July 2015

Lad:‎ hello
Cammy:‎ I'm surprised you still want to talk to me.
Lad:‎ yes
Lad:‎ i like you
Lad:‎ i never wrong you
Lad:‎ i wanna be close to you
Lad:‎ please
Cammy:‎ You lied to me. You can't deny that.
Lad:‎ i never wanted to lie
Lad:‎ cammy i like you
Lad:‎ beleive it or not
Cammy:‎ If you never wanted to lie - why do it?
Lad:‎ cos i want to be real
Lad:‎ cammy better forgive me
Lad:‎ cos i could not sleep last night
Lad:‎ or is distance still the problem
Cammy:‎ You lied so you could be real.
Lad:‎ yes
Cammy:‎ Why am I so confused by that?
Lad:‎ okay
Lad:‎ i will give you litle time to think about it
Lad:‎ but remember i open up to you cos i saw you are nice and what i want
Cammy:‎ I don't need time for that. I don't think you know what you’re talking about.
Lad:‎ ok
Lad:‎ what do i do to proof to you am serious
Lad:‎ and i need you to understand me please
Cammy:‎ So what it you're serious?
Lad:‎ you wil see every reason to trust me
Lad:‎ and think what made this guy come real
Cammy:‎ Lots of guys want to get into my pants.
Lad:‎ why
Cammy:‎ Because I'm a hot babe!
Lad:‎ i want to have something serious with you
Cammy:‎ What other reason?
Lad:‎ i want to be the man you will be proud to say his my bf
Cammy:‎ O RLY? And what have you got to be proud about? What would make me proud of you?
Lad:‎ cos not pant is what am after
Lad:‎ rather if w can be real and honest
Lad:‎ and always be sincere
Lad:‎ well i know am not worthy before thy presences again
Cammy:‎ When I say, "get into my pants" it means they wanted to fuck me.
Lad:‎ yes
Lad:‎ i understand
Lad:‎ sex is not my probem now
Lad:‎ i need to be a man
Cammy:‎ Sex is part of being a man. And if you ain’t a man by 27, well, you're leaving it way late!
Lad:‎ lol
Lad:‎ what i mean is this
Lad:‎ making my future children proud and also be there for them always
Lad:‎ understand me dear
Lad:‎ though we are from different religion and groups but we need to be loved
Cammy:‎ I am loved.
Lad:‎ oaky
Lad:‎ okay
Lad:‎ may be you dont want me round you
Cammy:‎ You may have noticed that I don't like liars.
Lad:‎ yes
Lad:‎ but i prevented lies by telling you the truth
Lad:‎ cammy
Lad:‎ i like you
Cammy:‎ I hear that a lot.
Lad:‎ am suree
Cammy:‎ I'm hotter than molten gold!

8 July 2015

Lad:‎ hi
Cammy:‎ Good evening to you.
Lad:‎ hhehee
Lad:‎ how are you
Lad:‎ how was your day
Cammy:‎ Did I say something funny?
Lad:‎ no
Lad:‎ am suprize you chat me
Cammy:‎ Costs me nothing.
Lad:‎ how was your day
Cammy:‎ It was OK.
Cammy:‎ Nothing unusual.
Lad:‎ ye
Lad:‎ i always wish and pray to be talking to you
Lad:‎ how is your boy friend and
Lad:‎ girls
Cammy:‎ They're all good.
Cammy:‎ Of course, some would say otherwise, but who cares what they think?
Lad:‎ hehehe
Lad:‎ cammy
Lad:‎ my good friend
Lad:‎ honestly wish i can be the man you will love
Cammy:‎ If wishes were fishes we'd all cast nets.
Lad:‎ hmm
Lad:‎ i said my mind
Lad:‎ what did you eat this evening
Cammy:‎ Strange question!
Lad:‎ am no longer a stranger
Lad:‎ cos am sure one day we will see
Cammy:‎ What did you eat today?
Lad:‎ i have not
Lad:‎ cos i ate late yesterday
Cammy:‎ No breakfast
Lad:‎ you?
Lad:‎ what did you eat
Lad:‎ cammy i want you to download skype
Lad:‎ i want to see you
Cammy:‎ you have my pic
Lad:‎ i want to see you
Lad:‎ download it now
Cammy:‎ How dare you!
Lad:‎ ask you
Lad:‎ am pleading
Lad:‎ not force
Cammy:‎ You were ordering me.
Lad:‎ please cammy
Lad:‎ open skype
Cammy:‎ No
Cammy:‎ Seriously, you had no right to give me orders like that.
Lad:‎ okay
Lad:‎ am sorry
Cammy:‎ Friends don't snap orders like I'm a lowly lackey.
Lad:‎ okay
Lad:‎ am sincerely sorry
Cammy:‎ I hope so.
Lad:‎ yes
Cammy:‎ Skype would be meaningless anyway. We'd still be typing to each other.
Lad:‎ okay
Lad:‎ but know am here for real
Lad:‎ okay
Cammy:‎ So?
Lad:‎ i will not make you angry dear
Cammy:‎ I never said you weren't real.
Lad:‎ okay
Lad:‎ cos i promise never to lie again
Cammy:‎ Uh huh...
Lad:‎ thanks
Lad:‎ ask me more questions
Lad:‎ feel free
Cammy:‎ What time is it where you are?
Lad:‎ 12.20PM
Cammy:‎ And you didn't have breakfast?
Lad:‎ yes
Lad:‎ i will eat
Lad:‎ but not now
Lad:‎ dont have strength to prepare it
Cammy:‎ Why do you need strength?
Lad:‎ everything we do in this life we need strentgh
Lad:‎ i need to boil rice and make stew
Lad:‎ i will do it
Cammy:‎ I cook but I don't need muscles for it!
Lad:‎ what did you cook today
Lad:‎ i even forgot to ask you
Lad:‎ do you stay alone?
Cammy:‎ Apart from AJ and my BGFFs, like totally!
Cammy:‎ (LOL)
Lad:‎ smiles
Lad:‎ AJ fuck you every day?
Cammy:‎ If he knows what's good for him. We have threesomes a lot of the time. AJ says he's living the life other men would kill for.
Lad:‎ waoo
Lad:‎ his good to you i guess
Lad:‎ do you pay him?

Why did he ask that?

Cammy:‎ You scumbag! You fucking piece of shit!
Lad:‎ what
Lad:‎ sorry
Cammy:‎ What the fuck do you think I am? What the fuck do you think he is?
Lad:‎ oo cammy
Lad:‎ his your photographer
Lad:‎ i ask simple question dear
Cammy:‎ Do you think I'm a cougar and he's my man-whore?
Lad:‎ read my chat wel
Lad:‎ you easily get angry i dont like it
Lad:‎ dear
Cammy:‎ Oh, nice try Lao Che!
Cammy:‎ We earn money from the assignments he gets for us. We're a partnership.
Lad:‎ okay
Lad:‎ you see now you understanding
Lad:‎ but you have called me names already
Cammy:‎ I'm talking about sex with AJ, you ask if I pay him. What was I supposed to make of that?
Lad:‎ noo
Lad:‎ i mean your work with him
Lad:‎ i cant ask you about sex with him
Lad:‎ thats your private life
Cammy:‎ That is not what you said. If I got mad, it was your fault.
Lad:‎ smiles
Lad:‎ i ask question may be you miss understood me
Cammy:‎ Like I said, your fault
Lad:‎ sory
Cammy:‎ I thought it was some African thing about the West being all decadent and perverted.
Lad:‎ hmm
Lad:‎ how sure are you
Cammy:‎ Of what?
Lad:‎ african things
Cammy:‎ It's what I've heard – Nigerians and Ugandans going totally batshit over gay rights and gay marriage in the US and Europe.
Lad:‎ hehehhee
Lad:‎ come to skype we talk and see cammy
Lad:‎ i like you
Cammy:‎ NO SKYPE
Lad:‎ i never beleive we could be talking up till now
Cammy:‎ I said we'd just be typing on Skype like we are now.
Lad:‎ download it
Lad:‎ you gonna put on camera
Lad:‎ you see now am real and with my naturaly face
Lad:‎ is hard to trust and make me friend
Cammy:‎ You're doing it again!
Lad:‎ but when they use fake image and be friend is good
Lad:‎ right
Cammy:‎ Did your source about me give any details at all?
Cammy:‎ Hello?

When the Lad asked "do you pay him?" he was likely curious about whether AJ was being paid to take photographs; but given that Cammy was detailing her love/sex life, the timing couldn't have been worse.

9 July 2015

Lad: hi
Cammy:‎ Good morning
Lad: what time there
Lad: am good
Lad: you
Cammy:‎ 0836
Lad: waoo
Lad: you are preparing for work
Lad: what did you eat this morning
Lad: are you using phone or laptop?
Cammy:‎ Not a phone, no, and I'm not prepping for work, I'm going to have my hair done, then a manicure and a pedicure.
Lad: okay
Lad: are you chating wiht phone
Cammy:‎ No.
Cammy:‎ I said that.
Cammy:‎ I could be using a PC.
Cammy:‎ Anyway, I don't have a mobile phone.
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Cammy:‎ IT'S NOT A PHONE, OK????
Lad: did you get the skype
Cammy:‎ No, and why should I?
Lad: cos i wanna be your best man
Cammy:‎ How would Skype ever make that happen?
Lad: we will be chating and seeeing our selves
Cammy:‎ And that makes you a best man... how?
Cammy:‎ I do read well, and you don't make sense.
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad: you
Lad: when you are wrng you dont say sorry
Cammy:‎ But I wasn't wrong.
Cammy:‎ Anyhoo, time to go, ciao!

Lad: ok
Cammy:‎ ok what?
Lad: read your last message now
Cammy:‎ I know what I wrote to you last.
Lad: how was your day
Cammy:‎ It was kewl
Lad: whats the meaning of kewl
Cammy:‎ After getting my hair and nails done, it was time for coffee and then shopping. I look for stuff that can used in costume and outfits. Cosplay can be very popular.
Lad: ok
Cammy:‎ Then a late lunch and a visit to the library before going home.
Lad: okay
Lad: what time there now
Cammy:‎ 1946
Lad: waoo
Cammy:‎ What's with the waoo?
Lad: is some how late
Lad: what time do you sleep
Cammy:‎ Sometime after 2300 I guess.
Lad: okay
Lad: tomorrow you gonna help me do something
Lad: i dont know how easy it gonna look
Cammy:‎ Is that a fact?
Lad: am pleading
Lad: i said if okay by you
Lad: cammy i have known you for now dear
Cammy:‎ A few days.
Cammy:‎ And I will not download Skype, ever.
Lad: hmm
Lad: okay
Cammy:‎ Was that the something?
Lad: you are already angry
Lad: if i mention a world now
Lad: u can delete me
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad: pleaslets forget it

Lad: i wanted you to get me card from store
Cammy:‎ A card?
Lad: cc card
Cammy:‎ A what?
Lad: weather if sold in stores
Cammy:‎ I don't understand.
Lad: i wanted to ask you
Lad: for credit card
Lad: if sold in stores
Lad: you buy me one
Cammy:‎ No they do not sell credit cards in stores! Banks provide them!
Lad: i think they sale
Lad: will you try asking tomorrow when you go out
Cammy:‎ I don't have to ask!
Cammy:‎ I have a credit card from my bank!
Lad: not your i need one to credit a site
Cammy:‎ What are you talking about?
Lad: forget
Lad: i needed to get me one
Lad: but you said they dont sale in stores
Cammy:‎ I know what I said.
Lad: yes
Lad: so can you get one for me
Cammy:‎ But they don't sell them in stores!!!!!!!!
Lad: ok
Lad: my african card is not working on net
Cammy:‎ There's nothing I can do about that.
Cammy:‎ Who told you that credit cards could be bought in shops?
Lad: i had in mind
Lad: not credit card from banks
Lad: card that can be used for online
Cammy:‎ Never heard of that.
Lad: can you give a trial tomorrow
Lad: am pleading cammy
Cammy:‎ I don't know if they exist here, and even if they do, what's the point?
Lad: you can get me one
Lad: smils
Cammy:‎ How?
Lad: you buy one for me
Cammy:‎ And then what?
Lad: send me
Cammy:‎ I'd need your address.
Lad: online here
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Cammy:‎ Hello?
Lad: am on call with my mum
Lad: am here
Cammy:‎ So am I.
Lad: just finish talking to her
Cammy:‎ OK
Lad: what did u eat
Cammy:‎ I want you to explain about your address.
Lad: address how
Lad: i my location or what
Cammy:‎ I need your address if I'm going to send you something.
Lad: you want to send by air
Lad: by courrier
Cammy:‎ Corrrier?
Lad: no
Lad: if you can get any card
Lad: when you come on line
Cammy:‎ That's what you said.
Lad: you just tell me the card number
Lad: expiring date
Lad: cvv
Lad: i use online once
Cammy:‎ So?
Cammy:‎ That's not giving you a credit card.
Lad: i hope tomorrow you can inquire
Lad: i wanna understand you
Cammy:‎ No way will I let you use my card!
Lad: not yours
Lad: i said you try get one for me
Cammy:‎ I can't do that
Lad: then we are arguin here if they sale in stores or not
Cammy:‎ I asked my BBFF about credit cards from stores. He literally LOL'd.
Lad: cammy remember am not english
Lad: some word you use i need to crack my brain to understand you
Cammy:‎ They can't be bought from stores. That's it.
Lad: okay
Lad: thanks

Looking back on that exchange, I guess he was asking for a gift card – iTunes or similar.
A few days later...

1.) Having sex relieves headaches, everytime you make love, it releases the tension in the veins of the brain.
2.) A lot of sex can clear the stuffy nose. Sex, is natural antihistamine. It helps to fight against astma and spring allergies.
3.) Making love is a spectacular beauty treatment. Scientists have discovered that wen a woman has Sex, it produces a large amount of estrogen that gives shines and softness to hair.
4.) Sex is one of the safest sports. Make love often strengthens the muscles of male and female body. Its more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps in the pool and there is not need special shoes.
5.) Make love slowly, smoothly and in a relaxed way reduces the chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and acne. The sweat produced cleanses the porses and make ur skin glow.
Cammy:‎ Why did you tell me that?
Lad: nothing
Lad: just paste to you as friend
Lad: please
Cammy:‎ I know all that anyway. It's why I'm so healthy.
Lad: hhheheehe
Lad: how are you
Cammy:‎ Fine.
Lad: ok
Lad: where are u
Lad: how is work
Cammy:‎ It's OK.
Cammy:‎ Mostly it's about keeping fit and in shape.
Lad: hmmm
Lad: i will like to see you
Lad: can that be possible
Cammy:‎ My face and figure is my fortune, you see.
Lad: hmm
Cammy:‎ I thought you'd dumped me.
Lad: why will i
Lad: oo no
Lad: cos i stop chatin
Lad: was loking for work again
Lad: you are my best friend
Cammy:‎ After I proved that credit cards don't get sold at Safeways or Target, I thought you'd gone off in a huff.

Next up - Liam Neeson inadvertently ruins the Lad's patter, and Cammy zones out mid-chat; confusion reigns.

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

United Kingdom x5 Spain New Zealand Senegal Ghana x2 Benin Closed lad accounts x 246
Safari x 5 - Oyenka Chidinma Lagos-Cotonou; Dickyboi Lagos-Accra; Femmy Lagos-Porto Novo; "Woody" Accra-Singapore; Henry Philip Abuja-Natitingou w/MG & DSW
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Advance warning; there are references to rape in this part.

Lad: <ding>
Lad: didnt read from you again
Cammy:‎ You just stopped typing.
Cammy:‎ So I went away.
Lad: guess you are home now
Lad: i ask you one question last night you didnt answer me
Cammy:‎ What question?
Lad: can we ever see
Cammy:‎ I don't know.
Lad: but have you been outside your country before
Lad: please anytime i dont chat dont think i dump you
Cammy:‎ Sure.
Cammy:‎ You didn't say anything for several days after the credit card thing.
Lad: waoo
Lad: i wrote u
Lad: how are u
Lad: i want to be real friend and serious one
Lad: so please always tell me how you feel
Cammy:‎ If I think it matters, yeah.
Lad: yes
Lad: i know we need communication every time
Lad: and also need to be saying the truth
Cammy:‎ "We need communications"?
Lad: i mean steady chat
Cammy:‎ You need it - I don't.
Lad: hmmm
Lad: okay
Lad: i dont want to argue with you
Cammy:‎ If I want to chat, OK. but don't make it like I have to!
Lad: yes
Lad: when every you are free you can just say hi
Cammy:‎ Sure.
Cammy:‎ To answer your question - yes, I have been abroad.
Lad: okay
Lad: i will soon be going to church
Cammy:‎ Turkey, France, England, and New Zealand.
Cammy:‎ Church?
Lad: am a christain i told you early
Cammy:‎ OK, whatever floats your boat
Lad: cammy
Cammy:‎ Uh huh...
Cammy:‎ Go on.
Cammy:‎ Well?

3 August 2015

Lad: helo
Lad: how re u
Cammy:‎ No longer limping, thank Skadhi
Lad: waoo
Lad: am happy to hea that
Lad: good evening
Cammy:‎ Things are OK.
Cammy:‎ You didn't sleep late again?
Lad: is afernoon here
Lad: was loking at your pix
Lad: waoo so so lovely
Cammy:‎ I know.
Cammy:‎ Hotter than molten gold!
Lad: hehhehee
Lad: sure
Cammy:‎ When are you going to be in Istanbul?
Lad: within the week
Lad: are you planning vaccation here

I’d been to Turkey with an Anzac-themed tour group in 2000, and I have fond memories of it; I decided to add a few anecdotes to the mix.

Cammy:‎ I've been there before, in 2012. There and the Dardanelles.
Cammy:‎ Trying to remember things that might help...
Lad: plan now
Lad: am here
Cammy:‎ Are you a soccer fan?
Lad: yes
Cammy:‎ Never get into an argument over Besiktas and Galatasaray. It just ain't worth it.
Lad: yes
Lad: how do you know that
Lad: nani of manchester is here
Lad: and one of the arsenal players
Cammy:‎ AJ told me what he'd heard.
Lad: yes
Cammy:‎ If the Grand Bazaar is still open... don't be surprised if you get lost for a while. Mind you, we were only there for a week, and then it was off to Gallipoli.
Lad: waoo
Lad: youhad fun
Cammy:‎ Not at Gallipoli - that was a serious trip.
Lad: so plan this time am here
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad: with me
Cammy:‎ Sorry, what?
Lad: i mean you come here
Lad: you come to turkey again
Cammy:‎ I'm not planning to travel any time soon.
Lad: hmm
Lad: before winter
Cammy:‎ We've got no plans to travel anywhere.
Lad: you alone
Lad: not with any one
Cammy:‎ Sorry, what?
Lad: poo
Lad: read well
Lad: i mean you come see me
Lad: not your crew
Cammy:‎ My crew?
Cammy:‎ And "poo" - that's very childish.
Lad: oo
Lad: read well
Lad: i mean you plan alone
Cammy:‎ Right... here you are, planning to meet your "fellow blacks", and urging me, a hot Nordic blue-eyed blonde, to come all alone... Sounds like a white racist's nightmare!
Lad: ok
Lad: i understand you now
Lad: you didnt understand me yesterday
Lad: i said i want to go where i see people of my colour
Cammy:‎ You said you wanted to meet your "fellow blacks". It's like me saying I'd go to Bali to meet my "fellow whites". Being the same "colour" doesn't mean anything.
Cammy:‎ Why is it so important to you?
Lad: turkish dont speak english remember
Lad: so i need you to understand me
Cammy:‎ A lot of Turks speak English.
Lad: no
Cammy:‎ What do you mean "No"? It happens to be true!
Cammy:‎ And "blacks" don't all speak English any more than "whites" do!
Lad: wao
Lad: okay lets not argue on this right now
Cammy:‎ Of course, you'd lose.
Lad: smiles
Cammy:‎ <grin>
Lad: am sorry if i got you angry
Lad: but cammile i need to see you
Lad: anytime you are ready okay
Cammy:‎ Well, you'll have to either wait or come to Australia.
Lad: i dont have document
Cammy:‎ What document?
Lad: i will wait
Cammy:‎ What document?
Lad: i mean coming to your country
Cammy:‎ You've got a passport. Visas aren't that much.
Lad: i will wait for you
Lad: okay
Cammy:‎ You'll be waiting for a long time.
Lad: smiles
Lad: yes
Cammy:‎ That's just how it is.
Lad: okay
Lad: no problem
Lad: have u had dinner
Cammy:‎ Yep
Lad: what did you eat
Cammy:‎ Smoked salmon and creamed cheese on French bread.
Lad: you enjoy
Lad: who help at your ankle
Cammy:‎ Oh yeah!
Lad: yes
Lad: i wanna be around you
Cammy:‎ Dreams don't always come true.
Lad: i ask you can make it come tru
Cammy:‎ So your dream is to have me all to yourself in Istanbul.
Lad: noooo
Lad: at least see
Cammy:‎ You can't always get what you want.
Lad: sure
Lad: yes
Lad: but this one i will pray about it
Cammy:‎ What good will that do?
Lad: many thing
Lad: you will think about it
Lad: well lets not allow that disturb us
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad: i mean this seeing issue
Cammy:‎ Are you going to ask Yahweh to change my thinking?
Lad: so you will think of seeing me
Cammy:‎ That's a declaration of war.
Lad: war
Lad: what type of war
Cammy:‎ Telling your god to interfere with my mind is a crime.
Lad: okay
Lad: sorry
Lad: i will do that my self
Cammy:‎ I would never ask Odin to force you to do anything.
Lad: okay
Cammy:‎ Huh? What's that? You'll be the one fucking with my mind?
Lad: hmm
Lad: am here
Cammy:‎ So?
Lad: nothing
Lad: i will be under you
Cammy:‎ Only in your dreams.
Cammy:‎ Don't bother me again.
Lad: why
Lad: you said something funny
Lad: i laugh is that bad
Cammy:‎ It wasn't a joke.
Lad: okay
Lad: sorry
Lad: do you understood what i ment by under you
Lad: it means when ever you decide i will be waiting
Cammy:‎ No point waiting.
Lad: ok

At this point I decided to wrench the bait onto a new course with an unpleasant topic (inspired by the first two Taken films), for which I apologise.

Cammy:‎ You know what really disappoints me about you?
Lad: what
Lad: tell me
Lad: i didnt see anything wrong in what i said
Cammy:‎ I thought that all that white racist scaremongering about black rape gangs seeking out blue-eyed blondes was so much sick shit from unbalanced souls filled with hate. But now I know that they might actually exist. I am very sad now.
Lad: i dont understand you
Lad: at all
Lad: explain please
Lad: what brought about racist here
Cammy:‎ You wanted me to come alone to you and your fellow blacks.
Lad: sorry
Lad: you didnt understand me sorry
Cammy:‎ OMG I'm actually crying nw.
Lad: you would have ask
Lad: sorry ssorry
Lad: camille wait i explain to you
Cammy:‎ Don't bother with sorry sorry sorry. It's too late for sorry.
Lad: i explain to you what i even ment by black
Lad: wait please
Lad: hear me out
Lad: even when you come you are not staying at my house
Cammy:‎ I know in my heart what you wanted and what you hoped to get.
Lad: rather hotel
Lad: what
Lad: explain to me
Cammy:‎ Yeah, yeah, that's hotel spelled B-R-O-T-H-E-L. How many of you? Five, six?
Lad: camille what we need now is understanding okay
Cammy:‎ And then you sell me on to the Albanians?
Lad: oh my goodnes
Cammy:‎ Do you know what would happen to you?
Lad: please you are reasoning very far
Cammy:‎ My brother is SpecFor. he would find you!
Lad: from what is in my mind
Cammy:‎ He would destroy you. You would beg for death.
Lad: please we are not fighting here
Cammy:‎ Oh, no, no fighting here. You wouldn't have a chance.
Lad: camille can we calm down and understand ourselves here
Lad: you are rude to me
Cammy:‎ I understand you.
Lad: i dont like it
Lad: you dont
Lad: you are a model
Cammy:‎ I don't give a fuck if you don't like it.
Lad: you have crew
Cammy:‎ You can't handle the truth.
Lad: what i meant by that was like seeing you and knowing you better
Lad: nothing more
Lad: oo please
Cammy:‎ Some sick little psychopatcannot ytell me waht to do!
Lad: wait
Lad: did i wrong
Lad: you
Cammy:‎ I saw inside your heart and soul.
Cammy:‎ I saw vileness.
Lad: whats vileess
Cammy:‎ You hate me because I'm rich and beautiful and I'm not yours.
Lad: ooo
Lad: nooo
Lad: please
Cammy:‎ You want to punish for my sins.
Lad: please understand me
Lad: i dont like this
Cammy:‎ You think the world is world is black and white.
Lad: camille
Cammy:‎ You're as sick and evil as those neo-Nazi hatemongers.
Lad: please
Lad: am not
Lad: what did i do camille
Cammy:‎ Freyja gave me a vision.
Lad: Of what
Lad: i dont like this my dear
Cammy:‎ YOU
Lad: what are you talkign about
Lad: did i wrong
Lad: you
Lad: if you dont wanna chat me ok
Lad: why the insult
Lad: did i do anything wrong to you
Lad: i allow you rest
Lad: \when you are calm willing to hear me out we talk
Lad: okay
Cammy:‎ Fuck you, fuck your father, and fuck your stinking filthy crew.
Lad: i dont like the wayu ypou are sounding
Lad: oo why
Lad: why the insult
Lad: camille

Lad: ok
Cammy: Hi
Lad: hi
Cammy: Hi
Cammy: Exciting, isn't it?
Cammy: NOT!
Lad: long time
Lad: i miss you
Cammy: It's not mutual.
Lad: smiles
Lad: how are you
Lad: how is eveyrthing
Cammy: Good - but then that's how things are. My Wyrd is favourable.
Lad: okay
Cammy: It is.

Then I had an idea – Cammy would zone out and start typing song lyrics, deliberately mashed up.

Cammy: What's happeing in Istanbul
Cammy: not constantinople why did constatiople get the works
Lad: just cold
Cammy: thats nobdys business wbut the trusk
Lad: whats the meaning of constatiople
Cammy: take me back to constantiniple no you cant go bac to contaninople now its istabnl not constaobople why did cnsontantpople get te worssk that's nobbodys ubusines but the trisks
Cammy: BT THE TUSKS!!!!!!!!!!!
Lad: i dont understand
Lad: do you undertand who you are chattting with
Cammy: Have you ever had that drream
Cammy: when your wlaking naked down the stret
Cammy: and everynodu stares
Lad: noo
Lad: why will i
Lad: thats bad
Lad: why did you say that
Cammy: do you ever fall so deep
Lad: am confuse
Cammy: that you speak your mond and everyone goes to sleep
Cammy: You wondr if anyene cares
Lad: yes
Lad: give me some minues i wanna go buy something down
Lad: will check back on you
Cammy: sometmes i think im h only one
Lad: any problem
Lad: you speak some hpow
Lad: how
Cammy: whos days turned ou like they just begun
Cammy: because im
Cammy: and i
Cammy: Im getting jaded i cant
Lad: baby
Lad: whats wrong
Lad: tell me
Cammy:‎ Um, what?
Cammy:‎ Ah, fuck... zoned out again.

5 October 2015

Cammy: What's OK?
Lad: had what you said
Cammy: Which bit?
Cammy: Hello?

Lad: yes
Lad: am here
Cammy: You were surprised?
Lad: yes
Cammy: Yes what?
Lad: i had you
Cammy: Well, that's too bad.
Cammy: What did I do wrong?
Lad: nothing

Lad: good evening
Cammy: So why do you hate me
Lad: i dont
Lad: just we had little problem finish
Lad: you sop chatting me

7 October 2015

Cammy: You never answered me when I was there.
Lad: hmm
Lad: sure
Cammy: Sometimes I think that youre avoucing me
Lad: noo
Cammy: Im OK alone but your got somethig I need
Lad: like
Cammy: you got a brainfd nw key
Lad: explain
Cammy: Huh? Explain what?
Cammy: See? You do hate me!
Cammy: Well, at least it's mutual.
Lad: waoo
Lad: am suprize with this you are saying
Cammy: Why suprised?
Lad: you hate me
Cammy: You know that already. And you should remember why.
Lad: you said i lie
Lad: while i was open to you
Cammy: Lying is the least of it
Lad: what tell me
Cammy: You wanted me to come alone to Turkey so you could stage a gang rape and then sell me to the Albanians
Lad: nooo
Lad: am blaxk
Lad: black i cant do that
Lad: you started again
Lad: now i thought you are here for peace
Cammy:‎ What kind of racist bullshit was that? You're telling me that you're black so you can't do anything bad? If you are, that's even more reason to despise you.

Next up; the final phase.

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

United Kingdom x5 Spain New Zealand Senegal Ghana x2 Benin Closed lad accounts x 246
Safari x 5 - Oyenka Chidinma Lagos-Cotonou; Dickyboi Lagos-Accra; Femmy Lagos-Porto Novo; "Woody" Accra-Singapore; Henry Philip Abuja-Natitingou w/MG & DSW
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Excellent! Thank you.

Closed lad accounts
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A couple of days later...

Lad: hello
Lad: am here come back onlinelets talk
Lad: my love
Lad: good morning
Lad: how was your night
Cammy:‎ Insomnia
Lad: sorry
Lad: hello
Cammy:‎ Why?
Lad: you sai insomia
Cammy:‎ Yes
Cammy:‎ And?
Lad: nothing kre
Lad: what the time now
Cammy:‎ 0706
Lad: morning
Lad: here is 11.05pm
Cammy:‎ <shrug>
Lad: whats the meaning
Lad: i wanna ask you
Lad: ?
Cammy:‎ What?
Lad: how baout AJ
Cammy:‎ Why?
Lad: justa sk
Lad: ask
Cammy:‎ <shrug>
Cammy:‎ He's good
Lad: still dating
Lad: ?
Cammy:‎ Yes.
Cammy:‎ We still fuck
Lad: oaky

10 October 1015

Lad: hi
Cammy:‎ hi
Lad: good morning
Cammy:‎ hi
Lad: how are you
Cammy:‎ Fine
Lad: how was your night
Cammy:‎ Good
Cammy:‎ So was the sex
Lad: can i ask for a favour
Lad: ?
Lad: can you give loan
Cammy:‎ Why?
Cammy:‎ Why me?
Lad: i wanna go home
Lad: i wanna go back africa just followed my heart
Cammy:‎ Go then
Lad: i need little fund to add up
Cammy:‎ You have your gang
Cammy:‎ Ask them.
Lad: i dont have any gang please
Lad: am talking about my self
Lad: here not gang
Cammy:‎ Your "black bros." You went there to see them
Lad: please can we talk this i said now
Lad: i was searching for good job
Lad: didnt see any again
Cammy:‎ They cut you loose?
Lad: am just tired
Lad: please can you lend me
Cammy:‎ What?
Lad: some fund
Lad: please
Lad: just think about it
Cammy:‎ How much I meant
Lad: like 3000 dollar i can start up business
Cammy:‎ You said go home
Lad: start up something at home
Cammy:‎ Not what you said back there
Lad: when i get home i start up somthing
Cammy:‎ Fine, you can do that
Lad: thats why am asking
Lad: please
Lad: assit me little
Lad: please
Lad: am suffering here
Cammy:‎ Why should I?
Lad: dont allow me die
Cammy:‎ Why would you die?
Lad: thinking and hungry
Lad: please
Cammy:‎ You and your gang planned to rape me and sell me as a whore. Why not let you die?
Lad: please help me
Lad: am pleading
Cammy:‎ I know
Lad: just try for me
Cammy:‎ Why for you?
Lad: please
Lad: dont know how to explain
Lad: but from your heart just help me
Lad: dont be angry at all
Cammy:‎ My heart is full of hate for you.

11 October 15

Lad: ‎ <ding>
Lad: ‎ hello
Lad: ‎ good evening
Lad: ‎ how are you
Lad: ‎ i have been waiting to read from you
Lad: ‎ please
Lad: ‎ hello
Lad: ‎ are you there
Cammy:‎ Yes
Cammy:‎ Are you there?

Lad: please help me
Lad: am pleading
Cammy:‎ I know
Lad: just try for me
Cammy:‎ Why for you?
Lad: please
Lad: dont know how to explain
Lad: but from your heart just help me
Lad: dont be angry at all
Cammy:‎ My heart is full of hate for you.
Lad: jesus
Lad: please
Lad: dont let me down
Lad: <ding>
Lad: good morning
Lad: how are you
Lad: Night has ended yesterday,
morning brings another day.
May you smile like the sunny rays
and leave your worries at the bright blue bay.
Good Morning!
Cammy:‎ Hi
Lad: hello
Lad: hello
Lad: good evening
Lad: hello
Lad: good evening
Lad: how are you
Lad: i have been waiting to read from you
Lad: please
Lad: hello
Lad: are you there
Lad: <ding>
Cammy:‎ Yes
Cammy:‎ Are you there?
Cammy:‎ Guess not

12 October 2015

Lad: hello
Lad: good evening
Lad: is been ling
Lad: hope you are good
Cammy:‎ Not that ling
Lad: hello
Lad: good evening
Cammy:‎ Not that good
Lad: what happend
Lad: wish i have your number would have called you
Cammy:‎ Storms
Lad: storms
Lad: where
Cammy:‎ Here
Lad: waoo
Lad: wind or water
Cammy:‎ Your point?
Lad: i mean the storm
Lad: read also in news storm in china
Lad: how was your day
Cammy:‎ Dull
Lad: i miss you
Lad: thought you where angry
Cammy:‎ Why?
Lad: give me email i have some new photo
Lad: i want to show you
Cammy:‎ What do you want to show me?
Lad: i snap new picture
Lad: well dont worry
Lad: lets talk about your health
Cammy:‎ Why? I'm fine. And I don't want your pix. I don't need your pix.
Lad: jesus
Lad: thats bad dear
Lad: ok
Cammy:‎ Why bad? It's true.
Lad: you dont like me
Lad: you hate me
Lad: why
Cammy:‎ We've been through this. You know why.

13 October 2015

Lad: ok
Lad: what the time there
Lad: hello
Lad: morning
Lad: hhow are you
Lad: hello
Cammy:‎ hi
Lad: how are you
Cammy:‎ fine
Lad: camille
Lad: you dont wanna say anything
Lad: concerning what i told you
Lad: please
Cammy:‎ What?
Lad: borrow me
Lad: please cold is coming out i am thinking alot
Cammy:‎ Don't be such a wuss
Lad: am not
Lad: please
Lad: can you help me
Lad: am just be straight and plain to you
Cammy:‎ Is it as cold as Hel there?
Lad: yes
Lad: i have not eaten
Lad: please
Lad: have mercy on me
Cammy:‎ Not my fault
Lad: yes
Cammy:‎ So there you are.
Lad: yes
Cammy:‎ In the shit… And you think I should get you out of it.
Lad: please
Lad: yes
Lad: am pleading have mercy on me
Cammy:‎ Write to your folks back home.
Lad: i dont have
Lad: why been so so rude like this
Lad: dear
Cammy:‎ You think I'm rude?
Lad: am pleading
Lad: you just been rude to me
Lad: i know you can do it
Cammy:‎ But why should I? You lied to me. You planned to lure me there to rape me and then whore me out.
Lad:‎ n oo
Lad:‎ please
Lad:‎ stop saying rape
Cammy:‎ It's what you planned.
Lad:‎ please
Lad:‎ i have not done such before
Cammy:‎ So it would have been your first gang rape?
Lad:‎ i cant do such dear
Lad:‎ please
Lad:‎ i dont think of such
Lad:‎ that was the reason you hate me
Lad:‎ i tried explaining to you
Lad:‎ is okay
Lad:‎ but you refuse understand me
Cammy:‎ That IS why I hate you.
Lad:‎ but am innocent
Lad:‎ what happened you misunderstand me
Cammy:‎ No way
Lad:‎ i am
Lad:‎ honestly
Cammy:‎ You gave up on my ass, so now you want cash
Lad:‎ gave up
Lad:‎ i never did
Lad:‎ i was just asking you to please understand me
Lad:‎ am real
Lad:‎ and stop saying rape and all
Lad:‎ i have good understanding
Lad:‎ but you refuse to hear me out
Lad:‎ i know the type of human you are
Cammy:‎ I know that I'm hot. That's why you planned to lure me there for rape.
Lad:‎ jesus
Lad:‎ hot or no hot what matters is understanding and maturity
Cammy:‎ So where's yours?
Lad:‎ here with you
Cammy:‎ That makes fuck all sense.
Lad:‎ can we make pace and stop this argument
Cammy:‎ And then what?
Lad:‎ what will i do to make you happy
Cammy:‎ I don't know...
Lad:‎ can you love
Lad:‎ you already have a boy friend
Cammy:‎ Fuck yeah - he's a real stud!
Lad:‎ i need a serious date
Cammy:‎ I have my girl friends too
Lad:‎ though we are far from each other
Lad:‎ you told me about your girls
Cammy:‎ I did. Sweet babes they are.
Lad:‎ okay
Lad:‎ what are you doing now
Lad:‎ do you start up again
Cammy:‎ I think it's time to wake up AJ. He likes the way I do it.
Cammy:‎ Time to go!

Lad: bye
Cammy:‎ Is that bye mean bye for good?
Lad: you where busy
Lad: i came home and saw the fuck story
Cammy:‎ I had a good time, and so did AJ.
Lad: youwant me jealou
Lad: guess you dont know exertly the type of man you want
Cammy:‎ I know the man who gives me great sex and is kind too.
Lad: ok
Cammy:‎ So that's the man I want.
Lad: you dont want love
Lad: you want sex
Cammy:‎ Love is good, but it you can't find it, have fun while you look for it.
Lad: you can find love
Lad: if you have good heart
Lad: whats the time there now
Cammy:‎ After 0700
Lad: what do you want from me
Cammy:‎ Nothing. You want something from me.
Lad: ok
Lad: yes
Lad: guild me
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad: you
Lad: you still dont wanna think about what i said
Cammy:‎ Which bit? You said a lot
Lad: the money
Cammy:‎ You want me to send you money
Lad: borrow me
Lad: give me time to pay bak
Cammy:‎ After all that you planned, you want me to send you money.
Lad: so i can start up something
Lad: i never planned anything
Lad: camille please have mercy on me
Cammy:‎ What makes you think that you're so special?
Lad: am not
Lad: am just be honest
Lad: i know is not easy
Cammy:‎ You must think you're oh so special
Lad: am just be open to you
Lad: no
Lad: because i know you hate lies
Cammy:‎ You lied from the start. Then you told me to come to you - alone.
Lad: please lets talk now
Lad: i love you and wanted to see you
Cammy:‎ And now you want money.
Lad: never knew you are a model
Lad: you have crew you travved with
Cammy:‎ I told you
Cammy:‎ I'm not a super model.
Lad: ok
Lad: camille please
Lad: just consider me
Cammy:‎ Why should I?
Cammy:‎ Do you? Do you really?

15 October 2015

Lad: yes
Lad: please have mercy
Cammy:‎ Why should I?
Lad: please
Lad: just helpmme
Lad: good evening
Cammy:‎ You lied to me and you think that's no big deal, that I should give thanks for the chance to get you out of your own shit. That's it, huh?
Lad: please
Lad: o
Cammy:‎ o what?
Lad: am going out
Lad: talk to you later
Cammy:‎ Bye
Cammy:‎ Take your time!
Lad: [please i need the money
Lad: very very well
Lad: dont fail me
Cammy:‎ What for?
Lad: do i explain now
Lad: or when am back
Lad: we will talk
Cammy:‎ Up to you.

Lad:‎ <ding>
Cammy:‎ Why do you do that?
Lad:‎ do what
Cammy:‎ That dumbass <ding>
Lad:‎ i dont understand
Cammy:‎ Why do you type <ding> like that?
Lad:‎ smiles
Lad:‎ i dont know how to do it
Cammy:‎ But you must know how because you do it.
Lad:‎ i press star sign
Lad:‎ like buzz
Lad:‎ you dont like it?
Cammy:‎ I don't understand "buzz".
Lad:‎ same thing with ding
Cammy:‎ Huh? So ding is like buzz? You didn't explain what buzz is.
Lad:‎ look up the sign
Lad:‎ are you using phone or computer
Cammy:‎ What sign?
Lad:‎ like star
Cammy:‎ What about the star?
Lad:‎ that what when you press it gives that sign
Lad:‎ buzz
Lad:‎ so how was your nigjt
Lad:‎ what the time there now
Cammy:‎ 0636
Lad:‎ waoo
Lad:‎ early
Lad:‎ camille
Lad:‎ can you help me today
Cammy:‎ I can.
Cammy:‎ That doesn't mean I will.
Lad:‎ am aware
Cammy:‎ Are you? Are you really?
Lad:‎ i just take it easy with you
Lad:‎ because i understand you now better than before
Cammy:‎ Huh?
Lad:‎ you
Lad:‎ you are good and you dont rush things
Cammy:‎ True, but what's your point?
Lad:‎ i know you will pray over it
Lad:‎ and i beleive i will have favour in your site
Cammy:‎ Today is Freyja-Day...
Lad:‎ yes
Lad:‎ any hope for me
Cammy:‎ I raised my spirit to the Goddess before and sought wisdom about you twice before.
Lad:‎ tell me
Lad:‎ answer
Cammy:‎ I'm right to mistrust you.
Lad:‎ no
Cammy:‎ So you're telling me She is wrong?
Lad:‎ no
Lad:‎ but am not harmful
Cammy:‎ Harm isn't the issue.
Lad:‎ all that am in need now
Cammy:‎ That's need spelled G-R-E-E-D.
Lad:‎ to you am stressing you much
Lad:‎ noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Lad:‎ greed for
Cammy:‎ Stressed? No way!
Lad:‎ beging
Lad:‎ ok
Lad:‎ what
Lad:‎ hello
Lad:‎ are you busy

Lad:‎ hi
Lad:‎ am back
Cammy:‎ I saw that.
Lad:‎ am here
Lad:‎ can we conclude
Cammy:‎ What?
Lad:‎ please i need th money
Cammy:‎ No – you WANT the money.
Lad:‎ yes
Lad:‎ please
Cammy:‎ I just don't understand why you have this idea that you're entitled to my money.
Lad:‎ please
Lad:‎ i need you help me
Lad:‎ not entitled
Cammy:‎ So what happens if I don't send you that money?
Lad:‎ jesus
Lad:‎ am a lie am bad
Lad:‎ look not upon my sin
Cammy:‎ Answer my question!
Cammy:‎ Stop fucking around and answer my question!
Cammy:‎ Do you have an answer?
Cammy:‎ I knew it.

Lad:‎ hello
Lad:‎ good morning
Cammy:‎ Hi from 1909 AEST
Lad:‎ whats the meaning
Lad:‎ good morning
Cammy:‎ Don't you know about Zulu time?
Lad:‎ okay
Lad:‎ how are you
Cammy:‎ Fine
Lad:‎ okay
Lad:‎ welcome
Lad:‎ please give me the money
Lad:‎ i plead with you
Cammy:‎ I never begged for money.
Cammy:‎ I wasn't so stupid that I ran so short.
Lad:‎ please give me
Cammy:‎ And then what?
Lad:‎ yes or no
Cammy:‎ Haven't I told you no often enough already?
Cammy:‎ Or do you think that if you beg often enough I'll break down and send money?
Lad:‎ please
Lad:‎ let me be
Cammy:‎ You stop opening chat and I'll stop chatting back. Deal?

Lad:‎ camille
Lad:‎ how are you
Cammy:‎ I'm fine.
Lad:‎ why hurting me
Cammy:‎ I'm not hurting you.
Lad:‎ you are
Lad:‎ you dont know my condition
Lad:‎ or why situation
Lad:‎ why i need money urgently
Cammy:‎ You got yourself into the shit.
Lad:‎ but rather you consider it as been greddy and other things
Lad:‎ ok
Cammy:‎ When did I become responsible for you? Answer me that.
Lad:‎ ask
Cammy:‎ I did ask. Got an answer?
Cammy:‎ When did I become responsible for you?
Lad:‎ no
Lad:‎ you are just a friend
Cammy:‎ Is that a fact?
Lad:‎ i dont have any one i can ask
Lad:‎ i was to straight
Cammy:‎ So you normally lie to your friends?
Lad:‎ but well no problem
Lad:‎ lie
Lad:‎ i ask for money not fuck
Lad:‎ that you dont want to give will not stop me from talking to you
Lad:‎ what wil happen if i ask for fuck
Cammy:‎ You can't be that badly off if you're asking for a fuck.
Lad:‎ smiles
Lad:‎ i want a fuck
Cammy:‎ Go look for a whore.
Lad:‎ lol
Cammy:‎ Or you could go fuck yourself, it's so much cheaper.

Maybe he took Cammy's advice - he didn't write or chat again.

Thanx for reading.

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

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LOL. He was so desperate for cash he even put up with Cammy having a psychotic episode. 🤣

Fun bait, Yastreb. Thank you.

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