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 Some bilingual fun with a loan scammer

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 9:41 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hey y'all. I'm relatively new to scambaiting so I try to not get too ridiculous, but someone posted a French scam email over in surplus and since I speak French, I decided it might be fun to see how much I could get away with. Everything here is translated into English as accurately as possible, and French grammatical errors are translated into English error equivalents when possible.

The original is a loan scam, which is re-sent later, so I won't go into it yet.

I start by emailing Dan the scammer a simple "hello" with the subject as "Bonjour", not expecting to even get a response.
Bonjour Monsieur

Dan, in French:
Yes hello,
And how, I can be of use?

Ok, didn't expect that response, but here we go now.

Me, in French:
Hello sir yes,
I need a money loan, like the email said...

He then proceeds to send the original scam email. We're still speaking French at this point.

Dan, in French:

I contact you following your request for loans.

I want you to read my conditions carefully and if it suits you, we will be able to start the procedure so that you are

1 - The borrower must be of age
2- Fixed annual rate of 1.5% of the amount borrowed
3 - The maximum duration for reimbursement is from 1 year to 30 years in order to avoid going against the law on usury.
4 - The repayments of your loan are adapted to your budget.
5 - The borrower will have submitted an acknowledgment of debt after obtaining the funds on his account.
6- The first refund will be made 3 months after obtaining the funds on your account.
7- The borrower has a withdrawal period of 14 calendar days from its acceptance.
08 - You receive your financing within 72 hours after acceptance of your file for the personal loan and 6 days for the mortgage loan.
09 - You can request the modulation of your loan repayments up or down every 6 months.
10 - You can request the postponement of a monthly payment each year.
11 - Early repayment accepted also. In case of partial refund, you can reduce the duration of your loan or reduce your monthly payment.
Possible credits to obtain
- Real estate loan to finance the purchase of an apartment, a house, a shop or any other accommodation.
- Car credit to buy a car.
- Consumer credit to finance daily expenses.
This type of credit mainly includes:
* The revolving credit
* A personal loan or consumer credit. It allows you to finance all your projects.
* Redemption of credits: The redemption of credits allows to regroup its consumer credits in one credit and to reduce the monthly payments of a credit existing.
Our strengths
- Quick response in less than 24 / H
- Without engagement
- Free application
If all this suits you then I am waiting for a favorable response to send you the form to fill.
Thanks for your understanding.

Me, in French:
Send me the form!

Dan, French
Good evening,
I recontact you following your request for loans. For begin, please provide the following information to begin your file.
Here is the information to provide:
Last name:
First name:
Value of the loan:
Duration of the loan:
Monthly income:
Possibility of repayment per month:
Do you have a loan in progress, if so how much?
Note: if your file is validated you can have access to the credit within 72 hours.
Not serious refrain.
Waiting for the information for the future...
Cordial greetings.

Making up fake information for all of this in French is more work than I'm willing to do, so I decide to get a little ridiculous.

Me, French:
First and last name: [character name]
Age: I don't know because I have a headache right now....
City: I don't know, I have a lot of houses...

He didn't appreciate that.

Dan, French:
Are you f*cking with me? That's it?

Uh oh, he's onto me! This is a great time to pull the foreign language card!

Me, French:
Sorry! French isn't my first language.
What types of information do you need?

Dan, French:
What is your language?

You know what would be really funny? Pretending like this is a friendly question and making up some sob story about how lonely and confused I am.

Me, French and sad:
That's complicated. I speak English the best, but I write French the best. It's difficult when you use two languages in life. I use French the most because it's a "world language", especially in Europe. I make a lot of errors. What language is your native language?

Ok, he didn't want to get all deep and philosophical with me, but he's now willing to restart the entire conversation and try again in English.

Dan, French:
OK I am using French I am sending you a form in English.

He sends me the same form as the one above, except this time it's sent in English. I suspect Google translate. Once again, I'm not gonna put that much effort into filling out that long form, but I want to stick to the language thing. Plus, I said I wrote French the best so I'm gonna go with that.

Me, French:
No, that's American English, and I don't speak that. I speak English English, a VERY VERY DIFFERENT dialect!!!!
I said this, I said that I write and read FRENCH THE BEST!!!!!!
I wan the money loan....I need the money loan....NOW!!!!!!
I want to talk to your manager.

Dan, French:
You are a joker and you are already wasting my time. I am stopping everything bye.

That's it. I suppose I could have complied a little more and been less ridiculous, but I was scambaiting others at the same time and he was getting a little old. All this occured over 3 days, so I could've and should've taken more of my sweet time to respond. Like I mentioned, I'm fairly new to scambaiting, so send some feedback my way![/b]
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