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 Trophy Contest Poll Closed. Thanks for all the fish.

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Poll :: Vote for your favorite trophy. Top two will receive GOLD

Juan Friezwidatt 15 Yrs Ladpain
 38%  [ 7 ]
I will always follow the advice given by Dr Stephan Williams
 5%  [ 1 ]
Linoline Baits Maggots and Worms
 33%  [ 6 ]
Birlic the Brain
 22%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 18

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Remember this photoshopped young lady from page two of this thread.


Well, things didn't run smoothly for Wally and his lovely Linda and the romance ended when Linda sent this.

Hello Dear,

I can't stop laughing since I read your last email. of all things to write must it be "LORD PLEASE FORGIVE ME". You're very funny. I just wonder the kind of man you are anyway. thanks for this really brought a little happiness to me.
You don't really understand the condition we are placed under here. I'm able to communicate with you only by the help of the good Rev. this alone is a very big privilege that I don't want to abuse. I wish you can understand my fate here.
please can I request for your phone no. so I can speak with you in presence of the Rev. and any photo of you. I want to see you.
I will also like to request that you find a time out of your busy schedule and come here to see me. in that way, I think you'll get all the trust you need. The good Rev. can help you with Invitation Letter and guild lines as he has promised to assist me.
Please with your good heart consider my request and know that I will forever be grateful and indebted to you forever.


A month of silence later Wally was surprise to find this waiting for him this morning.

Hello Dear,
I've really understood the kind of person you are. You couldn't even write a mail to check on someone you said you loved (that's a lie, I poked you twice with no reply). well is alright. Here is the real me with your Worm and Baits company placard.
I had to do this just to clear your doubt and get the love and help I seek from you.


Image link
^^^Image linked to prevent forum blowout - bw

The last word is mine.

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^^^ Just a tip which I stumbled across by accident: IMGBB .Easy upload and resize. Will also automatically generate BB code. It's basically drag and drop, copy paste..

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