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 "What Do You Want?"

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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:21 am Reply with quoteBack to top

A friend (Eater member “Dr Zee”) ran a Babylon-5 themed romance bait and asked for my help in setting up a safari from Sunyani to Kotoka Airport in Accra – a round trip of nearly 750 kilometres.
Much of the bait was lost in a computer crash; what remains is the exchange my lawyer persona and the greedy Lads.

The Scammers
Gladys Foriwaa, romance scammer in Ghana, targeting John Sinclair
Mr Afrifa, Gladys’ somewhat paranoid business partner

They're probably the same Lad.

The Baiter
Laurence Morden, lawyer
John Sinclair
John Sheridan of "B-5 Inc"

AllStars shipping played a significant role.

John Sinclair had agreed to a business venture with Gladys and Afrifa, and Mr Morden was brought in to handle the details

My comments are in bold.

8 January 2010
Good morning Mr Afrifa,
I was advised to contact you but details are lacking.
So; who are you?
Best regards,
Laurence Morden

I haven’t changed the formatting.

hello MR, MORDEN.
how are u today ??
many thanks for ue email u sent to me.
am very happy to hear from u now.
am shop owner and GLADYS came to my shop last week and she said u want to send some goods to her to sell over here for u with good price.
so am the of the customer now so if this goods arrive here then i will but some of them from GLADYS ,
so p,s can u let me know when the goods will ship to ghana ?
i have some friends also so i have inform them and there were also interested with this business so they said if the goods arrive here they will also buy some of them so we are all waiting for the good soon.
so is it real or gladys in joken with me ??
gladys was already explain to me now about this good but i dont think is real so she ask me to give my email address to his friend so i thought it was joking so i did ask her very will and she said is very serious .
so i hope u can let me know the truth okay.
so let me hear from u soon okay.
so p,s how many days it will take before the goods is arrive here ?
p,s i end here.
reply soon.

Mr Afrifa,
I can assure you that Ms Foriwaa is not joking with you; a serious and (hopefully) profitable business is being launched with her as our agent in Ghana. That is the truth of the matter. The shipment is due after for collection from Kotoka after the 11th of January.
Further, she said that she would need transport to collect the crate being shipped to Kotoka airport. Are you able to provide that? Please confirm soonest.
Laurence Morden

10 January 2010
Dear Mr Sinclair,
Please forward the attached document to Ms Foriwaa.
Thank you in advance.
Best regards,
Mr Morden

Dr Zee had earlier sent a rather fuzzy JPEG from “B-5 Inc” with these details.

Your message of 02 January 2010 confirms.
Find attached the agreed merchandise and appropriate prices thereof.
177 Digital Cameras
-- 94 Samsung @ $349 32,806
-- 46 Panasonic @ $379 17,434
-- 37 Sony @ $449 16,613
Total 66,853

30 Video Cameras
17 Panasonic @ $789 13,413
13 Sony @ $899 11,687
Total 25,100
Combined total 91,953

5 Laptop Computers
4 Toshiba w/Pentium D @ $2200 8,800
1 Toshiba w/Pentium H @ $1800 1,800
Total 10,600
Combined total 102,553

Insurance cover and transport costs have not been computed at this time.
Mr. Morden has not yet selected a specific courier firm. He will inform us of developments.
Best Regards,
John Sheridan

I now sent another fuzzy JPEG with "shipping confirmation."

Dear Ms. Foriwaa,
This is to inform you that the goods ordered by Mr Sinclair have despatched as per your agreement.
They can be collected at Kotoka Airport at your convenience after 11 January 2010.
Further information can be obtained from Allstars Shipping if required.
Please inform Mr Sinclair once you collect the shipment.
Best Regards,
Lawrence Morden

As so often happens, the Lads aim for some small money up front.

hello many thanks for ur nice mail u sent to me.
oh yes is so great to hear from u today thats good news to hear that info.
yes i can help so i find a car to miss gladys now and the car owner charge us to pay 1.500 dollars so we will hire this car for 2 days because from hear to there is very far .
so the car oner said he need 1000 dollars for advancs payment of the car hire.
so when we bring the goods and then gladys sell the goods then she pay the rest of 500 dollars .
because the driver said he need some money to buy fuel from here to ACCRA so i hope gladys will tell u this okay.
p,s gladys came to my home today and she said that mr. SINCLAIR told her that i wrote to him.
so she was very annoyed with me.
but i dint not wrote to mr SINCLAIR at all so i was very confused .
so i said in my mind that i will not write to u again.
so i dont know the reason why u write to me.
so can ask mr, Sinclair for me about that.
p,s am the custtomer so i can stop writing to u because if gladys seen that am email u dhe will very anoyed with me so much.
p,s am not a child so that small girl can not speak to me like that .
i respect my self okay.
so i think u can stop writing to me now ok so bye .

Mr Afrifa,
There has been a misunderstanding - Miss Gladys was wrongly informed that you had written to Mr Sinclair and not to me.
Don't let this ruin the deal. Just ask yourself; "What do you want?" You will surely answer "Good business" and that's what counts.
Just be aware that the goods are in a large crate not a box. Over 200 cameras and five laptops in protective packaging - an ordinary car will not do. You will need a van.
I might also suggest that you try searching for a cheaper hire tariff for your van - shopping around can secure bargains.
So I hope that all will go well for us.
Please confirm receipt of this message.
Laurence Morden

Mr Afrifa,
Supplemental; the courier firm can be contacted via this link…
Enter the code … check progress on the consignment.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Laurance Morden

Gladys was making trouble, so a threat to Afrifa seemed to be in order.

Mr Afrifa,
Given that there are significant problems about transport, as detailed to me by Mr Sinclair, the business is in jeopardy.
Apparently the funds to hire the van are not available. I will therefore be forced to recall the shipment and seek other buyers if this is not resolved.
With regrets,
Laurence Morden

12 January 2010
Mr Afrifa,
A decision is needed urgently with respect to your ability to collect the shipment. As I stated previously I am seeking other buyers and if you do not assist Ms Foriwaa in securing a vehicle, the deal is over.
I expect a prompt answer from you before the goods arrive in Accra tomorrow your time.
It seems that you do not believe that Ms Gladys Foriwaa is engaged in serious business. I am telling you now that this is very serious and there have been major outlays by Mr Sinclair, Mr Bester and myself. But without action in Ghana her role is at an end. I am asking you therefore to do as she wishes and provide transport. As the goods will be in Ghana it is for the Ghanaian part of the business to take action - and promptly.
I await your answer and hope that it is positive.
Lawrence Morden

13 January 2010
hello mr, MORDEN.
how are u today ??
many thanks for ur email u sent to me .
p,s GLADYS came to my shop this morning and she apologise me to help me to surport him to bring the goods here very soon.
so now i hope all gladys said to me about this goods is real so i can trust her.
so i will help her with some money to pay for the DRIVE who will carry this from accra so i will advice her to go to accra tomorrow and pick the goods from there okay.
so u never change ur mind at all and we will still do this business as much as possible ok.
so if the goods arrive here then i will take some of the cameras to my shop and after that i will give the money to gladys ok.
so now am interested in this goods my friend.
so i will give her some money this evening okay so now i can understand u very well .
bye yours sencerely

Mr Afrifa,
Very well; I will not tell Allstars to redirect the shipment. It will be there for Ms Foriwaa to collect. But I expect positive outcomes from this.
Laurence Morden

And the Lads have piked out, apparently, on the advice of some “friend.”

hi good morning .
thanks for ur email again.
yes i gave the money to miss gladys today so she is planing to go to ACCRA tomorrow .
and she ask me to go with her to collect the goods from ACCARA .
so i inform one of my friend about this goods coming and he said i should be very careful for myelf this is because people use some tricks to arrest people at the air port.
some body can inform u that he have send u some goods so go and collect it from there so when u go there and they arrest u without not doing any mistake so p,s can that is real story that u have send the good to gladys to go and collect it ??
p,s let me know the secret about this ok and i will keep it secret so that i wont tell gladys at all ok.
so am just waiting for ur answer soon.okay.
p,s i have seen such situation before some times it will happen here in this country so this is the first time so i hope u will let me know the prove about this situation ok.
p,s how much money have u sent to gladys before ??
and how long did u chat with her ??
and where did u meet gladys for contact ??
p,s tell me all this so am hoping to hear from ur email very soon ok.
so u give me some details about my questions now okay .
thank u.
from MR, BEN.

Mr Afrifa,
With all respect to your friend, perhaps you should tell him that his foolishness is not appreciated.
I have no plans to arrange for your arrest or that of anyone on Ghana! What could I possibly gain from that? Put that nonsense that your friend is spouting from your mind.
I will answer your other questions now.
I have not sent any money to Ms Foriwaa – ever.
I have not chatted with Mrs Foriwaa – ever.
I have not met Mrs Foriwaa – ever.
Laurence Morden

hello my dear.
many thanks for ur nice mail u sent to me .
am very happy to hear this good news from u so so i will go with gladys today so i have to rush to miss gladys place soon and then we arrange some time to go to ACCRA soon so very soon i will let u know when we will leave here to go to ACCRA ok.
i will send u email again today before we leave here ok.
p,s can u give me ur phone number ??
and contact address ?? so when we go there and in case of any problem then i will call u ok.
i hope when we go there and collect the goods they will ask us ur address okay.
so give it to me soon.

Mr Afrifa,
There will be no problems provided Ms Foriwaa collects the shipment. That will happen more certainly if messages of doubt are not constantly being whispered in her ear by persons close to her but who do not have her best interests at heart.
If you have problems then inform me via email and I will send you my contact details at that time.
I anticipate good news.
Laurence Morden

hello p,s i think if u send ome goods to some body they will give the recept.
so can u send the copy of it ??
u can send to me or u send to gladys okay.

Mr Afrifa,
A receipt is given to the person receiving goods. You are receiving goods. That means you are the one who will get a receipt, not I.
So I will get a receipt from you, not the other way round.
Laurence Morden

Some double-dealing would seem to be in order. This is Mr Morden, after all.

Mr Afrifa,
Since Ms Foriwaa seems unable to decide on her role in this business, I have an alternate plan: I will arrange for the goods to be made available to you. and you will collect them. Do not tell Ms Foriwaa of this, and likewise do not tell Mr Sinclair.
Do you agree?
Laurence Morden

What, a conscience? I don’t believe that!

14 January 2010
thanks for ur email.
but p,s i cant do this at all.
so i will go with miss gladys to clllect the goods from the customs office in accra air port.
so we will go together tonight so tomorrow we will let u know the result ok.
so bye.

helllo my morden .
how are u today ??
am just here am the air port to pick the goods but they cant find out of that shipping company,
so custom officers said we my need the telephone number of that ALL STARS shipping company so can give us the telephone of them ??
me just now and we should call them to show us the office ok.
so am just waiting now ok.

I try to get them to prove they’ve travelled. It’s a long shot.

Mr Afrifa,
I have my sources and they tell me that you are lying - you are not in Accra, far less at the airport.
What do you hope to achieve by this?
Laurence Morden

p,s am we are at the air port now .
p,s i cant lie to u at all .
so u give us the number and we will call them just now.
so when we receive the goods then i will send u email to u now ok.
so i can find out if we not pick the goods from here ok.
so we need the number now.
or if u know is not reall that u send the goods u tell me then we will go back soon .
p,s i have work to do so i dont have time ok.
so just give it to me now.

Mr Afrifa,
I anticipated that you would not do as you pledged - so I have sent the consignment on to Lagos. It should be there and in the hands of responsible traders by now..
You should have kept your word. Instead you thought to deceive me. That was very unwise, Mr Afrifa, very unwise. I am not a forgiving man. You may well live to regret that.
At all times you sought to stifle the deal and when I offered you an alternate plan you persisted in your lies to Ms Foriwaa. I do not know why.
As it is, you are no longer involved.
Watch the shadows and the dark places. You do not know what might lurk there.
Laurence Morden

Ms Foriwaa,
Since you are too stupid and gullible to amount to anything, and you listen to fools and idiots, your business with Mr Sinclair is over. I will update him presently.
You can go back to scrubbing floors and toilets.
Laurence Morden

15 January 2010
hello .
am very annoyed to send u this email.
p,s u think am stupid man ??
or u think am foolis ??
u told me to join gladys to go to ACCRA and pick the goods but all what u said was not real.
infact i dont know u at all only gladys i know so i will collect my money from her so i have given her only 1 week if i did not get my money back then i will let the police arrest her okay.
so if u dont wont me to put presure on her p,s just send the money to her soon to get my money back.
yesterday the customs said we just plan to steal them so they were pretent to arrest us yesterday so the way u done was very bad .
p,s where if u hire for a car they will not give u any recept at all.
the driver charge us 1500 dollars and we pay him 1000 fist before we left here to accra.
and we promise when we return here we will pay the rest of 500 to him i mean the driver.
so yesterday i pay him that 500 back to the driver so now i have spent 1000 dollars for this and gladys 500 so the only thing i can say is that we cant provide any recept now.
so if u like u pay the money back to us if not then very soon gladys will been in trouble .
i will arrest her i dont care any thing at all.
u think am young man so u dont need to play with me like this do u know my gae is ??
next time dont play with any one like this p,s ur not my size at all.
so hope very soon u must send me that money back.
i was very surprise because u have not ship any goods and u tell us to go to accra to pick the goods from there .
p,s how do u think this in ur mind or u just want to put us into trouble ??
do u think i dont have work to do and u just want me to waste my time for just like that ??
i i think u dont respect at all.
why u do this to me if u were here with me now then i will het ur heard.
dont be stupid next time.

Can we get some trophies?

Attn; Mr Afrifa, Ms Foriwaa
I am aware that your journey cost you money for no return. I am prepared to offer reasonable recompense. Please forward receipts, expense chits, etc.
Also be aware that Mr Sinclair is no longer part of this business. Whatever personal relationship you may have with him, Ms Foriwaa, may continue. However, this is entirely a B5 Inc matter and he is not involved.
Laurence Morden

16 January 2010
Mr Afrifa,
Since you never went to Kotoka I owe you nothing for that. That is your first lie.
You say you will have Ms Foriwaa arrested, but as she has broken no law (borrowing money is not an offence), you are lying - for the second time.
You said the customs men threatened to arrest you, but then you say there was no cargo, so there could have been no threat, so you have lied - for the third time.
You say the car hire does not give receipts. This is a blatant lie – for the fourth time.
That means I cannot trust a word you say.
Therefore you will only be paid if you can provide proof - hard evidence - of money spent.
Laurence Morden

Gladys pasted my message into her reply. That’s sorta pointless.

Ms Foriwaa,
Yes, I did that.
Perhaps you could explain why you simply repeated my message instead of providing reasonable input.
Laurence Morden

hello .
p,s now i have nothing to say with u again .
so the only thing i can say is that p,s u pay all this money back to me soon.
now u put me into trouble .
so mr, BEN will arrest me because of the money he gave to me .
we paid 1,500 to the driver and only 500 was my money and mr, ben 1000 .
so we need all this money back ok.
i dont wont to talk too much on u so only the money we need to pay back .
now am off my mind so i cant explain every thing again ok.

Ms Foriwaa,
I am more than ready to repay all expenses upon receipt of the appropriate documentation.
Mr Afrifa is bluffing you; he cannot have you arrested for owing money.
Laurence Morden

hello am online now so lets chat ok.
and we know what to say ok
so lets chat now .

Ms Foriwaa,
I don't have the appropriate account for chat.
What do you mean by "we know what to say"?
Mr Sinclair,
Do you know what this woman is on about? She seems deranged.
Lawrence Morden

Attn; Mr Afrifa, Ms Foriwaa
Your silence would seem to indicate that you have no interest in being repaid.
You have 72 hours to reply; if I hear nothing, I will consider this business over.
Laurence Morden

19 January 2010
Mr Afrifa, Ms Foriwaa,
I conclude from your silence that you are not interested in receiving compensation.
That is your loss.
Laurence Morden

No safari, no trophy, but we pissed the Lads off... so it's not all bad.

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

United Kingdom x5 Spain New Zealand Senegal Ghana x2 Benin Closed lad accounts x 240
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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

Joined: 04 Apr 2006
Posts: 17258
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 8:30 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Supplemental - some correspondence from Gladys (emails and chat), dating from around 15-16 January, has survived.

p,s whats wrong with u now??
we are just now at the air port with customs office to find out about the goods but they cant find out at all they said they dont know that shipping company here at the air port so customs officers said i should ask u about the telephone number of that shipping company 4LL ST4RS so that if i get the telephone number then they call then to know where the office so that they should trace where the goods is.
so i beg u just call MR, MORDEN to give u the shipping company number ok.
so i will be very happy to hear from u soon.
so we are now here at the air port waiting for u soon.
so just reply my mail soon ok.
so i will come back and check if u got the number for me to call them ok.
thank u.
now u let me so confused

With no word back except to contact Mr Morden, Gladys let fly on chat. The first sentence is puzzling:

i dont think u sleep on on the pillow
fool man
ur big fool
now ur shame
i will kiss u
so if u dont wont a problem u pay me back all the money i spent for this
i will use gods to kill u
i know some place and they do this to me
god will panish u

Being told only to contact Mr Morden provoked another tirade:

now u look at what u have done to me
u put m into trouble
mr, BEN said he give me 1 week so if i did not pay him back he will let the police arrest me
now am very very sad
so i dont know what to say again
i dont think i will go in this sutuation at all
u did not ship any goods to me and u just want to put me into trouble
is not fine at all
the way u behave was surprise
i dont know what to say in my mind at all
i so u let me so confused
so it seems i should go and kill myself
p,s u sit down and u think what u have done to me
so that u know what u have to do
no am off in my mind so since yesterday i cant eat and i cant sleep also
because now u put much presure on me
i have to pay mr, BEN 1000 dollars
and me as well 500
so i need all this money back very soon

Happy days...

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

United Kingdom x5 Spain New Zealand Senegal Ghana x2 Benin Closed lad accounts x 240
Safari x 5 - Oyenka Chidinma Lagos-Cotonou; Dickyboi Lagos-Accra; Femmy Lagos-Porto Novo; "Woody" Accra-Singapore; Henry Philip Abuja-Natitingou w/MG & DSW
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