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 Plug The Cherrie Mentor Program

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I don't know if this should be here or in main. Its not really about baiting but it is closely related. I think it would be a good idea to get people who have been mentored, to give a testimonial of sorts. What was the experience like, how did it help you become a better baiter, why everyone just starting out should sign up for a mentor.

For thise unaware, you can sign up here:

I'll start. Way back when I first stumbled across this site, there was no automated process to sign up for and be assigned a mentor. You had to post in a thread and wait for an experienced baiter to claim you (I don't know exactly how they were assigned, that happened behind the scenes). But, the basic idea of the program was the same. A baiter knowledgeable in forum rules and baiting techniques helps someone starting out learn the ropes. Sadly, all these years later, I can't remember who my mentor was. I do know that he was very helpful and got me started right away. Every mentor does it a bit differently, but mine helped me get a lad on the hooked and walked me through a straight bait. I do remember that I got my first trophy pic from that bait and shortly thereafter a fake check trophy. I was hooked. As I ventured out into my own baits, my mentor was there to give guidance if I was stuck, and stop me if I was about to do something seriously wrong (like involve an ITP without realizing it, or use a phone number that wasn't totally safe). If I hadn't had a mentor, i doubt I would have ever gotten that first lad.

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Bearkat, when you wrote "stumbled across this site", that is exactly how I found it, a complete accident. I had been having fun annoying some scammer (mercifully on a throwaway email account) and had no idea people did this both for fun and a higher purpose. I signed up for a mentor and Big Beautiful Baiter drew the short straw that day......LOL
She walked me thru safe baiting, straight baiting, and of course, site killing. She always had suggestions and ideas to assist as I learned to spin a story to string a lad along for the ride. I don't remember my first pig, but do remember my first site kill and flag.
As I did more baiting she also helped me understand the "networks" of mules and lads. That is something which still amazes me at its complexity. She also helped me with another issue here.......sometimes, when doing romance baits (vlads mainly) I'd see those pretty young ladies pictures (the trophies) and feel guilt at lying to her! She helped me deal with that issue too. It's not an "nuts and bolts" issue of baiting, but it is something that sometimes washes over me doing this, and talking to someone about things like helps.
One thing I really appreciated was she encouraged me to ask questions and to understand why we do things this way or that. Putting the various steps into context is truly a gift of hers. And it wasn't just questions for her, she encouraged me posting questions to get different perspectives.

It truly has been (and continues to be) a positive learning experience.

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