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 Raisin got real ink!!!

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:26 am Reply with quoteBack to top

^^ But he also appears to have no appreciation of the real value of either dollars, or British pounds. Look at the enormous amounts - billions of pounds - that he believes he will need as a monthly income.

I'm wondering whether his nonchalant demands for $2,000 dollar iTunes cards and Rolex watches reflects this, in that he has no idea what he's really asking for. Perhaps he's under the impression that these two currencies are as over-inflated as the Nigerian naira and that ordinary people are paid monthly in six figure numbers and that, if they are not, then they are dirt poor, as he claims to be. Hard to believe a lad could be so ill-informed, but, who knows?

Alternatively, maybe he truly believes that ordinary people in developed countries really are extremely rich on a massive scale. That might be nearer to the truth, as I have discovered that to be a bit of a myth that quite a lot of lads like to believe. It enables them to justify their own behaviour as not doing any real harm, as their victims can well afford any losses and won't be badly damaged, financially.

If the story of his whole nuclear family being dead is true, then that is very sad and I felt sad reading how he'd had a nice little family, but they were dead now.

But, there again, as we know, lads lie.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:08 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

He also claims to be a virgin.... Rolling Eyes
Thursday 8:41 Lina to Raisin
Dear brother Raisn,

Thank you for submitting your forms. Time is not the issue here. We have received eternity by the sacrifice of our Lord, so what difference do a few days make?
I will make sure these will be received by reverend Greenham as soon as he arrives here.

Blessed be your soul,
Lina Hollycraft

14:59 Raisin to Lina
Noted with thanks. Thank you so much.
Mr Raisin

Anna: I missed you
Raisin: Hi
Anna: Good morning
Raisin: Baby how are you
Darling I miss you so much
THU 3:06 PM
Raisin: Sweetie I love you . I dream of you alot these days
Where are you honey?
Anna: I'm at work of course.
How are you?
Raisin: Am fine
Can you send me credit card now?
I Wana use it
Anna: I'll have to talk to my lawyer about that. You know that
Raisin: Ok
Please I need 5000 pounds iTunes card
Anna: You're confused
Show some care . Please
How am I confused?
Anna: I wanted to send it to you all along, but you were the one acting like an asshole to my lawyer
Raisin: You only wanted to send my travel funds not credit card
116000 for my travel
Visa , passport, travel insurance, plane ticket . etc
You can tell your lawyer to send today . Please
Anna: You didn't want me to talk to him anymore
So I didn't
Raisin: I want to be with you and marry you honey
Anna: Yes, I want that too, so I was hoping you'd have a brilliant plan
Raisin: Ok
Tell him to send it
Anna: Okay
Sure, since you asked so nicely
Raisin: Yes . Very sure
Anna: No
Raisin: No about what?
Anna: I'm not going to my lawyer
Raisin: Why
Anna: what do you think?
Raisin: I don't think anything
Anna: that's what I thought
Raisin: About ?
You promised
Anna: about your thinking
THU 5:44 PM
Raisin: Do you like this song by destiny child?
It's mitigative I think
Title survival.
It's motivational
Have you closed from work?
How are yoi
How are you
hoe gaat het met u
Anna: Het gaat goed. Ik ben nog op mijn werk, ik ga bijna naar huis.
THU 10:12 PM
Raisin: Ok
Please I don't have translator app now. I will download one tomorrow
Please use English now
How was work today
Honey are you there
Anna: Hi, I'm here
You started talking Dutch, so I thought you maybe had some lessons
Raisin: Not yet
How are you
Anna: I'm ok, how are you?

Friday morning
Raisin: I need travel funds darling
I submitted my forms 3days ago to Lina Hollycraft
Anna: Oh, you didn't tell me that
5:13 PM
Raisin: Hi dear how are you?
Anna: who doesn't have them
Raisin: Am thinking about you
Do you
Anna: Always
Raisin: For me?
Anna: you know it
Raisin: Sure?
I can't believe you
Because you refused to send me travel funds
Anna: you say the same thing every day, that I don't have feelings for you
It's hurting me
Raisin: Really?
Then send my funds and make me believe you
Anna: You didn't want me to talk to my lawyer anymore, so that'll be a bit difficult don't you think?
Raisin: I want to marry you
Anna: I want that too
Raisin: I didn't say that
I never said it
Go ahead and talk to your lawyer now
I want to marry you
Honey are you there
Where are you?
I love you

16:48 Lina to Raisin
Dear brother Raisin,

Reverend Greenham has reviewed your forms and he was surprised by your answers. You seem to want to marry Emma only for her physical appearance. He'd like you to explain that a little more. Also your vision on finances seem to be a bit unrealistic. He asks you to do a little research and respond with a more realistic indication and how you're planning to achieve that.

Blessed be your soul
Lina Hollycraft

20:07 Raisin to Lina
Thank you, I will do that.

20:12 Raisin to Lina
Good evening Lina Hollycraft.
I don't seem to marry Anna only for her appearance but also for love. I love her . But I doubt if she do love me truly like I love her. She made to me promise but never fulfilled.she tell me she loves me but never proved it. Thanks.
Mr Raisin

9:12 PM
Anna: I'm here. I love you too
Raisin: You dont
Anna: Fuck you!
Raisin: How can you say you love me when you can't even prove it.
Anna: FUCK YOU!!
Raisin: If you truly love me then prove it
Anna: F
I'm done with this
do you know how much it hurt that you keep telling me I don't love you? Well if that's what you truly think, then why are you even talking to me?
Raisin: You didn't prove it. So I don't believe you
You can't even send me credit cards. You don't care about.
I asked for iTunes but you didn't
It means you don't care
Anna: And what did I tell you?
Raisin: You don't love me
I did everything you wanted
You need to treat me right too
You have treated me badly
Anna: I have not
Raisin: Yes you did
Where is the iTunes I request
You never sent to me
Anna: you were the one being rude to my lawyer, faking tattoos, getting angry about it to me, told me not to speak to my lawyer anymore and keep telling that I don't love you
Raisin: I know
Anna: I told you that stuff needs to be arranged with my lawyer that you decided was no good
Raisin: Ok talk to him now
Anna: no
Raisin: Tell him to send
Arrange it the way you want
All I want is to be with you
If you don't want then stop chatting me
Anna: I'm not a slave that you can command
contact him yourself

9:57 Raisin to Lina (during the chat)
For the amount I mentioned was little compared to what I believe by faith which I will earn from my job when I get there(when I get to England) John 14:13 - 14. I will achieve that by grace and hard work. I believe I have them by faith (mark11:24). I planned to work so hard to achieve . I want a record deal over there as a musician. I can work for any firm also to earn Money.
Regards ,
Mister Raisin

22:24 Raisin to Anna

And then he blocked poor Anna on facebook....

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 1:32 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Yes, because the only way to prove true love is with an iTunes card. Sheesh, what an asshole. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Evil or Very Mad

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