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 Frustrated Lad

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:17 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I apologise for the length of this in advance....but have just finished up a fun bait full of lad frustration.

Dealing with the elderly can be a challenge in real life.....and in a lad's life, it can be quite frustrating. Here are some excerpts from messages from a frustrated lad who wanted to give me millions in a scam compensation fund. I love how he vents at the elderly character, Clayton. Lad is in red, old man in blue, and old man's daughter in violet.

MG was the chosen form for a transfer which ended up with many snags while he waited on line for his MCTN

why are you making me feel so stupid

Who could let that line go unnoticed?

I am not the one making you look stupid.

He yells at the old man for using security features with MG and these features do not seem to be working properly. The old man is deeply hurt and wants an apology.
am sorry for calling you a lier okay I was just not happy with the way things are going I wanted everything to be done this weekend so by Monday the transfer will begin but as its delaying its making me feel bad that was why I sounded like that okay am sorry It was not my intention to hurt your feelings okay

Once the lad realises he must stay on hold to activate the MCTN he accepts it but is very annoyed.

the agent has spent over 1500 calling them after they requested for the 16 digits they said they were transferring him to there online agent for more than 1hour he was hold one they were just playing music and serious money ( airtime) was been deducted he has spent over #1500 niria yet nothing to show for it

But it gets better.........

am wondering if it is real at all because if you remember they have been on this subject since yesterday and its not funny anymore

I am not sure why he is not finding it funny, I was enjoying this.
The scammer then asks the old man to get help so his daughter gets involved. What could possibly go wrong?

Or Emma can go and have it resolved they should send it the normal way and leave the 16 digit process. please tell Emma to get to it immediately I want us to achieve something good today

But just as Emma was about to transfer money, her daughter gets hurt!

Emma called me back and has not done this yet. My granddaughter was in the dance competition and fell, spraining her ankle and knee. She was in the hospital most of today having it looked at by a doctor and to get the swelling down. She will prob. get to this tomorrow.

The scammer asks after the granddaughter and then pushes for the old man to transfer money using his phone.

Okay I am sorry about your granddaughter leg okay I really hope she attends to it tomorrow please try and make her do it as quick as possible or you can try doing it your self through your phone you can send the western union through there then tomorrow she can rectify the other one what do you think

The old man is touched that the lad asks after his granddaughter and then puzzles about how to transfer money with a phone. (Shades of my real life there....)

Thank you for asking after my granddaughter. She starts today at school (first day of the school year here) on crutches. When you write to do ti through my phone i'm guessing you mean a cellulur phone? i have one but it's an old flip phone for emergencies
i'll ask emma she knows these things.

The lad sends numerous messages pushing for the transfer. So the old man finally updates the lad on his day. Breaking news as it were.

I just got back from feeding my neighbour's cat "Buddy". Big orange/white cat, but very friendly. I found a message from Emma and called her back but got her voicemail. I will find out as soon as I can and let you know.

The fact that the old man has done nothing is frustrating the lad immensely. Further, his emphasis on everything else except transferring money is annoying the lad. Apparently feeding cats is not the lad's priority!

Do you know that the agent has tried that number more than 10 times again they keep placing him on hold he has spent almost #5 thousand niria just to receive the reference number, this is wrong Emma is not responding why can't you call her and address this, you are being un serious with this and am not happy about it, if you don't want us to conclude this why did you allow me start and why did you allow me go through all this stress all in the name of keeping my words to you am really angry right now am working my self out for your sake and you are over there busy feeding cats I need good responds or I will be left with no choice than to hands off this project, I have tried my best even God knows that, I have invested a lot into this but you are not acting serious at all

Since the old man cannot seem to get on track here, the lad appeals directly to his daughter who seems to be running the show anyway.

Hello Emma how are you doing my name is Rev Lawson dike I was informed by your dad that you are the person that sent the $1000 and its yet to be tracked or picked because the process you used is not the right one, they are meant to give you 8 digit numbers not 16 digit, the agent in who's name you sent the money has called the number more that 10 times and no agent is answering him he has spent over 4 thousand niria in calling them

Emma immediately seeks clarification on unimportant matters.

When I spoke to my father, he said you wrote to him stating you spent over 5 thousand niria, now you say 4. Which is it? I like honest answers which are truthful.

What difference it makes is questionable but Emma likes to know specifics.

She is so full of sympathy for the lad waiting on hold for hours......

I have no control over how many people call to collect their money at any given time, so if your agent is on hold, what am I to do about this? I do not like being on hold either, trust me. I share your frustration, but I have no magic wand to allow your agent to get to the head of the line.

Once again the lad finds himself in trouble for yelling at the old man, this time for getting upset about cat feeding stories.

I should tell you that my father was upset that you yelled at him. He said you were mad because he was feeding the neighbour's cat. Sir, my father loves animals, cats especially and is helping a neighbour. The walking he does is very important for him to heal from his knee surgery. When you yell at my father you are in effect, yelling at me. I know "cat stories" are probably not a favourite part of your day. Mine either. My father calls me to tell me all about the antics of Buddy the cat. He feeds him, plays string chase games with him and pats him, just to hear him purr. These little things, so seemingly unimportant to many of us, are so important to my father. Please don't yell at him again. For an aging man with a lot of health problems he is doing very well.

The lad knows that he must sweet talk Emma to get the money though.

I am happy to be in contact with you because your father said you will help speed up things because you are his right hand

Foolish lad if he thinks this will speed things up!

so work with me so we can achieve this without much stress okay

Emma's lack of enthusiasm is noted and the lad apologises again.

okay am sorry we started on a wrong foot, let work together to achieve this, you will have reasons to appricate me later

The lad goes back to complaining about the MG transfer method and this holds no water with Emma

There is no stress about this transaction at my end. The only stressed person is yourself and you are calling me a liar, you state I don't do things properly and you tell me I cannot decide which manner to send money. Don't put the blame for your stress on me or on my father. Neither of us has control over how many people call the number you were given. Neither of us can control how long you are on hold, but you are quick to blame us.

She then launches into a tirade against the lad

I don't wish to talk to you. You have called me a liar, you complain about me not doing things properly (even though they are) and that things need to be done the right way, even though they were. And you upset my father. I am doing this for him, not you.

I want answers to my questions about this money you have promised him.

The lad of course never answers questions, he just poses them. He is back on script about his issues with MG

Because I don't understand why the agent will call and wait and wait for hours and when it gets to his turn as you called it the machine will call two numbers and then go off then he will start calling again only to start from number 10 or 8 and wait until he gets to 1 and the same thing will happen again

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" I can sue anybody for deformation of character" scammer Fred Unuobia losing his patience with endless questions
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:45 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

The lad is upset with Emma, so sends this nasty message.
About the sending ?? Believe me you sent nothing money gram can't be lieing its obviously connecting but its not money gram you alone know were you did it

Since you don't believe me and I have to start working to impress you again after all what I have done then I thing you should come get it your self because I have other things to do stop acting like you are doing me a favor because you are not you are doing your self and family the favor good bye

When she ignored him, he sends this

How are you doing well I believe you are in good health, how is your baby. Talking about the transaction how did you go with them, you mentioned you will have it retrieved today so I need to be updated okay am waiting have you been able to resend it or are you thinking of using western union

The lad reverts to working over the old man, who replies with details about his daughter

also she said that she has lots to do each day and cannot be here or running errands and has tried very hard to accomodate you and you don't appreciate her. I told her that is not true but you are frustaratied because you need money too and she sees that but also said she cannot just drop everything and she has a point. she also said she does not need to be checked up on every day or several times a day since she is an adult and the constant badgering makes her upset because she had to go to the doctor and have a follow up appointment for her daughter and the sprain. then you insult her about the security code which costs money and it's bad forher nerves.

so she is on top of this now and says she will be back aafter the church luncheon today.

The lad agrees to not pester people any more

Okay I just want to be updated once the money is sent since she said I should stop checking on her, I won't check on her again just tell her to attend to the payments and get back to me with the slip so we can get done with this okay the whole story is becoming longer than I expected let's leave family sentiment and face the business okay, I will be waiting for the payments information bye for now God bless

The original scam had someone appearing out of the blue to act as the beneficiary's power of attorney, which was promptly nixed. Now Emma is wondering, could this person (who doesn't exist anyway) be the person who was trying to steal her father's i.d. and use his credit card????

I forwarded some questions Emma had and they remain unanwered. Can you help speed this up please by addressing them. Emma would like to know and so would I. She said if this woman was trying to pass herself off as my agent she might have stolen my i.d. so she wants to check with the police and make sure. i've herd of this happening and someone i know had it happen withhis credit card. So that would help us get this done.

Several days of useless exchanges go back and forth as the lad won't give up info on the fake i.d. person and Emma won't budge either. So the lad finally says

When is Emma making the payment this lady has been taken care of and she had nothing to do with your card or any vital documents okay her name is Mrs. GXXXX F. WXXX

This criminal is from Texas......and as luck would have it......the old man finds out it is a small world!

Is GXXXXX WXXX related to Phyllis WXXX of Houston? That is a cousin of mine in texas.

A couple more days go by and the lad still has not addressed the possible cousin connection........finally he writes.

I don't know if she is related to anyone all I know is what I have told you, so you mean by now she has not attended to it listen my Clayton if by the end of today I don't see the payments information I seriously will take my hands off this transaction am serious about it tell Emma to attend to this payment before the end of today

The old man is grateful and writes a heartfelt note dealing with everything but money transfers.

Emma thanks me for forwarding the information and asked that you supply her, or me with the name of the woman who got jailed so we can have her questoned about my credit card issues. If she tried to steal from me once she could be guilty again.
Last night my neighbours had me over for dinner to thank me for watching over Buddy. It's good to get out.

So I will call Emma about the money and give her the police info on that woman too.

thanks you for helping

More useless messages are exchanged until the lad reaches his breaking point.

Clayton am done with you okay so you and your daughter should stop contacting me because I told you if the department does not receive the payment before the end of money then we are done you though I was joking right??? Well since Emma your daughter knows too much she can go ahead and help you get the 7.5 million united States dollars am done answering your family question

We had this project going until your question asking daughter came in and reduced the speed now you and your daughter are doing what the FBI has taken care of ekene I know it you well I have some important things to now okay you also try and get busy

The old man can't wait to get more details and writes


Where was Miss Ward arrested and which police dept did this and where is she serving time? If Emma can determine this then we will know if it was her meddling with my credit card or do we have to pursue this. How can you know she had nothing to do with my card problems?
Emmma is weaiting and then we move forward. I am excited now.

The lad finally throws in the towel.......

She was arrested in Texas by the us cyber crime division and was moved to the FBI head quarters we were in formed that she is serving her time but we don't know were because we have nothing to do with were she is serving okay, so can you stop bugging my life with this issues besides we are done with this transaction I told the department you are nolonger ready to claim the fund so soon they will prepare documents stating that you have officially disclaimed the fund so that is the situation on ground now am done waiting for your daughter and your self

The old man is puzzled but the lad is not.

Your un seriousness started when I requested for your number and since then you have not provided it because you know I know you

The lad leaves, giving up at last. And yet.......something, some faint hope brings him back........

Hey, I'm giving you this link to get bitcoins in just few minutes using almost any payment option available. Buy bitcoin with gift cards (Amazon, Target, iTunes, OneVanilla), Paypal, Western Union, debit/credit cards 300 other payment options are available at

The old man is astounded that there are over 300 payment options. So he writes

300 hundred other options? I am truly flabbergasted at all this of which you write. We had target stores in canada but they went belly up. I even learned the other day we could pay parking fees ath the hospital with a credit card and no codes entered.
Emma might know of these things but you don't like her much. I want to know who ws impersonating me online and offering up themselves as my proxie. I think the world is passing me by with all this stuff you write.

The lad however is not impressed and issues parting words.

Good by Mr Moses

So, for a bait that started in April, it had a pretty good run! Some lads must get frustrated of course but this guy loved to express it! That is what made him special. And after a bit of a rest, I think the old man might just read up on these payment options and get back to the lad with some questions......

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" I can sue anybody for deformation of character" scammer Fred Unuobia losing his patience with endless questions
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:23 am Reply with quoteBack to top

After the lad said good bye, I figured that was it. Today he was back......

What is happening Mr Clayton by tomorrow the department will have a review on your documents and if nothing tangible is seen then your fund will be confiscated and I don't want that to happen so I want to ask you directly do you still want to claim this fund or have you given up on it I really want to know my stand on this

My character was surprised (as was I) but decided a little confusion in an old man can be fun.

Mr Dike:

I aam confused since a week or more ago you seemed angry with me and told me "good bye" I thought you didn't wnat my business. Maybe I misunderstood.

I doubt there will be much mileage out of this one, but a little extra lad pain might be fun!

Closed lad accounts X426 X2 Vcamera Jack Boot 🍰
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" I can sue anybody for deformation of character" scammer Fred Unuobia losing his patience with endless questions
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 12:31 am Reply with quoteBack to top

So the lad has come back to the old man seeking payment, but this time without his daughter helping him.

I said if you were not ready to comply with the requirements then I will have to say good bye I really didn't like the way your daughter was going about the project. You and I know how far we have gone with this so allowing Emma to delay the transaction was not a good idea.

The old man is offended that the lad is blaming Emma for de-railing his gravy train. Then he gets sidetracked and starts talking about the neighbours and their cat again.


I take offense at your inncorrect statement that my daughter Emma dealed this transaction. That is simply not truth. She helped me by sending money and sent it safely and you didn't make a phone call. That is not something you can blame her for just because you had to be on hold and wait your turn. And she takes care of things for me in so many ways and when someone was trying to use my credit card she helped me deal with the bank. Then you say a lady by the name of Ward was lying and trying to steal money and we thought iwas her stealing credit card things too. But you ddin't wnat to help us check that out. Emma told me you are rude. I thught you were okay but somtimes impatient and maybe its because I'm retired now that I have learned to slow down and enjoy life

Sir, i know the business world is fast moving and they say if you stand still you get passed by. But I learned after some severe illnesses what is really important in life. Enjoy th ejourney and the destination. Yes, that is how I live. Take pleasures in the little things.

So i read your old mesage about the hudnreds of ways of sending money and I can get emma to take me out for a gift card. Or maybe my neighbours can take me this time. This would be buddy's mom and dad who said they owed me a favour for feeding Buddy. Did i tell you who buddy is? My neighbours have a cat and they called it Buddy since he is freindly with everyone and when they went away i fed him and played with him. now they said they'd take me places to make it easeir for Emma.

So the lad then covers his tracks about Emma stating she might be too busy to run errands with her father. Then asks the old man to go to the apple store and buy itune cards.

Okay Mr Clayton that will be great buddy mom will really be your best option because Emma might be too busy to take you out. You should know that everything am doing is for the betterment of this transaction. I took nothing to heart I only wanted to keep my promises by seeing this to the end

Well talking about the payments since you have chosen the gift card option then you should go for iTunes card you can find it in any apple store and buy them in $100 dinomination

The confused old man goes to what he thinks is an apple store


I went to the store where they sell apples but could not find apple tune cards, just fresh apples and such. Is there a different store for this than apple and food stores?

The lad must be pulling his hair out by now.....let's hope so, and writes the old man in what must be a completely frustrated manner.........

Not apple food store am talking about iTunes card if you go to Walmart store you can also get it there can you try and buy them today?? Try your best to attend to it today okay when I say apple store I mean apple phones application stores okay so check any of them

All jokes aside though, it is pretty sad when these people are so greedy that they wish to keep an old man from his trusted daughter so they can scam him of his money. And this poor confused old man who doesn't know the difference between an apple store and a grocery store selling apples, is a good target for these criminals.

I think the old man's small town doesn't have an apple store or walmart but it's time for his colonoscopy in the city and Emma has to take him for his tests. He might have to tell the scammer some graphic details of this procedure......

Closed lad accounts X426 X2 Vcamera Jack Boot 🍰
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" I can sue anybody for deformation of character" scammer Fred Unuobia losing his patience with endless questions
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