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PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 2:52 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Today is Anzac Day, so I decided to publish a date that ended on 25 April. It involved a Lad whose normal speaking voice made him sound under the influence, which is too tempting not to use…

The Scammer: Eser Raymund, “a citizen of GHANA… a banker by profession”

The Baiter: Malcolm Reynolds

The Lad’s emails are date-stamped. My comments are in bold

14 April 2014
Hello Reynolds,
With due respect, I need to introduce myself to you, I am Mr. Eser Raymund a citizen of GHANA I am a banker by profession. My main purpose of sending you this message is that I want you and I to do a business that will benefit the both of us, I work with CAPITAL FINANCE BANK PLC GHANA as an audit and accounting manager in Accra Ghana, I am pleased to contact you because of your last name and it’s going to benefit the both of us, that’s if you can be trusted and not to betray me at the end of this business.
Why I am pleased to contact you is that you bear the same last name with a late client of our bank who died on January 12 2010 Earthquake disaster in Haiti, that killed over 200,000 people, And it will be very easy for me to use you as the next of kin to the deceased account so that the fund can be moved to you as the next of kin to the deceased.
It will be my pleasure if we can do this business together and share this money 50/50 and there is no risk at all because I don’t want to be greedy here, Mr. Cliff Reynolds, been the deceased, lodged the sum of 8.4 million dollars in our bank and I am his account officer and I know what to do to put your name in the bank DATA BASE as the next of kin to the deceased account, automatically you will be the next of kin to the fund and there will be no trace for that, I assure you that this transaction is 100 % risk free that’s if you will not betray me at the end of this transaction.
If you are interested to do this business deal with me, kindly contact me via my direct E-mail: ([email protected])
Notwithstanding, this business must be confidential between you and me, please I repeat, no third party must know anything about this transaction.
Hope this mail finds you in good faith.
I remain respectfully.
Mr. Eser Raymund.
Audit And Accounting Manager

Mr Raymund
One thing you should know; you will call me Mr Reynolds. Is that clear to you?
Now please explain how you got my contact details.
Malcolm Reynolds

16 April 2014
Hello Malcolm Reynolds
I will start by assuring you 100% that this transaction is risk free, I also assure you of my utmost trust in this transaction. I thank you for your interest in this proposal. My initial proposal to you was to brief you on the need to assist me so that we take advantage of the death of our customer in the bank. late (Mr. Cliff Reynolds) he had a fixed deposit with my bank in 2008 for 36 calendar months, valued at (8,400,000.00) Eight Million Four Hundred Thousand US Dollars) the due date for this deposit contract was 16th of January 2011.unfortunately, while he was on a business trip he died in a deadly earthquake that occurred on January 12 2010 Earthquake disaster in Haiti, that killed over 200,000 people.
Since the last quarter of 2011 until today, the management of CAPITAL FINANCE BANK have been finding a means to reach him so as ascertain if he will want to roll over the Deposit or have the contract sum withdraw Since January 2011, when I discovered and heard of his death, i think up a procedure to preserve this fund and use the proceed for charity.
As the accounts manager to late Mr. Cliff, I have to take advantage of the situation to get the deposit he has with my Bank instead of the Bank heads to confiscate it for their selfish use. They are already rich because they get this type of business often and on. Mr. Cliff does not have a next of kin in his file, he was also not married and there is no trace of any of his relative.
The only way to get the fund, is to find someone who has the same surname and then put it into the file of Mr. Cliff at the Bank, It was while I was searching for one that I came across you, I do not have any alternative than to trust you with this money, with the faith that you will be made to receive the money in your account.
However, I am freely giving you full details of this transaction now bearing in mind that you will not betray me, I will be sending you the Incorporation certificate of the company own by late Mr. Cliff Reynolds (Clifter consulting Ltd) and the deposit certificate.
This transaction requires utmost trust and dedication from your side, since you will be receiving the funds as the next of Kin/ Heir to Mr. Cliff and shall be in control of the money until I come over to your country for our sharing. Regarding the sharing, I am under believe that my sharing ratio is accepted by you, 50/50% is a fair deal.
I want you to bear one thing in mind, there is no risk involved in this transaction. It is 100% risk free and secured once you follow my instructions and keep everything secret between us. What I have to do is just to place your information in our banking system as the next of Kin/ heir to late Cliff account, and you will apply for the claim, You do not have to come down here for the claiming of this fund, the secret of the bank system is under my palm, placing your details in the system as the next of Kin/ heir to late Mr. Cliff is an easy work for me. There is no risk involved, this transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect both of us from any breach of law.
I am going to present you as a relation to Mr. Cliff and the only proof the Bank will need is your identification, where your names are written. This is a very smooth operation, with me in the Bank it will not last more than one week and the funds will be released and transfer to your account.
The information I require to commence the process is as follows below;
Once I receive the above mentioned information and concludes with my inside arrangements and changes, I shall send you the contact details of our Bank (Remittance Department) As far as my Bank is concern, I will be in control, it has been my dream to have my own company and I believe that God has answered my prayers by creating this opportunity. Please, remember to treat this transaction with utmost confidentiality for our own good.
I strongly believe that for the sake of God Almighty, you will exhibit a trust worthy character when you have this fund hit your local account.
Please note that the ability to keep this transaction confidential is very important for safety, I will appreciate your timely response.
Best Regard
Mr. Eser Raymund

So I made a call, and stamped on the Lad for his lack of due respect.

Mr Raymund,
That's a little better, but only just.
Before I make any commitment, I want to know exactly what business Mr Cliff was involved in (as in how he made his money).
Oh, and leave God Almighty out of it. I'm an atheist.
Malcolm Reynolds

17 April 2014
Mr. Cliff is doing bussines in Ghana he Buys Gold in Ghana and sales in other countries, am waiting for the information i requested from you so i can give you the bank information so you can contact them for the transfer of this said funds into your account in due time. i will be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible
Eser Raymund

Who was making the noise in the background, and with what?

Mr Raymund
I've given you whatever details I can.
Malcolm Reynolds
A)- YOUR FULL NAMES: Malcolm Paul Reynolds
B)- MARITAL STATUE: Is it relevant?
C)- COUNTRY: US Citizen
D)- RESIDENCE ADDRESS: 44 Stuart Drive Alice Springs Northern Territory Australia
E)- DATE OF BIRTH: July 4, 1968
F)- OCCUPATION: Is it relevant?
G)- DIRECT TELEPHONE NUMBER: still to be cleared
H)- ANY OF YOUR IDENTITY: Please explain this

How did he configure Mal’s other information when he didn’t get it?

19 April 2014
Dear MR. Malcolm Paul Reynolds
Thank you for the Information's, I have configured your name and other information needed in all our Banking system Data Base as the next of Kin/ heir to late Mr. Cliff Reynolds please MR Malcolm Reynolds you are advice to contact our Customer Service Department For immediate Transfer of the funds to your account in your country home Australia
Bellow is the Customer Service Department contacts:
EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE NUMBER: +233-236-819-889
Please contact him immediately, tell him you are the beneficiary and next of kin/heir to late Mr. Cliff Reynolds, that he had a fixed deposit with our Bank in 2006, valued (8,400,000.00) Eight Million Four Hundred Thousand US Dollars) you want the money to be transfer to your account. And please don’t let Mr. David Camno know my involvement on this transaction.
As soon as you contact him, let me know by email…and forward to me whatever you are dealing with him for More Advice.
I will be waiting to hear from you soon.
Your brother for life, God bless
Eser Raymund

Mr Raymund
Given that it's Easter, there'll be no answer before Tuesday.
Are there any other things to put in the original message?
Malcolm Reynolds

21 April 2014
Hello Mr. Malcolm you done need any more information just contact the bank with the information and details i have already giving to you and wiate for further instruction from the bank and let me know by email what ever the situation is and also as soon as the funds gets into your account.
Eser Raymund

I decided to go after the details he’d asked for (and didn’t get), and then hit him with his drunkenness and laziness.

Mr Raymund
I'll do it, but you will have to give me a full briefing on what's expected first. My Marine career relied upon careful preparation and advance planning. I want to be able to make those plans.
Malcolm Reynolds

Two days pass…

Mr Raymund
Please respond.
Malcolm Reynolds

24 April 2014
Mr. Malcolm i do not understand you i have giving you the bank details for a very long time now up till this moment you have not yet contacted the bank for the transfer of this funds into your account, every information you need has been sent to you in my first two emails regarding were funds came from and how we are going to share it after you most have make the transfer so what else do you want for me before you will contact the bank, please if you are not interested just let me know so i can find some one else to do this with and do not contact the bank if you know very well that you are not interested any more.
Good Day
Eser Raymund

Mr Raymund
You still haven't settled the ID issue! You asked for my identity card, I said no, and why, and you didn't want to talk about it. What is your gorram problem?
Malcolm Reynolds

24 April 2014
I dont need the ID Card may be the bank can ask of it or not which i am not very sure, you mean you dont have any ID Card or what? for now i have played my part and is for you to contact the bank and waite for there instruction because your details has already been put as the next of Kin/Hear to Mr. Cliff Reynolds file all you need to do now is to contact the bank for the claim of the funds.....i dont see any reason you have been delaying to contact the bank after you have been giving the bank information for almost one week now...
Eser Raymund

Mal unleashes his scorn upon the hapless Raymund.

Mr Raymund
Like I told you when I called - if you haven't planned the whole deal, start to finish, then you ain't worth working with.
And give up the booze and the dope, you're destroying yourself.
Malcolm Reynolds

25 April 2014
Well Mr. Malcolm as i told you on phone i will still stand by it that i have finish my part of this deal for now all you need is to contact the bank for the next step to get this funds into your account, but i think you are not ready and serious for this transaction as a result of that you can forget about it. i dont get the reason why you say am destroying myself but i believe that is not a good word to used for some one who is working with you as a partner because i not a baby and i watch my words before using them on people.. Good bye
Eser Raymund

Mr Raymund
If you're not willing to listen or to take good, sensible advice then you can kiss goodbye to this deal because I don't go in with eyes wide shut the way you intend to.
So continue with your drugs and booze and destroy your brain some more. It's your loss, not mine.
Malcolm Reynolds

The Lad never replied.

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

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Love it and hope this Anzac Day was passed peacefully. 😊

My heart is beating so fast
I am so dead

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