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 F*ck Darla (NSFW) Emma takes it to the Nth!

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Dume Dutch Bag

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:23 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Daniboy: Lovely, I tell you this evening if you are to go back home.
Emma: Really? That's great. I'm waiting to hear good news from you
Emma: where are you?
you do realize that you have to let me know now and then that you are ok? I worry about you, now with dave and that other guy.
Daniboy: Hi bb
Emma: hi
Daniboy: Hope no problem dear
Emma: no p πŸ˜‰
I'm just worried when I don't hear from you
Daniboy: Good, Am trying to make a call now brb
Emma: ok
Daniboy: Bb i keep trying cos he's not answering maybe he's not with phone but befr you sleep I tell you what he said. How's ma
Emma: grandma you mean? She's okay
Daniboy: Alright and you
Hop no one torment you
Emma: No, nothing
Daniboy: Good am happy for you
Emma: did you see strange acting people today?
Daniboy: No dear
Emma: I'm glad
You know, I can't stay here much longer without explaining something to gran. I told her my appartment has a problem with bugs and I needed to move out for a while for the landlord to solve the problem. It was hard to convince her of why I had been driving all through the night
Daniboy: OK I understand let me try again pls
Emma: ok
Daniboy: Still not answering but I called him this evening maybe he's charging it
Emma: ok. hope it's not too late to try again later
Daniboy: don't worry dear everything will get solve
I doing this cos of you my love
Emma: I know dear. You're working on it and you know
Daniboy: I will keep trying
Emma: thank you
Daniboy: No need to thank me
Emma: of course, you take care of me, that's special
Daniboy: OK thank you
Emma: for what? I didn't do anything, just sitting here waiting
Daniboy: bb he told me to call back in few tine OK
Emma: ok
we'll wait
Daniboy: Alright
Me too
Emma: what have you been doing today? More training?
Daniboy: No training today til Sunday
Emma: you said the match is on saturday
Daniboy: Yes they postpone it. Til next week
So we have training on Sunday
Emma: ok. hope you have a good team. if they're as good as you you'll surely win
I wish I could watch
Daniboy: Oh bb you watch more when am playing for Chelsea
Emma: oh yes I will. Every match
Daniboy: 😘you
Emma: love you too
are you home?
Daniboy: Yes bb
Emma: not afraid they'll find you?
Daniboy: God is in control
No weapon formed against me shall prosper
Emma: then why the fuck am I hiding?
Daniboy: just wait there's reasons OK brb of course is good that you hide
Emma: so why do i have to hide and youdont?
Daniboy: Am also hiding and watchful
Emma: but youre at home, how is that hiding
Daniboy: See you need to wait and let know next.
Emma: ok. I'll wait
I am tired, going to sleep now
oh, wait, there's an email just arrived
it's dave
Daniboy: OK I massage you, if I contact him ok
What's about the mail
Emma: I'll send it to you
shit it's bad
Daniboy: What is that
Emma: yes I told you
Daniboy: What did he say
Emma: I've sent it to you
Daniboy: Not yet arrive
Just say something
Emma: I've sent it again ok
he said he has been to liverpool
and he knows I'm not there
dammit, I have to turn off the lights. I'll talk to you in the morning ok?
Daniboy: Alright

Friday.... it looks like slow mindfucking still works best with this lad. Keeps him on his toes. He gave up the mass-bait long ago, but is still getting paranoid over it. Though now he's not in control anymore of blocking any of it. Much better.
Emma: Did you get the message from dave? I couldn't sleep.
Daniboy: yes I did.
Emma: So now what do we do?
Daniboy: See, am not who they are looking for.
And you can go now you wait till all is done OK.
He told me that this morning.....
Emma: Cookie, you are the one they are looking for, not me. It was very clear in that message
You however? Sergeant Chinyere promises me that he will attend to you soon. He already has men watching out for you. You will meet soon and I am sure that you will enjoy meeting him. He has such a talent for dealing with β€œproblems” and β€œissues” – it is why he has a reputation for dealing efficiently and cleanly with problem elements such as area boys and Boko Haram.
That's what it said
You have to be careful
Daniboy: OK I heard you.
So what are going to do
Emma: I don't know cookie, but I'll be going home on Sunday
And I'm going to contact my bank about the money I was sending to you
Daniboy: Now
I know some one at my work, like he's chinyere men
But I don't care.
Emma: what do you mean?
a coworker of you is one of chinyere's?
Daniboy: It seems so cos the day I went to training me and my friend enter a bike. He was to drop after my place of work his house close to the company. When the bike stop at front of the company. He was a stuff bus driver., he stop the bus in front of the company gate, and open his driver door and look at me for 5mun
I know he's one of them my spirit said so.
But they won't touch me now am at work.... God grace anywhere
Emma: shit, you have to get out of there cookie
Daniboy: No you know why. You know people doing that job they don't work, Now he will look surprised that am working getting little. Am still going out tomorrow, you know what I mean
Emma: you mean that scammers don't have regular jobs? and he won't suspect you because you do have a regular job?
Daniboy: Yes, cos am working
Emma: You can't just run away why
Daniboy: I can't run curse I don't do bad.
Emma: I know you are not bad, but what we did was, and if those bastards find you it won't be good. Damn, you need to be with me in liverpool so they won't find you
Daniboy: I chat you later. Hop you are save.
Emma: where are you now?
Daniboy: At work
I need to solve this problem befr i come, do you think if this mess is not solve you think that place is safe.
So here I wipe all nonsense
Emma: I don't understand. What do you mean by wipe all nonsense?
Daniboy: Bb this must get solve befr i travel.
Emma: ok, I understand, but if you leave without a trace they won't find you
Daniboy: Yes,
Alot of police in the company. Now even the company has police the owner of the company also have mopol
Emma: damn. since when?
Daniboy: But nothing will happen to me
Am at work
Emma: whats mopol?
Daniboy: They guild the owner
Emma: for what?
Daniboy: Like president, cos they shot him once, and he walk with crusher befr get ill
He's a billionaire
So alot of police here
Emma: hmm ok, but what if that chimera tells to the police what we did. Then we're screwed. This is so fucked up
Daniboy: Dave is stubborn Victoria said she will take a lawyer
Emma: you mean moses
what should I tell her?
Daniboy: Tell her company short down, since she never pay
You should have just tell her company fould
What if she get a lawyer
That's another p
Emma: I know, let's pray they don't
Daniboy: See you don't think we'll befr we start this ,see am just tired. If you listen when I told you one client is OK. You said no that it will take time. You keep sending those bastard and now you see the result
You should be the one prayin for her not to get a lawyer. Cos it won't be easy
Emma: I know cookie, you told me
I only wanted you here quickly. I'm selfish
Daniboy: Now you see the result, you should know what to do for her not to get a lawyer.
This is not good
Things like this never happens to me befr
I regret,
Just cos of love
Emma: What should I do to stop her from getting a lawyer?
Daniboy: I don't know you think cos am also thinking of mine here
All this nonsense that happens i don't like it. God..........
Emma: But you told me not to respond to them, only what you tell me
Daniboy: Do you think am happy here, am the only one now with this mess. Do you think I can think well pls am starting getting angry
Emma: Of course I don't think that
Daniboy: Is good to listen
Emma: I'm thinking, but you told me only to respond to them what you tell me, so what do you want me to do?
Daniboy: See we are on one issue. Now no one must come out.
I think Dave is a force
Emma: I don't understand
what do you mean?
Daniboy: Why is he keep treating
Emma: he's angry for us trying to trick sherry
Daniboy: then is OK with what he's doing. He should stop cos the Bible says enemy that keep tormenting you and don't want to retreat they will die.
Emma: Should I tell him that?
Daniboy: no,even if you told him that. He won't listen.
Emma: I don't know what to do now
But he was saying something about you trying to trick me. Why did he say that?
Daniboy: You have no power, authority.(if only he knew who is pulling all the strings here.... Laughing )
Don't know
Your going back when not time is complicated. But watch out
Emma: You mean I can't go back yet?
Daniboy: I told you but you insist
Emma: But earlier today you said I can go home
And Dave said he's not after me
I'm too far away from home to take care of things.
Daniboy: wait later i call, I let you know but he said you can't until he's through with what is doing.
Emma: Then you explained wrong earlier
I'll stay for now
Daniboy: Good
And tomorrow am going to meet him ok
Emma: Ok
Daniboy: That vic is one issue again
Emma: Yes I know
What do you want me to do about it?
Daniboy: can't really say, like the company get fould we will be getting any massages here again.
Emma: Ok, we'll just wait and see
I'll let you know when I hear something
Daniboy: OK, but I don't want any bad news(of course not.... I didn't ask moses at all to send a lawyer our way Laughing )
Do you know you made a mighty mistakes
Emma: You keep telling me that
Daniboy: now solution matters
Emma: Yes, that's most important now
Daniboy: Brb
Are you there
Am in the canteen
Emma: yes I'm here
Daniboy: OK anything am doing am watchful
What am just after is let everything solve and I stop working befr January
Emma: Ok I'm hoping that too
I want you here before christmas
Daniboy: We also work on your money
Emma: I know. Thank you for that. but I don't have to hide while waiting for that right?
Daniboy: just wait am going there one one to see him OK
Tomorrow has come
Emma: haha, it's still today cookie, your confused
Daniboy: I know what am saying
Soon day will dark
Emma: Not for a few more hours

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Dume Dutch Bag

Joined: 06 Apr 2018
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Daniboy: Have been online but I see you not
Still busy cooking for gran
Emma: no I wasn't, but she asked me to get some groceries for her so I wasn't around
Daniboy: OK dear
How is your journey
Back home
Emma: not in my home, but home with gran yes
Daniboy: I know
Emma: where are you?
Daniboy: Home inside can't go out as i like
Emma: 😞 but at least you're careful and safe now right?
Daniboy: Yours matters alot that's why I won't be around tomorrow
Emma: what do you mea?
Daniboy: Nobody is safe in this world only god safe lifes
Don't worry about me am trying to make better and safe
Emma: i know, but where will you be tomorrow?
Daniboy: You
Where I told you am going
Emma: oh, you'll be there all day?
Daniboy: No but fr some hours
Befr coming back
Emma: ok, thought you just meant you won't be around all day
I really hope after tomorrow I'll be able to go home
Daniboy: Don't know just wait and hear from me OK
Emma: ok
Daniboy: brb
I never live this kind of life befr OK
Emma: I know. neither have I
but it will be better for us right?
we'll be together soon and have a family of our own
Daniboy: I pray, and I hope so
Sure it will get better
Emma: don't lose faith. love conquers all
Daniboy: You know he said in two days he will arrive but not thing
Emma: That's good. I only hope that he was lying and not lurking around somewhere now
Daniboy: He will get tired and give up
Emma: I hope so
Daniboy: The chinyere he's talking bout I will found out more about him to know who is he
Emma: good plan, how will you do that?
Daniboy: Leave that for me i let you know, later can't say it here you should know
Emma: I don't understand why you won't tell me anything. It's like you want to have me worried about you all the time
Daniboy: Let me come back tomorrow i tell you OK
Emma: promise?
Daniboy: Yeah. I want to be sure who he's
Emma: yes, of course. me too
I'm going to cook dinner. I'll be back later
Daniboy: OK dear take care bye πŸ‘‹ later
Emma: We have a message from victoria
Daniboy: What did she say
I don't want anything problem
Emma: I forwarded it to you
no problems, she's asking more questions
Daniboy: you just give her reason good reason why the company shut down
Emma: Like what?
a bomb went off? and it's all gone?
Daniboy: Yes and they have to rebuild and it will takes time no one knows, and no one takes any money OK even no salary for us as well try to understand.
Emma: ok, I'll tell her
Daniboy: She can't even do anything
Emma: brb
Daniboy: Make your word real
Emma: Ok
I'm telling her what you told me
Daniboy: So she will believe, make your own impact too
Emma: Madam a bomb went off and it's all gone. They have to rebuild it and it will takes time no one knows, and no one takes any money OK even no salary for us as well try to understand please.
this is what I'll send her. Is that good?
Daniboy: Yes after she see it, don't reply any one again to make are believe.
Do you know why you still keep that on is cos of Dave
Emma: yes I know
Daniboy: But don't worry i will clean their mess
Emma: I know you will. You're the best
Daniboy: After he's gone for life you will delete that account permently
Cos am warm not to do that again
Emma: I know cookie, don't worry
Daniboy: Is OK now any massage ignore apart from that bastard
Emma: I've been doing exactly what you told me right?
Daniboy: Yes brb
Emma: ok
Daniboy: Hi
Emma: hi, where did you go?
Daniboy: Help mom to grand pepper from the grinding machine
Emma: Nice of you. She's lucky to have you
hope she doesn't hate me for stealing you away
Daniboy: Haha she's even happy, my brother is also here to help her
Emma: of course, then he'll be angry when we let mom come to england as well
Daniboy: Of course
Emma: haha, hope not too much
Daniboy: You want to play. I hope no bastard will spoil my mood
Emma: hm what bastard would do that?
Daniboy: Dave
But I don't care about him or what he say they will keep saying it but the can't near me
Emma: hope they won't
Daniboy: No they can't cos their memory will always wipe to near me
Emma: Cookie, did you get someone to hypnothosize them?
Daniboy: no tomorrow I do that
Emma: I don't like this
the bible says it's bad to do that
Daniboy: What do you think am going to do
Kill them no I don't do that my god don't want it.
I never do that and I will never
WTF are you talking about
Emma: hypnosis
I didn't say nothing about killing
Daniboy: trace
Emma: trace what?
Daniboy: you know I don't go to school
Emma: I know
You can do that here if you want
Daniboy: Am just ssce student. Anyway
Emma: I don't care about that cookie. school says nothing about how smart someone is
I know enough people stupid as a pigs ass
Daniboy: Any way till then, not all footballers go to school some can't speak English only their home town language
Emma: you know well
Daniboy: For me am still good as god want it. But where you kill me is, if you mention big words from dictionary. You new dictionary is out and the words there are not the same as the one I use back then in school
Emma: ok, don't worry about it, just tell me when you don't understand
that's more better than being angry
Daniboy: OK, but if that happens i won't get angry just that I will keep quiet
Emma: just tell me ok?
Daniboy: OK. Not my fault that I don't go to money and my late dad..
I shouldn't have finishe school my friend mom and dad help me with that until I finish my secondary school, I also live with them. Back then.
Emma: I know you told me.
you can go to school again here. or do courses online if you want. we'll take care of it
Daniboy: oh that's OK. while playing football right

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"You put me through this with all the bastard you called your client" Daniboy

"I can't engage myself with lalalovemaking with that bitch" Kevin The idiot
"I'm bucking you right now. I'm done with this bulls hit. I'll report you to the FBI if you still keep talking to me." Tyler
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Dume Dutch Bag

Joined: 06 Apr 2018
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 4:53 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This weekend was rather uneventful. Friday I had to stay up late, so decided to annoy him some more. Managed to do that effectively which earned me a nice quote:
Daniboy: See am just tired of this, how do you want me to cope with you
Jesus Christ you are not human something is wrong with you baby go check your self. Hop I don't make mistakes meeting you

Laughing he still loves me Laughing

The rest of the weekend I reminded him of the fact that Emma needs to be in Liverpool to arrange things at the bank and he was talking about waiting to hear from his praying person if everyting was ok and Emma could go home.
Sunday morning Emma got green light, which was good, because I was gone all day and now had the perfect excuse not to contact him all day. I did send him 2 short emails saying where Emma was.
In the evening he was whining about not having anything to eat and injuring his toe during football training.

Today, chat spread out over the morning and afternoon
Emma: Good morning love
Daniboy: I dreamt about you ,
Emma: Oh. Tell me
Daniboy: Been in a room on one bed holding you tight
When I woke up is like real
But soon it Will be
Emma: That's a lovely dream
Daniboy: Yes, it will be real soon
At work
Emma: Yes I am. A lot to do after a week away. There was a man this morning in my street looking at me. Probably nothing, but it gave me the creeps. You're sure it's safe now right?
Daniboy: What did he say
Tell me
Emma: Nothing. It's not like I'm going to walk up to some stranger asking why he's looking
Daniboy: Yes I know but ,I call the MSN and tell him what you saw he said I should call him back that is going to check if there's no p
Emma: MSN?
Daniboy: Meaning
Emma: what is MSN?
Daniboy: Yes don't know
Emma: sorry gtg, I'm back later
Daniboy: That's how I told you about the bus driver looking at me the other day
Can you Tell why he's looking at you. May be you look sexy this morning
Bb just calm yourself no p
Emma: I just looked normal, with a winter coat, because it's cold, so nothing sexy.
Daniboy: They told me no p
You should calm yourself
Emma: ok, thank you
Daniboy: Oh you're there
Any thing you observe inform me
Emma: Yes of course
Daniboy: Alright
Emma: I did get an email again today. Do you have time to look at it?
Daniboy: Am at work.who sent it
Emma: A lawyer from moses
Daniboy: I can't read,but what did he say
Emma: Asking a lot of questions. Tell me when I can send it to you so we can figure out how to respond
Daniboy: See am tired of this shit
Another problem
What's all this
Emma: Don't know you read first, then we figure out how to deal with this
or give me the email of your guy and I will discuss it with him
Daniboy: Won't they Trace again ,Emma I told you earlier now see a gain.
Is a elderly man so don't expect such from him
First and second issue i am the one who solve it
See am off I can't do anything
Emma: at least read the email later please
Daniboy: Even if there's nothing I can do
Emma: we need to solve this together dear, you're smart, I need you for this
Daniboy: Shhhhhh no am not only god save me like you want me to hate. You do you how much I spend on those issue on grand after you put me through this. Why you don't listen to advice
Emma: I did listen to your advice. I only did what you told me
even now I say I need your advice on how to handle this
Daniboy: Send let me see
Emma: Ok, I've send it
Daniboy: Now u see another problem
Emma: yes, I know
Daniboy: I Will relocate
Emma: relocate to where?
Daniboy: Don't worry about
Emma: Don't say that. I love you, of course I worry about you
Daniboy: Think of what to do you can't put all in my neck cos an just fed up
Emma: I am thinking, but I told you I need your help. You keep telling me I only make mistakes
Daniboy: I don't have help
Emma: so now what? I have to fix this alone and just hope I don't make it worse?
Daniboy: Here qm still on the tun
May be you tell him nothing happen. I don't know what to say
Emma: So I just tell him: "sir nothing happen" and hope that is enough to fix this?
Daniboy: Look at you,what they think is we eat the money.See may be you look for help cos I can't say anything
You don't think when you know you don't have mind why do you bring up this matters. Now you see what you been through first you know is you
Now you are scared
Emma: aren't you?
Daniboy: No
Don't hope on me
This is too much
You did nothing when you said we remove every Trace from that account which you did nothing
Better for you to look fr the way to delate permanently without trace.
Hop you don't give him reply
Emma: You know that I am now using another account and if you did what I said the other one is wiped completely.
No I didn't reply him yet, of course not
Daniboy: Wiped it and delete completely , we block that account now
Make sure it can't be trace and if you like let him retrace're on your own
Emma: what the fuck are you saying now?
when did I ever let you down?
Daniboy: Maybe you use cafΓ© to block every Trace Angle permanent delete
Just help with what I told you ,
Permanent delete
From Google
Think of marking that solution
Emma: ok I will
Daniboy: Is there a way you can delete completely without trace
<walked through the steps of deleting the old account completely>
Daniboy: Can you listen to me I would like you to change environment
Emma: it is deleted, I just checked
change environment how?
you mean move to another city?
Daniboy: Yes ,so you don't understand....
Hop the account won't be on data base
Emma: I can't just pack up and move to another city
Daniboy: You better know what you're doing am still on that account check the database
Record will be there am telling you how they can trace
Emma: what do you mean you're still on that account?
the <first emailaddress he used in the massbait> That one is deleted
Daniboy: I suggested something
Emma: yes you suggested that I move to another city, but it's not that easy. Things like that take time. How will I find another job quick and another home?
Daniboy: No wait you know why Dave find
Emma: no i don't know
Daniboy: My sim the number I use to open and we did not delete it well...that's why he known am in Nigeria
Emma: It's deleted cookie, I told you. we it a few weeks ago
Daniboy: And that tell everything where I was yes you did but the sim is still in my phone that's why I think
Emma: Cookie, I have no idea how they trace things like that
Daniboy: Now I remove it only when the pay me I put it on and check my balance and remove it back
I think is My sim and the database record
Emma: maybe, I don't know
Daniboy: You should ask Google how they trace fraudster do that now you have more ideas
I want to know
Emma: ok
Daniboy: They will surely give you answers
Emma: google only says things about fraudulent clicks on adsense
Daniboy: So no relevant idea's they are stupid I will do that when am free
Emma: No I couldn't find anything useful
Daniboy: OK you type like this ,can a fraudster be Trace by number in a phone
Check that fr me
Emma: ok
Daniboy: There's answer
Just for us to ask well in different ways as you can see am working bt no p brb
Tell mell
Good thing
Emma: Ok
I only find results about people stealing your phone number and criminals trying to steal money with phonecalls
I didn't even know people did that kind of thing
Daniboy: Yes they did
Can a fraudster be Trace by Sim card
If the same type how can a fraudster can't be Trace...
Emma: that gives me results on online shopping fraud and stealing sim cards
Daniboy: Here you see
How can a fraudster can't be Trace
Emma: that fraud thing is everywhere
Daniboy: If is true they can't Trace the one you told me then there should be answer for that
Emma: gives me results on debit card fraud
google is of no use today
Daniboy: Hmm this serious
Cos I ask from my friend he told me that they trace through simcard you use to open the account
Emma: How does your friend know? Where did he hear that?
Daniboy: You think if the meet google like what Dave did no matter how you delete the information will still be in database and they will found out about the number. That's what they will use to know your location. Understand
Yes you have a lawyer
I found out something from Google they also steal someone phone number to scam people and if they're looking for that person they will catch the wrong person why,cos of that persons number stolen
And you not any site you put your understood this is an other. Lesson
Don't be sacred is not you and you have a lawyer but nothing will make enquiry for your money for me to come on time
Emma: ok, I understand
Did your guy also work on my money, to get it released? the money I wanted to send to you and the funds from my ex?
Daniboy: Yes I gave him the names .
Are you going to the bank
Let me know
Emma: did he say that was ok also?
Daniboy: Tell me so I call him and tell
You're going to the Bank
Anyway he's working on it so the way released it
Emma: I will go to the bank when your guy says it's time for me to go there
Daniboy: OK brb
He told me to call back
Hop the fake account is delete
Emma: Yes I told you
try sending an email to <first scamming email>. You should get an error
Daniboy: OK you mean if the send mail they will get an error
Emma: yes
I'll try
Address not found
Your message wasn't delivered to <address> because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.
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Emma: Good,What of the Dave account.
I think you should block as well he said he have the address
Emma: that's the bank account he was talking about, I'm not closing that one. There's no trace to me and we need that one, maybe someone will still pay
Daniboy: What the fuck,I don't need it is like you like trouble, too stubborn of you.
No body will pay while they don't hear form him
(he didn't catch on to the fact that the emailaddress I am using now for the baiters isn't deleted, let's keep it that way)
Am trying to clean this mess so that it won't affect us in future .you are there saying past tense
Am even on later we chat
Emma: No I'm not cookie, I'm trying to get you to England, but you are only angry with me every time

He is still paranoid, just the way I like him. But at the same time he's not much fun at all and starting to bore me, so I think the time has come to move on to the next step. Emma will visit her bank tomorrow. Of course the funds aren't released. He paid money to a useless praying-man. Laughing But I guess that can be expected when he's trying to get something done on non-existent people or funds. Laughing After that Emma will take matters in her own hands and contact the clients again.

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What's that you say? Emma is going to take matters into her own hands?
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Monday evening
Daniboy: Don't go to the Bank now OK I just receive a call now
Not yet ,when is time he will tell me
Yes I need to get angry don't you know I dont want you to get in trouble
Emma: I know you don't want to get me in trouble, I don't want trouble either.
I didn't go to my bank yet, still waiting for you to tell me when I can go
Daniboy: Where have you been, don't look it like am fighting you
Emma: I've been training. And I did like I promised (during the weekend I promised him to make a new picture for him, when emma would be back in England, he said I'd forget. I sent him a picture of my character in workout clothes in a locker room)
Daniboy: Hmm lovely have even forgotten I told you lucky
Emma: I didn't forget 😘
Will you make a picture just for me as well?
Daniboy: I know yes I would. Tomorrow dear
Emma: Thank you
Daniboy: Don't worry when is time to go to the comes I tell you still working on it
Emma: Ok. I will wait till you tell me
Daniboy: Alright you just make me happy
Emma: happy to hear that. you make me happy as well
how is your toe? Any better today?
Daniboy: Yes getting better,how did I make you happy
Emma: by always being available for me, being sweet and understanding and coming to england soon to have a family with me 😍
Daniboy: Lol you funny
Emma: but it's true
Daniboy: Ok
I know
If I should play I can't be in Chelsea for ever I lik to move to China and you go with me there's a lot of money for player's
Emma: Really? China? I had no idea
If they pay enough it's no problem, then I don't have to work and can take care of the kids and go anywhere with you
Daniboy: Yes they pay big money
Emma: but the language is really tricky. All I know is nasi
Daniboy: We work on that maybe that will be my place of play don't worry about the language we learn
Emma: or we take a chinese nanny while in England and she'll teach us
Daniboy: A Nigeria striker is collecting up to 10m per week
Emma: I think chelsea will pay more right?
Daniboy: Becos of happen I don't want us to stay long in England
Emma: I understand
Daniboy: So when I come god will take control
Emma: oh, I forgot to tell you, my neighbor told me that there was a man at my door last wednesday asking about me, she told him that I wasn't home
must have been one of Dave's
Daniboy: I think is dave so stupid of him.did he say anything apart from thatMany Nigeria are there.
Emma: She just told him I wasn't home for a while and he left again. He sent us that message on thursday, she said she haven't seen him since
Daniboy: OK. He Will. Never come back
Emma: I hope not. I haven't seen anything strange today, except for that man I told you about this morning
Daniboy: OK is he living in your area
Or just passing
Emma: I don't know, I have never seen him before. Must be just a coincidence I think
Daniboy: Anyway immediately you told me, I make a call he told me to tell you to calm that nothing bad will happen
Emma: Yes, I know, thank you for that. I'm not worried about it now.
you told me to tell you anything I notice, so that's why I told you about the man at my door
Daniboy: OK. We leave that place when I come
We can't have a family there
Emma: Yes, of course, we were planning that already. When you play for Chelsea we move to London
Daniboy: Is that not where Dave stay
Emma: Don't know. Sherry is there, but London is big, he won't find us
he won't even know we're there
your guy made sure it's allright
Daniboy: OK Liverpool is not big
Emma: yes it's big too, but not as big as London. That's where Chelsea is and it's at least 4 hours driving when traffic low. I don't want you to travel that long every day
Daniboy: See,I love it you surely go with me.Spain, Germany, France, China, choose
Let's go far
Emma: Ok, anywhere you can play
Daniboy: Good I play for money
Most Nigeria Star play in china
Emma: I had no idea, but if you want we can go there, must be nice to be around people from your own country
Daniboy: I don't Care about them but you
I don't make friend
That's why am in door
Emma: I know, and I understand why but they are players like you, not bad guys like the ones around you that you told me about
But I don't care. I just want to be with you, that's all that matters now
Daniboy: Yes...and be safe
Emma: of course
Daniboy: Make sure your door is well lock
Emma: I always do that
Daniboy: Ok
Emma: I'm going to sleep now. you lock your doors as well
Daniboy: Sure I Will be at work tomorrow
Emma: afternoon right?
Daniboy: No
We're told to come
Tomorrow is a holiday
Emma: what holiday is it?
Daniboy: The Muslims
So I work 8 tomorrow
But I will be online
Emma: oh, don't know anything about their holidays.
ok. thank you. I will try also to be online. I want to know when you hear from your guy
Daniboy: You know our President is a Muslim
No p about that
Emma: I didn't know that
Daniboy: Oh he's
No p at work today
You can now go to bed dear
Emma: thanks love
Daniboy: Love you byeπŸ˜˜πŸ’ž
Emma: 😘 love you too
Daniboy: And send what I heard
If they don't retreat they die good night

Daniboy: Hi
Good morning
Emma: Good morning. Who is going to die?
Daniboy: Our enemy who don't want to retreat
How was your night
Emma: My night was good. Sounds scary. How are they planning to make someone die from that distance?
Daniboy: Where are you
Nothing will happen to you ,is also in Bible it says any enemy chasing you and donsent retreat they will die .
Emma: Ok. I'm still home. Going to prepare for work soon
Daniboy: OK me too in 30min time I get prepare, if you see any thing strange tell me .most especially that man you saw
Emma: Yes I will. Promise
Daniboy: Any p dear
Hop no p
Emma: The man was there again this morning. Very strange. I've never seen him before yesterday. Just there on the street. I didn't talk to him, just left for work, but it's a bit strange
Daniboy: OK brb
Am trying to make a call but not Pucking , I think he's charging it but I keep on trying
Emma: thank you
don't worry too much about it, he didn't do or say anything
Daniboy: I think something it shouldn't be Dave men or tell me how did he look like
His he an old man
Emma: no, not old. White man, short dark hair, dark clothes
Daniboy: Always
With that wear
Emma: yes, same as yesterday
Daniboy: OK
I will explain to him
But his he watching you
Emma: Yes he was watching me
Daniboy: OK he's the of dave
Emma: I don't know, I'll ask my neighbor this evening what the man at the door last week looked like
Daniboy: What did she say
Emma: to me? Nothing I told you
Daniboy: Are you sure she's not aware of it since she can't describe the man
I suspect het
Emma: I didn't ask her to describe him yet, I'll ask her after work today
have a meeting now, i'll be back later
Daniboy: Ok
Daniboy: I Call him and explain all to him ,he told me to come .but I don't known if I can make it cos don't have much in hand
Emma: I understand
Thank you for calling him
Daniboy: No p
Lad sent me some new pictures, I sent him some heart emojies>
Daniboy: Hmm
Emma: I'm a lucky girl. mister handsome is all mine πŸ˜‰
Daniboy: I called him and tell him that I can't I can't com and he said no p that he will work on it
I know you're😘
About going home now done for today
Emma: hope nobody is keeping an eye on you. it's creepy
did he say anything about my bank, when I can go there?
Daniboy: Yes nobody .and for the Bank not now bb
Emma: Ok. I'll wait, but I think we need to act quick. get you here and move to london
Daniboy: Already he will give us other. Yes bb don't worry it will be better for us
Chat later
Emma: I know. My boss even agreed to transfer me to the London branch of the company, so we can move quick. I only need the money released
Daniboy: ok
On my home ,don't worry money will released
😘love you
Emma: love you too

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"You put me through this with all the bastard you called your client" Daniboy

"I can't engage myself with lalalovemaking with that bitch" Kevin The idiot
"I'm bucking you right now. I'm done with this bulls hit. I'll report you to the FBI if you still keep talking to me." Tyler
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Yes, Emma's taking matters into her own hands.

Daniboy: Are you there
Wm back home
Emma: Yes I'm here
Daniboy: Oh
I slept off when i didi not see you
Emma: no problem. I'm at the office. Enough to do here
Daniboy: Hey bb are you there
Just chicken
Emma: chicken?
Daniboy: Sleep
Emma: no, I'm not sleepig
Daniboy: Am saying that i dont sleep long
Whats going on there
Emma: nothing special, just the usual files, proposals, stuff like that
Daniboy: I hop by night i will recieve a call about that bastard watching you
Emma: I hope so too. I'll ask my neighbor this evening about the man that was at my door last week
To be honest, the bank is more important. Without money I can't get you here and I will only move together with you.
Daniboy: I know i tell him as well your are in ace to go to the bank .
Dont worry
I hop she will discribe the man to you
Emma: of course she will, hope she didn't forget
Daniboy: I pray so we know wht to do
Emma: Yes, I'm tired of waiting around and not being able to do anything
Daniboy: Old women they dont forget things easily
Thry know more about the past
Emma: That's true, she can talk for hours about things that happened 40 years ago, but ask her where she put the milk this morning and sometimes she doesn't even know it's in the fridge πŸ˜†
gtg. meeting again 😘
Daniboy: Ok😘love you
In the evening
Emma: Hi love. My neighbor didn't remember what he looked like. She only told me "he was so proper and prim, but a bit grumpy"
Daniboy: Ok brb
Emma: yes, was waiting for you πŸ˜‰
Daniboy: I just finish making a call, he told me that he has already start working on rhem.i ask about the bank he told me that we should hold done on that,he said he want to mske sure that no body is monitoring you again. and everything is ok
After that befr he tells when to go to the bank he told not to worry that i will travel this year
But going to that bank will take a week ,what hes after is this mess to be clean hop you dont worry and pray.whenever you want to sleep and ask for forgiviness from god......
Emma: ok. I understand
But a week? That's too long
Daniboy: Good.i will go to him befr the end of the week
Emma: I need a way to get money for your travels
Daniboy: I know and he knows what hes saying just be have to think of moses we need al rhis to get solve ..
Emma: I'm not going to wait 40 years
I'm not like Sarah
Daniboy: Ok ok dont worry it wont take long i will go to him Thursday or friday
Emma: 😞 i'm getting impatient
Daniboy: I know but you will go soon ok just little time ....what hes doing is for them to release it to you easily
Patient dog eat the fattest bone
Emma: And we are waiting for so long already, that bone almost can't get any more fatter
Daniboy: Your safety mstters to me .hmm funny angle
Emma: I know. Love you for that, but I don't want to wait. I need you here
Daniboy: I know ok when i go to him i wil beg him to help for that ok.
Anybody spying on you when coming back did you notice anything
Emma: I thought when I can go home the issue with the bank is also dealt with
no i didn't, I would've told you
Daniboy: That guy you saw in the morning,is he still there
Emma: I didn't see him
Daniboy: Ok lets see tomorrow i pray he wont hwve your time anylonger
Emma: hope that too
Daniboy: Ok hwve you lock your door
Emma: I always do that
Daniboy: Alright
Emma: did you think about what to tell the lawyer?
Daniboy: Your lawyer
Emma: no the one from moses
I can deal with my own
Daniboy: How i cant talk to him
I have nothing with him
Emma: my lawyer, of course not
Daniboy: did you forget moses lawyer emailed and asked questions
Emma: I know
Daniboy: But no reply from both of us and the account block so for get about that
Emma: I am still worried about it
Daniboy: If they find you
But it is block without trace
Why are yoi worried
Emma: Just all these people bringing troubles
and all the waiting it gets me restles
Daniboy: And you have a lawyer.nothing will happrn to you
I known
Emma: hope you're right
but lawyers don't work magic like your guy
Daniboy: Yes they only protect thier client.which is you
Emma: no, I mean a lawyers power is limited. they cant chase away bad guys like your guy did for us
Daniboy: And here where are also working to protect you
Thats what we are doing here to get you protect
Emma: Yes I know. and you too right?
Daniboy: Yes
Emma: I'm going to try to earn some money for us. I don't want to wait for my stupid bank any longer
Daniboy: What are you going to do
Emma: brb
Daniboy: Ok
Dont go outside
Emma: I won't and I will let you know everything. don't worry
Daniboy: Ok but pls it should be in good way pls
Learn from the mistakes
Pls i beg you
[/color=black]And Emma started emailing the clients in a somewhat rude fashion, all bcc'd to the lad
[/color]Daniboy: Whats is your problem
Emma: nothing cookie
Daniboy: that account i told you i dont want to see it again
Am giving you my last warning
Emma: the account that you used, that's deleted
Daniboy: Then how come that message
Emma: I am using another account
you used <name300>, I use the same name without 300
Daniboy: See i dont have anything with that .ok and dont be in hurry for me i dont want this nonsence they will get
Emma: cookie, simple question
do we need money yes or no?
Daniboy: I will report you to my mom.i said stop that nonsence and wair till you go to bank
Emma: yes or no?
Daniboy: No.
Emma: so you don't want money to come to england?
Daniboy: Wait and if you canr leave .wair fr your money i hate stealing
Emma: For fucks sake, I know these people. I deal with them almost every day, I know how to convince them
If I have to wait for my money we can wait a really long time and I'm done waiting
If that's released I will pay what I get now and more to charity to atone
Daniboy: is up to you then dont tell me any thing about that can see the trouble and money i spent so i want to be responsible no p if you cant wait.
Emma: If I can't tell you I also can't send you money because you don't want to know. That's just silly
Daniboy: Have been warned abour this.i made a mistakes listening to you.i waste my time runing here and their for god sake .if i found out from him that you re causing another trouble by that account cause you dont think i can undo.
Emma: I told you it's another account and I'm not stupid to leave traces in it okay
Daniboy: When is time to go your bank i tell you ok and i dont want any mail again from that account or i block my mail.anytime i saw it is lik hypertension to me cos of what happen i told you and if you want to try me send it i will block that account am reporting this to my mom tomorrow
Emma: Ok, I won't send it to your email again. Do you want to know when they pay? (I'll just copy it on messenger Laughing )
Daniboy: They warn me to tell you not to and you refuse is lik you dont want me again ,what they are saying is what will happen in future
Thats why am doing all this now to cover up in future lik you dont care thats why you still feel lik continue
Emma: I want you and that's why I'm doing this. I need you like I need my next breath and you're too far away
Daniboy: Am telling you my mind,cos i change it dont say am bad .....for god sake wait for the best time is almost near.haa.just wait dont massage any body i will deliver how you feel .and if u wont lik me .here am waiting for your bank.or we depart choosw one.
Emma: dammit cookie don't do this
don't be so stubborn
Daniboy: So wait
Time is near
Emma: I need that guy of yours to hurry up with it. I don't want to wait forever
Daniboy: Calm yourself dont sreal monry for me to com
No you wont wiat long
Emma: We'll see what comes out
Daniboy: Once thst man is not there again is ok
Coz that man have a mission on you
And you dont think thatz why you act so childish
For me am not in a hurry to come why those must be fix
Look at you now speechless
Emma: Nice one you are. Just a few weeks ago you told me you need to be here before the end of the year, you are in a hurry and you threatened to leave me if you couldn't come here soon. Now you say you are not in a hurry and have all the time in the world
you are the one to put me into this position to be in a hurry with getting money for you because I don't want you to leave me
and now blaming me for everything, that is just wrong cookie. Very wrong
Daniboy: Will you listen to me stop going to block my mail i told you
Emma: I don't know what to say cookie, a few weeks ago you were going to leave me because I din't have money for you yet, now you have all the time in the world. It's really confuzing when you contradict yourself and I don't know what to do
you put me into this position

Daniboy: See i told you. To stop but you refude.
Emma: you threatened to leave me a few weeks ago. What did you think? That I like that. Desperate times ask for desperate measures
Daniboy: Am going to open another mail account i dont care what you do
Or say
Emma: I told you I will not send anything to your email
Daniboy: But you did 8 mail arrive
Emma: And after you said to me don't send me that again and I told you I won't
Daniboy: Be careful and am stil going to check.and if he said what youre doing is going to affecr in future i wont talk to you.delete that final you want to put me in trouble
I hate stubborn people
Chat me only when you delere that account i dont want to hear you use it .or dont vhat me again
Emma: Fine
Daniboy: If you lie i will know
Emma: And how many times do you think you will threaten me that you will leave me?
Daniboy: Not threaten am just telling if is love that will cause this trouble stop it.this is a crime ...
Emma: but what you did before was threaten. And that's what caused me to do this
Daniboy: You cant do that anymore
Stop it
I hate what you did
Emma: Right back atcha
Daniboy: What kind of human are you we agreed not to reply them again and you back slide hurh whats wrong with you
See i wont talk to you
You fuck up
Emma: You made me desperate
Daniboy: No chat tomorrow pls
Emma: If you didn't threaten to leave me this wouldn't have happened
Daniboy: Am really angry
Block thst shit now or i block you silly
Emma: Me too cookie you blame me while you caused me to do this
Daniboy: Block it
Or i quit
Emma: I told you I stop. Calm down
Daniboy: You cause another problem what kind of human are you for god sake
Am getting tired of you
So selfish
Why oh why
Mom is angry
Why did you reply when we agreed not to most especially moses i swear what you did anything can happen i will tell the man to stop whatever hes doing cos you are not good
Emma: I told you I will stop. Don't you read what I write to you?
You don't seem to understand that you are the one that made me desperate. You said you'd leave me if you don't get money to come to England quick. So with all this taking so long, what did you expect me to do? Sit and do nothing and just wait till you leave me? NO, I don't want that
I don't want you to leave me and time is running out, so I got scared to lose you
You made me that way
Daniboy: You already massage them which am warn to tell you we should stop thats why i told you when you go to your bank see if you re cut no one will fimd me cos you are wicked
Wtf are you shut your mouth why did you massage them at my back without telling me
I mske you so thatz not an excuse ok
You dont think of borrowing a loan from the company just doing nonsence
That will keep your mind ok instead of doing this nonesce most i tell you every thing since you dont think
Emma: Are you done now?
I'm tired of listening to your ranting
Daniboy: Go to slerp no chat tomorrow i dont want to hear anything when am ok i come online
Another stress
You cant do half of what am doing
Emma: And what might that be?
Daniboy: Mom is really mad of what you did
Emma: Did you also tell her you threatened to leave me if you didn't get money quick?
Yes, I'm sure she'd be really proud to hear that. You go on blaming only me for all of this. I don't want to hear it. You made me like this, you shouldn't have threatened me
Daniboy: Use what you cause .you are not wise
See stop this is over.threaten will not make you to chat anyone at my back if your cut not my problem i tell you
Dont bother your sellf ok
Emma: I never chat anyone behind your back
Daniboy: Then
How come thst massage
You lie to me hmmm
Emma: I didn't lie. If I lied, I would do things without telling you. I showed you
Daniboy: Block that account.
Thry will find
So the man you see didnr teach you a lesson
You dont like your self
Cos they are waching your movement
Emma: they said they didn't and you said your guy said it was ok for me to go home. it's safe
Daniboy: And if you say you dont and they find the acount you re finish.
Yes you did some wrong this is not what i told you
Emma: I KNOW!!!
Daniboy: You lie to me you delete final
Emma: I didn't lie
Daniboy: Why do you keep the account
If it come to things lik this you wont lik me am wicked about it cos lik you decieve me .no you decieve me .
See go to sleep
Emma: I will delete it
Daniboy: Look at you,still keeping it after all what i say You offend me alot it pains me
Really pains me
Emma: I am working on deleting it this whole time
it's not done in a minute
And you keep yelling at me, and that makes me nervous and I can't make any more mistakes
Daniboy: If you lik but if any troubles come dont ever call me or text me cos if you do i will block in every way
Cos i know you wont
Emma: You know I won't what?
Daniboy: Show me if you delete it now i dont trust you
You are lik enermy to me
Cookie I told you I am working on deleting it
Emma: I will show you when it's done
But I need to clear it from everything first. Delete messages, addresses, everything
Daniboy: Waiting for that.ok
Emma: I'm too tired, I can't focus anymore, I need to be sure all is cleared before I delete it. I will double check in the morning and let you know
Daniboy: Hmm go to sleep
Left to you
Emma: what's left to me?
Daniboy: Bye cant talk you delet let me know

So tomorrow, Emma will not see a strange man looking at her, obviously. Thursday or friday she can go to the bank, when the lad gives me green light, but nothing changed, lad paid money for nothing. Which was to be expected, since the target doesn't exist.
Then maybe Emma will continue emailing the clients. He might see the importance by then, or he won't, which seems to be more likely by now, and I have to move on to plan C. He seems to be paranoid by now.
I don't want to lose this lad just yet, so I need to be a little careful not to break him completely.

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"You put me through this with all the bastard you called your client" Daniboy

"I can't engage myself with lalalovemaking with that bitch" Kevin The idiot
"I'm bucking you right now. I'm done with this bulls hit. I'll report you to the FBI if you still keep talking to me." Tyler
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I neglected posting here, but not much interesting happened last week
He's a bit boring now that I can't play anymore. But I'm just biding my time till he's convinced that the praying he paid for doesn't work and there still is no money to get from Emma's account.
He keeps reminding me every day to lock the doors and watch out on the streets for that strange man.

Tuesday evening late I sent him screenshots of the deleted account
Emma: try sending an email to <email> and you'll see you get an error message
daniboy: good tomorrow
Chat me
Emma: Don't be angry pls
daniboy: Ok
Go and sleep
Ok tomorrow
You hear me
Emma: Yes. But I can't sleep when you're angry with me, that is why I finished this first
daniboy: Good now am not.
Emma: Thank you. 😘
daniboy: So have some rest
Emma: You too
daniboy: See you tomorrow
Emma: Goodnight
daniboy: Goodnight too

daniboy: How are you doing today hip you sleep well
Where are you
Emma: Could've been better. I'm still home, late for work, have to get ready now.
Are you ok?
daniboy: Yeah what happened tell me if you see anything strange.
Or that man
Emma: Nothing yet, but Im still inside. I'll tell you when I see something
daniboy: Ok
Hurry up and go to work. Why do you wake up late
Because I fell asleep after the alarm went off
Love you. I'll be online later
daniboy: OK. You're a madam so no p fr you at work
Emma: I hurried and was there on time. hope your day is good
daniboy: Ok
Did you notice anyone looking at you
I lost my sim card today I the one I use to receive alert.
But no problem about that anytime they pay I will make use of the ATM
Emma: A sim card is in your phone, how can you lose it? I don't understand/
Nobody was there this morning
daniboy: OK good news to hear, no the thing is that I change my sim in my phone I bought a recharge card and put it together with my sim at the back of the phone when I get to work to recharge I can't found my sim. Is not painful to me just receiving of alert and I can't go to the bank to change cos of the issue on ground who knows if is true. I want to open a current account where you can send me your bank money but am still working on it. Love you have a nice day
Emma: I understand. Better not go there now I think.
Are you still working?
daniboy: Yes am at work
How are you doing
Am going to the cafe tomorrow to do my I D card cos I was told at the bank to get that befr I can get the national I'd card..... Which is useful for me in any where I want to go like travel. Once I get it I let you know cos I will use it to open current account with my nepa bill so they can upgrade the account i opened and any amount can be sent in
have a nice day
Emma: Do you get ID cards at the cafe?
Anyway, it's good to be prepared to travel
did you hear from your guy? I'm still waiting.
daniboy: Bb I want to be sure no one is watching you. Let's see tomorrow once I heard no one is watching you. I will now tell me him about that. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
I will go to the cafe tomorrow for that why I did not do that is am not with passport. T will go to the cafe tomorrow. But the cost is high for I'd card but have no choice. Don't worry I will give you info about that
I will tell him today that you said nobody watch over you today
Emma: ok I understand, thanks for explaining
daniboy: Happy to hear that love
How work is not stressful
Emma: It's ok, I can handle it
daniboy: Sweet, when I get home I will call him OK
Later love ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀
Emma: ok, when will you be home?
daniboy: By 9 but I will still be online sometimes befr then
Emma: that's late. hope it won't be too exhausting
daniboy: No dear I need to get what I want.
While tomorrow am still living for the cafe
πŸ‘¨β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘¨πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜later love
Much later
daniboy: Where are you
Later again
Emma: Home
daniboy: What happened
You are late
Emma: Sleep happened. I checked a few times, you weren't online and I fell asleep
daniboy: OK no p you can go to sleep ok
Emma: Did you hear from your guy?
Hope you're ok
daniboy: No I call him tomorrow. Just tell if that bastard watching is not there OK I will let him and we talk about the bank issue rest your mind
Emma: Ok. Thought you were doing that today after work
But its ok. I'll wait again
Trouble staying awake. Im going to turn off the lights
daniboy: You know is late just tell me tomorrow morning you see nobody i call him instantly ok
OK bye πŸ‘‹love you

Emma: I didn't see the man this morning
daniboy: OK I call him and explain to him, and I tell him about your bank he said you should go.
Emma: Shall I go there today after work?
daniboy: Yes you can if there's time for you he told me
how's your day going so far
Emma: Very busy, but I have time in the evening to chat more. I'll go to my bank after work.
daniboy: OK dearest
Emma: I'm leaving here early today to have some time to go to the bank
so I'll finish my work now and go there. I'll talk to you after
daniboy: OK love
Emma: cookie, what did your guy say about my bank and the money?
daniboy: What happened
Emma: nothing. I didn't get anything back
daniboy: Still the same
Emma: they didn't even want to explain. I told them they need to send it to you, but they just said it's not possible, and I also can't get it back it's still under investigation
What did your guy say?
daniboy: I will tell him what happened now. Just wait
Emma: ok
daniboy: Hello
I explain everything to him he said first he's going to pray on it. And you wait a bit he should finish every prayer on it.
He said when never you go again which is done with the prayer, you should claim it back not to send is your money when you have it back you will send it another way. And don't make mistakes using that stanbic bank account i gave you. Am willing to open another one which you can send the money in
Emma: Ok, I understand, but I can't go back tomorrow, I have to wait till your guy is finished
daniboy: When everything is done you go there and claim it OK don't tell them to send ok
Emma: Ok, I understand
daniboy: Yes you have to wait
Emma: more waiting...... 😞
But what did he say to you earlier? When he said I can go to my bank? It should've been ok right?
Why wasn't it?
daniboy: If things like this don't happen we won't know how to tighten ourselves
The money will come out let him finish
Emma: what do you mean with we don't know how to tighten ourselves?
daniboy: Means is ok now he will put them in prayers
Emma: ok. we need to be more patient
did he say anything about how long it would take?
daniboy: No it won't take long.
Emma: Days? Weeks? Months?
I don't want to wait weeks again
this is taking too long
daniboy: Prayer is faster than anything
No not weeks
Don't joke with prayer
Emma: I wouldn't dare
Just ssaying I'm impatient
Do you know how long I am waiting now to have you here?
daniboy: Bb wait I say it won't take long I know, you can see what have been through
Emma: Yes I know what we have been through. A lot and still you are not here
daniboy: I will be there bb by god grace
Emma: yes, you told me, before the end of the year. That's only a little over one month and I don't see anything happening
daniboy: I will still ask him how long
Emma: I'm not getting younger, I don't want to be some 40 year old mother eventually
daniboy: Sure he will start the prayer to night
I know me too.
Emma: haha, you're younger than me right?
daniboy: You're still young 32 am I right
Emma: 30
daniboy: Good
Me 25
Emma: I know
you're young enough. men have all the time in the world for things like that
daniboy: I know you want bb
Emma: yes of course
daniboy: Don't worry I will inform him better ok prayer is master key they will release it
Emma: All this troubles all the time. When will it ever stop?
daniboy: It will stop have faith
Emma: I want to, but it's hard
daniboy: Now the problem is from your bank.
That's why we need to let him pray over it
Emma: and yours as well
daniboy: And you
Emma: me? What's wrong with me? I was talking about your bank, that's a problem
daniboy: OK yes that's why i want to current account
Fcmb bank they also use money gram
Western union
Have you heard of that bank
Emma: I'm not allowed to use those. I have signed a non-competitive clause with my boss. If I use that I get fired
daniboy: No you don't get
Emma: ok, explain
daniboy: I mean am I opening new account where you can send me fund when they released it to you, the name of the bank is fcmb which they accept money from Europe
Emma: Oh, I see. That should work
daniboy: Yes it should cos when I open I will upgrade it.
Emma: that sounds fancy πŸ˜‰
daniboy: hmm,do you think you are getting old
You're still OK
How will i look if I am with you,
Emma: gorgeous
daniboy: Wonderful
Won't people talk that am younger than you
Emma: Of course not. it's not that big a difference
And since when do we care about what other people think?
daniboy: Don't worry I will keep my bears
Emma: your bears? Like teddybears?
daniboy: No my face
Emma: haha, would be difficult to lose your face
daniboy: I shape it nice
Emma: it's kinda stuck and kinda nice to look at. Would be weird if you won't have it anymore
daniboy: You don't understand
Emma: I do
I'm just joking
daniboy: no problem
I know funny πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜›
No body will notice me and my love
Emma: all the girls will look
and be jealous
but you're all mine
daniboy: I know they will why some will want to snatch me from you
Emma: will you let them?
daniboy: No what i let them know is i have someone special
Emma: good answer Cookie
daniboy: They can't snatch me from you, I know what to do if am there with you I will pregnant you first make sure bb is in your womb that will weak them a lot and they free me.
Emma: I like your plans Cookie
daniboy: Don't worry expect that from me. When am there with you.
and soon you get your money
I will talk to him tomorrow
Emma: I know you will. I trust you love
daniboy: Your bank are wicked
And hop you have a place to send if they give you your money
Emma: I know. and I want to change to another bank, but as long as they have my money I can't go anywhere
daniboy: I know it will be release
In Jesus name
Emma: haha Amen
daniboy: Yes Amen means so shall it be
Emma: I know that cookie, I'm in church every sunday
aren't you?
daniboy: What's that
Emma: arent you going to church?
daniboy: I know
But is been long
Emma: doesn't matter. faith is more important
daniboy: OK 😍

daniboy: Good morning love
Emma: good morning. how are you?
daniboy: Am fine
Hope your good
Emma: I'm ok. did you hear from your guy?
daniboy: Yes I called him and explain to him he said he said this week we are entering you will go
How is work going
Emma: work is ok. I still didn't see that man this morning. Must've been a coincidence I think
daniboy: Are you at work now?
is the prayer of the man. You will never see him again. He said they will give you your money. Am at work my lady.
Emma: Ok, he did his praying well. 😘 Have a nice day at work love
daniboy: OK love and you too
Emma: thank you
daniboy: Alright there am sure you will go to the bank Monday or Tuesday... Highest Wednesday
Emma: I'll just wait for your guy to say when it's the right time
daniboy: OK dear

In the evening
daniboy: I went to cook for mom now am true
are you scared
Emma: oh, that's nice of you, what did you make?
Yes, I'm worried. those guys were after you, they were really close, of course I worry
daniboy: really close how
Am not the one they are looking for and they can't get not the one using that name OK. Don't be xcared cos have done their work together with the man watching you, that you see no more
Emma: you saw them a while back with a camera and you saw them in a bus
daniboy: Hurh
Emma: did you forget already what happened only a few weeks ago? You told me yourself
daniboy: You misunderstand ok
I said I saw the bus driver looking at me strange and I found out the name is uche. Is my work staff bus he drove the workers back to work. I didn't say they are many in the bus
Emma: ok, you didn't tell me that
but you did saw men with a camera a while back right?
Anyway, I am worried, and now with the account gone I don't even know what's going on anymore
daniboy: The account Issue don't send money into that account pls I beg you if you want me to come. Am making way to open new one. The reason why that account is like that you should know. So forget about it and make me open another.
New one
Emma: I was talking about the emailaccount cookie, that is gone and I can't receive emails anymore, so I will not know what's going on and if they're sending more people our way
I will not send money to that bank account, don't worry
daniboy: See don't worry that's why we are working on them that nothing will happen to us
Emma: i know, but that's why I'm still worried
daniboy: You massage them without my attention that's why. You're worried
Which I told you, but you refuse
Emma: I didn't message those that threatened you
daniboy: You shouldn't have text, the others I mean
Emma: I know, but justin paid.
sorry you didn't want to hear that
forget I told you
daniboy: You told me they can't trace then why are you scared
Emma: They can't trace me, but some knew a lot about you
daniboy: No not me nothing will happen to me cos am not the only one using that name.
There was a place i go
The guy i meet we are the same name so what are you saying
We bare same name
so don't talk back
What are you doing
Emma: reading your messages πŸ˜‰
I had no idea there are more with your name. Even at your company?
daniboy: I meet him face to face so am not who they look for. Even in my company same name. Different surname. Why some bare my surname.
Emma: ok i see
daniboy: Send i know why you are scared, some pay. And you don't know how that person will act. Hmm
If you listen to me you won't be so scared
Emma: I listen to you. You know I do
daniboy: No you don't, that's why you keep that account and chat them at my back befr I told you to block it final that's.
Emma: never behind your back. I showed you what I did
daniboy: I don't support that you do me bad cos I promise not to send any text to any one. But you did befr you forward it to me
Emma: Well, at least one paid
daniboy: Am not happy
Cos you spoil what am arranging
Emma: I'm not doing anything right now
so what are you talking about?
you accuse me of doing something wrong again and you don't even explain to me
daniboy: What i mean is when things like this is bad
Emma: I'm just waiting here, doing nothing, how can that be bad?
daniboy: I told you how am doing here. But I don't want any to pay for us to be free.
Emma: fine, I'll send it back no p
daniboy: Now this is serious. It will affect in future cos is bad anyhow you want to do your self do it am not in for that.
Emma: Don't you read what I just told you? I'm sending it back
daniboy: Better
He told me my destiny don't like such thing am doing. That's why am mad at you when you send me those massage the other day
You might be thinking am stupid but I know what am doing.
Emma: I never said you're stupid
daniboy: Apart from your money that will be release to you am not coming there if is not your money.
Emma: ok, I understand
daniboy: Send the money back.
It will affect in future
Emma: I told you I would
You're not reading what I write today
I'm going to sleep
daniboy: OK bye i saw it but I keep reminding you ok
Emma: do you think I'm stupid?
daniboy: Who said that
Emma: you act like I am by keep telling me the same thing every time.
you're mister grumpy today
daniboy: OK mam what ever you like you can say it to me
But I want everything that will happen from you to be clean
Emma: now you're doing it again
do you think I still didn't understand it?
you have said it like a 1000 times already today
daniboy: OK sorry
I won't talk again
Emma: you can talk, but you don't need to repeat the same thing 2500 times
daniboy: So my mind will be at rest not broken. So where are you going tomorrow
Emma: cleaning the house, laundry, groceries, just boring stuff
what about you?
daniboy: Lying and match tomorrow
Emma: You'll win, I'm sure
daniboy: Amen
Thank you

Saturday, not much chat, he told something about the match
daniboy: Not really happy for that match. We play draw, after am substitute we have two penalty kick,my players miss the two the opponent keeper save the ball.which make me go crazy. Now our only match Tomorrow we need to win and score more goals. Which will get us to qualify. And the people we play today if they score more than us we are out, why only goals will judge. How are you and where have you been

daniboy: Lady
Emma: Mister
How was your day?
daniboy: Cool and you
How are you today
Emma: I'm ok. Missed you. How was the match?
daniboy: We won but i didn't play,
Emma: Why not?
Stupid people
daniboy: Don't mind the coach, I was so angry but some of my players meet me to calm down So tomorrow is work again
Emma: Can i have your coach email? Someone needs to tell him he's stupid
daniboy: Bb don't worry, That's not my problem, just for me to leave country do you want to go to your bank after work tomorrow so that i can call and ask him.
Tomorrow befr you leave work
Emma: I'm waiting for you to tell me when it's the right time to do so
daniboy: OK I will call him tomorrow and ask anything he said I let you know
Emma: Ok. Thank you. Hope I can go and get my money back. They keep it too long already
daniboy: Yes sure they will release it and don't forget to claim it back. OK don't tell them any other thing than to claim it
Emma: I know. I'll do that

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I'm taking it slow, following his lead a bit, while trying to make him distrust the man he's paying to solve his problems. I think if I dive in the next adventure too quick I'll lose him and that's no fun at all. I have plenty of time left to screw with my toy

Emma: hope you had a good day
Daniboy: Yes dear how are you
Am gonna make a call to know if you are to go to the bank today
Emma: I'm okay, thought you had done that already
Daniboy: Wait brb 😘
He said you can go.
Emma: You told me that already yesterday. I'm leaving early today to go to my bank and claim back my money
Daniboy: Yes, OK that's it
And you move all out of the bank
To another
And be careful
Emma: Yes that's the plan
Daniboy: OK am still going to open the new account i told you, after work tomorrow.
Emma: Thought you did that already, you were talking about that last week
Daniboy: Where you can send it
Emma: why didn't you go to the bank last week?
Daniboy: I went but I don't have I'd card now I get one I create at the cafe...
Don't worry that's not the problem tomorrow I will go... What' matter most is your money. To get out of the bank and i pray it will. Amen
Emma: Your guy said it would be, so it'll be okay
Daniboy: Amen
Emma: Did you already find out how much you need for your traveling?
Daniboy: You know not every one I will tell
And you know howuch I need as well
Emma: what will you not tell every one
and I don't know anymore. it's been a long time since you told me, I know it's a lot
Daniboy: OK you know what just get the money first
Am opening a new current account tomorrow where you can send it in and they won't hold it,
Reason for the I'd card and nepa bill is to upgrade the account. To the level that any amount of money can get in.
Emma: Then it should be fine this time. After I get the money back I can send it to your new account
Daniboy: But I will ask the woman opening it, how much will i need to finish all my travelling stuff. Already I told you 3000 pounds which the flight fee is 700 thousand.
I pray it will be release
Emma: yes me too
Daniboy: And am going to register for my national I'd card. Which I can't travel with that first they will give me a paper of it and told me to come back after some 3 weeks to collect the original one. Which I will tender at the embassy......
Befr I board a ✈
Emma: Damn that will take long.... 😞
Daniboy: But lets see I will keep you in touch my mom knows who will help me quick with that OK be calm I will tell her
Emma: You could've started this long time ago, why did you wait so long?
Daniboy: Not my fault is the bank turning me around. I know you're in a hurry
Emma: the bank has nothing to do with you applying for a id card or passport
Daniboy: Now I have the I'd card, is just normal the will give me the paper but tell me to come back for original
You know what
Where we get this is very far, but the bank just start this not quite long
No one was aware
The painful part is my bank is also doing it but I can't go you know it should have been easy
Emma: I understand
Daniboy: No p about that I will get it
Emma: I have to go now to the bank.
Daniboy: OK dearest safe journey
Emma: Cookie, this praying man of yours is worthless
Daniboy: What' did they say he said i should ask you
Emma: they still don't give the money back
Daniboy: I will call him back now to tell him,didnt they say anything
Emma: They told me about an ongoing investigation and I asked them why it should take so long, then they start talking about Paul (Emma's crazy ex-husband)
That fucker is involved in this
Daniboy: OK no problem
Emma: what do you mean no problem? IT IS A PROBLEM!
Daniboy: Yes this what I will tell him Paul **** your ex
Emma: yes
I need to find a baseball bat and give his head a good clubbin
so tired of this shit
Daniboy: I now know, the man told me when I call him you said they did not give you the money. He said their is a blockage from your side which don't want,to release it which is your ex brb
Emma: what blockage from my side? I want it released, I don't block anything. What is that impostor talking about?
Daniboy: See don't talk like that OK he said your ex is the one blocking it ok
Emma: Of course, that's what I just said
Daniboy: Now he said you are still going there tomorrow, he will work on it to night
Emma: What is he planning to do? Come over here and kill my ex?
Daniboy: No
Tor him to release it to you
Why are you talking like this if you still love him gi
Let me know
Emma: love that fucker? What the hell are you talking about?
Daniboy: WTf
Are you talking about
Emma: I'd be celebrating the day he takes a long walk off a short pier
Daniboy: Meaning
Emma: the day he'll be swimming with the sharks
Daniboy: Emma why do you say that. Do you call me a killer
Emma: you tell me that I still love him
I tell you I hate him
how does that make you a killer
Daniboy: You said what's my plan to do is come over and kill your ex,
What you said is above your mouth
Not your fault is mine......
Emma: no, I was talking about your guy that's going to solve this problem tonight
you need to read more better
Daniboy: Talking to him like that you also talking me
Emma: whatever
Daniboy: Maybe we should leave it that way
Emma: what way?
You're acting strange today. telling me a long time now that you trust that guy to fix all our problems. He told you twice now that the problem at my bank is solved, and both times it's not
Daniboy: Pls keep quite what's your p,the man watching you that you see no more, is it your actions that don't make that happen. So stop saying nonesence
Emma: fine. goodnight
Daniboy: Good night
Hmm, what you say can make me leave cos he's an elder man who have been helping me and I spent a lot of money. Very dissapointed in you bye πŸ‘‹
Emma: not allowed to speak😐
Daniboy: Am not telling you any thing again
Emma: you told me I have to stay quiet 😐
Daniboy: Talk, If you like go to the bank.
Emma: when?
Daniboy: Tomorrow why i tell you to shut up is that you don't appreciate
Emma: you're not talking nice cookie. Don't you know it's frustrating to hear every time it's solved and then find out it's not. Of course I appreciate. It just didn't work this time
Daniboy: Look at what we've been passing through. And he has been helping and am spending as well you make me feel bad anyway he said you should go tomorrow again. He' will pray for them to attend to you
Anyway go to sleep, soon my phone we go off
OK we talk tomorrow
Emma: I know he's trying to help
I'll go again tomorrow. Again to claim the money back, not transfer to you right?
And what about Paul?
Daniboy: Just get the money out of that bank nothing will happen to him he will give it to you, WTF are you talking about do you think I want to kill him hurh.
Bb whats wrong with you are you high
What have you been smoking today?
Daniboy: No we both
Any way take care of yourself.
My stubborn queen
Emma: stubborn how? I do as you say right?
I don't understand what your problem is this evening
Daniboy: No I lick pussy
Emma: Now that's an interesting topic change
Daniboy: I don't have battery for that
You love sex alot I see it in you
Emma: I love you a lot 😘
but not when you're acting strange like today
Daniboy: Am not acting strange, just that you get me angry
Emma: you just don't understand me
Daniboy: OK
Emma: still angry?
Daniboy: Me
Emma: yes, are you?
Daniboy: Nop we End it with sex
Emma: haha good plan
Daniboy: Bb, me i still have believe that the money will be release. But tell me something this money we talk in about is your ex money you to me that's in hold isn't it
Emma: the money I wanted to send to you? It was mine
Daniboy: OK why are they now talking about your ex
Emma: Because he likes to cause trouble and he did something to cause trouble with this money. And I don't know what
Daniboy: Since is your money. The bank know you're both married once.
Emma: Yes they know
Daniboy: That's why, not trouble
They want you to go back
Emma: my bank has nothing to do with that
cookie, I'm tired, going to sleep now
Daniboy: OK bye πŸ‘‹
Nice drem

Daniboy: How's your day
What's going on there
Emma: stupid bank. They give nothing back.
Daniboy: Where are you?
Emma: You were not online when I was. Good night sleep well
I was online almost all evening
Daniboy: Where are you
Emma: Home, in bed, can't sleep
Daniboy: What happened?
OK I heard what you said, nothing dear why can't you sleep
Emma: Because you didn't talk to me and because the problem at the bank still didn't solve
Daniboy: So explain pls what's going on
No time to make call now is late tomorrow I call
Emma: Ok
Daniboy: Can you now sleep, you are scared I know
Emma: Don't know if i can
This is just stupid. Why does that guy's work don't help
Daniboy: See don't kill yourself
Cos you don't need to go for now on
Wait to hear from me
Emma: I did, but it didn't work
Daniboy: They still talk about your ex right........ If I may say why is he involve in this. Since is not his money tell me
Emma: Because he likes to cause trouble
Im trying to get some sleep now
Daniboy: So is that they keep
Any way bye
Emma: Yes, still investigating. Please call your guy. This is serious
Daniboy: Hi, he said the bank want to eat the money and he has found out that they will give you back but u go in 3days time.
Chat later 😍
Emma: 3 days? What will be changed in 3 days? Why do we have to wait so long every time?
Daniboy: Then keep disturbing
Emma: what do you mean?
Daniboy: Hmm
Your bank is a thief influence of sending it to me back then that's what they use as an excuse which they want to inherit the money.
Emma: I told you, it's Paul making troubles
I need to use my other account, the one he doesn't know about, but no money is there
Daniboy: Why is he telling them not to give you back the money
I know that's why we're trying to get it out
Emma: He is always looking to make trouble for me
Daniboy: OK for you to go back to him
I see
Emma: Yes he wants that but I don't
So now what? Wait again?
Daniboy: When you know he's always making trouble why did you send the money through your bank and again if am there he will surely make it worst
Emma: no, he'll see it's no use because I have someone else
he never made trouble with my personal account before, this is the first time
that's why I say I need money in that other account, he doesn't know about that one
Daniboy: OK
Emma: so no what? Go back to the bank again? Wait again? I don't know cookie, you keep telling me every time you say what I should do, but you tell me nothing now
nothing to say.... ok
Daniboy: Hey
No money with me if you want fast
But I still need to call
Emma: I know you don't have it.
I had some in the other account but had to send it back
and I have more than enough in those funds, but they are also frozen by my stupid dipshit ex
Daniboy: And you can't withdraw with ATM
Emma: And send to you how? In an envelope? That's just a brilliant idea
Daniboy: wait a minute make me understand
What I mean is this if you can collect from the ATM, you will now go to your second bank to send it
But let me know whenever you doing that, cos I never open the new account OK and don't send it to that stanbic account i sent you
Don't send me money in an hour envelop
Emma: You were going to open a new account on monday? Why are you waiting so long with this?
Daniboy: I went to the bank yesterday, filling the national I'd card in the system, I forget something the man said he's through with me that he can't do anything for me. And I don't have much to pribe him, after work today I call my aunt she will meet me at the bank, so that he can talk to him. Only when I have that I can open an account where that money can enter
Emma: So even if I would have money I can't send it
Daniboy: I don't want to use another person's account they can kill me if they see the money ,money is a spirit
I will open it
Emma: I'm not going to send it to someone else
you said yourself you only know bad people, what if they steal it...
Daniboy: Don't worry my aunt will help me with that πŸ‘Œ
No they can't it will be secure in the bank. And i want you to do me a favour if am done with the account you send me 2000 pounds fist and later you send the remaining 1pounds is that okay by you
Emma: Cookie...
where would I get the 2000 if the bank is still holding it?
anything for you but I can't do the impossible
Daniboy: what
How much do you want to send
Emma: you have to call your guy and have him work even harder on releasing it ok
Daniboy: no problem
Emma: It will work right?
Daniboy: Yes just that you don't believe
Emma: hmm
you keep saying I don't believe, but I'm just impatient. and the evidence is not in favor. The money should be released a few times now and it wasn't. So I want to believe, but I see no result yet. Understand
why am I even wasting my time. you don't even respond. are you chatting someone else?
Daniboy: What's hmm yes you don't, but he told me they will give you back
No bad network
Emma: ok
I'll wait
call him today please
And ask him if it's wise to talk to my lawyer
Daniboy: He's not around now he said i will check if you can tell your lawyer
Emma: how will you check?
Daniboy: He will by prayer
Emma: oh, he will. you said "I will check" so I was wondering
Daniboy: Am just tired bb I went to the bank
Emma: how did it go?
Daniboy: yes I have it but am going back in 3weeks time for the original copy.
Emma: ok, good. At least something has been successful
Daniboy: Yeah
Emma: So I have to wait to go to the bank and wait to call my lawyer. Basically, I can't do nothing right now?
Daniboy: Just wait and let's hear from him first
Emma: I know. I'm following your lead mister 😘
Daniboy: Yes I know
Emma: I don't like doing nothing, but I trust that you know best.
But please don't leave me
Daniboy: OK I won't why are you scared tell me
Emma: because you threatened a while ago to have another girl
That's why I started to do crazy things to get money to get you here fast. I don't want to lose you
Daniboy: Haha, you funny I won't
Emma: really? then why did you say that back then?
we wouldn't have had this problems if you didn't say that 😒
Daniboy: No bck then I mean it but don't be xcared ok everything will be release
Emma: but why did you mean it? What did I do that you wanted to leave me?
I need to know so it won't happen again
Daniboy: Just forget about it no time for that
Now ok
Emma: hmm
Daniboy: Good
You know what we need so forget about that
Emma: I think you're right
move forward
Daniboy: Yes
Emma: I'm tired. hoped you would be online earlier
Daniboy: how do you feel
Emma: Cold
Once you're here I will never be cold anymore at night
Daniboy: I know, Cover your self with blanket ok
Emma: I have three
Daniboy: OK good take the nice one out of it to cover
Emma: I use all three πŸ˜‰
Daniboy: OK dearest
Emma: Can't sleep when I'm cold. It'll be so much better once you're here. You'll hold me and I'll never be cold again
Daniboy: It's true
Emma: And then we have babies and the scream all night and we never sleep again
Daniboy: Lol
Emma: How do they do in in Africa? Keep baby's with the parents at night? I read that somewhere. Here they just let them scream, it's brutal
Daniboy: Yeah some times and most especially when the baby know grandma,Only god knows the right time I will be there with you
Emma: So little danibaby will just sleep with us. Much sweeter
Daniboy: But our baby will be with mom cos she's good in taken care of baby most especially our
No problem anyway you want it
Emma: Ok, that's good too. As long as he's not alone
Your mom raised you, she's a good mom
Daniboy: Hmm you are given too babies twin
Emma: Yes, that's right
When will mom ever sleep?
Daniboy: See when mom is there with baby no problem
She can please our baby
Emma: Hey, we have two remember
She'll teach me everything
Daniboy: Yeah of course mom and wife.
Emma: Ok, time for me to sleep. I have to get up early again tomorrow
Daniboy: OK bye
Emma: You too
Also need rest
Daniboy: Yes thank you so much love you
Emma: Love you too
Daniboy: Bye sleep well

Emma: Good morning. I had a wonderful dream last night. We were in a new home, I was pregnant with your twins and we were preparing for them to be born. It looked so real.
If dreams are the windows to the future, our future will be so good. πŸ’“ 😘
Daniboy: Lovely it will surely happen,how are you doing bb
wonderful dream
Emma: Yes it is. Thinking about it all day now
Daniboy: Hi
Emma: Hi, are you home
Daniboy: Yes
Emma: how are you?
Daniboy: Finr
Emma: are you sure/
Daniboy: Why
Emma: your one-word messages
Daniboy: Say something
Yes good you observe
Emma: of course I notice. Are you testing me? πŸ˜‰
Daniboy: Noooo, just that don't get my money at work. Concerning your lawyer he said i just call him in few minutes. And guess something my bank came to my work today....
Emma: why didn't they pay and why did your bank come there?
Daniboy: I don't know what they came.
There were in the admin office
I don't even have any money with me
Emma: but why didn't your work pay you?
Daniboy: I have to go meet them and explain what happened
Emma: your boss you mean? What do you have to explain to him?
Daniboy: The p start when I go on suspension
No to the accountant
Emma: you were on suspension because you didn't want to give your supervisor your phone right?
what does the accountant have to do with that?
Daniboy: Ohh, I will make complain about my payment
Emma: yes you should
Daniboy: So they will do that quick befr is too late
No this make me get tired of the work...
Emma: I understand
Daniboy: Am stress
Emma: I know 😞
Daniboy: Brb
Am just tired
Emma: I noticed that dear
I feel so helpless. I want to help you but I don't know how, all I can do now is wait
Daniboy: Ok
Emma: did you call the guy?
Daniboy: Don't worry he's busy now
Emma: ok. I could go to my lawyer tomorrow if he says it's okay and see what can be arranged. I hope if I explain the whole situation he will know a way out of this problems
Daniboy: Sure that's why he's a lawyer
Emma: come on cookie, don't be sad, it'll be allright
you keep telling me that. We'll find a way to get you here
Daniboy: I know, but this is not good they are suffering me from my money
Emma: Yes I know. When are you going to meet them?
Daniboy: Tomorrow
Emma: Tell me the time please, I will pray as well
Daniboy: 1:00
Emma: Ok. I'll remember. Is that right after work or during work?
Daniboy: During work I meet her
Emma: Ok, can you let me know as soon as possible what she said?
Daniboy: That's when they attend to people, sure i will
Emma: thank you
Daniboy: Uwelcm
Emma: I have some work to finish here. I'll message you later. Please let me know what your guy says about talking to my lawyer
Daniboy: Ok
Daniboy: Ok
He said you can
Where are you
Emma: I'm home
Daniboy: When did you get home
Emma: A while ago, but I had to make dinner first
how are you?
Daniboy: OK, not fine cos am not happy.. Am the only one complaining.. Befr I receive the last payment now the same again like am the only one I can't buy anything if I want
Emma: you mean at work you're the only one not receiving payment?
Daniboy: Like I said this issue occur when am on suspension,
Emma: But they took you back so they should pay you
Daniboy: I known they would but when....
Emma: I don't know, but you'll hear tomorrow right?
Daniboy: Hop you've eaten.they won't Tell me when they just say soon I Will see
Now I have to borrow money to recharge I can chat you but no one
Emma: What did your guy say about my lawyer?
Daniboy: Bb don't worry about me
Emma: You only told me "he said you can", but will something come out?
Of course I worry about you, how can I not?
Daniboy: You should ,cos I don't have airtime to talk long may be OK brb Wait.
Emma: ok, I'll be here
Daniboy: He said I should call him tomorrow morning that means I would tell you tomorrow
Emma: Thank you. I will wait for your message, but I'll be preparing everything, so I won't waste time
Daniboy: Alright
Have u eaten
Emma: Yes I have. did you?
Daniboy: Am eaten poor food when no money to buy
Emma: Sorry to hear that. Soon you'll never have to do that again.
Daniboy: I pray
Emma: Cookie, don't lose faith, remember my dream. it'll be real
Daniboy: I never lose Faith ,I just pray it. Should happened
Emma: good
me too
and I know it will. Many good things lie ahead for us in the future
Daniboy: Look at how thing's is now for me .if good is coming sometimes it might look like a Storm. But still have Faith even if am a sinner already he has forgiven us fr what we did .and we still need him to help us
Emma: amen
sometimes we need to go through hard times to appreciate the good times more better. It's like my bad marriage. If I didn't have that maybe I wouldn't have seen how amazing you are to me
Daniboy: For the rest of My life is when am with you.
I like yr word
Emma: love you cookie, we'll get through this
Daniboy: Am just feeling a little bit happy.
Emma: Good to hear that. Then I have done my good deed for today
Daniboy: Hop you don't have any one troubling you
Emma: not right now
Daniboy: Don't get you
Emma: you ask if I have anyone troubling me. I told you not now. Nobody is troubling me now
Daniboy: Remove now,and said no body is troubling you
Emma: I don't understand what you're saying
Daniboy: OK fine since you good......
Emma: yes I am
Oh, did your guy say something about my bank? Should i go there again tomorrow? It's close to the office of my lawyer
Daniboy: OK
I would hear everything tomorrow
Am feeling sleepy
Like you're no p
Good night love

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