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 Signature Icons Explained

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Below is a guide to eater signature icons and their meanings. The icons are divided into two main categories:
1. Icons you can add to your signature yourself - these badges members can add to their signatures as baiting goals (bank accounts reported, safaris, etc.) are achieved.
2. Mod awarded icons - those awarded by the moderator team. These include awards for things such as extraordinary safaris, results in reporting bank accounts or shutting down fraudulent websites. Among those awarded by the moderation team are a few "special" icons, that are fun icons that do not have specific meanings. Some of these are awarded now and others were used during previous times in the forum's 14 year history. More on those below.

How to add icons to your signature: Simply go to the Profile menu item at the top of the webpage, then to edit profile and lastly to "edit signature" - you'll see a text box there. Copy the text that is below under "Code". For flag signatures, you can find the text for any of them by clicking on the "view more emoticons" options to the left of the posting box to see the codes for each flag.


Closed lad accounts This little piggy represents scammer bank accounts reported to a mod or your mentor. Premium members can report their piggies directly HERE. As the mods very rarely alert you to the progress of the reported bank, even getting a scammer to give you a working account and having it reported is good enough. You may add the number of total accounts reported. (ie. Closed lad accounts x6)

This one represents reported stolen credit card details. They can be reported to the Moderators by using the PM system and you may then add the piggy to your signature. Premium members can report the details: HERE

Netherlands South Africa United Kingdom Nigeria Flags are for killing fake banks or sites used for fraud. You do this by writing an abuse report (sometimes more than 1) to the hoster. When the site goes 404, 403, or suspended, you get to put a flag in your sig for the country where the bank or company claimed to be located. Please see the Fake Bank and Sites forum for further explanation.

Safari Hats are for safaris. The rule for safaris is minimum 200 miles traveled distant from the lad's starting point (i.e. 400 miles round trip) OR an international border crossing. Getting a lad to travel this distance is the goal. In order to legitimately claim a pith helmet the journey would also have to be IP verified, OR verified by the lad's change of country code of his mobile phone number. Other solid evidence that the lad has traveled may also suffice, such as a selfie in front of a fixed landmark, hotel receipts or calls from fixed lines, or travel documents like visas, passport stamps, bus tickets or airline boarding card stubs. Geotags in digital photographs' EXIF data are also strong evidence for a lad having moved.

Tattoo The yin yang is for getting a lad tattooed. You may add the number of total lads you've had tattooed or total amount of tattoos on a single lad. (ie. Tattoo x6)

Mortar The Mortar represents mentoring. You may add the number of total members you've given your wisdom, experience and support.

Sand Timer The Sand timer is used to identify your longest running baits, however you wish to present them. (eg: Lad Buggins - 17 mths) This is awarded for a bait lasting longer than 12 months of continuous baiting. Not just sending an email once a month to say 'hi' - We mean continuous baiting. You need to have a lad on the baited hook for over 12 months.

T.W.A.T T.W.A.T. Icon for those who've had this specific monument built. We think this modality deserves its own icon. It's certainly an achievement. A guide to T.W.A.T modality is HERE.

The Church of the Old Gods This icon designates the completion of a Church Bait-related monument meeting or exceeding the T.W.A.T. requirements, but not related to that specific modality.

Cellphone Cell phones are for killing phone lad accounts by reporting them for fraud to their provider.

Vcamera Video camera icons are for getting a scammer to make a video for you.

This is for getting an unauthorised SSL key on a fake site removed.

Moderator Awarded Icons

Badges are the ultimate Eater trophy. This icon is to recognize someone for their part in bringing a scammer to justice for crimes related to 419 scams only. These crimes are difficult to prosecute so the icon is very specific. Badges are not awarded for unplanned or inadvertent detentions due to a lad's inability to pay a driver, lack of proper visa, or other incidental run-ins with law enforcement, though we all enjoy reading about those! Very Happy Badges must be mod approved.

Jolly Roger These two are special awards given by the Eater staff. The criteria for getting one is a mod room secret, so don't ask Wink

Golden Pith Is awarded by the mod team for an extraordinary safari. What specifically is classed as a extraordinary safari? These won't be handed out willy-nilly. The Golden Pith is for those extra special Golden Safaris. (It means we'll probably put it to a poll of some sort)

The Golden Sandtimer is awarded for truly outstanding, continuous, five year baits.

Golden Pig This golden piggy is awarded by the mod team for extraordinary achievements in shutting down bank accounts.

Killer Baiter Knighthood is not given, but earned, through unrecognized extraordinary efforts.

Inventor is awarded for innovative member contributions to the eater community, for example developing new baiting tools and modalities.

The Big Boss wrote:
The star does serve a purpose, however it can only be awarded by yours truly, and I never give an explanation for it Smile

TV Star This one is for anyone who manages to get their baiting activities on TV or in the media. Of course, a quick mention of Eater or Scamwarners in any article would be a help and would guarantee that you'll end up with it in your siggy!

This one is occasionally awarded to winners of eater baiting contests.

Globe This is awarded to baiters who get their lads on 50 safaris.

Suitcase This is awarded to baiters who provide websites specifically for getting lads to go on safari.

Santa This has been awarded in the past (and may be again) to baiters who have their lads dress up as Santa as part of a baiting contest.

This has been awarded for having lads dressed in extraordinary costumes.

Special Icons

These are extraordinary and you have to do something noteworthy to earn them. If you have been awarded one, try and figure out what the hell you did to deserve it (because we aren't telling) and keep up the great work.

Pretty Rose Goat Pole Dancer Mc Fry Purple Flower Whip Jack Boot Flying Monkey pony Nurse Nastys Audi TT Hello Kitty! Elton

Past/Inactive Icons

Easter 2015 Easter Egg 2013 Easter Egg 2012 Easter Egg 2011 Easter Egg Given to members in eater egg hunt competitions in some years past. Different color coding for different years. Not active but you never know...

Golden Goat Given to winners of special goat quilt auction in years past, like the eggs, not active but you never know...

pyramid Pyramids were for killing HYIP (high yield investment poop) or ponzi schemes.

Mugu Reseller Shopping carts were for killing lad reseller accounts.

Elite Ninja Team Member Special icon given by the site admin in the past and now retired.

Current as of October 31, 2019

"Your knife will surely cut off your head trust me. Useless man zombie."
"Shege danburuba, your end has come. The spirit of all the people you kill is after you now and you can not excape it. See you in hell dan esika."

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