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 Collections Scam....

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Fake credit card scam. Called me to about "debt" my mother has. Asked if I had power of attorney when i said no they still asked me to be "responsible" for the matter and claimed she was under investigation and repeatedly mentioned how "elderly" she was. when I had my mom call them they claimed she had a Walmart credit card in collections. They knew her social and a former address. When we asked for information on the debt they said she would have to go to court to find out more.

I called them from my cell to ask for their company name, address and tax ein number. I also called them from my desk phone to ask for the same thing. An hour later I received calls on both lines (different numbers) but was unable to answer at the time. Both numbers had the same area code of my phone numbers. When I called them back I got a disconnected message.

Meantime my mom tried to get them to give her their address and information and they hung up on her but she IMMEDIATELY received a call back on one of the numbers that called me and someone screamed over and over on the phone.... SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP

No if we try to call their number again it's saying disconnected.

So I am guessing we have pissed them off?
What are they likely to do to us?
What can I do to them?

I have no sense of humor what so ever about anyone threatening my mom. Generally I know when someone is scamming but this one caught me off guard. We legitimately thought that someone had a fraudulent account in her name. Now I wonder if I opened us up to something bad happening.
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They are phony debt collectors who try to find a vulnerable person (usually elderly) and bully them into paying for a false debt. They are not going to give you any information as required by law because they are criminals.
Research the FTC website under debt collectors and there will be a lot of good information.
If possible, do not answer telephone numbers you do not recognize and you may want to block those numbers.
Thank goodness your mother was not a victim.

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