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 Claims to be Doctor on Ship

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 16 May 2017
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PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 7:54 am Reply with quoteBack to top


03/20/2016 12:23AM SCAMMER: Hi

04/07/2016 12:55AM SCAMMER: Hello dear

ME: Hi there!

SCAMMER: how are you ?

ME: fine, and u

SCAMMER: i am fine thank you my dear

ME: where are you from?


ME: St. Louis, MO heart of the Midwest I really like your smile

SCAMMER: alright nice to know you thanks my dear you too you are looking so beautiful

ME: {blush} thanks I was just calling it a night - do you work early in the morning?

SCAMMER: alright my dear i am a doctor and i work in the ship

ME: Which ship?

SCAMMER: i will like to know more about you please can i have your number please

ME: cargo ship on the docks? very interesting!

ME: Thanks On my way to sleep - hope u have sweet dreams

SCAMMER: Good night sweet dreams please lets chat later

ME: ok

04/09/2016 1:28AM SCAMMER: Hello

04/10/2016 11:08PM SCAMMER: Hello dear how are you doing today?

04/21/2016 1:41AM SCAMMER: Hello dear how are you ?

ME: Fine, and you? So glad to hear from you

SCAMMER: i am fine thank you my dear i really miss you here my dear. i have been so busy with my work my dear

ME: same here but I am not doing anything as important as you are in your job

SCAMMER: where do you work my dear?

ME: I work for a govt subcontractor near the st. louis, mo area
We are on mandatory overtime - I got home about 12:30 a.m.
wish we lived closer to one another

SCAMMER: oh i see i am not always here on facebook i will send you number so can always talk or send sms my dear

ME: I enjoy looking at your pictures - you are very handsome

SCAMMER: Thanks for the complement my dear you are also looking so beautiful as well

ME: you are too kind, sir

SCAMMER: are you married or single ?

ME: single

SCAMMER: 917 740 2416 do you have kids?

ME: Yes, oldest son who lives in Texas and youngest lives near the Ozarks, Missouri. they are off on their own
thank you for the number. Please let me know what times I should not call
do you work staggered shifts? or round the clock?

SCAMMER: oh good how old are you my dear?

ME: I think about your age or around there - altho I am told I do not look it. I try to stay young at heart!

SCAMMER: alright good so what's your age ?

ME: over 21 lol

SCAMMER: let me have your number so we talk on phone

ME: I can assure you I am definitely a woman, born one, and always will be one. I am a little hesitant about giving my number out to people I just became acquainted with

SCAMMER: alright no problem since you don't like giving out your number

ME: I just left you a voicemail message so you can hear my voice

SCAMMER: I answered the call but could not hear your voice

SCAMMER: i can't hear you properly my dear

04/22/2016 12:21PM SCAMMER: hello

05/03/2016 12:27AM SCAMMER: hello donna

ME: well hello - just got home from work and making dinner

SCAMMER: alright my dear how are you doing my dear?

ME: i am finding it so difficult to sleep and its late over here is about 1:32 am here tired and sleepy lol

SCAMMER: how i wish i was there with you now. i should have pet you to sleep

05/03/2016 12:02PM
ME: that would be nice - I am your little pet

05/03/2016 1:10PM

SCAMMER: i know you are my pet and i really want to pet you

05/05/2016 8:25AM
ME: How you would pet me? Would your fingers lightly stroke my soft silky hair, then travel ever so slowly down the side of my face, your thumb tenderly grazing across my lips? Would you plant tiny kisses on my forehead, brushing your mouth across my eyelids, one hand holding my face as you bruise my lips with a passionate kiss? Would you pull me toward you, holding me tightly against your body with one hand, as your other hand traces my jawline, then slowly down my neck and between my twin peaks? Would your hands and fingers pet every inch of my body?
Do you dream at night of possessing my flesh in the darkness of the night?

Something in your words call to me, stirring feelings within me and making me desire to commune with you, as if a part of me is missing from ancient times ago.
I sense a kindred spirit with you. We may have once drank from the same well-waters many lifetymes ago. Perhaps we have travelled across the sands of time in search of one another.

05/07/2016 12:28AM

SCAMMER: Hello how are you

ME: hello

SCAMMER: what type of message did you sent to me

ME: what message did you get? a secret message?

SCAMMER: Funny you

ME: did you like it?

SCAMMER: Yes i do

ME: I thought you might. I was thinking of how you would pet me

SCAMMER: Lol where are you at the moment ?

ME: home

SCAMMER: your bed room or living room bath room which of them ?

ME: dining room

SCAMMER: Doing what?

ME: working on the computer. where are you - are you at sea?


ME: where are you going and when are you coming back? or is it a secret mission?? lol

SCAMMER: i will be coming soon

ME: to where?

SCAMMER: your home

ME: I don't live in the sea lol

SCAMMER: coming to keep you warm

ME: think of me as your secret mermaid. we are like two ships passing in the night. you stand on the deck looking for my glistening skin in the moonlight. I tread the dark cold waters waiting, shivering with anticipation for your touch and warmth of your arms around me

SCAMMER: how many facebook account do you have? why are you adding me from another account

ME: I had trouble on one of my accounts, so I added another. Now when I am on the other account I can chat with you there - I play a lot of free Facebook games, BINGO and CASINO

SCAMMER: oh i see

ME: do you like my mermaid story - I was trying to be poetic

SCAMMER: i am planing to send some items to you when we gets to the nearest island

ME: what kind of items?

SCAMMER: for safe keeping - we where attack by the sea robbers here in the sea some days back and we ask to send some of our belongings out of here when we gets to the nearest island

ME: personal belongings? oh my! I hope you are okay. does your ship have a name?

ME: are you coming to attack us? lol

SCAMMER: maybe just you (wink wink)

SCAMMER: all i want is just for you to send me your address where i have to send the items to when i gets to the nearest island

ME: ok when will you be sending it?

SCAMMER: in two days time - we are going to get to the island in two days time my dear. send your full address your contact number and email id

ME: ok, you do the same for me

SCAMMER: Do the same what?

05/07/2016 11:59AM
ME: send me your full address, contact number and email address and name of your ship
Chat Conversation End

Never heard from scammer again.
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419Eater is my life

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PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 8:05 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Do you think maybe the sea robbers got him?

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Palm Wino Aficionado

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PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 10:18 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Welcome Dawna888.
Some interesting interaction with your "seaman" but looks like he got scared off when you asked for the specific details. I expect they wouldn't match up with his fake story about being at sea.

I hope you are baiting him from a fake facebook account rather than one connected to your real identity. I suspect this is the case if you're trying to connect with a second profile, but worth making sure you are baiting safely.

It's also interesting to see that the phone number he gave you has also been associated with a loan scam:

Has a scammer sent you a bank account? please report it to any moderator using the private message function.
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The details you sent do not match, check your records and reply immediate. I have forced to wait in office for two hours with out eating
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** WARNED **

Joined: 18 May 2017
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PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 2:38 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Nice try. He was desperate to get your number. Doctor on ship and he has enough free time to chat with you any time in the day. Laughing
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