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 MiniBait - The S.A. Scorpions, the FBI and the CIA

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 09, 2005 8:26 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Just a liitel ASEM to keep some lads busy and get a nice form trophy:

Dear Toni,

I sent the $25,000 today by "XXX" as you suggested.

The sent me the attached form for you to fill.

They said you can check online at XXX, use the
control number 1221914564

To me:

Dear XXX,

How are you today with your health , hope you are alright.
My name is Barrister Ken Matete a member of the south african suprem court.

I have been on investigation about you and your business partener , through the investigation we find out that you are dealing with one Mr Toni Mbeki and we dont know why he told you to send to him 25,000 us$ which you send to him today by "XXX" as he suggested.

Try and hold back the money untill we finish our investigations.
You send the money http://XXX/, and the control number is ( 1221914564 )

The reason why I said so is because we want to find out if the transaction that you are having with him is legal or not.

I just want to help you in this regards.
Reply and you put your private telephone so that I can speak with you and also the first proposal that he sent to . include that of Mr Toni Mbeki's telephone number .

We know that he always mail you through this email address ( [email protected] )

Thanks and am waiting for your utmost response.


Barrister Ken Matete esq.

Me and Toni then exchenged a few "waht's going on here" mails, with the berrister in BCC, there Toni says, he will be back in blomfontien (SA) on Tuesday.

To me:

Karl ,

Just stop all call and contact with toni right now .
He sent an email to you yesterday indicating to you that he will come back from blomfontien in free state and that he will collect the 25,000us$ on tuesday.

I have told you what you suppose to do .

1) send that of toni's telephone number to me .
2) send your telephone number to me .
The reason why am telling you all this is because we dont want people to be spoilling the name of our country south africa.

And if you call toni's number what my notice will be suprise that the c.i.a we be tracing you with f.b.i.
All I know is that toni will not free if he is chitting you or scaming you or what.

Barrister Ken Matete esq.

To Toni:
Toni Mbeki ,

Mr So called him self Toni Mbeki, dont put yourself in to problem that you will not come out. you are distroying the name of south africans and to tell you the fact the authorities are not following you Shocked . you said that you are in Bleomfontain we are going to get you any time we feel like.

Remember that you people from nigeria in west africa we will get you one after another by scorpions of s.a.

Dont ever try to collect the 25,000us$ unless you will be in .

Ken Matete.


Authorized Signatory:
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