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 Should I tell the President?

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:56 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I’ve received a lot of Michelle Obama scripts, but virtually all of them hail from Benin and thus poor targets. However, this one was Nigerian, and used a name I’d baited before, so it was worth a try.

My comments are in bold.


20 May 2015

From Mrs. Michelle Barack Obama
The White House (Official Residence of the President of the US)
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington DC 20500 USA
How are you today? Good day Malcolm Reynolds, I am Mrs. Michele Obama,
i am writing to remind you that strong arrangement had been place for
immediate release of your fund through the rightful bank channels and
also note that after the last Visit of the President of Nigeria, Mr.
Good-luck Ebele Jonathan, he made it clear and simple in my present
that further payment related to your name will be channel to Nigeria
under the custody of one Mr. Jubril Aku, who is recently the Chairman
managing director Eco Bank Nigerian Plc.
Bear it in mind that I have taking my time to be in charge of your
funds as instructed by my husband to ensure that you received your
funds successfully from the conversation to by my Husband & Mr.
Good-luck Jonathan, Nigeria President to reduce the economy and I’m
the only one that has clear information on your funds in regard to my
husband Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II and you will have to pay the sum
of $290.00 only before your Bank Cheque Draft will deliver to you, the
reason why the fee is required is to have your funds clearance from
the origin of the funds to avoid any harassment from the authority and
you are also expecting to be announce as winner of the said amount
$19.400 USD as soon as your fund is delivered to you.
So you are urgent advised to get in touch to the named person with
your home address and also the payment information for immediate
effect of your delivery. Note that the $290 is the only fee and final
payment you have my assurance.
Regards to further conversation made with my husband President Barack
Obama, the President of Nigeria Good-luck Ebele Jonathan made it
cleared that he had spent billion of dollars trying to resolve
matters related to your name and but to no avail because of your
ignorance to most of this corrupt officials there that uses their
influence and power to tamper this payment and divert into some
private account to share within their selves. Then you will continue
spending wisely until you gave up. Is never done such way, therefore,
you are advised to restrict to this advice, and make sure you contact
the named person via listed information.
e-mail: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
As soon as you email him, tell him that you are emailing in respect of
your fund and advise him how you want this fund to be released to you
thank you.
Mrs. Michele Barack Obama.
United States President wife.

So I decided to throw a spanner in the works right away.

Mrs Obama
With the utmost respect - Jibril Aku is a moron. There must be a way of doing this without him.
Malcolm Reynolds

For some reason, that didn’t go down well.

21 May 2015

Have you heard of such name before or have anything to do with him
before now? I need this explanation, then i can clarify or indicate
more option to get this done soon.


Mrs Obama
I don't condemn without cause. Jibril Aku made a complete and total Charlie Foxtrot of a simple matter and cost me time and money, and he made no apology.
Malcolm Reynolds


27 May 2015

Is very late here in Washington and i am taking a look of your
request, I will be right back and give you what you required. Remain
bless at this moment.
Mrs. Michelle Barack.

And this is supposed to make me feel confident?

27 May 2015

Here i am back again to answer and clarify your complains or request.
I have communicated Jubril Aku several times and he denied all you
accused him, and this is why i must let you know that so many
prominent officials of this Government had been innocent, except that
most these imposters or scammers uses their name or create similar
contact to deceive and deprive most of you their right and funds.
I have no regret if you gave up, or continue with this process and
also seek direction to enable your expectation come through. I want
you to contact this person, and comply with his instruction for mutual
benefit of this transaction.
Mrs. Barack Obama.

SODDI – Some Other Dude Did It.


Mrs Obama
Jibril Aku used the SODDI defense, and you believed him? No, I can't let him gull you like that. He tried to make out that Microsoft was owned by the Nigerian Government, and no amount of retconning can ever make me comply with his idiocy!
Malcolm Reynolds


30 May

Anyway, base on fraud going there, i am confused and maybe locate
another person to communicate and have this fund in your possession
fastest. Please be patient until Monday. I will get back to you bye.

At this point, the Lad forgot what script he was using.

4 June

There is no way in hell i can come up with another cent unless they
release my fund by monday,if not this simply will not happen i have
no where to borrow any more seriously,and by law after i have paid
$2,495 they absolutely will not loan me another cent i called them
and they said you have not paid what you owe now so pay that back and
then they will not loan any more,I am telling you straight from the
heart you have to go to the courts explain to them about my liver
ailment and how sick i get,tell them that i have not worked for 2
years,and see since i paid $2,495 already,maybe they will help me
Goodluck,please help me I have waited 5 years,and paid so many
millions and I just can't get one cent more.I have a legal right to
sue for all the money they collected if they won't sign a promissory
note,Ask a finance company to do it they will for 5-10%.


Mrs Obama
What court, what liver ailment, and what does that have to do with me?
Malcolm Reynolds

The Lad opted for bluffing through.

5 June

Anyway, sorry for the delay or inconvenience. I sent you that because
i want you to verify that i am conducting lot's of people here, and
don't think yours is different. I have made provision for you to
receive this fund through the help of the listed person, but you
refuse stating he is bad person.
Secondly, you have not proven to me how he dealt with you that made
you to refuse emailing him like i requested? If you have done anything
with him before now, please forward your correspondent with Jubril Aku
to me for verification


Mrs Obama
I don't understand your explanation about the last email you sent. What you sent me sounded like a plea for help. If you need that help, I'm ready to listen.
Malcolm Reynolds


6 June

I need prove on how this Jubril Aku is deceived you in the past, do
you have any evidence to attach to your allegation to this Jubril Aku?
If there is, forward to me now and i will communicate their country
and seek connection for someone else reliable to transit this payment


Mrs Obama
Why do you need prove?
I'm an American citizen, and that means I should get what I want.
Malcolm Reynolds


7 June
You are not sounding serious, and i guess it is high time i disconnect
from you and delete your email from mine. You have not been serious
for once, and only questioning my position. I guess you are true
American, you would have learn how to respect the first lady, United
States of America.
I suggest you behavior well, and work according to my instruction.
Bye for now.


If you are the real First Lady, you would assist an American citizen. Instead you care more about the reputation of a corrupt third-world paper-shuffler.


And that was it.

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your dead Ok

May you never se the end of the year, May you sick and die in JESUS NAME AMEN.

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