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 Anybody Want To Bait This Guy???

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 28 Jun 2016
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 8:47 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

He first contacted me on Ok cupid and i knew right away he was a scammer I emailed him back just so he would email me back. Talk about a looooonnnnggg email, omg. Here is the first part of it:

Hi Dearie Tator,

Its good writing to you and i think we need time to talk to each other and get to know much more about each other, There are lot of things we need to know about each other and i am not the kind of man that rush into Relationship or Marriage; It takes time. Time will tell and we have to wait for the Lord timing, We have to be so sure and certain of yourself about making sure that this relationship is what we want out in Life, We have to be sure and certain of yourself that this relationship is our future and everything. You sounded very sweet and bold i like that from a woman, But sorry for my late response and i will be glad to tell you more about me and what i am looking for in a woman.... I'm 73 years of age this year March and i generally prefer women in any age range because i believe age is nothing but just a number. I'm open to any depending upon their sharing the intimate side of myself with someone willing to do the same...I hope to find a woman that I could possibly have a new life and beginning with, Am single still searching for a woman who will make me happy till the end of my life and a woman whom i can spend the rest of my life with...I don't know if you care to meet me in person soonest, this is just a little about me there is still a lot of interesting things to know about me...but for now lets concentrate on getting to know each other, I am looking for a Love, Relationship, But the kind of woman am looking for must be very well Responsible, Honest, Caring, Lovely and open minded. I try online dating may be i might be lucky to see a honest woman to be with for rest of my Life, Am all alone. I'm not sure if you are serious about starting a Relationship because Distance does not matter if two hearts are Loyal to one another. We don't just jump or rush into things anyhow. Everything in life has its own reason and purpose to happen, my being lonely for a very long time makes me want a companion and a woman to share my feelings and heart desire. No one is perfect and we could only give it a trial. Though it is right for us to learn from each other, Which makes you resisting and having hard time trusting a man again in your life. A Relationship has to be based on Trust, Sincerity and Honesty in life before anything can work out of it. I'm a man of my word and will always stand by my word. I'm a Caring and Loving man, Open minded and Upfront in every aspect of a relationship. Being scared wouldn't solve it. Your being scared will definitely overcome you because you are being unfaithful and not being trustworthy in the Lord, Faith is the substance of things not seen, but the evidence of things being hoped for why not put your Faith and Trust in the Lord. Let me first of all introduce myself; I presently reside at Silver Feather Cir, Broomfield, CO and am willing to relocate. Well I am the only child of my parents and both of my parents are dead. I was born here in America but was raised in Madrid, Spain by my mother after my father deceased when I was a teenager. My father died at age 56. If only Mom was alive today, she would be looking very Strong&Healthy.... Mom was 34 years when she gave birth to me, and she deceased at 69years of age. Well, my Father owned some Real Estate that was sold for a fair amount of money and Mother was a sharp investor who built what she left into enough for me to give me the freedom to do anything i like regardless of the Salary. I have never had the chance to live with my father for long, because he worked on shore as petroleum engineer and even overseas often. Father was Spanish while Mother was a Canadian, They met in Lisbon, Portugal got married and gave birth to me. Mother was a pretty simple, old-fashioned person who lives an un-trendy Life and who doesn't have much time for the things that are popular now. She would usually have to choose sleep over entertainment, enlightenment and self-exploration. I love my job because of the traveling and it might interest you to know that traveling is one of my hobby. At a time i was going to be a script writer, but had to decide in taking after dad in the Petroleum Business or being a Engineer which i do Free-Lance now, and i bet you're not alone in thinking that i must be out of my mind to do so huh? As you may have know am a Civl Engineer. I'm so Blessed to have a job i enjoy and that seems like I'm not really working now because am officially Retired, I feel my life has balance this way. I believe this is important for everyone. Some of the categories overlap at times but I do have to have my alone time. I am a Man with a Joyful Character, Independent, Optimistic, Respectful, Sensual and Attractive. I like going to Beaches, Camping, Watching Movies, Dinners, Going to the Cinemas and Listening to all kind of good Music like; Classic, Rock, Country, Jazz, Soul, Rhythms&Blues and a little bit of Rap....Smiles. I'm interested in sports like Basketball, Soccer, Tennis but i choose Golf as my Favourite over all thats in the List. I own my home in Silver Feather Circle, Broomfield, Colorado and it cost a Million but my plan now is to get it listed to a mortgage company that will sell it for me just so i could buy a new home which would cost me several Millions, I plan to purchase it once am home. I have got investments in Oil Business & Gemstone Trade Business that am waiting on the income soonest.
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 28 Jun 2016
Posts: 5

PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 8:51 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

His email address is deleted-Capone

He says his name is Charles Cares, but this is the subject line of the email


He must not know his own name, hahaha.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 10:31 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi Greentree and Welcome to Eater. I edited your post to remove the email address:we don't allow posting unless there's some proof that it's a scam. Same thing about the name from OKC:there are certainly more than one person by that name.

Please read the stickies and the posting rules.

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