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 Mr. Moore wants to buy a Violin

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:59 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

My mother posted a CL ad to sell a couple Violins. She was almost immediately contacted by someone with a local area code via Text msg.

Our Lad will be denoted by L
My mother will be denoted by M

December 1

Lad: Violins - $200 Mr. Moore
Mother: Hi, in which one of the violins are you interested in?
L: Got your text.I hope u accept cashier check pls? I don't mind adding an extra $30 so you will keep in in favor of me till i proceed with the pick at ur location.Get back to me with your name & address and i will maill out the payment today. Mr. Moore
M: S****e E****r 1234 real address
L: Got ur text,you will receive the payment this week,I will like you to take the item off CL today.Enjoy rest of day. Mr. Moore
L: Hello S****e,the payment has been mailed,u will get it this week and i will like to inform you that the payment will cover the mover's fee.You deduct your amount for the item and send the remaining balance to my mover's via Moneygram and they will proceed with the pick up at your location.Please text back to me so i will be assure i won't have any problem with you about the remaining money. Mr. Moore

December 2nd
L: Morning S****e,Sorry i getback to you this late was having family emergency.I am happy to let you know that the check will deliver to your address this morning via FedEx.Take it to your bank and deposit it or get it cashed, deduct your item cost plus the $30 i offered you,the remainder is to be sent to the movers that will be picking up the item.Keep me posted. Mr. Moore
M: I'll let you know as soon as it's done
M (Couple hours later): No delivery came today. The building has staff until 16.00hrs

December 6th

L: Hello S****e,Sorry i get back to you this late was having a family emergency. The check was delivered to you on Tuesday,have you deposited it and when did your bank say it will clear
L: S****e,Let me know if you got my text. Mr. Moore
M: What amount did you write the check for and who is the issuer? I did not recognize your name or amount on the checks i received
L: Glad to hear back from you.The amount on the check is $950. Mr. Moore
L: Company name on the check is HUGHES. Mr. Moore
M: Ok. When do you want the pickup to happen and what amount is to be paid to the movers?
L: I will like to movers to come for pickup today and the exact amount you are to send to the movers is $720. Mr. Moore
M: I am at work today. The price of the violins is 200$ each. This is a good price if you compare with the ones i listed.
L: I'm only buying 1. Mr. Moore
M: Are you buying the 1/1 or the 4/4?
L: 1/1. Mr. Moore
M: Tomorrow around noon?
L: You mean the movers should come for the pickup around noon tomorrow? Mr. Moore
L: Also I would like you to have the remaining balance sent to the movers today because i have some other items the movers are to pickup for me and the remaining balance you are to send to the movers is for the shipping fee of all my stuff. Mr. Moore
L: Let me know if you got my text. Mr. Moore
L: Hello? Mr. Moore
M: I will not send a money gram but will give a personal check at the time and location of pickup
L: Is the policy of the movers that they receive the payment before they can pick up any of my stuff. Mr. Moore
M: I'll have the cash with me in the Lobby of my apartment complex. [Address redacted]
L: This is the movers Account Manager info where you are to send the remainder to via MoneyGram.Use part of the remaining balance to pay for the MoneyGram Transfer fee. Receiver's full Name: Todd Bennett. City: Houston. State: TX, 77016. Mr. Moore
L: When you are done with sending of funds to the movers get back to me with the MoneyGram transfer details[ blah blah].Then i will arrange for the approrpiate time the movers to come for the pickup. Mr. Moore
L: Did you get my text Mr. Moore

At this time, my mother asked me if all this was suspicious.. so i stepped in and took over.


M: Please understand that i work fill time and do not have the time or patience to drive to Walmart and fight the traffic. Inform the movers that they can pick up the item and payment for the handling at my location. In fact, please give me the number of the moving company/handlers so they can call me if they are late to your meeting. i can text you back as soon as i meet with them.
L: Give the funds to them in cash would have been great but they can only come for the pickup after they've confirmed the shipping fee. Please Understand me. Mr. Moore

So... all this was happening on my mothers phone. Since i decided i was going to bait this lad, I needed a good excuse to switch it to my devices.
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 07 Dec 2015
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 12:08 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I got an app on my phone to spoof the number.

Once again our lad will be denoted by L
And i will be denoted by BJ ... you'll see later

December 7th

BJ: Hello. My mother, S****e, has asked me to fill out some sort of money order to send you in exchange for something she bought? She seemed to be too busy at work to deal with it before the business closes, so i'll go do it. Please send me whatever information i need.
L: Moneygram [blah blah blah] mr. moore
BJ: k.
L: You can complete the sending of the funds at any Walmart of MoneyGram store that is closer to you Mr. Moore
BJ: Urk, Walmart sucks with Christmas around the corner. And the closest Walmart is like an hour away with rush hour traffic. Give me till 6:30
L: Give me your address so that i can lookup for a nearest Moneygram store. Mr. Moore
L: Hello Mr. Moore
BJ: No, my name is NOT Mr. Moore. I'm Bo Jack. I know where the Walmart is. I'm not some country bumpkin
L: you are very funny,I just want to lookup for the nearest MoneyGram store Mr. Moore
BJ: I live at [address] Nenana, AK. I'm at work right now and will head to the Walmart right after.

Nenana, Alaska... it's way up north. The closest Walmart is an hour away in Fairbanks.

To be continued
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419Eater Admin

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 12:40 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Welcome to Eater. I highly suggest you drop this. The lad has your mother's address and phone number. This is not baiting safe.


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