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 Bryan, Part 2

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Bryan, part 1:

Áfter a particularly nasty fall out, Elise deleted him from her YM. It looks like he didn't delete her though, as he would sporadically contact her with "hi" and "how are you". He has his reasons I'm sure for doing that, and I wanted to know if maybe there's still something to be I decided to try blaming theft on the clerk of the WU office to see if he would believe it.

Bryan: oooh
i guess this is your new pics here
Elise: yes
Taken while I was on vacation
Bryan: good for you
Elise: Yes it was good, thanks.
Bryan: okay
Elise: Just curious...why do you bother keeping in contact with me?
Bryan: sorry if i border you about that
am not going to contact you any more
Elise: no bother, like i said, i was just curious
Bryan: i promise not to contact you
Elise: okay, fine, your choice
Bryan: is okay
Elise: what is okay?
Bryan: you said bye
Elise: well since you said you wouldn't contact me anymore I figured I'd say bye
just practicing manners
Bryan: you are curious why am i still contacting you right?
Elise: which is why i asked
Bryan: and i don't want you because i don't want to get hurt any more not this time
Elise: well if you don't want me then why are you contacting me?
Bryan: i got your off line message so i have to reply to that?
or is that wrong to answer to your message sent to me?
Elise: i was only replying to your offline message
Bryan: same here too
Elise: you started it with a message about my new picture
so i answered
so i was only asking why you are still contacting me
and you say that you don't want me
Bryan: is that why you fighting now?
Elise: i'm not fighting
Bryan: or take it so personal?
Elise: just trying to understand
not taking it personal either
was just trying to understand your reasons
forget it then
Bryan: what reason?
reason been talking to you?
that means you never wanted me to talk to you that is why you want to know the reason why am talking to you?
then i said sorry for that if i do border you
Elise: now who is fighting?
and taking it personal
Bryan: am straight forward here not the game you play me the other last time....sending me a fake MTCN receipt how do you want me to believe all you saying
you lied about everything
and you trying to play smart on me
Elise: here we go again....sigh
forget it
i got my money back and that's all that counts
Bryan: yes because you never sent it
Elise: the clerk has been arrested and charged with theft of not only my money but others too
falsifying the computer records
i have to testify against her as do the others
i'm done explaining it all
Bryan: which clerk you talking about here?
Elise: the clerk that i gave the money to here in orlando
Bryan: okay
so what happen to her?
Elise: she was arrested and charged with theft and falsifying the computer records
Bryan: to help you in sending the money you talking about?
Elise: the clerk that worked at the office, yes
Bryan: hummmmmmmm
so who get her arested?
Elise: an undercover sting operation when so many people reported their money not getting to the correct people
Bryan: hummmmmm
so you mean she was still the same person who gave you a fake MTCN receipt without the digit number?
that is funny
Elise: not for her it isn't
Bryan: so why that and who was responsible for that?
Elise: she did it
Bryan: hummmmmmmm
but when i told you this before and you where trying fighting me calling me names that i got the money and am trying to play you for a fool you said
even when i try explaining to you
Elise: how was i supposed to know that she stole the money? you wanted me to send it this way and I did so against my better judgment. I'll never again use these types of offices
Bryan: and i told you what to use in sending the money and you said no
and i know how you insulted me for know reason
for what i don't no about?
Elise: you wanted me to send the money by them and i did
even though i didn't want to
Bryan: not really by then was the fastest way to get money that is why i ask you to send the money by them not knowing all this
Elise: yes so you asked me to send it that way
and i did
or so i thought
anyway it's over
Bryan: if you say so am just trying to let you know that i was honest at the begining and i will always be honest but you think i was telling lies here and by by that you calling me names
Elise: and you in turn called me names to
and i was being honest
Bryan: but you called me name first even when i was right you hurt me and get me real mad for you calling me names for what i don't know about
Elise: go ahead and blame this all on me
that's fine
Bryan: you no am right not blaming all that on you
Elise: no it is not right
but you do what you want
Bryan: you beautiful any way
i like this profile here
true love come to does who wait and what goes around comes around that is all i believe
life is a teacher we lern everyday from it
Elise: yes and i hope you find it one day
Bryan: same with you
Elise: thanks
Bryan: you are welcome
i guess your fishes most have be more bigger by now
Elise: yes they are bigger and i have many new babies
Bryan: sound great
and the cats?
Elise: i have one more cat now, making it 7.
Bryan: that is nice
good to hear that
Elise: thanks. it's easier and less painful to concentrate on them these days
and the kids and grandkids
Bryan: okay
that was nice when we first started we do really have a good time together talking and a lot of fun
that was nice then
Elise: yes it was
i guess it's true what they say about money standing between people
Bryan: yeah that is true and so much interested about money than any other thing eales too is bad
Elise: yes it is
Bryan: some people do take money first to them but as for me is family first
family come first
Elise: yes that is the way i look at everything now
Bryan: they do say you don't really know what you have on till you loses it
Elise: yes that is true
Bryan: to you i know you know that am real and a good hearted man...sometimes i do really think if i have done anything wrong to you that all this was happening
even when i try and think i see no reason or any where i have hurt you
Elise: yes i know that you blame me for everything
Bryan: i came to realize that is a free world and good things don't come easily
and the good once don't last long only the bad once that last long
Elise: okay
well i have to get going. tom is here to work on my computer.
have a good evening
Bryan: i have to go now i have some around to do now
Bryan: help me say hi to him
how is Jerry doing?
Elise: i will, thanks.
Elise: jerry is doing great now
he's working hard at the company now that I've retired from it
i'm proud of them both
and tom is helping him
Bryan: sound great
good to hear that
Elise: it is good for them
Bryan: that nice
Bryan: okay we can chat latter if you like
and i guess and hope you not going to be mad at me any more
Elise: that would be nice
no i'm not mad
although I wouldn't mind having that stupid clerk in a room for 5 minutes with a baseball bat
Bryan: lol
sound great
talk to you latter then
Elise: okay
Bryan: i miss talking to you so much i most tell you the truth
Elise: me too
Bryan: take care
Elise: you too
Bryan: talk to you latter
am out

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