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 I am fine, thank you - 2 - with Civil Engineer

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Monday 8/31
Thank you honey if you make the payment tomorrow please send me the payment ship okay good night am happy honestly.

Good morning honey
So what are you saying today. Today is Monday.

Bank asking me to show identity of the account owner. Transaction is currently on hold at bank. Please help.
che fauziah's IC card or driver's license please.

Thank you so much for all your efforts I ask people about what you're doing to me since one week now. The told that you don't want to help .accord to people Hong Kong bank don't the mind all this. Is like you don't trust me Bd I just want tell you that is not done in what. Why not tell me that you can help than asking this to this omg

Most likely he asked around his fellow scammers, and they suggested that he might have been fooled by baiter, hahaha. Hopefully he was hit by his oga, hahaha.

If I send this information you will still ask another one again for what
All the information I send to you is a enough if you really want to help me. Even $10.000 dollars or $5.000 dollars is something. You ask me to write agreement and write. What is thus
Why are doing this to me

you mean you do not help me to provide info to bank?

I send my number till now you never call me. I called many times. You refused to pick my call omg.
Am not owner of the account
Someone just want to help so that I use his or her account
But now you re asking another thing after again you ask again.

I do not identify your calls. no number displayed.
Good. I do not help you if you do not help me getting info.
I wait until end this week. My lunch hour is over. log off now.

Am crying because I never knew that you will do this to me. Am very gentle man.honestly
There is no way I can do that am fornger okay if you want to help me . help me if you want just tell me than to sending information to information.
The information I send to you is a enough. Unless you don't want to help me okay

Up to you whatever your mind tells you do. Please do it. Okay.

Please help. Bank is asking me for the identity information. Without that, bank suspects.
I am crying too.
I am alien here in Hong Kong too.
Provide copy of Che Fauziah's IC or Driver's License.
If you can't help me, I can't help you. Understood? Now passed 5PM. Bank closed.

i will tell ask the owner of the account. thank you for your kindness.
sorryi will ask the owner of the account okay.


9/1 (Tuesday)
Honey please if you know that if i send the i d card and you can not do anything. please tell me now. we are no more kids.
i really appreciate your kindess.


Around noon, lad has blocked Imelda. Most likely his fellow scammers convinced him that he was just played like a toy.

- Started the bait from 14th July. Almost 1 and half month hooked him with only short words.
- Got email address.
- Got 1 little piglet from Malaysia, and fake passport and IOU.
- Made him worried about whether money really will be transferred to the bank account or not.

I am quite satisfied with this bait, hahaha.

i receive your email and i think i don't want you to stand for me any more as i see your are not a legal person bye - J0hn [email protected] [email protected]
I swear to God if you dont try to take off my informations you kept on that scammer site .All because i asked you for help is it by force please take it off .If not i have alot that i will use to spoil your entire life - st3phen [email protected]
HAHAHAH, you are smart but not wise, anyway good job continue your work. - Ben Kusoda (Ramsey Alric)
Hey bare in mind, i'm not coming to Japan anymore because i can't trust you (Florence Davidis)
Easter 2015Closed lad accounts *23 by baiting [Closed lad accounts *18 from reporting bank acct info from real victims]
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