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 Love is hard, especially when you're a Lad

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2015 7:29 am Reply with quoteBack to top

So here is part one of my bait with my beloved Pr!nc3 Ble$$ing.

This first part goes from May 2014 to late August 2014

Pr!nc3 and I met on Fish meet Fish. First contact was around May 20th 2014 but I no longer have those messages so I decided the official start is from his first E-mail on May 27th 2014.

Here is the first photo Prince sent me of himself.


how are you was your night do think of me.for i think of you.i dream of you.
i am sexy machine which mean i am able to make you happy with complete hot sexing f**king you until you sweat.then you will say oh f**k me more honey i need more.
my lady please i want us to serious in our relationship.for we to get know each other very well. i am glad to you are wellcome.
honey promise me that you be mailing me every make happy man.send my your pictures ok.
do you.have children. do you live alone.which country you are.what job do you door are into bussiness update me.i want know you very well.because i am in love with you.
yours in mind
pr!nce ble$$!ng

Followed immediately by this:

I am Wood enginer funiture urphusery wood work is my profession
.i take under the department of creating skeleton of chairs and covering and sewing and desiging all kind og model chairs here one same of my wood work i made it by my good self. It just that i have a problem my finiture show room was burn by fire as a result bad gas.i cryed to the government to help they said my insurance documents was not there is nothing they am plan to rasie money ùoney to start uo again. I love my profession.honey can we extablish this bussinees as joint investment what do you think tell me you mind.take a llok at this chair. M made by my good self…honey..
Yours hard working husband..

And a couple of stock photos of lounges.

And suddenly he is my husband!

So many emails to reply to from you! =)

I am a single mother of three living in Sydney and working in an office. I love my children dearly but I am missing a man in my life since my husband walked out on me and the kids.
I don't have many friends, since my life is taken up mostly by work and the kids.

Wow that is a great job and a very nice lounge. I am sorry about your business. I am sure that we could look into restarting your business when we are married. I will have to see how viable it is. Perhaps you should consider coming to live here in Australia?

And then it just started to get strange and the inevitable requests for money begin.

thanks very much for your mail.from now tell the kids that iam their step father. i love them from the heart of my heart darling.your wish is my command.honey send me their pictures ok.send s pictures with them i am happy you are hard working woman. the quality of being able to happen or having a reasonable chance of success.of my coming to live with you as my beloved wife.i consider the possibility of coming to live there in Australia. Honey you are right.honey for the love i have for you.i there by sending my family pictures as trust of love. My junior brother is married with two kids. We are family of five. My mother and father.we are three nu,mer two sons with one daughter.i am the senior son of my family. ùy junior brothers picture is here i will send it later ok.
I am willing to come your country.but i have inform my parent about this new development at hand the decission is mine. I am a man respect.i respect other people view point. I am good hearted man.i believe by the grace of JEHOVAH GOD i will live and get married with your that we will not committing the sight of JEHOVAH GOD.
GOD has purpose for us and our dreams must come true.about my bussiness for now you are aware i do not have money at hand to process my travelingdocuments.i live alone here in ivory coast.
my parents live in nigeria.we came from a pure christain family.i was brought up with fear of JEHOVAH GOD. We HATE LIES OK. can you afford to finance me for my coming to live with you in sydney in Australia? To finance the procession of my traveling documents..
honey. I have to start by geting my international passport ready.tobelieve what you saying help me first to pay for international passport.for me to be able to apply for my international passport.i have travel don to nigeria to pay from the pass port office.then i have get my birth cerificate very vital.for honestly speaking honey.i do not have money.can you help me for the money to enable me to take a trip to get those vital papers first.then i will come back to ivory coast to process for other documents entails for traveling trip to your country
in sydney in Australia. Need hear from you first.if you are willing to help me for the take a trip to nigerian to obtain these papers i will be very glad.and my family will be happy once you helpme to come over to your mother will happy that his first son get married to a white decent woman with fear of GOD
I can not tell you any amount.what ever you feel is ok for to take the trip to get those papers do it from the heart of your heart.
My beloved respected wife. My names are pr!nc3 ble$$!ng [email protected]
You are wellocome to my love world.
Yours in mind
pr!nc3 ble$$!ng [email protected]

Let’s be clear, he is black so no idea what my skin colour has to do with anything…

My children will decide if you are worthy of been their father when they meet you. That is not my choice to make. I will have to bring them with me when I come to meet you. Than we can decide how we can make our new family work.

We can sort out all your arrangements for coming to Australia when I come to visit you there. It will be a lot easier for me to sort out if I am there with you in your country.

I look forward to meeting you as soon as I can take time off work to come there.

Extract from an E-mail a few days later

Please my dear.
what is your name.. tell me. Ok. Apply for the time off work and book flights.try and see if it will be possible to take the kids out of school to bring them with you.

That one kind of scares me. I have no doubt the intention is to rob me and perhaps hold me hostage if I go overseas and he wants me to take the children!

Also I love that he forgot my name but he is my husband.

My name is Dru. I told you that when we first met! I suppose you don't really care about me if you can't even bother to remember my name!!!!

my dear;
please my dear.i do not mean to hurt your , got it all wrong sweetheart.
i cares about you and your kids.
when i called my mother on phone i told her your name is dru .she ask me i am realy sure is your real or your nick name that the reason i ask you again. i know your name i just want to be sure because i need to be very carefull and current with you .because i want every thing to be real. ok.
my sweetheart. bear with you i cares about you . please i need your understanding ok.
how was your night. how about the kids are they ok..
my love for is from heart of my heart. i cares about you.the why i want us to get married as one flesh and one blood.

[Insert sappy shit here]
yours husband.

But Dru is on a warpath now:

Do you even have a ring for me?

how are you today.and your kids.
yes i have a special ring for you ok.
i love you.
yours in pr!nc3 ble$$ing

Send me a photo of you on one knee with the ring.

Then because I am the perfect victim and always let the lad think he is in charge:
My Love,

Sorry I got angry. I had a stressful day, things not going well with work.

Send me that photo please, I really want you to do that to show you love me.

In return I will call you.

I’ve found rewards work well for him (Now that we have spent a year madly in love) But this first time it looked like I had lost the bait!

2nd June 2014

I have not heard from you my love?

Were you not serious about loving me?

And results!

HONEY SORRY FOR THE stressful day, things going well with YOUR BY THE GRACE OF GOD IN YOUR work
HONEY . Being your HUSBAND. has been the sweetest time in my life. I knew beforehand that it would not be easy, but I didn’t realize how difficult it is to mesh your life completely with another persons’. I didn’t realize just how much my selfishness and stubbornness would get in the way and how dependent upon God’s grace and your forgiveness I would be daily. I knew marriage to you would bring me happiness, but I could never have imagined the joy I would experience doing life with you day after day. I WILL MEET YOU FACE TO FACE.

Clearly quoted from somewhere but still. 2 weeks in and life is hard.

So for the next couple of days I receive lots of nice clearly plagiarized love e-mails followed by this on the 5th of June.

we will marry in australia.
honey please i have went to ask the visa agent. they said should bring my international passport and my age declrance first.honey kindly send some money to sort out this problem urgently.
you use western union money transfer to send the money please.
my deatlis
i will waiting forpayment details from you you. as soon as you send the money any amount youknow is ok just send it.i will be glad honey
yours in mind

I told you that I will sort all that out for you when I come and visit. Patients my love.

So without me paying for his trip to Australia he thinks of a new reason to need money.
my love.
how are you is our kids doing..
darling i had what you problem.i know you are my wife.
please i need your great understanding reagarding this issue.
the lawyer incharge of house department. i mean the house i live in the lawyer in charge of collect the rent money.he came this morning to give paper to go out of the house and look for another house that the owne the house has sold his house. he give one week grace to look for another house else to putup. you can see i lost my bussiness. i have no money with me.kindly help to send money to look for another house so that once you come to visit you be ok.
need nice house well funrnished with air condition. i know you like good house honey.i am counting you to remove this shame from me.
i meet with one house agent this morning i told him to update me how much i will pay for the house which he show me the house i told him that i will update you with cost of the house he told me .it will cost me .$ 1000.00 one thousand u.s dollars..
please darling help me to get a house for mygood self.GOD will bless you as you hear my cry for help..

i am advicing you to help me to send money urgently through western union money transfer.
Please kindly go to any western union money transfer office.. Tell them to help you that want to send money for your husband. They will take your information the do the transfer then you will pay for the transfer charge. Then they will give you . details with mctn..numbers
Here are my details.which the western union .will demand from you. Below.
Please may hear cry for help.
This how you will help me.please i am crying for your help.this is the time i need your help as my lovely caring wife.i know you are by my side.i will be glad for your help.
here my picture for my wedding enagement ring for you..i am ready to die for you.
Yours in mind
Husband pr!nc3 ble$$ing [email protected]

And when I don’t reply he tries to appease me.

my sweetheart .the ring for you


That is how he sent it….

Dru is not happy

That does not look like a proposal! That looks like you are trying to be a gangster with a cheap ring!

You keep sending me messages begging for money. Saying I am your wife without giving me a ring. If you were a real man you would at least no how to propose!

So he apologises, tells me not to worry about how much the ring costs… and asks for money


please forgive me if am giving stress for i feel your my wife.
you should not be lloking the cost of the ring what matters is much i love you frm the heart of my heart. i read your your mail i zas not happy i said why my own wife shouls think this way.please bear with me with love & trust. i went to sell my vital iterms i have in order to raise money for to get a house where i will BE putting up.

please honey.i am need of your help please me.i have sold my iterms i raise some money.all i need From YOU now is only $300 to complete the money i have at hand.please very soonest the lawyer will come to my house to put all my belonging out side. please save me from this shame AND problem please kindly help me i realy needs your understanding as my beloved respected wife.
here below are my deatils use to send the $300 through western uinon money transfer.



Note how I keep highlighting the stuff about OUR kids. That’s going to bite him later.

So I give a reason for not sending the money and he goes quiet again. *Sighs*

17th June 2014

Why do you not contact me? I have not heard from you?

Do you not love me?

Then for days he sends me love letters attached with requests for money. Dru has had enough.

20th June 2014

I have decided things can not work between us until you show your strength as a man to me.
Since we have met all you have done is ask me for money. Is the wife meant to pay for everything? Or isn't a husband meant to stand up, be a man and provide for his family?

27th June 2014

Sweart ;
How are my kids are they ok.
Tell them that their step father is serious sick. I have not ignore them.
Honey.honestly speaking i have not ignore you.
Is just because i am very sick.i have gone to the hospital. The doctor said i must deposit $350 before they will given medical attention..
I have only $100 with me and rage rover sport deep nocked engine.all this contributed to my illness because i have no money.since i do not have the money complete i have not been to the hospital.and for me i am ashamed to tell you that i am sick.beacuase if i tell you you say .this man allways ask for money.
So i do not know what to do now.

Please i am begging you to forgive me.for not mailing you is beacause i am sick.i can not go to the public cyber cafe everyday.since i am ill.
Honey save my life if i die i will not see my kids and you my lovely wife again.oh .
Please.kindly save my life for sake of GOD.
PLEASE ME TO SEND THE REST $250 i have $100 with me.
Kindly do this urgently use western union money transfer.
My details below
Yours in mind

Another reason he needs money.

Don’t know what the whole car thing was about…

I decided not to reply.

And the gamble pays off.

14th August 2014

how are doing u i love you ok

I thought you had forgotten me Sad

my dear wife.
how are my kids.and you.please i have not forgotten you.
i love you from the heart of my heart is you day going?.

BECAUSE OF MY ILLNESS.since i do not have my own private lap top computers.
for i came to publice cyber mail you
i have not be able to write .
i thank GOD I AM OK.
MY LOVES TO YOU .as you can see i love naturally.
HONEY.i want you come down here in ivory coast.for we to have our wedding.
when are you coming.i want f**k you with d**k and feel the real thing in you
darling.please i want to understand me ok. is not because some problems you ran away from said i think i have forgtten did not mail me i am the one that wrote which iam the person show concern.
[Enter plagerized garble]
send me your full pictures..
yours in mind

Since he was such a good little lad and returned to me I do a heel turn and reward him by being nice.

My love.

Our children are well and are excited to meet their new father.
I am looking at wedding dresses online and will send you photos of them soon so that you can help me choose.
I am making arrangements to come to the Ivory Coast. Please start looking for places we can have our wedding and reception.

And then began the time wasting of wedding plans. SO many plans to make!

Sweet Poison joined the bait playing Dru’s rich mother.

Part 2 to come shortly

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"from now tell the kids that iam their step father." ~Pr!nc3 Ble$$ing
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Excellent work, thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to part two.


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