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419Eater is my life

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2014 2:02 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Anyone interested joining me in baiting this lad masquerading as "Princess Mariam"? It's a case of "her" having $5.6M Dollars from "her" father's inheritance that can only be released to someone in another country so "she" is looking for a business partner. "She" is also wanting to get out of "her" country to come and stay with me.

I've been baiting "her" for two weeks with one character and now another one of my characters is trying to dolla chop "her".

Send email to: [email protected]. Reply will be something like this:
My trustee friend,

I got your mail and i appreciate your message, am fine and hope you are doing fine too?

My trustee friend Please I got your e-mail when I am in my private search for an e-mail address of our family friend formally living in my country. But when I couldn’t found his in place I got yours and I decided to contact you after praying believing God that you will not betray or disappoint me when you receive this fund in your country.

My late father was an international business man; he deals with gold in Burkina Faso before he heard a cancer sickness that led to his death.

This total $M5.600 was deposited in the bank in Burkina Faso by my father and he stated to the fund before his death with a condition.

I have left my country and came down to Burkina Faso to windrow the money from the bank and to start a new life here without going back to my country due to my wicked uncle conspired with my stepmother and denied me in all the properties that my father lift in my country before his death.

This is a firth before i got the deposited certificate by my late father lawyer and he ask me to go out with it and find a new life in Burkina Faso after the claming.

Am really suffering here since i came to this country, it makes me cry each day and night when I look at my condition here, but I know that with you I will soon come out from this my present condition and have a new life with you,

I have been in the bank for several times and I was informed by the director of the bank that before this fund will be transferred I must have to present a foreign partner that will stand on behalf of me as my trustee.

My trustee friend, an advice from my father before his death. I have already make up my mind to come over to your country since you have already decided to help me so I appreciate ,I pray that God will give you the courage and the heart to help me claim this fund,

About me:

1) I am Mariam Aniccet Justin Yak.from (Sudan)
Concerning this transaction, I am assuring you it is not going to bring any problem now or future,

About my Education,

I was admitted in the University there, I did my one year subject in accountancy before the Death of my beloved parents, and I will like to continue as soon as I relocate to your country because this is a promise I promise to my father, So dear I need your information which i will include in the letter of trustee to fill and send it to you for forwarding it to the bank as my trustee.

Full name,……………………
Address …………………..
Telephone Number………………..

Private e-mail.............

I am waiting for your information which i will fill the letter and forward to you so that you will send it to the bank as my good trustee for the transfer of my father’s fund into your own bank account as my trustee and please remember that you should keep this only to Yourself till the money has been transferred, I do not want anyone to know about it, you know that they are so many wicked people in the World that they will see good thing coming to you and they will stop it, I am a living witness so promise me that you will keep it to yourself so that the whole transfer will be O.K.

Meanwhile, my prayer is that we conclude this project successfully so I can come over for foreign investment and to further my education.

Send me your pictures for our recognition hence I knew that we shall be meeting soonest.

I will forward you my id and my late father will certificate of the money immediately i hear an urgent reply from you.

Best regards.
+226 74 44 06 32
Mariam Aniccet Justin Yak.

I want to see how far I can push this little turd!

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Big Al
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 12:43 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Someone say Darling???

I sent a tickle.....Maybe George needs another Alien Fiance form as well as a few more piggies.
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