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 Hugh Jorgan Pt.2

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2004 1:10 am Reply with quoteBack to top

[You need to read Hugh Jorgan Pt. 1 or the following will not make sense.]

From: Hugh Jorgan
Sent:Sept 14
Subject: ARE YOU ON DRUGS ????????????????????????????

Kola - What is wrong with you? Do you have shit for brains?

I specifically told you in the last email that I would be on the West Coast until Monday. Today is Tuesday - I have just returned home after an 8 hour flight to find my mail box full of crap because you are paranoid. Get real!

I have given you all the information - you said you would send me your identification - which you have not done - instead you have spent all of your god damn time loading up my mailbox with useless shit because you don't read my messages.

In your letter of August 25 you wrote "please don't fuck me up" [Remember I said we would return to this theme]. Well guess what goofball, you are fucking me up with all this crap you are laying on me.

And I have had the same number since I moved to Fokitscold - 867 - 979 - xxxx. Nobody answers that phone except me and my secretary so you probably fucked up with the number.

Use this number - 867 - 975 - xxxx from now on. This is my private, personal, confidential emergency cell number. Nobody has this except Ivan, my mother and my mistress.[Actually it's the local Iqaluit Police Station] Only call between 10:00 PM and midnight local time (Canadian Eastern Time Zone). I you call at any other time the deal is off - I will not be harassed when I am working, sleeping or playing with my mistress. If you call outside of these hours and disturb me, then you can bend over and kiss your ass goodbye good buddy! [That's about 4:00 AM Nigerian Time]


Regards from your very pissed off future partner

Hugh Jorgan

Send me the identification you promised NOW!

I grow weary on this proposal - all the technical stuff is in place - any need money for the transaction is available - GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER - DO IT NOW!

Regards from your very pissed off future partner

Hugh Jorgan

[Ah! That felt good!]

From : kola williams
Sent : September 16
Subject : Re: ARE YOU ON DRUGS

Dear Mr. Jorgan,
I am in receipt of your several mails including a lettersent to you and copied to me today by the Finance Company. I am attaching copy of my international passport for your use.
Please contact the Finance company with the request made. Please copy your mail to my observation.

In reference to your mail ?ARE YOU ON DRUGS?? No. I am and have never been on drugs. I also do not have shit as a brain [Could have fooled me!] These were wrong words to use for a friend.

I sent you several mails because I was concerned. I tried to call several times but was not getting any response. I had in mind that you would check your mail wherever you travel to, just like we do here.
Well, I have no use to insult you and I hope that we would continue with our transaction with due respect for each other.
I will check the Finance Company again tomorrow. I had a hectic day today with court matters.
I hope that your journey was good? How is Bearded Clams doing?
My regards to your partner and God bless you.
Yours truly

From: Hugh Jorgan
Sent: Sept 16
Subject: Thank you for the response

Kola - This transaction is becoming too tedious. And to make matters worse my damn email account at Hotmail seems to having problems. You need to call me at the private number I sent in the last email. We can talk about this situation. I am taking a few days off and my mistress has the curse so I will have time. Remember, call me between 10PM and midnight local time (Canadian Eastern Time) - I will not have my cell turned on at any other time.

After we talk I will contact the Finance Company.

Send me an email NOW so I know you have received this - I have also sent it to the other address. My new internet system should be up and working in a few weeks if the poof we employed can stay sober!

Let's get this thing done - I am very tired of all the emails.


From : kola williams
Sent : September 17
Subject : Re: Thank you for the response

Dear Jorgan
Thank you for your mail. I have taken note of the time you advised me to call you. That is between 3am-5am Nigerian time. The finance company copied me a letter already sent to you. Please expect my call this night. Have fun with your mistress.

From : Kola
Sent : September 17
Attachment : docsfromkola.doc (1.09 MB)

[He attaches some very excellent documents and his passport- I am truly impressed by the quality. However I later learn that he is a document forger by trade so my opinion lowers somewhat. I have included only a very small portion here for a laugh and his passport. ]





From : kola williams
Sent : September 18
Subject : Re: Thank you for the response

It is unbelievable that I stayed awake all night but could not get you on the phone which you gave me to call you.10.12 mid-night Eastern Time is 3am-5am Nigerian time.

I called consecutively for over 20 times between the hours detailed by you. When I finally got a lady on the phone, she said she was from AT&T and do not know any name as yours. I am of the opinion that I give you a telephone to call anytime you wish to speak to me.
Please give me your response.

[Oh! Oh! - Kola is pissed at me - the poor bastard stayed up all night just to call me - and wasted all that money phoning AT&T. What should I do now? Well . . . do what you did last time - slap the bitch!]

From: Hugh Jorgan
Sent: Sept 20
Subject: Why is it always so difficult ????????????????

Kola - I waited up to 1:30AM the night you were supposed to call and fell asleep with my dick in hand. I called the number you gave me the next day about mid-afternoon Nigeria time. Most times it didn't even ring and when the phone did ring it was answered twice but no voice was heard. I don't know how a country can function with such a system.

The documents that you sent are excellent and truly puts this deal in perspective.

I have just last week hired on a new executive secretary. She was a junior lawyer at the one of the biggest firms in Canada specializing in corporate research and investigation. She is very bright and has huge kazongas (you gotta meet her when you come over!!!). I have passed over the documents to her with the instructions that this item be TOP PRIORITY. I want to do this deal in the next few days. She is to review the material, make arrangements for any fees to paid AND to contact you at the number you gave me (438-xxxx) during regular business hours. Do not worry about confidentiality as she is my lawyer and bound to secrecy but you already know that at as a practicing barrister.

Let's do this NOW. If you need some money, let me know. Mail back immediately - let's get this show on the road old buddy.

p.s. Discrete conversation at the Board Of Directors meeting on Friday (I wasn't there) has it that the Board wants to reward the bright young lawyer in Nigeria with a finders fee in the form of shares for getting the new investment. You are going to be even richer buddy - let's go.

[Okay - here's the situation - I'm foking bored - time to wrap this up. My new secretary, Tess Steckles, is about to drop a huge bomb on this asshole.

And another interesting twist has now entered the story in the form of a fellow baiter. It appears that a fellow member of 419eater has also been baiting dear old Kola as one "Andrew Proper (yorashton)". As you will see, this becomes very useful when the final blow is struck.]

To: Kola
Sent: Sept 22
Subject: Update on legal work

Hola Kola! - (that's Spanish for "how's it goin' wanker")

My new secretary just informed me that she will have finished her work by tomorrow afternoon and will be sending you some information. Her name is Tess Steckles, very bright, works hard and keeps me hard just looking at her.

We still don't have our new email system since we had to fire the guy who was doing it. Ivan caught him doing it to his teenage daughter anally in the store room and got really pissed off. I agreed with the dismissal 'cause I couldn't believe anybody would do that girl. Talk about butt-ugly! When she was a kid, Ivan had to tie a pork chop around her neck so the dog would play with her. And now she has diarrhea.

Anyway we should get our new email addresses soon.

Watch for Tess Steckle's email tomorrow.


Hugh Jorgan

p.s. - some very good news from the Board about shares for you but I'll save that until the deal is done.

From: Tess Steckles
To: Kola Williams
Sent: Sept 23
Subject: Information Required

Attention: Barrister K. Williams
Re: Allied Trust Group Transaction
Dear Sir:

I am the legal council and personal attorney to the Bearded Clam Restaurants Inc. of Fokitscold, Canada and the co-owners Mr. Hugh Jorgan and Mr. Ivan Oflcokitch. Mr. Jorgan has assigned the file to my attention and I am in the final process of preparing documents and organizing any needed money transfers.

To assist me in completing the work, please email the following information:
1 - Your full name as registered with the Nigerian Law Society.
2 - The full address, postal code and telephone numbers of your chambers
3 - The full name, address and postal code of the bank you wish any money transferred to in future.
4 - The full name, address and postal code of any other entities involved in this transaction.

Mr. Jorgan has made it very clear that he wants this transaction to be completed with all dispatch. Therefore, may I suggest that, should any money be needed for fees or contingencies in the immediate future, that this take place through a wire transfer such as Western Union. At present our banking arrangements here in Fokitscold are very slow being a small community. By the end of October we will have international banking set up through the Royal Bank of Canada. I hope this is acceptable since out present system will take at least two weeks and Mr. Jorgan wants no delays.

I will be in touch with Allied Trust Group Limited as soon as you supply the information and I can finalize our papers with the pertinent details.

Thank you for the assistance in this matter.

Ms. Tess Steckles
Bearded Clam Restaurants Inc.
Fokitscold, Iqualuit, Canada

[The game is up Kola - let's see how you reply if you do. Tess sends a reminder]

From: Tess Steckle
To: Kola
Sent: Sept 27
Subject: Please Respond To Request For Information

Dear Mr. Williams:
I am waiting to hear from you regarding the information to complete the transaction with Mr. Hugh Jorgan and Bearded Clam Restaurants Inc.

All the necessary papers are complete except for your detail and money has been allocated for contingencies but I cannot proceed without your assistance. Mr. Jorgan is very impatient and has enquired several times regarding this transaction so please respond as soon as possible.

Ms. Tess Steckles
Legal Department
Bearded Clam Restaurants Inc.
Fokitscold, Canada

[Okay - here we go - Kola is freaked - note over the next series of letters how he becomes more and more incoherent.]

From : kola williams
Sent : September 27
To :Tess Steckles
Subject : Re: Please Respond To Request For Information

Dear Tess Steckles

Thank you for your mail. Your demands will be supplied same day upon receiving the following from you:
1. Copy of your international passport
2. Copy of your identity card as a staff of Bearded Clam

I am demanding the above based on my current disillusionment on the way Jorgan is conducting this

He had in the recent past asked that I take a picture with an advertisement. That was done and sent to him. He also demanded for my international passport, that was also sent to him. At this point, I am willing to make alternative arrangements to finish this business without him. Unless the above is supplied before the close of business tomorrow, please consider my transaction with your
people closed.

Yours truly

[Nobody slaps better than a young female lawyer who is secretly lewinskying the boss's cigar!]

From: Tess Steckles
To: Kola
Sent: Sept 29
Subject: Who ARE you?

Sir -

I found your last letter to be both insulting and unprofessional. Never have I been asked to send my passport or identity card - never! But then, as I was about to discover, you are not a professional, you are not a lawyer and you are certainly not a person to whom I would trust my passport. You are in fact a criminal.

As the result of your disgraceful conduct, I took it upon myself to investigate your information further. In my past employment I was tasked with investigating international business transactions and therefore have developed numerous contacts. In Nigeria, I have a personal friend in the Nigerian Bar Association on Ozumba Mbadiwe St., Victoria Islands. He indicates that there is no person of your name registered with the Association. Moreover, he further assisted in researching the Allied Trust Group. Just like you, this company does not exist in any registry or even the address you provided.

I have also contacted Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the Paris Sureté, an old family friend and an experienced hand in African investigation. He reports that the Nigerian authorities have an active investigation regarding a "Kola Williams, aka Prince" in the Lagos area. Could this person be you? The inspector indicates that the authorities will send him a complete file on this person early next week.

Perhaps I am misguided in my research and you are not this person. If so, write back with an explanation of why I cannot find any reference to you, your chambers or the Allied Trust Group. Mr. Jorgan returns from his fishing trip at Bung Holio Bay on Sunday and I will present my findings to him the next morning.

It is indeed ironic that, had you simply replied to my initial request for small amount of information, I would have sent the $2,000 USD to you as directed by Mr. Jorgan. Instead you chose to be insulting and have lost this money. I think it is appropriate at this point to note that you have the brain of a duck, you know! [to quote the French Kniggets]

Ms. Tess Steckles
A genuine attorney
Bearded Clam Restaurants
Fokitscold, Canada

[No reply from Kola so Hugh returns and sends an impassioned letter]

From: Hugh Jorgan
Sent: Oct 6
Subject: Say it ain't so Kola . . . say it ain't so!

What is going on!!!!!!!!!!

I got snowed in at Bung Holio Bay for three days - in a fucking cabin with an alcoholic Russian who has no vodka - with nothing to eat but fish - and when the plane finally manages to take off, I come back home to this crap.

Tess Steckles has now informed me that she believes you are a criminal - not a lawyer - but something called a "mugu", whatever the hell that is? Sounds like something with a diseased penis! Have you been screwin' me over Kola?????

Maybe it was good that I was delayed in returning as I now have the investigative report done by Chief Inspector Clouseau of the Paris Sureté. It appears that the Nigerian authorities, Interpol, the Sureté, the CIA. MI5 and the American Mega Delta Omega Force all have this guy Kola Williams under investigation. Apparently he is not only a scam artist, stealing from people around the world, but he is also a local criminal doing things like document forgery.

There are all kinds of names, email addresses, phone numbers and street addresses in this report. Do names and addresses like Mohammed Abacha, [email protected], prince, Udoffia orji akwaraonwu, godwin, korieocha mean anything. Do da name Ruby Begonia hab any meanin' to ya ma friend? Are you married to a Miriam? This is only a tiny part of this report - it is full of incredible information about this guy named Kola Williams!

THIS CAN'T BE YOU! Your pictures show a nice guy - a little thick - but not a crook. All this time man - all the emails - no way this can be you.

If you want I will send you all this information. Maybe it's someone who is using your name? Why don't you read this stuff and tell me what you think. Let me know.

Still your good buddy -


[Now that I have his attention I wanted to try and get him interested in the confidential police reports which I would send to him AFTER he had mad a verifiable contribution to the Nigerian Red Cross. But that did not happen as Kola was freaked out of his gourd as you will now see.]

From : kola williams
Sent : October 7
To : Hugh Jorgan
Subject : Re: Say it ain't so Kola . . . say it ain't so!


So unfortunate. And you think I will carry your banner and take a picture of myself and post to you. Smart guy?

We shall see whose true picture shall be posted on to the net. So soon I will direct you where to read about yourself and the pics for opening your new fake restuarant.

I have paid for the job already.

[The poor mugu is now right round the twist. Note that his first concern is that I not believe he sent real pictures. And he is going to punish me by publishing my name and pictures - oh no! - a fate worse than a bitch slap. And he has already paid for it!

Just a few minutes later the next email arrives. It must be wild and furious in the internet café.]

From : kola williams
Sent : October 7
To : Hugh Jorgan

Dear Hugh Jorgan.

Thanks for your mail. [I haven't sent one!] Your recent attitude towards this transaction is not encouraging; I am surprise that you still doubt the authenticity of this transaction now that we are at the final stage. I am disappointed to hear you relate this transaction to scam. The way miss Tess Steckles write to me , i dont like it atall.

Take note that with my position in the business, I cannot involve in scam because I know the legal implication. [Well then . . . that covers everything!]

There should be trust in this transaction for us to achieve our goal. Remember, business is all about risk and one should be ready to take risk in other to succeed. Remember Asa Chandler of Coca-cola how he invested his life savings of US$500 over hundred years to buy a kettle and a formula scraped in a paper from a medical doctor. The risk worked and today, Coca-cola is the romance of all nations. Remember also people like Henry Ford, William Wrigley Jnr, and Thomas A. Edison, John D. Rockefeller, Charles M. Schwab, John Wanamaker, Theoder Roosevelt, Dr. Alexander Graham Bell to mention but a few. These were men who were willing to take risk and at the end, their risk paid off.
I personally believe that the only way I can prove this transaction to be real is to make sure that funds are credited to your account

In fact, I am short of words concerning your doubts and reservations, So please ignore that. I understand how you feel and I know that you do not have any thing to do with
this transaction or the money. Remember this is a deal between both of us. Opportunity has a way of getting near the man with a positive mental attitude. Let us face reality; we all have living conscience, which we interact with every minute of our life. There is nowhere on earth with opportunity like Nigeria. You need not to worry because you are standing on the hill of achievement. If I am not sure of this transaction, I wouldn't have contacted you in the first place. I personally believe that the only way I can prove this transaction to be real is to make sure that funds are credited to your account . [The above two paragraphs are a standard reply, word for word, used by some of the mugus I have encountered. Note the quality of the English compared to below. He just cut and pasted it.]

[He now goes over the edge and becomes incoherent]

Thanks and God bless you.

From: Hugh Jorgan
Sent:Oct 7
Subject: Why are you so pissed off?

Hey Kola - chill out good buddy. I haven't done anything wrong - I'm trying to help you and the situation.

My excellent assistant, Tess Steckles, found some alarming information. I am just trying to confirm if, in fact, your are the same Kola Williams mentioned in all these police reports. You have avoided the question - ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE MUGU-THINGIES? If you are not then just tell me that all this information relates to someone else. If you are, then you need a good kick in the arse with frozen boot. Whatever you are, you definitely need to see all these reports to either clear your good name or to plan an escape.

What do you mean by "I have paid for the JOB already? What kind of job are you talking about? A blow job - you're not one of those gay dudes are you?

Why are you being so mean to me? I am a nice guy - change my underwear once a week whether I need to or not - I don't pull the wings off little birds or drown kittens and it has been months since I have had carnal knowledge of a goat. Cut me some slack jack!

Let's calm down - I'll make you a deal - if you want all this confidential information then do something that proves to me that you have a good, decent Christian heart. If you are interested, let me know and we can work something out.

Maybe this is all wrong. Maybe you are not the guy who was married in September, 2003 and married again in February 2004 (two wives?) Do you come from Ikenanzizi Obowo. Did you and someone named ugoezemiriam recently apply for inquire about immigration to Canada (a report from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police [our national police department] seems to indicate so. Are you familiar with the telephone number 234 802 3424130. [Yes dear reader, I have obtained Kola's actual personal information from a mystical source that appears only when the lines of the universe are in parallel. This source is only available to those who have a pure heart and believe in the cowboy way - so don't ask! There is nothing better than baiting a mugu with his own information]

There are tons of information in these reports - don't you want to see what the reports reveal? There is also a name of an informant who is squealing on this guy named Kola - giving the police inside information - don't you want that?

I am offering you a major source of information. If you don't want it then you really are thick!

And finally, if my restaurants are fake then what am I doing sitting at the counter here drinking coffee, typing on my laptop watching the snow blow outside of the window of my nice new business. Is it all a dream Kola?

Let's wake up lad.

Still your good buddy even if you threaten me


[No reply. Enter my fellow 419eater under the name of Andrew Proper (aka 419eater yorashton) who has been baiting Kola for weeks. We decided to send him some startling news.]

From : Andrew Proper
To: kola [email protected]
Date: Mon, 11


I don't know what is going on here. On Friday tried to transfer the money onto Mr. Ali's agent's account in London when the officials said the account was under investigation and I was being detained in connection to money laudering fraud. The Police came and they questioned me whether I was aware that the account was being used for fraudulent purposes and what I knew about the agency that used the account. Well, I did not!

I hate the Police to be frank and I did not tell them about our business. They said the account was used by a network of fraudsters and whether I knew a person called PRINCE [aka Kola] from Lagos. I think I don't. So, here's my advice to you. If you know this person (PRINCE) don't contact him as they're tracing him currently and I wouldn't like they sniffed our arrangement by mistake. They showed me his photograph, I'll forward it to you.

Please what is going on with Mr. Ali's agents in London?

Attachment : prince.jpeg (0.04 MB) [this is same photo Kola sent to me as well]


[Kola is now in lala land - not only does he want to come to England but offers to work for the CIA and "fib" (FBI?). He even forgets who he is supposed to be and signs as "Musa", the name of the banker in Andrew's bait. He even asks not to be "killed" or arrested.]

From: Kola
To: Andrew Proper
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004

Dear brother.

Well the contact of your mail was well-understood buy me and I will advice that we work like this.

I have a valued visa to London I can come over for me and you discuss with you.

Things are not working well here that cause a lot of people to do one thing are the other to make keep life going.

Please brother I can work as CIA or fib agent here for you. Ok

This deal has made us to know each other, don’t kill me or take me up it will not stop the deal.

Please I can come to London for a big discussion. If you can get me a ticket.



[The next day he sends a letter clearly indicating that he thinks Andrew and Hugh are the same person and working with the police. He rambles on incoherently and then asked to be helped out. He even uses the world price of oil in his rambling!]

From: Kola
To: Andrew Proper
Date: Tue, 12 Oct

Dear, Andrew –Jordan.

Well I am very happy to see that you are understanding all set up from the begging of this business. You have always as me to have you the accounts were you can pay money and I always tell you to wait. You will know that I know what is doing with you. You are a police officer with the cib [?], CIA. Or Scotland Yard police that good. I like that. The world is a global villa and I would like to know you more then the way we have known each other. You have given me a lot of threats about what you are going to do to me. I can do many things with you, if you like it.

If you can buy my ticket from London to Canada and back to Lagos I will come over to see you face to face. So try to hope me please. No nation can achieve reform programmes only if it adopts the sprit of true patriotism as exhibited buy our founding fathers. In our country as am mailing you now oil is sold at $54 per barrel and people are still suffering here. Have you hard in a country were a labour leader is been arrested cause of the fuel increase in the country. Brother things are hard.
Please help me out.



[We decided to continue the idea that Hugh and Andrew are not connected. Hugh turns up the heat with more information on Chief Inspector Clouseau.]

From: Hugh Jorgan
Date: Oct 12
Subject: Kola - WHERE ARE YOU ????????????

Hey Buddy - what is happening with you?

Things are getting somewhat crazy over here. I received a call from France this morning from Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau regarding this guy Prince. Is it you?

Clouseau wants me to send him all our past correspondence but I told him it had been deleted. He asked me if I would be prepared to fly over to Nigeria and testify in a trial if the French Government paid for my expenses. He said that if necessary he would get the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to issue a search warrant for my computer to find the material.

I don't want to screw you up man! But I need to hear from you before I start to cover your tracks (at least in Canada). Can I help you? Do you need some money to escape?

I am not going to do anything until I hear from you but please be quick. I am sure there are things we can do together to save your sorry ass. Maybe if you volunteered to help the authorities they would not prosecute you. Let's work on this idea.

Your very concerned buddy,

Hugh Jorgan

[No reply so Andrew sends him a letter he has just received from Clouseau. The orginal looked much better ]

From: Inspector Jaques Clouseau
To: Andrew Proper
Sent:Octobre 12, 2004
Subject: Investigation


35, rue Saint-Didier
75775 PARIS Cedex 15 (France)
Téléphone : (33) 01 53 65 41 57
Télécopie : (33) 01 45 05 13 29
[Actual address of the Surete]

Dear Monsieur Andrew Proper:

This letter is in reference to the recent visit of investigators regarding criminals operating from Nigeria. As indicated to you, this investigation is part of a larger effort to stop the fraudulent scamming of hundreds of people in Europe, America, Britain and Canada. In your case we are particularly interested in a criminal by the name of "Prince". He goes by many other names as well. We expect an arrest of this person in the near future as we are being assisted in the investigation by one of his colleagues who is providing confidential inside information.

I am required to inform you that if you have any involvement with this person and do not inform your local police then you will be held responsible. Please be very careful in the future as these people are vicious and have been responsible for the deaths of many unsuspecting victims. We have been assured of full cooperation with the Nigerian Authorities and expect that this filthy scum will soon be caught.

If you have or require any further information, please contact me by phone or at my police email address here in Paris given to you by the investigators.

Yours sincerely,

Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau
Sureté de Paris
Unité Internationale de Recherche

Notre Slogan: Fetchez La Vache


[ Hugh follows up with another appeal for a response]

From: Hugh Jorgan
Date: Oct 13
Subject: I AM VERY VERY VERY WORRIED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey I'm having bad dreams about you. I keep thinking that the authorities have now captured you and you are being held in some dark dungeon with no food or water and lots of rats and spiders and creepy crawly things gnawing on your ass as you slowly sink into a fetid putrid mass of flesh.

Tell me it ain't so - put my mind at rest.

Your fearful buddy Hugh

[Sadly our little mugu has decided to run for cover. We don't send him the usual end letter as we want him to keep looking over his shoulder wondering if the Chief Inspector will one day show up at his door. From our mystical source we learn that he has abandoned his email accounts but has resurfaced under another scam. Given that he was so much fun in this story, we decided to bait him again in his new scam. More on that later.

So ends the story of Kola]

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2004 8:00 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Wow, you actually got real info on the lad?! Nice, I'll be he's nice and paranoid now. I'll be looking forward to your new bait with him.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 18, 2004 11:33 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Actually, the pic I sent to him was this:

<img src="">

I really believed it to be the real pic of the guyman. I altered the original pic to look like it had been taken somewhere outdoors, the background is of some place near Lagos.
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 21, 2004 11:48 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

That is great!

Just read both parts of this and laughed very hard indeed!!

Great job!

JJ. Smile
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