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 My little fridge magnet!

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Joined: 28 Aug 2014
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 12:08 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I met this "girl" (who's really a guy) on a dating site called nz adult dating, I actually messaged this girl thinking she was local and then she got back to me and the. Within 24 hours was asking for money to fly from Australia to New Zealand to visit me, via western union of course.. She then says that her travel advisor is this guy called John Thomas Kermode from Walcha New South Wales, Australia. I mean is this girl/guy having a laugh while trying to scam me? John Thomas?
Anyway at this point I realised he was scamming me posing as a young attractive Australian girl, so I sent this email in the following post....
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 12:22 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Thanks for the history,are you have now....what new version are we entry.perhaps the birth of Prince George junior and how Willie Kate Middleton made love and gave birth...o'h...o'h the queen is fight war in Afganistan...Lest i forget you made love to your ground mom last nite...Uncle tell me a knew story...are you happy now........Mr H0rn J3rry or was that Mr J3rry H0rn,I never really knew Smile
Look Mr Man,you must be a joker to think you can't' play smart with me I was just following you to see where you land.Stop contacting me you are just a fucking shucking [email protected]

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Joined: 28 Aug 2014
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:07 am Reply with quoteBack to top

so i sent this letter basically to say i know your a scammer and i even said that i was thinking of scamming him and playing along but decided not to stoop to his level, but it didnt stop him! heres my letter followed by his..


Hiya, so i was thinking of offering you the money, say $500 to come
over to nz and then pretend to play along and then just keep you
waiting and waiting for weeks to frustrate you and give you some of
your own lies back but i decided that im not going to lower myself
into doing what you do. I dont hate you. I feel sorry for you in some
way. Either your a really unhappy and desperate person, probably male
who really needs money bad and thought you could get money by lying
and cheating people, or you could be one of those 1% of the population
who is a sociopath, which means you have no conscience and no ethics
or morals and really dont care who you hurt or cheat or lie to and can
quite happily continue to do this kind of scam for ever if it works
some of the time. In which case you cant feel guilty because you feel
nothing, except basic animal instincts of survival and cunning to copy
real emotional responses and pretent to have a heart when you have
none. Either way I do feel sorry for you that you think doing this is
worthwhile. You are a piece of SHIT for doing this kind of thing.
Praying on lonely people, horny people and breaking the hearts of some
no doubt. I think breaking peoples hearts and betraying their trust
while telling people that trust is so important to you has got to be
one of the lowest cruel crimes o this planet. But ive learned one
thing in this life and that is You Reap What You Sow! In other words
what you give out you get back so if you lie and cheat and hurt people
for money then you will attract in to your life liars, cheat and
people who try and steal your money. That will be your whole life! I
know because ive seen this rule work for me and against me depending
on my choices many many times so I knw its true. Good luck.. you need
it! I hope one day you see the truth in this letter and change for the
better. Goodbye.
Hi Jay thanks for your msg,but i guess that is just too judgmental,I totally and deeply apologies for painting a wrong photo of myself by requesting that you should bring me to nz..i will give you my reasons and i hope you do understand..First of all i will start by telling you i am not a liar,im not a cheat,i have never ripped a person for hes/her own hard earned money,i will not do to others what i wont like to be done to me..but i want you to understand that as a lady i have been hurt too many times,esp with empty promises,you sounded very interesting when we started chatting and i was eager to meet and hopefully not get my time wasted this time.,.every one in life dont want to make the same mistake twice,but i have gone through that loads of times,i am the one who gets the regret at the end..
I deeply annd sincerely apologies for sounding so desperate,i realized i have fucked our conversation up by getting hard on my request..that was stupid of me..but i want you to know that i am real,im not a Man just like you have said..i hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me for my first wrong Impression,i messed up and i totally apologies for that..I guess its too late to convince you but i will get you a photo with your name written on a piece of paper+todays date on it and i hope that will give me a good name,as i am not all what you have described in your letter and it hurts me that i got so stupid to have hurt a good man like You.

As you can see his english is pretty good and also pretty good at comebacks... so i decided after my letter and this idiots refusal to accept my easy way out that I would bait him... and pretend to play along..
Heres the pics he sent of him/herself to prove he was REAL!


Id never seen this before and was new to this kind of scamming but im a bit of a photoshop expert so I knew immediately this was BS but i played along.. within another 24 hours i got a new asking for money letter again saying she had changed her mind about been ok to wait as long as i needed to see me and couldnt wait and wanted to book her flight tickets asap.. been a bit of an idiot he sent me this letter to say that was i still holding to the $500 i offered? which i never offered as i said clearly that i was going to offer $500 to scam him/her!.. anyway heres his letter..

Thanks for your Understanding Jay..There You go..If you give me a chance to be with You,I wont Blow it,But yet if you dont,i'll be pleased with a clear Conscious that i have showed to you that i am who i say I am and not some Frustrated and Desperate Ripper like You Previously called me,God forbid that,I will never be a Liar to get money and i will never scam others from their hard earned money as i wont want that to be done to Me..I apologies for having a first wrong Impression..
Thanks for your Great feel good to be in touch with someone like You.
Thanks once Again.
and the next letter...

good to hear from you..just checking up on you to say Hi..babe i really wish we can see very did say that were about to give the $500 to me so that i can come over to you,im not sure i will have the ability to wait to meet you in some months time,i cant tell exactly when we will meet,you told me to wait a few months,God that is waiting for like forever and i dont want just been truthful here and i do not expect to be crucified for that.
He/she is soooo honest and just can wait a few months to see me...

so now i agree to pay the $500 via western union and then in my next letter i start to have some fun with this...

Hiya Mada

Yes im ok my little fridge magnet.... I had a busy morning.. I decided to make it $1000 to make sure you have enough money to get back to auzzie and have a really good visit! Because you have a dog and job i know you cant come to stay for good so i was thinking maybe 2 weeks in november would be good... I will send the money in 2 hours time cause i got busy this morning and need to sell my laptop to pay for your travel. But i will do it today i promise.. And i cant wait for you to come and show me striptease like you promised! Can you send me a more naughty pic also now.. That would be greaaaaat.. Thaaaanks xx


So now ive started calling him/her Mada and he doesnt seem to have noticed (as she calls herself Maya), and i thought fridge magnet might be a nice pet name, im gona get really silly from now on, calling her my little custard square and other ridiculous cutesy names..
so ive told him that i will go and do the western union transfer this afternoon for sure (i promise) and im basically gona see how many times i can get him to go down to his local western union office to attempt to extract the non existent money!
I will tell him the transfer is done, then when he gets back and says there was no record ill say oh sorry i got the reference id number wrong, heres the right number... then next time he goes ill say oh sorry silly me i spelled your surname wrong, and so on and so on... then i will say oh you know what im pretty broke so i went and took the money back out, sorry i will have the money when i get paid next week and then ill redeposit it and make sure everything is right this time for sure.. please be patient with me, im an honest and trustworthy person, just a bit disorganized.. etc etc... and drag it out for weeks if i can.. meanwhile i will keep requesting more tricky and complex photos of her and maybe some poems and anything else i can think of while my pet names for her get more and more ridiculous... as he/she seems quite articulate this will be fun because many of these people are too dumb or there engish is too bad to understand most of the joke names and tricks, but as this person is quite intelligent it will be fun to see them slowly start to doubt and question me and allow me to push things in more silly directions.. Wink
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Joined: 28 Aug 2014
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:22 am Reply with quoteBack to top

just got this letter...
Hi jay thanks for your msg,oh Ok i will be waiting to get the info of transfer from You ASAP in about 2hours time,please do not ruin my Joy of coming to you because my mind is Made up on You and I am so looking forward to be with You babe,This is my first time of coming to Nz and its going to be the Happiest Moment and time of My Life to get into a Plane,fly to you and to be with You to share and experience Life with you,Jay i want you to know that Money is not everything but whatever we share will for ever be safe,Love,Appreciated and FOREVER CHERISHED by me and it is something i will never regret so i do hope that you will get the transfer info to me soon so that my Flight can be arranged to you soon,I Just want to be with You Jay,I will like to share my world with you a World where recently with the thoughts of You in mu head after showing me a pic of You,Jay i go to bed
*******Censored explicit material about all this things he/she cant wait to do with me in bed, about 2 paragraphs of sex talk*******
I will sign off now and will be back to get info of Transfer from you soon in 2hours Time as Promised,so Don't Fail ok.
Have a great day my babe..You are always on my Mind and i can not wait to be with You soon Darling.
Hugs and Yours always and Forever.
Dying to be with you and Cant wait to be with You.


and then straight after just a few mins ago...

It will be a busy day for me i wont be frequent online ok..i will song back in about 2hours,i hope and count on you to get the info of transfer then OK.
Hugs and have a good day babe..
I wish you a Positive day Sugar-Sweetie.
Yours always and Forever.

so he/shes gona song back in a few hours.. so im gona ask her to record a song for me on mp3 and send it to me! should be fun... any suggestions are welcome for other things i could do... im tempted to see if i can somehow convince her to send me $50 to me paypal account, i know my offer of $1000 is small fry compared to some scams but if i can get $50 scammed from her id be laughing all the way to the bank!
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:29 am Reply with quoteBack to top

im tempted to see if i can somehow convince her to send me $50 to me paypal account,


Please take some time to familiarize yourself with how we do things and the Guidelines.


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