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 Brenda - The cute model

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 24 Aug 2015
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:07 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

As i was first convinced that I was talking to a real girl, I will not post the first 20 (TWENTY) messages. The scam took 4 days of preparation before they started moving towards asking for money.

I started to get suspicious under the general motto "What seems to be good to be true, it generally is ...". So I put in a tricky question:

To: Brenda G. Gilliam
Subject: Re: Brenda from Badoo

Wow, that's heavy shit. I hope you have some good friends around you who know the story and be there for you when you need it. I really like your positive attitude towards the future. Many people would not be so brave.
Any plans for visiting Australia? For your family or other people/friends?

[some private stuff]

[some more private stuff]

To touch a lighter subject, tell me what you think of Belgium? After two years living here, some things must be different from Australia?

As the scammer responded to most of my questions, i was anxiously waiting for this response.
Op ma 24 aug. 2015 om 00:05 schreef Brenda G. Gilliam <[email protected]>:

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother..Well i dont have any plans of visiting Australia for now..Belgium seems like a nice place i really like it there..

Well I think your heart and emotional expression is infinitely more attractive than even your photos. I'm excited to meet you, and hope that we have lots to talk about. I'm very passionate about lots of things, and want someone with a brain full of ideas that I find interesting. I believe it will be best for us to meet once am back in Belgium.

No answer to my question, which made me really suspicious.

So I replied, to ask for other contact details...
To: Brenda G. Gilliam
Subject: Re: Brenda from Badoo

That's fine, i'm looking forward to our meeting. Smile

Can we connect on Facebook or Whatsapp for further communication? Or do you prefer email for the time being?

Off course they were not going to contact me via a different way:
Op ma 24 aug. 2015 om 15:20 schreef Brenda G. Gilliam <[email protected]>:

Email is better..I would love to meet up with you as you sound like a nice guy. I am a passionate lady that like a quiet night home with her guy to chat and watch all kinds of movies too. I think we would get on very well. Thank you for keeping our exchange of thoughts. What's your plan for the future? and what do you do most during the weekends?

The funny thing is, the complete part behind "Email is better.." I already received in one of the first emails, so now I was really convinced it was fishy.

As I wanted the conversation going, but politely point out she was repeating herself (probably the scam script had a hickup Very Happy)
To: Brenda G. Gilliam
Subject: Re: Brenda from Badoo

I think these last questions were already addressed. Let me know when you are back in Belgium and we'll fix a time and place to meet up.

The next message was the real start, I immediately knew what was coming:
2015-08-24 16:05 GMT+02:00 Brenda G. Gilliam <[email protected]>:

Well i can't wait to laugh and smile with you and I'm looking forward to brighter days to be spend with you..Well the event as finished all well today, I'll make it down to the ticketing agent's office to book my flight. I'll email you with the flight itinerary as soon as i get booked.. I did come along with my phone to Turkey but the network is not serviceable here so what's your phone number so i can ring you when i land..I'm happy that our paths have crossed Looking forward to converse in person..take care till i hear from you..your Loving friend...

As I wanted to know at this point who was behind this stuff, I added a picture in my email that mapped to a PHP script to know the IP address of the reader, since the email headers only showed online Outlook interface.
To: Brenda G. Gilliam
Subject: Re: Brenda from Badoo

Hi Brenda

This is my phone number, call me or text me whenever you feel like it.
+32 498 xxx xxx

Hope to see you soon!
Link removed - bware419ers

Anxiously waiting for the next message to arrive ...
Op ma 24 aug. 2015 om 20:36 schreef Brenda G. Gilliam <[email protected]>:

Hi, how are you today? things have been crazy down here with me.when i get back i would like to come and hang out with you for us to know more about each other.But i am worried right now cause the seminar had already been concluded but something happened that is causing delays on my flight back,when i was trying to book my flight,the airline agent told me that he could not accessed my card to procure flight ticket for me,so I had to contact my card company since i knew the funds i left there then a report came i was told that i purchased some phones at ebay which i never did.i called my bank that issued the card and all they told me was that someone must have hacked my card and an identity theft was placed on my card,then investigation would be on till when i get back that it shouldn't take more than 2days to refund my money but i have to be home first.Now the airline agent is insisting i gets the remaining funds before my flight can be scheduled .I will let you know as soon as i get through.hope to hear back from you soon...

your Loving friend..

Here you have it, no money yet, so to know, I immediately replied:
To: Brenda G. Gilliam
Subject: Re: Brenda from Badoo

Damn it, and i really wanted to see you soon. Is there anything I can do for you?

I wondered what could come next Cool
Op ma 24 aug. 2015 om 21:17 schreef Brenda G. Gilliam <[email protected]>:

Hi,I have really been trying hard to get things sorted out here but it has gone beyond my control,cos i have tried to call my bank all they are telling me was that i have to be home before any solution could be done, now i have already used the remaining cash i have to settle the hotel bills and pay a deposit with the airline agent,i have less than €20 with me here and i have to pay a balance of €750 to the airline agent so they can book me on a next flight out.i don't really like getting too forward though but things have been hard for me out here so I just have to ask you for a little favor,i mean a short loan,i will refund it back,just to get my account reactivated.If you would be able to help me out on this i will forever be indebted and grateful to you and you will never be disappointed,i swear on my late fathers grave never to let you down.

Yes, the game is on ... my latest reply below. Let's keep the carrot dangle in front of them and have them make some effort to get the money.
To: Brenda G. Gilliam
Subject: Re: Brenda from Badoo

Hi Brenda, this must be a nightmare for you! I will call my bank tomorrow to see if I can send you the money. As i'm divorcing, every penny counts, so could you please write me a document in the meantime and ask the hotel to scan it? Please mention on this document that I will lend you 750 euro and you will pay me back as soon as possible. Please sign the document before you scan it and email it to me.
Also mention your address in Belgium ...

Hope I can help you like this.

Let's see if we get a signed letter, and what about the address in Belgium, how to solve that puzzle...? Twisted Evil

Any good tricks or plans are welcome to continue the game ...
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Joined: 16 Feb 2013
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:54 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi JSMets,

Welcome to Eater!

I don't know if you've read the stickies, but one thing we really emphasize here is to bait SAFE. You're dealing with a criminal who now has your real life personal information-email address, photos, etc. Not a good idea. The best advise I could give you is to stop all contact with the scammer-go silent. Delete your profile, change email addresses and if you've given out your phone number, change that as well.

Once you've done that, you can, if you like, create a whole new email addy, gmail for instance.With none of your personal information. Then pick up with the scammer. Or better yet, pick from the selection in Surplus.

I'm glad you didn't lose anything to this scumbag, but it's not safe to proceed with someone who knows who you are and where you live.

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419Eater Admin

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 12:20 am Reply with quoteBack to top

What the Pooch said. These are criminals, after all. Sure, some of them appearing here seem grossly incompetent, but, unfortunately, not all are. Why take the chance of toying with then using information that could connect you to it?

It is a good start, and romance scammers are some of the lads at there. They need all the attention they can get!

I also removed the link with the php script (I believe that's what it was, but I sure wasn't clicking it).


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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 24 Aug 2015
Posts: 2

PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 7:00 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Yeah, I guess you are right. It's better to go silent from my end. They only have my email and phone, which is freely available on the net. They don't know where I live.

People who want to pick up on this, feel free to continue.
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