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 Palmerston, The island at the end of the world

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I thought this story was a lovely to finish the year with.

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Lovely place, I lived in similar in the Solomons.


As I found in the Solomons the main problem can be summed up with this comment

""The fish are declining," he says. "Before, there would have been hundreds of fish in schools, but not today. It's not easy."

The previously-bountiful stocks of their favourite parrot fish are being depleted quicker than others. So standing on the back of his tiny, patched up aluminium rib, Bill heads out past the reef and into the towering waves in search of other fish, the pockets of his favourite camouflage trousers filled with line and hooks. "

Without parrot fish the reef slowly dies, the sand is not replenished on the atoll, the reef, the atoll slowly succumbs to the waves and sea water incursion into the fresh water lens under the atoll

Parrot fish are the easiest fish to catch, also usually the biggest on any reef system, other than the cruising predator species.

I had constant "discussions" with the locals during my time in the Solomons about preserving the reef and the fishing, but when your main concern is "what am I going to eat now", conservation and maintaining a balance take second place to keeping yourself and your family fed.

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